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Started by PixelatedPixie, January 22, 2019, 11:28:08 AM

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General Information
I am returning after a month and a bit away (if you were in any of the games I was running, please check the OOC thread or PM me if you un-bookmarked it).  I am not certain what my schedule will be like in the near future, so in general I only guarantee (well, aim for a minimum of) one post a week.  I hope to be able to do more, daily and even multiple daily can happen, but if it is something you require do please be forewarned that I am probably not hugely suitable.

I am, at least for this thread, looking for people interested in one-on-one system games.  I may do a freeform thread at some point (well, almost certainly), but at the moment I crave the structure and randomness of a system.  I would prefer that you are willing to take the role of GM if you are interested, but I am more than willing to discuss other methods of running things to try and share the workload.  If we can figure out a way to both GM and both play, that's fine, or some other method I can't think of.  I am not, at the moment, looking to GM a solo game for other people (barring the shared bit mentioned previously.  A bit hypocritical probably, but I need to sort out the larger group games I am running before I take any of that on).

I am on this website for smut.  I don’t mean that is only what I am looking for, but I do want it to be a major facet of any roleplay I am involved in.  In a system game I am fine leaving it to the dice, or having a specific goal in mind.  I do like to discuss and brainstorm even in a system game, but can fight that urge if you prefer to keep the plot a mystery.

I don’t have a lot of limits, you can obviously check my on/off for some idea, though even that is not always accurate depending on the context.  I am more flexible in some areas, less in others.  In general however I am looking for non-consensual as a minimum, and have little interest in romance focused stories. 

I tend to prefer to come up with story outlines, plot hooks, or something similar before discussing a character.  I struggle to create a character from a blank slate.

Finally, before I get into the ideas at least, I do have a couple of pet peeves that I thought I should mention.  Please don’t send a one line message that says “I like the ideas!” or something like that.  If you are interested in something, please express specific interest!  If you have variations or plots that come to mind, please mention them!  I also like to discuss back and forth about an idea.  If I send a couple paragraphs and get a line back, or if I asked questions and they are ignored, there is no faster way to kill my interest.  I don’t need an immediate response, and I don’t necessarily need a long response, but I do need to feel like I am having a discussion and not just talking to a wall.

I could list a wall of systems here, I seem to collect ones that I will never use, so if there is a specific system you would like to try you are welcome to ask.  Of course I don't have most, so it may be hit or miss, but nothing ventured nothing gained!

At the top of the list of systems I would like to use, in no particular order, are listed below.  Some, maybe most, would require some adaptation to work properly.  That might include multiple characters (either between us or played by myself) or just rule changes.
Fantasy: Pathfinder, 7th Sea (2E I think), City of Mist, Conan, Dragon Age, Witcher
Super: Mutants and Masterminds 3E, Heroes Unlimited, Masks: New Generation
Modern(...ish): Buffy, Call of Cthulhu (7th? I think, I also have Pulp, World War, and a couple other books), D20, Dresden Files, End of the World, Gumshoe, New World of Darkness or Old World of Darkness, Scion
Sci-Fi: Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny, Cold and Dark, CthulhuTech, Eclipse, Firefly, Shadowrun 4E or 5E, Star Trek Adventures, Warhammer 40k (the older ones or Wrath and Glory)
General: Fate, Savage Worlds, Genesys, GURPS, Maid

Of course a list of systems doesn't really say much.  At the moment I am craving a few different general plot hooks, though am certainly open to others!

The Basics
A heroine, basically like I would create for any RPG I am in, is thrown into a dangerous and smutty world that is far over her head.  She may have to make compromises she wouldn't normally (or that at least fade to black normally), and she would hopefully be defeated by her enemies occasionally to regularly.

I would want the plot to progress, despite smutty interruptions, semi-normally.  I would want her to be generally successful, to eventually overcome being defeated, and so on.  She is still a heroine, just one that winds up with her legs behind her ears on occasion.

The Stuck-Up Bitch
A sheltered, pampered, self-centered heroine is placed in a situation where none of that is true any longer.  It might be a librarian type noble thrown into the wider world, or a top-tier superheroine having to do street-level sleuthing.  Either way, misunderstandings and worse would hopefully abound.

This one could work very much like the previous.  I just more want to explore someone being 'put in her place' so to speak, or at least learning about the world in a harsh manner. 

The Corruption
A heroine is corrupted to evil.  It could be a slow, subtle, descent.  Or it could be an enslavement and being broken.  It could be a series of compromises, a desire for revenge, being captured, being brainwashed, or most anything else. 

I would like to start with them being wide-eyed and noble, and end (or at least progress to, we could continue past) them being a full-on villain.

The Curse
A heroine comes into possession of a cursed object that does... something.  The details aren't hugely important, I just want to play around with the idea of a curse.  It could be an object that influences the minds of those around her negatively.  It could be a sword that drives anyone it is used against to lust.  It could be an artifact that transports the person into another body either when gained, or upon death. 

The Slut
A heroine who uses her body as a tool, even if only to tease and flirt, falls down the rabbit hole.  It could be that she has to follow through when she normally wouldn't.  It could be that someone puts a geas or curse on her as revenge.  It could be that she gets involved in porn.  The details are again up in the air. 

Please PM me if you are interested!  Thank you for reading!