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April 18, 2021, 11:51:17 am

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Author Topic: Welcome to the Dark Corners (M seeking Any)  (Read 529 times)

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Offline Vagrant EyesTopic starter

Welcome to the Dark Corners (M seeking Any)
« on: February 03, 2019, 12:31:29 pm »

As the title says dolls and brutes, welcome to my dark corner. There are neither devils nor angels here. Only shadows that dance and whisper with temptation upon the edges of thought. Have you looked far into the night sky? Seek past the stars and the lights you will find a swallowing abyss of promises, pulling your dreams further and further into its celestial embrace. Here the unknown lurk. Here the dark multiplies. Here your most cruel impulse and blissful dreams conjoin and birth a nightmare you will never wish to escape.

But worry not Vagrant Eyes see all, and will guide you through this voyeuristic escape.

So where to begin? Suppose you wish to know what I want and what I seek. That is very simple: Experience is what every man should seek, experience without restraint. To seek adventure with horror, balance life and death, straddle the lines of love and desire, just as an epicurean would plunge themselves into the depths of a maddening despair for only a taste of a forbidden fruit.

I pride myself on holding very few limits beyond a handful of subjects. These you can find in O / O thread and my Preferences Page.  Even those subjects if I cannot eroticize them will not deny them in the context of a good story, for not all fiction is joyous and fulfilling to be poetic and beautiful. Sometimes there is horror in the pages that illuminate the nightmares in your mind. It is important to know these experiences just it is to know the limits of pleasure (should you even believe such a thing).

My ratio of Story to Smut can fluctuate: I thoroughly enjoy both so it is hard to say. It can range from 70 / 30 to 50 / 50 either way. Just let me know what you are looking for and maybe we can strike a balance.

Where pairings are concerned I commonly explore hetero pairings of either role Male or Female. Often I am requested and am comfortable with Dominant Male roles, but I will not deny playing as or against Male, Female, Transgender, and Non-Binary characters. It is rare I will take part in a distinctly Anthro or Furry centric story as I just do not particularly like or dislike these kinds of stories, but I could be convinced.

If this prologue has not answered your questions always feel free to ask (I often don't know what I want until confronted with the idea ;D). My only true limitations are time and availability. Keep in mind it is all a work in progress and this thread will be updated frequently with new ideas and pairings as I see fit.

Here is a Key List for symbols going forward:

* = Desired Role
!!! = Wanted Pairing or Plot
<3 = Favorite

A Little Slice
Lets start with the easiest of all subjects, Life. Who doesn’t like a little story of the potentially real? The sexual escapades of real people, well, real to us. It is those individuals who in the light of day will keep their secrets, while they frolic with their carnal desires in the deep of night. So let us fantasize of a life we only dream of living.
Possible Pairings
Priest / Missionary x Sex Worker 
Childhood Friends
Teacher x Student
Master x Servant
DD*/lg or MD*/lg
Incestual Pairings (siblings, parents, extended, adopted, In-Laws, step-family)

Scenario Prompts

Do it With A Rockstar:
  • Legacy: After the recent death of a musical legend it is discovered that they had another child, grown, and practically the spitting image of them. The manager has the bright idea to put them directly in their parents shadow, and bring them into the world of fame, drugs, and excess.
  • Garage Days: It is the 1980’s and California is a hotbed for music with the likes of Metallica and Slayer recently getting their records out. For a local band it is a race to be better, faster, and more aggressive than the rest. But what happens what feelings get caught up in the process? Can they take the crooked managers? The business? The loss?
  • Recovery: They tell you the drugs and alcohol have a half-life, that it begins to hurt you after a while. But what they don’t tell you is you will be too numb to care. A musician is on the downward slide and after a wild drug fueled escapade they are ordered by the Court to undergo Rehabilitation, and put under probation. This is their last chance to get it right.

Marital Bliss:
  • Vegas Nights: Have you ever met a stranger that could talk you into anything? Something about them, the way they talk, they listen, they speak. A connection that is sudden you cannot bare to lose it, and when time comes under those Vegas lights to leave eachother… well can’t you hear those wedding bells and poor decisions?
  • Honeymooners: If marriage is just a contract and this is all in their heads, then why not enjoy the fantasy? A newlywed couple has their honeymoon in a land of free love and expression. It seems too good to be true. Their island escapade will teach them what love is truly meant to be.
  • Step-Parents: What are the chances? They didn’t intend on having a Brady Bunch scenario, they only attended the same support group for spousal loss. But they couldn’t simply stop themselves: First there was love, then there was marriage, but now that they live together can they be Step-Parents?

