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Author Topic: Two ideas I am very interested in! ( Females and Males weclome )  (Read 789 times)

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Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to check this. So lets dive right in.

I am very imaginative and am looking for story, as well as steamy smut and fun. That being said, I love world building and character development in the story. I would be happy to work out something fully original be it modern, fantasy, modern supernatural, sci fi etc.. If you are into canon fandoms then please read on as I'll list several I really enjoy, as well as characters I love to play in various genres.

Two ideas that I have been working on and are really, really craving. These involve canon characters but go in a non-canon direction. If not interested in that, it's fine. :)

Batgirl a Year One tale.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story is about a young Barbara Gordon who had lived in Star City most her life with her mom after the divorce. She's sixteen now and had been moonlighting as a deep web hacker named Oracle. During her work she crossed paths with Black Canary and Green Arrow often. Many times she stayed ahead of the couple hero pair and played pranks on GA but one night she was finally cornered and discovered by Black Canary. When Dinah saw that the Oracle was just a thirteen year old spitfire of a girl she'd taken Barbara under her wing and started to train her.

Now forward three years and one night Babs came home to find her home broken into. The place was trashed, and to her horror her mother had been murdered. The cops found no evidence as to who carried out the hit or why. But it was suspected it had to do with her mothers investigation as she was a detective with the SCPD. Barbara with Dinah and Oliver's help carried out their own investigation that pointed towards the Assassin Deathstroke carrying out the murder but no idea as to who hired him or why. Following the trail it leads Barbara back home to Gotham City. She moves back in with her father with him having no idea of the skills his daughter had learned in the years since she'd been moved away with her mother.

Barbara has some training working with Dinah and Oliver and she's an expert hacker but she has not yet taken the mantel of Batgirl. The story would do the build up to that. One night she is continuing her personal investigation and is in a bad part of town hunting for any clues as to Slade Wilsons location. When she does find him, or rather he finds her she is ambushed. But before the worse can happen he appears, the Bat. Batman swoops in having been hunting Slade down himself. As Batman beats Slade back and Slade retreats he then can confront the young daughter of Captain Gordon who was nearly killed or worse that night which would be her first ever meeting with Batman which would shape and change her life forever.

This is the basic set up for the story. It'd be a very story driven plot filled world building character developing story! And yes lots of smut a long the way! If you'd be interested in discussing this further please PM me!

Robin: start of something new
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was Helena's fourteenth birthday. She was at the top of the world, and happy. Her parents and all her friends held a party for her as Haley had closed the circus that day to celebrate young Helena Grayson's birthday. She had a wonderful day. Until later that night when she was walking outside to get some air when Tony Zucco, one of the new hands that Haley had hired on to help set the show up approached her. The look on the mans face frightened and disgusted her. As he tried to reach for her she screamed and ducked back. Before the man could get his hands on her though her dad was there. He beat Zucco badly when he saw what the man was intent upon doing to his daughter. Zucco was sent away back to prison and they never thought about him again.

Now two years later. The Circus had come back to Gotham City. It was again Helena's birthday, sweet sixteen. She stood upon high looking out at the crowd below with held breath feeling her nerves. Gotham was always such a huge crowd. And tonight, she was finally joining her parents act as one of the Flying Graysons! She was so nervous about it but she was also so excited. She had trained years for this moment. So when her mother gently touched her shoulder and then whispered to her that it was all going to be alright she nodded.

With her heart in her throat she watched as her parents started the act. Everyone was cheering, and then the worst happened. The cables snapped and she screamed, everyone screamed as her parents fell so far and died before her eyes on her birthday no less.

He sat in the crowd, having come to keep up appearances. He had the very lovely star reporter Vicky Vale on his arm as he'd invited her to the big event tonight. When the lines snapped even he leaned forward in shock watching as the most popular high flying couple plummeted to their deaths in front of the entire crowd. His eyes shifted up to the girl who stood socked above still having witnessed her own parents deaths. He knew even without having to investigate that this wasn't some accident..

So this story is about a different version of events. Instead of Dick Grayson we have Helena Grayson. And she gets taken in as ward of the Wayne estate. Here is the choice. Would you rather it be Bruce Wayne who takes the girl in and eventually molds her to be Robin? Or his son Richard Wayne who succeeded his father Bruce who had died fighting to save the world. He is now head of both Wayne Tech and taken the mantle of Batman. Either way if you would like to discuss this plot further please PM me!

Also interested in an original female version of Naruto story, or anything DC related and original or even a more taboo story, anything with twins sounds fun. Give me a PM if interested in discussing more!
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Re: Two ideas I am very interested in! ( Females and Males weclome )
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Re: Two ideas I am very interested in! ( Females and Males weclome )
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