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May 22, 2022, 06:19:18 am

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Author Topic: Renewing some naughty story ideas (and some new exciting ones) [seeking M]  (Read 655 times)

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Hey all. I have a main request thread but I feel it's dreadfully outdated and I'm just seeking a few stories at the moment, so I thought that I'd edit some of my story ideas and post a few new ones, and see if there are any takers. I am a multi-para poster who tries to post every day, but as of late it has been once every other day or so. I'm a sucker for detail, sexual tension, foreplay, dirty talk, and a lot of kinky shit haha! So some of these are just slivers of ideas, others a bit more flushed out, but I love to world build together :).

1) A brother and sister reunite after years apart. He's been the black sheep of the family and she the apple of her parents eye. Despite both being werewolves, pure blooded, they couldn't be more different. And upon the death of their parents, they are forced to reconcile a bit to try and keep each other safe. Of course, he thinks that even after all these years away from home, he's the alpha. But she's not so easily told what to do anymore. She's not a little girl anymore after all Possible Tags: NC/dubNC, bondage/rough sex, bestiality.

2) Some sort of crime story. MC falls for a mafia/gang guy and starts to get sucked into his world along with various sexual escapades.

3) A sort of classic high school romance with a twist. She's struggling through some stuff at home and her grades are starting to suffer. The previously good girl is getting a bad rep and the worst boy at school, troubled home and into some dark sorts of stuff. They hit it off and start a toxic sort of love.

4) Student teacher relationship. She's such a tease, a cheerleader or other head of social clique, and gorgeous. The new teacher is so attractive, and she can't help but tease him a bit. It's satisfying, seeing him look, seeing him get flustered, seeing him struggle. But little does she know he has a past and has a thing for young girls. She's poking the bear and she has no idea just what she's in store for. Possible tags: NC, rough sex, slapping, choking, dirty talk, forced blowjob, almost getting caught.

5) Time travel romance. She's pulled into the future by a dark handsome stranger. It's a terrible future, bleak and half a wasteland. What happened to humanity, and how does her being there potentially help anything? She could have latent powers, some unique blood type or something. Alternate option: He comes from the future to her present time to help keep the apocalypse from happening. Maybe she's integral to some sort of prophecy or something.

6) An abusive sort of relationship. MC had a troubled childhood, and so did he. They are both damaged. But he has a temper and a drinking problem. She falls for him because of his charm, his sweet gestures, and soon finds out he's also amazing in the bedroom. Can he keep her with him by pampering her after he hits her each time? Buying her things after he goes on one of his drunken rages? Making sweet love to her after he ravished her too roughly all night? Looking for some physical abuse here, but nothing serious. Slaps, pushing, spanking, hair pulling, name calling. But they do love one another. When things are good, they are good. When they are bad, they are bad.

Anyways, message with thoughts or ideas. These are the main things I'm looking for at the moment, but I'm always open to incest (brother sister, father daughter) stories, werewolf or bestiality stories, and a tale with a bad boy :)