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Author Topic: Masks and Cages [M seeking F]  (Read 752 times)

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Masks and Cages [M seeking F]
« on: February 10, 2019, 08:52:04 pm »
I have just recently returned to Elliquiy after a bit of a hiatus and I'm looking for a few role plays to indulge in.  If anything in this thread or on my profile catches your eye then please send me a PM.  I'm always down for brainstorming so if any idea/image/fetish sparks your interest then let me know.  I'm looking for writing partners whom don't mind reading and writing at least a few detailed paragraphs per post (I tend to average 3-5 paragraphs).

Current Cravings:
Unlikely Romance
Rough/Passionate Sex
Size Difference/Age Difference
Culture Difference

Inspirational Pictures
These pics can be applied to my role play ideas below or if one catches your eye then perhaps we can discuss a different idea.  These pics do not have to be used for character reference either.  If you have your own pics you want to use then that's fine.

Equine (NSFW)
Werewolf (NSFW)
Barbarian (NSFW)
Black Demon (NSFW)
Dark Knight

Blood Magic
Neko 1 (NSFW)
Neko 2 (NSFW)
Neko 3 (NSFW)
Escaped Experiment

White Orc? Demon? Or Alien? (NSFW)
Shortstack  (NSFW)
"Tamed" Minotaur
Demon and his Pet (NSFW)
Beauty and her Beast (NSFW)
Shadow Bondage (NSFW)
Good Book, Good Girl (NSFW)
Nerdy Girl Finds True Love? (NSFW)

Role Play Ideas
Note: Every idea is not set in stone.  I'm willing to tweak/change them.  None of them are completely fleshed out anyways since I want to discuss the details with my writing partner.  I want to get an idea of what they want from the story so we can both enjoy it.  Don't hesitate to pitch your own ideas or to ask me questions.

Royal Guard
Looking for a partner that can play the part of a princess - a female character that is used to giving out orders and having servants, someone whom knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it or ask for it.  She could be human or a humanoid race such as a neko or an elf.  My character would be a royal guard, her personal escort and body guard that follows her around and protects her.  He is a mighty warrior from a different race (beasts/demon/dragon/orc/etc) and has proven himself as a mighty warrior.  He would be loyal to the princess, always there to serve her and fight for her.  She would not have to be the defenseless type either, she could have some combat skills of her own if we want to add some action and adventure into the story.  Maybe she is even seen as being cold and emotionless, an 'ice queen' that gets a little warm with her guard and shows him a tender/passionate side.

So basically I'm looking for kind of a taboo relationship between the princess and her warrior.  It's taboo because he's not a prince and he is a beast/monster race rather than a humanoid one.  She has grown fond and attracted to him, he has lusted for her as well but has not dared made a move because he likes his head on his shoulders...but what happens when it's just the two of them in her chambers and behind closed doors? 

Note that the setting could be fantasy or even sci-fi with space travel and perhaps instead of battlefields with knights and horses it involves ships and mechs.  The plot is also up for discussion.  Maybe the princess is arranged to be married, what will they do then?  Or maybe someone finds out by catching them in the act or she ends up pregnant - will they run?  Will they fight?

Summoning Contract
Looking for a modern setting where a young woman is fed up with the way the world works.  She is tired of the crime and the filth that runs the streets.  She tired of all the corrupt cops and politicians, all the judges and the pitiful system that allows so many murderers and rapist to walk free.  The world is rotting and she craves power to stop it, to save it...but the only way to do that is to destroy and rebuild.  Desperate and clinging to hope, she actually tries a summoning spell in an old book full of rituals and dark magic.  The ritual she performs is to summon and tether a demon to her soul.  My character would be the demon (his appearance can be up for discussion).  He offers her a deal, he will grant her power and help her with her conquest as long as she gives her body and soul to him.  After every task she has him perform or after every request she asks of him, she has to pay up with her body and satisfy the price of their bond.

The details can certainly be worked out such as what kind of powers the demon may have or what details the contract might include.  The demon could also be a shapeshifter so he could hide in plain site, maybe posing as her large canine companion or as another human.  The demon can be quite mischevious too, constantly popping up into her life when he is bored or horny.  Where the story goes and how it develops can be discussed, it really depends on the female character and her goals/ambition.

