Et tu, Drama!?

Started by Priapus89, January 29, 2019, 06:13:12 PM

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Hello and welcome to my little space on the Internet!

Thank you for clicking on the link that brought you to my warm home!

About Me

I'm a nerdy, quirky twenty-something with a love for dry humor and...puns.

I've also been role-playing for more years than is perhaps advisable for the social development of a young man. That has allowed me to acquire an esoteric set of skills, such as the ability to use the word 'esoteric' semi-correctly.

I love stories with lots of twists and turns, and where sex is used to advance the plot. My roleplays also tend to have some uniting theme. For instance, one of the stories I have posted below has a theme about marriage, and what, exactly, a makes a 'good' marriage. My stories rarely revolve around just sex for the hell of it.

I normally try to write several paragraphs for all my posts and I expect my partner to write the same amount. Of course, there are times when a short response will be more appropriate, but hopefully these times are infrequent. I'll usually give enough detail in my posts so that my partner can have a lot to respond to.

Genres I Like to Write

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Psychological thriller
  • Apocalyptic fiction
  • Horror
  • Sexual exploration

About You, You Incredible Person!

I tend to PM my partner a lot about stuff that's not at all relevant to the RP. I just like to make friends and I find that a RP is a great way to get to know someone! Hopefully, you like friendship :D

I hope that you can write several paragraphs every post, and provide me with enough information to respond in kind. Also, if you can play as several characters if the plot calls for it, then that would be magnificent. I'll do the same, of course.

I hope that you will take equal responsibility for the development of these stories as myself. There's nothing worse than one person pulling the story along all the time. That gets very boring. Don't be worried about taking the story somewhere where I don't like. I have full faith in your ability to make words sound good. If I am uncomfortable with how things have developed, then I'll say something (and I expect the same from you).

You also like having fun :)

Story ideas
A Proper Marriage
MC and YC are husband and wife who have fallen out of love with their sex life. Thus, they make the decision to explore their sexual desires, and promise each other to support whatever dark lust they have been hiding. This adventure will test their marriage, yes, but it will also test how they see themselves, each other, and their culture.

The Rules
This is a story about two friends who both went through a break up at around the same time. In comforting each other, they also make a mutual decision to help each other with their sexual frustration now that neither of them have a partner. However, the rule is that they can only masturbate to each other. They can't touch each other in any way because they worry that that could ruin their friendship.

I'm actually quite excited about this RP. It's another one of those RPs where the two characters are exploring their kinks, which is neat. They are also struggling with distinguishing between love, desire, and friendship. This can be played as a MxF but I think it would be more interesting to play this as MxM. Perhaps both guys identify as straight but after they make this pact with each other they begin to question their sexuality, or perhaps only one is straight? I would love to discuss this in more detail.

If you are interested in writing with me, then let me know via PM. Please don't reply to this thread. Thank you  ♥