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Secret Giantess RP

Started by Ezuriel the Moth, March 01, 2019, 06:56:06 PM

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Ezuriel the Moth

You and some other explorers had come to the island with the promise of a rich land, full to choking of precious metals, gems, and potential exports. What you found was that, and so much more. Ruins made of some strange blue metal, that led down into the ground for miles.

After possibly weeks of repeated expeditions into the cavernous ruins, you finally found a feminine statue that seemed to be solid gold, with enormous sapphire eyes, that stood at least seven stories tall. There was a glowing gem bigger than your head, floating between a stalagmite and a stalactite on the cavern floor. You touched it, making it spin in place.

The gold on the statue instantly cracked with a rumble. You took this as the ruins collapsing, deciding you'd better take the jewel and run. Blue light shone through the cracks of the statue, and then the impossible happened. The statue began to move. Under the gold was lapis skin covered in glowing swirls and spirals of lighter blue. Her eyes were sapphire, sparkling gorgeous royal blue with golden pupils. This giant blinked molten eyes and looked down at the poor adventurers with a blank expression. She knelt, reaching for your group, which scattered. She seemed to become anxious, panicking and using her hand to pin you down.

“Don't run…” She said, her voice soft, but still booming in the echoing ruin. “Won't hurt you.” her fingers came to a pinch and she lifted you by your clothes, setting you down on her hand. She looked at your compatriots, who were still running up the long spiral ramp out of the ruin. You were frozen in fear. She cupped you gently in her palm, then set you on her shoulder.

She stands, placing her hand on the ramp, stopping your companions. She tapped her finger on the wall of the cave, and suddenly there were the sounds of chirps and whistles. From every unblocked orifice came black feathered humanoids, crawling and squawking and chirping. The giantess gasped and put her hand over you on her shoulder in a protective manner.

The winged people were swarming, fluttering around the cavern and screeching. The giantess backed up into the wall, unfortunately crushing your party, and your chances of escape. “Don't hurt… it's okay.” She told the humanoids, her hand still over you protectively. She knelt, and stayed there until the blackbirds had vacated the ruins.

Once she realized they were gone, she plucked you from her shoulder and placed you down on the floor of the cave. She looked around herself, seeing the crushed and trampled remains of your exploration party. “Oh no…” The way she said it was like a child who had just realized their stuffed toy had a rip in it. “Sorry…” she looked back at you. “I didn't mean to hurt them!”
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