Project Chimera
Looking for kind of a futuristic setting here with some sci-fi elements.  It could be apocalyptic with maybe an alien race attacking planet Earth, or maybe it's a war across the galaxy to keep aliens away from Earth.  The idea here is that the military is trying some experimental biological methods of creating super soldiers after having studied the advanced technology/medical sciences of the alien race.  This leads to gene splicing where they basically use the DNA of an animal to mutate the DNA of a human to give them special traits.  This could mean increased speed, strength, stamina and regeneration.  It could also mean stronger senses such as powerful eyesight, sense of smell or very acute hearing. 

My character volunteered to be in the first group of super soldiers that were spawned from this program.  Something goes wrong, or very right, and he is transformed into a humanoid beast.  He does gain all the superhuman results they wanted, but the animal DNA was too strong and made him transform more than they predicted.  As a result he loses himself to his instincts and gets stuck in alpha mode.  He is confused and lashes out, he won't follow commands and keeps trying to escape. 

That's where your character comes in, a familiar face that sparks his memories and brings him back from the brink of the wild.  It could be his sister or cousin (for those interested in incest) or maybe it's his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend.  She could have been one of the scientists that helped with the program or maybe she was a soldier stationed at the lab for security reasons.  Turns out she is the only one that can calm him down, the only one he really trusts and will listen to.  With his newfound instincts, what happens if he can't control his urges around her?  I'm also down for the idea of the female role being another genetic experiment of some kind.

Fallen Angel
He was stationed on Earth to protect and watch over the city he was assigned to.  For years he looked down upon humanity, invisible to their eyes but he watched them grow and develop.  It was lonely and boring so he looked to the humans and the trials of their mortal lives for entertainment.  One particular woman intrigued him and he found himself focusing on her more than others.  He unintentional grew close and intimate with her emotions as he witnessed her hopes and dreams, her successes and failures, her pains and pleasures.  Somehow he fell in love with her and then he became sad, sad because fate had decided she would die even though she was so young and full of life.  He disobeyed his orders and did the unthinkable, he disrupted fate.  He saved her life but because of this he was severely punished for breaking one of Heaven's laws.  His wings wilted and he fell from grace.  His body burned as it was branded so that he and all others could know of his sins.  It singed into his back and arms, acting as a seal for his supernatural powers.

The idea here is that after saving her life he also falls into her life, naked and injured, weak to the point where he can barely walk.  She helps him and takes him in and learns of where he came from and who he is.  What will she think when she realizes an angel just gave up his immortality to save her life?  Or how when she react when he tells her he will continue to protect her as others will try to correct fate.  I can see there being a lot of funny and frustrating moments of him trying to adapt to his human body and human life.  Also a lot of action and drama as he tries to protect her from other angels and/or reapers - could be he still has some of his powers, but not all or they could be fading fast with the branding on his body.  Plus passionate romance when she comes to terms that he is doing all of this because he somehow fell in love with her.

Gifted School
Looking to do a school setting for people whom are gifted with powers/magic.  They come to this school to learn how to control this power and use it to fight the dangers that they face (criminals/evil-doers that abuse such powers or maybe demons?).  I like the idea of there being a partner system.  Two individuals are paired up because their powers compliment one another.  They are supposed to work together and help each other out.  Depending on the setting and plot perhaps it could even be some kind of program that encourages the mating of super powered individuals - especially if they are rare or if there is a great threat.

The characters and powers can certainly be up for discussion.  While the original idea was two students hooking up, I'm not beyond the idea of a teacher/student pairing (or other possible pairings that could fit).  While I like the idea of our character's complimenting one another power wise I also like the idea of them kind of clashing heads a bit.  Perhaps he is a bit stubborn and she is a bit feisty, but it makes the sparks that much more intense.
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Re: Masks and Cages [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 06:01:15 pm »
I found something old that might tie in with this. You have me blocked and was wondering if we could try again. Let me know.