Space & Digital Dreams
While space can be cold there is nothing hotter than a star, that is unless it is some of your digital day-dreams. Don’t worry we will delete your search history. The realm of Science-Fiction is a wondrous playground if only because it dabbles in the possibilities of the present and future. Even if fantastic these are worlds we foresee or strive towards. And what I love about it is how free and isolating it can be for characters all at the same time.

  • !!! <3 Star Wars: I comfortable with Canons and Originals, though I prefer OC’s if only because the Star Wars Universe is so vast and filled with possibility there is no need to retread old stories. But I love the stories and characters so I am satisfied with anything.
  • Star Trek: I have seen most of the movies and shows (save for Discovery), so I like the world. Not interested in playing many canons here but OC’s are something I could get into.
  • <3 Mass Effect: I am Commander Shepherd and I support this Fandom.
  • <3 Marvel / DC / Image Comics: Grew up on the crazy and fantastic tales of superheroes so I will do Canons and OC’s, also open to Alternate Universe / New takes on Canons. Some canons I am interested in playing: Superman, Aquaman, Spider-Man, the X-Men (all the men apparently), Starfire, the Hulk, She-Hulk, Invincible, the Darkness, and many others.
  • More to come as interest strikes…

Possible Pairings
  • Alien x Human / Alien
  • Hero / Villain* x Civilian / Hero / Villain
  • Hacker x Agent
  • Virtual Reality Friends / Rivals
  • Deep Space Explorers
  • Interstellar Crew
  • Escaped Experiment x Scientist / Civilian
  • Android / A.I. x Human
  • Post-Apocalyptic Survivors
  • More to come as interest strikes…

Scenario Prompts
  • W.I.P.
  • W.I.P.
  • W.I.P.

I Ain’t Superstitious

What lurks in the dark? Every corner and every shadow holds a secret. Something mystical, or something horrifying, whatever haunts you at night is what I like. I guess this is the border line between science fiction and fantasy. But with an emphasis on a modern setting and a little bit of horror, so won’t you be my banshee in the night? I just want to hear you scream.


  • World of Darkness : Mostly familiar with Vampire the Masquerade and Dark Ages, but am willing to learn new systems. Between an overly dramatic Toreador and a Malkavian Conspiracy Theorist the Camarilla has all you need, and if not then the Sabbat welcomes you with open arms.
  • Harry Potter: I prefer OC’s over Canons here, but what a wonderful world. Definitely open to all sorts of eras and tales here.
  • The Magicians: When Harry Potter, Narnia, and every childhood fantasy trope decides to have a gangbang this is what you get. Wonderful show. Willing to play both Canons and OC’s in this world.
  • <3 Lovecraftian Horror: More of a genre than a fandom, but honestly Lovecraft encouraged everyone to create their own corner of the Mythos, so all is valid and invalid. I love the unexpected mind bending forces people are exposed to and meet. Then how these experiences change them. It is a world where knowledge may be your only defense, but even then the weight of that knowledge may change you in the process (or destroy you).
  • More to come as interest strikes…

Possible Pairings
  • Monster x Victim / Monster
  • Vampire x Human / Other
  • Experiment x Creator / Victim
  • Angels, Demons, Gods, and those that seek them
  • Survivor x Survivor / Horror
  • More to come as interest strikes…

Scenario Prompts
  • W.I.P.
  • W.I.P.
  • W.I.P.

Fairytale Adventures
Magic of the old world still breaths in the musty  pages of forgotten tomes, and the dreams of immortals still linger in lands untouched by modern technology. Here I seek you dreams wild and unfettered by the trappings of the world we live in. I want fantasy, magic, and faeries! I want adventure in lands beyond time! Here all your High, Low, Dark, and Medieval Fantasies will be found.

  • !!! <3 Dungeons & Dragons: Yes the classic sword and board fantasy. I love the worlds and concepts, and when it comes to RP I prefer to Freeform adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Ebberon, Greyhawk, or something of our own creation. Because that is the beauty of D&D, all the parts and pieces are for us to decide.
  • !!! <3 Magic: The Gathering All the Lore, all the Art! So I am super into the idea of stories within the worlds of MtG or new worlds. All you truly need to understand is what the Mana Alignments represent, what a Planeswalker is and how they work (a wiki search answers it wuick), and what combination of things. Magic is like D&D on a ten tabs of LSD and a DMT trip. It gets weird and I like it that way.
  • More to come as interest strikes…

Possible Pairings
  • Adventurer x Adventurer / Other
  • The Fae x Other
  • Wizard x Apprentice
  • Nobility x Servant
  • Arranged Royal Marriage
  • Princess / Prince x Knight / Wizard
  • Royalty x Commoner
  • Demon x Knight
  • Dragon x Knight
  • More to come as interest strikes…

Scenario Prompts
  • W.I.P.
  • W.I.P.
  • W.I.P.