One on One Request, Pictures/Plots Inside

Started by Sunao Yousei, February 11, 2009, 04:33:37 PM

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Sunao Yousei

Hello and welcome to my one on one request thread.

I'm not going to put down a boring list about my kinks, Turn-off and Turn-ons since they're all in my Rabbit Hole that's linked in my signature.

When Opposites Attract: He is in the middle class. She is in the top class. They're both from different worlds, they're both from different Histories. He doesn't let life run by and lives it to the fullest, even if it's staying in his own bed one's a month. While she doesn't like to rest and works day in and out to keep her world in order. Well, one day she decided to take her vacation time, and left work early to get it started, she never explored the north side of town, so that's where she went. Everything was different to her, but, in it's own way, it was still like her home. But, that's until she met him. He knew she wasn't of his world and she the same. But what happens when he decides to show her both his worlds, one of reality and one of sexual desires?

Body Chemistry: Taken

He, SHE and her: Always and forever was she the nervous and shy one. Never had she been touched by anyone, nor even thought of being touched by anyone. But SHE did. SHE was her alternate personality, the one without fear, the one without mercy or remorse. SHE was the one who put her with him. The one who never could understand her personality switch from here and there. He would always wake up, see her and leave, but when he came home, SHE was in control and it continued like this day in and day out. But, it's not like she doesn't matter, maybe SHE and her have already became one but one thing won't change, their secret and him.

Full Time Assistant (This can be any pairing, not just heterosexual): Bosses need assistants too, either for help or just to make them do all the word. But the company had different taste in whom they choose for assistants. Those chosen prove themselves qualified to serve as more than their assistant. An assistant must prove to their boss that they're flexible with everything given, skilled in what they're supposed to do, and to keep their mouth shut and never tell what happened in the office to co-workers. Being a assistant isn't what some people let up to be, it just means being a full time freak for this company.

One spot left

Life Imitates Art:
A woman with the talented hands to making anything of life into a wonderful piece of art. Her job however has went in a downhill spiral, she she was forced to quit after a total of five years. Now working as a Romance author she mixed her art with her words, in a fantasy she thought would never come true until she met her one and only at a local bar. With a few words here and there, she finds herself seduced and led to their private beach house where things you wouldn't excatly expect happen.

Anime Picture Plots:  Only one has a plot, the others I'm going to set up with my partner.

Sex Education Anyone: OPEN (Is Dominate in this one and is both Yuri and Het)

Arranged Marriage: OOPEN

I'm your pet for life:
When the life of a wealthy man suddenly runs out, the fortune is all given to his son. His son is a high school student who has always suffered in life with money, so now that he's living big he's using his time wisely. But there was something his father didn't leave back in a will and found under his pillow. A note about a pet. One of the servants only work within the house due to a dept her parents created in which she has to pay off by cooking and serving lunch. But now, since she's the only one in the same age range she must become this boys loving pet.


(Different appearances come with this too so I have other pictures)

Mistress: Three spots open

Bound by Chains Male Version (I'm the Master in this one): Taken

Bound by Chains Female Version (I'm the Slave in this one): Three spots open

Post here or send me a PM and let me know if you're interested.

Diabolus Lupus

I'd be interested in the Opposites Attract idea. I'm up for forum or pm. I'm not sure if AIM is compatible with Yahoo or MSN, but if it is I'd up for that as well.

Sunao Yousei


I think I would be interested in Body Chemistry if it's still available.
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*considers and decides to wait for more ideas*



Just a little bit of advice, be careful with the bumping. While it is great to bump it might show a likely co-writer that you could be impatient or something to pass on. Just one member giving advice to another.

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I'd be interested in your Body Chemistry story if you're not playing it right now. Let me know.
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Sunao Yousei

Pm sent and Update....I know one of the pictures no longer work (sucks huh) but I changed a plot line for one of the anime sets and decided to take away one of the real action plots.


Would like to play in Body Chemistry please :)

Older And Wiser


I am interested in the moonlight meeting please