18F searching for 18-22 any gender, demon roleplay

Started by HailLucifer, January 21, 2019, 09:17:22 PM

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Hi! So, I first did roleplay with my gf when I was 16. We had this strange story surrounding Lucifer, and we got really into it.

It's got a lot of darker themes as well as BDSM. The characters in it are my BABIES and I make art of them all the time (and I would be happy to show you it!)

The pairings in it as MxM, FxM, and FxF. Lucifer is pansexual so it's pretty easy to set him up with whoever ya want.

I would love to explain the plot to you, so hit me up if you're interested!


Hi so I got some good info on how to be more specific!

Type of roleplay: narrative (like we're writing a book!)

Plot: Lucifer was prince of heaven, became a demon as a young child by saving his brother. Every demon excluding Lucifer is banished to an area of heaven called the badlands (hell has yet to exist). Lucifer one day stumbles across a wolf demon named Charles. A weird friendship ensues.
Lucifer: pansexual
Charles: Gay
Note: being gay is forbidden

Pet play
Blood play
Primal (heats)