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Started by Rook Seidhr, January 28, 2019, 12:54:49 AM

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Rook Seidhr

I uploaded a replacement version of the left-hand image in my signature to Elluiki, replacing the current one. The image didn't change, either on the Elluiki image page (File:Flag_icon_bar.png) or in my signature. I uploaded again. Still no change.

Am I running afoul of some kind of caching, or do I need to do something more complex?

(If you see a "female" symbol inside the heart at the center of the leftmost flag, you're seeing the old version, like me; if there's no such symbol, just a heart, you're seeing the new version.)

Lovely Complex

Not sure if this helps or not but I am seeing the new image. The one with the pretty pink heart. :)



Force a refresh of your browser page with Ctrl R.  I was seeing the old one, force-refreshed, and now see the new one.
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I have the image cache time set to a week on this site.

Rook Seidhr

That would explain it.

I did Cmd+Shift+R (I'm on a Mac) and that solved the problem for me. I always forget that plain old Cmd+R doesn't clear the cache.