Lookin' for the Last Tomboy of Jasoom (f x f, possibly BON, maybe system)

Started by MadPanda, January 21, 2019, 02:27:16 PM

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"There once was a girl in what they used to call Flyover Country.  She was a good kid, as they'd say, and did her best in school while still helping her dad and her uncle run their modest garage in a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere.  But she had a secret, a shameful secret some would say, and that caused her a few problems...like the not so subtle sneering suspicions that she was some kinda deviated prevert.  And that is pretty much where her story begins, my friends, because on the Day The Bombs Dropped she was doing the right thing and stepping in to defend someone being bullied. Got shot for it, in fact.  The last thing she saw before closing her eyes for the last time was the distant flashes and the looming mushroom clouds on the horizon.

Then she woke up on Barsoom, as did the Jeddak of Jeddaks all those centuries ago.  And just like that much honored and fondly remembered gentleman of Virginia, she was destined to change the face of the dying world."

= = =

The idea as originally pitched to a friend of mine was "closeted tomboy from the pre-Bomb Day Falloutverse ends up on Barsoom, hijinks and adventure ensue".  Unfortunately, she's not at all fond of the Planetary Romance / Rationalist Pulp genre, so I hereby submit this for open consideration!

And yes, there's a system (licensed from and developed in cooperation with the Burroughs Estate) that does a decent enough job with the source material...but it's optional.  I have a copy in my grubby little paws and thoughts for how best to use it while keeping all the numbers buried in the background.  (It's a variant of the 2d20 system used for Conan, among other things, but streamlined and simplified to better suit the cinematic swashbuckling awesomeness of the novels.)

Fantastic beasts! Fabulous ruins!  Passionate romance with Red Martian hawtness!  Intrigue!  Swashbuckling!  All this and more await, at the end of the age after Jeddak of Jeddaks vanished...
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