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April 15, 2021, 08:39:38 pm

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Author Topic: CLOSED [Fantasy] Human Female looking for Demon Male  (Read 483 times)

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Offline NightingayleTopic starter

CLOSED [Fantasy] Human Female looking for Demon Male
« on: February 02, 2019, 11:30:28 pm »

Hey there, everyone!

This is just a little one-off idea I had today, and after finally fleshing out most of the details in my mind, I decided to go ahead and advertise it to find a partner. Before you get too far into reading this though, please keep in mind that I have no intention to make this a "traditional" request thread. I'd like to keep this simple and centered around this single idea. If you're interested in getting to learn more about me, what I write, and how I write, please looking through my post history, or visit my O/O's.

Now, before I start detailing my idea, I'd like to also take a moment to lay out some of my requirements, in terms of what I am looking for in a partner:

- Literacy & Post Length - If you do your homework, and take a moment to search through my post history, you will find that I can easily flesh out quite a few paragraphs. I currently have one story I am involved with where I write at a minimum of two paragraphs, but that's not really my style. I am definitely more of a quality over quantity type of gal, but I don't think you can do a reply justice with just two paragraphs. That's my personal opinion. In terms of literacy requirements, I tend to be more forgiving. We all make mistakes. By no means am I some grammar nazi. I just ask that you at least try to make an effort to proofread before posting a reply.

- Frequency - I'm honestly looking for someone who can reply at least a few times a day. Although, for a good partner, I will take once a day.

- Characters - In case my thread subject wasn't clear enough, I am looking for someone to play a demon male character, who will be paired with my female human character. I don't care what gender my partner is, as long as they are willing to play this role/sex.

- Story over smut - I think this is pretty self-explanatory. I prefer to focus on the story. That's not to say I don't enjoy a good sex scene. In fact, this story will offer quite a lot of opportunity for smut right off the bat.

- Enhancing the story - Keep in mind that this idea is meant to be left vague in certain places. What I want is for someone to come in and add to the demon character's history and personality. Everyone is different, and by no means do I want to restrict my partner to a detailed, set-in-stone character. These are things I plan to discuss further over PMs, with those who are interested.

The story:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Centuries ago, a demon king was sealed beneath the depths of the desert (hell) where he was forced to spend the rest of his eternity in solace. It was with the help of the Elerian people that the Gods had been able to seal the king away, as the Elerian people were gifted with powers that had been given to them by the ancient immortal deities. After he was sealed away, the Elerians were tasked with protecting the seal, and so they built their kingdom upon the desert sands where their empire thrived among neighboring mortal lands. But the Gods were not as perfect as they portrayed themselves to be, and held as much greed for dominion and domain as the demon king they'd sealed away. He'd been a threat to their plans, and thus convinced the Elerians that he was a corrupt being who needed to be dealt with permanently. As the centuries went on, the Gods became more forthcoming in their desires. Kingdoms had slowly gone from worshipping at their feet in return for their blessings, to being enslaved by the Gods, so as to fulfill their every desire. However, for the longest time, the Gods did not bother with the Elerian people, concerned that they might be too powerful to tame, and they were right. The Elerians, though mere mortals, were worthy of respect. But as time went on, and as their greed only continued to grow, they eventually overstepped their bounds with the Elerian people and began to invade their lands, thus plunging their enslaved mortal kingdoms into war against the Elerians.

The seal that was placed on the Demon King was so powerful that it should have been impossible for anyone other than a God to break it. But Arianna was no ordinary Elerian. She was the strongest that her kind had ever seen, and so powerful that not even she could control the power that lay dormant within her mortal body. When war broke out, Arianna knew that she only had one option if she were to stop the Gods and save her people - she had to free the demon king.

Being that he'd been sealed away for centuries, his power was weak. However, Arianna had a deal to make. She would offer him her power for him to feed off of, so that he could regain his own strength and power, quickly. However, in order to make such an exchange, a lot of intimate, physical contact would be required. But such an offering of power, and an acceptance of that power, would come at a price to each of them. She would share her power, indefinitely, and he would forever remain connected to the beauty, until she took her last dying breath.

Okay, so, obviously we have do a lot of things going on here. I'm sure the demon king is a bit salty about the Elerian people having been involved in sealing him away. He could very well turn on her and her people, after he defeats the Gods. Honestly, I was leaning more toward this being his plan. However, I am not looking for this character remain a complete asshole from start to finish. He had his own moral code (again, not exactly the cruel, ruthless being that the Gods had proclaimed him to be), and Arianna being not only of a distant generation from those who sealed him away, but also someone he could come to appreciate and respect, my hope was that he would turn a corner with her at his side. As for Arianna, she knows that's in defeating one evil (the gods), that she may have very well unleashed another evil (the demon king). She knows she can't stop him, if after defeating the Gods, he decides that he too wants to rule the world in the same way the Gods desired. But perhaps he makes her an offer than she can't refuse - a chance to be his queen, and a chance to rule the lands in a way that the Gods would a way that she can accept.

So yeah, if you're interested, shoot me a PM!

Thanks for your time!
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