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November 28, 2020, 08:50:10 AM

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Author Topic: Hoping to find a long-term partner for detailed writing. (M looking for F)  (Read 815 times)

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Offline arjayohTopic starter

6/24/20 - Back in the saddle after a long few months I took off from writing. Back open with more free time if the stories below interest you or you think we'd fit as writers for one of your ideas

Hey all, you've reached Arjayoh's request thread. Welcome! I hope you're able to navigate this pretty well. I tried to create it so it was as simple as possible to get across what I was seeking. If you do have any questions, however, feel free to reach out and ask anything you want. I'm very PM friendly and will likely reply to most messages, even if it is just a polite "No thanks!"

About the writer:

I'm male and in my 20's and I have been writing for about 13 years. Ten of those years were taken much more seriously than the first two, having bounced around various seedy chat rooms during that time. We all like to romanticize the Yahoo chat rooms back in the day, but let's be honest with each other - that shit was a cesspool.

About what the writer is looking for:

I am hoping to find long-term scenes with a like-minded partners that can help me develop characters and in turn, the world around them. I much prefer modern day settings, with slice-of-life scenes. Fantasy has been off my radar for a long time, and I have much more fun writing what I know, which is real life. I definitely am not opposed to writing a fantasy or science fiction story, especially if the idea is a good one, but I'll admit I feel that I write best when it's in a modern setting.

I have written taboo stories in the past and continue to have an interest in them, but it is definitely not a deal breaker, and I'm no more interested in taboo stories than I am in traditional!

I do ask that all characters are above the age of 21 (but hopefully mid-to-late 20's), though. As I get older, I simply can't relate to those 16, 17, 18 year old characters any more, and I wouldn't want to bring a good scene down because I wasn't interested! I hope that doesn't sound like I'm the old man waving his stick at the "yungins," but it does get increasingly harder for me to write those characters, or play alongside characters that are "undergraduate aged."

About what the writer likes:‚Äč

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Approaching OOC
Intelligent Characters
Modern Settings
Multiple Characters
Older Characters
Oral Sex (Giving)
Oral Sex (Receiving)
Original Characters
Photograph References
Pubic Hair
Risk of Pregnancy
Roleplay Perspective - Third Person
Small Breasts
Story Driven
Vanilla Sex
Very Experienced Partners
Age Differences
Anal Sex (Giving)
Anal Sex (Receiving)
Cunnilingus (Giving)
Dirty Talking
Drug / Alcohol Use
Excessive Semen
Fellatio (Performing)
Fellatio (Receiving)
Fingering (Anal)
Fingering (Vaginal)
Fingers in Mouth
Gaping (Anal)
Gaping (Vaginal)
Hair Pulling
Hard Cum Facials
Humor / Comedy
Incest (Siblings)
Internal Cumshots
Large Breasts
Multiple Orgasms
Plot Twists
Soft Cum Facials
Taller Characters
Tattoos / Body Art
Thick / Sticky Cum
Vaginal Virginity

If it's not listed, please ask!

About writing:
Generally I like to write as much as the situation calls for. There's nothing worse than squeezing out five paragraphs of filler because there's some unwritten minimum post length. Dialogue in a scene will most likely be considerably shorter than the other posts, so I understand that and won't get mad, as long as it's not one-sentence of low-effort writing. People get burnt out, so if it gets to the point where you want to take a break, it's probably for the better! That being said, I will usually write at least three or four  paragraphs, and much more for a starter.

About the character:
This changes with every story, but in general it's a mid-20's male who lives in a big city. I think this opens up plenty of scenarios to play out, but again, It'll change every story.

Story ideas:

The Ups and Downs of Fame and Fortune
This is a story that I'd like to flesh out the nitty gritty of with a partner, but I currently feel as if I know the ins and outs of it, those of which are also very flexible depending on my writing partner's preferences.

The story itself is somewhat of an opposites attract scenario. Not in looks but socially. The female character would be a somewhat famous woman. A B list celebrity or influencer that regularly has the tabloids following her around to catch a scoop when nothing else seems to be going on with the movie and pop stars.

When thinking the story up, I settled on an outspoken politicians daughter who publically disagrees with most, if not all of her father's policies. This is open to discussion though.

When the story begins, it's a pivotal point in her families lives. Her father is seeking re-election, her sister is soon to be married and her mother is on her death bed. All things that have caused her to try and sneak away from the limelight whenever possible.

She finds herself in the back row of a comedy club where the make character is performing. He's an up and coming comedian who's had little luck outside of his Thursday night regular spot and a few advertising dollars from putting his act up on YouTube.

He has a job on the side to pay his rent while he pursues his dream, but he's almost at his wits end with how long it seems to be taking him to "make it."

His family don't believe in him (other than his brother who lives thousands of miles away) and no rent help is coming from anywhere, so he tries to push boundaries by making more topical jokes at the female characters expense one night, which perform incredibly well and go somewhat viral online.

She is in the audience, of course, and teasingly confronts him after the show.

This is where the story itself is likely to start. Does this lead to a one night stand? Does that turn into a two night stand? What about an unanned pregnancy that rocks both of their world's for the better of the worse?

All that can be discussed and more if you are interested in the story!

I'd like to stress that I really want to build these characters and the world around them in this story which would mean long, detailed posts with ooc discussions here and there to make sure we're both happy with it and going in the direction we want to.

I hope to hear from you soon!!

If you're not interested in the story above but think we'd make a coupla' good writing partners, feel free to reach out!!
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Offline lunaticskitten

Re: Hoping to find a long-term partner for detailed writing. (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2019, 11:04:29 AM »
Your missed connection plot idea sounds really intriguing.  I like the idea of them having seen one another so much, and then this chance to meet literally falls at her feet.  I'd be interested in discussing this with you if you want to read my info and think we'd be able to write well together.

Offline arjayohTopic starter

I have overhauled this topic and removed some old story ideas, adding a new one that I'd really love to find a writing partner for!

Offline arjayohTopic starter

Couple bio updates here, added sentence at the end for people uninterested in the story idea written down.

Offline arjayohTopic starter

Back in the saddle after a long few months I took off from writing. Back open with more free time if the stories above interest you or you think we'd fit as writers for one of your ideas!