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Why hello there! :)

I'm currently searching for some stories to keep my mind occupied! Please view my On/Off's to see all things as I'm just going to put my cravings on here (link in signature). For anyone interested, I absolutely love doubling! So if you want to play female and male, I will play a female and male (or another female) if you choose. I do prefer MxF but if we double I am more than happy to do FxF and/or MxM as an additional.

Harry Potter
Draco x Hermione
Draco x Ginny
Dravo x OC
Fred/George x Hermione
Fred/George x OC
Neville x OC

Mystic Messenger

To end one war:
    For this plot it would involve some world building. What I would like to do is have each of us create two countries. One country that would be your main character and one country that would end up being at war with our two main characters. What it is going to be at first is a marriage arrangement. YC, the Prince of your main country and MC, the only Princess of my main country have been put into a marriage arrangement by their fathers to end a long lasting war between our nations. There would be drama, angst, and action for a while just involving our two characters (and others if you want to double up). Further down the road our characters would end up ruling the nations due to some event that causes war to become an issue again between the second countries we set up. If you’re interested in this plot and this didn’t make as much sense just ask. It was easier to describe it in my thoughts then on the computer screen here

Mates? No!
Werewolf/Shifter finds a human mate who is less than willing to accept the fact that they are supposed to be the werewolf/shifter’s mate. The only problem is that the bond goes both ways and when they’re separated for an extended period of time the human becomes ill faster than the werewolf/shifter since the werewolf/shifter is an alpha.

Where’s The Princess?

The Princess hates acting like a Princess and as such sneaks off fairly often to go out to the training fields and fight or just roam around with one of her best friends who is a skilled knight through the commoners in town. One such time her father is killed by his advisor and the princess is only able to escape the immediate area, and avoid a forced marriage to the man who murdered her father, to find x amount of others who were prophesied to help her in bringing down the man who took the throne so she could take her rightful, but never wanted, place on the throne.

Character A is dragged to a maid cafe that he is not interested in by a friend where he then notices character B. Character B is a stubborn woman who is big on following the rules and is not the type of woman who would work there. Upon noticing A she pulls him aside and begs A to keep it a secret. What does A do?

Harry Potter Plots:

Umbridge, the Bitch!
It’s during 5th year and Umbridge has passed Educational decree 79 which states that all students 5th year and up are going to be paired together in marriages. They will go through personality testing to make sure they’re partnered with someone that would work well with the other. Even if they don’t believe it. Because of Elliquiy rules, we can age up the characters and AU it a bit so it’s 6th year or only use those that are in 6th year and up. I will not break any of Elliquiy’s rules.

Roleplaying the founders as they started their teaching at Hogwarts. This is loose and I don’t have a set plot but I thought it would be fun.

Arranged Marriage
Due to the war there is a massive shortage of wizarding children so the Ministry has set up arranged marriages with the requirement that each married couple has a child within a 3 year timeframe. You could get married to anyone, even someone up to 20 years older or younger than you.

Turn Back Time
My OC ends up being thrown into the past due to a messed up spell, to the Marauders or golden trio era preferably. They recognize (insert character here)  and say said person’s name but then collapse and go unconscious. When they come to they have no memories of said person or themselves other than their name, magic, their house at Hogwarts, and Hogwarts itself.