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April 19, 2021, 07:49:37 pm

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Author Topic: All Your RPs Are Belong To Me [Bly's Request Thread]  (Read 1697 times)

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All Your RPs Are Belong To Me [Bly's Request Thread]
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:32:59 pm »
That moment when I am making a request thread to store long-term ideas and I can't think of a title. <_<

My O/Os can be found in my forum signature; please do read them before contacting me. Should be noted that I don't care about a person's gender tag--if I think we'd write a good tale together, I'll be interested regardless of your gender. PM me if you're interested in an idea you see here in this thread.

Please note for all my requests, all characters will be 18+ & I expect your characters to be as well (aged up when necessary when it comes to fandoms).

If an idea is in a spoiler box, it means it's not one I'm looking for for whatever reason right now.
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Re: All Your RPs Are Belong To Me [Bly's System Game Request Thread]
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2019, 08:33:58 pm »
Unavailable Ideas / / These are ideas that I am not seeking at the moment since they are either taken or I have lost interest, but are kept in this post for record-keeping purposes.

~ * * * ~

Idea: Griefbringer
Tags: Extreme, Unseelie Fae, Winter, Arranged Marriage/Tribute, Tragedy, Comfort, MxF or MxT

Writing Sample: The Prelude
"They say the wolves that haunt Daggerpoint are his doing. And the sudden ice storms, the ones that pile the snow so high as to bury houses and make the well stones explode from the sheer frigid chill of it."

Her father grimaced. "Supposedly, but if you believe every damn fool that tells tall tales, then so are the ravens and snowy owls that claw out the eyes of any who dare enter his northern forest domain--the Sorrowful Wood with all its fucking snow--with the cold iron or fire. His realm is that of nature and of blood, ivory, and ice--all the singers love to sing of it." Her father must have been sick of the songs--they got popular this time of year.

The woman looked perturbed. "...he has never actually come to get the traditional Bride from Wintermark, though. I am safe?" Her father, a big man built like a boar, patted her shoulder amiably, even as his words offered reassurance. "Never from Wintermark. They say we are lucky to be sun-kissed here, but the truth is that he's just not real, darling. They'll let you up on the dais in the town square, you'll sit there and feel a fool, but it will make the superstitious happy."

"Why is this town called Wintermark if our weather is so damnably warm?" she complained. Her father sighed and said, "That's a long story. Would you like the truth, or would you like what those wretched minstrels say?" He knew the answer. Adia loved minstrels. She admitted, "The latter; it sounds sweeter to me." He sighed again--he could never run out of exasperation for sighs--and said, "Well, then long ago when ice ruled the world and great slates of it moved and gouged the earth like great glittering swords, the Unseelie Lord counted all lands excepting those at the golden-sunned Belt of the World under his reign. That he took his Brides as he wished and left them cold and pale by morning--no woman could withstand the cold that emanated from his body, though all loved him, even though his form was beautiful and yet also monstrous. The Eternal Widow, he's sometimes called, or Griefbringer. The Dead Prince, for he cannot give life. But he's not claimed a Bride in a thousand years or more, according to those same foolish songs, and when he did, it was never from here."

The woman hesitated. "They say that the ruins outside our village--the great shattered black keep--were once called World's End, and that he ruled from it." Her father nodded, "Well, so the bards say. But magic is not real, it is only a silly tradition."

Yet that night, the poor woman died, slipping from her horse. Her father was heartbroken. And the village had to re-do it's lottery to select a Bride of Winter.

Watching all of this was a raven with uncannily red eyes, and soon it flew back to tell its master of the painfully beautiful Bride awaiting him at what was once the end of the world itself. From the Sorrowful Wood, ringed by the Red Mountains, the inhuman Dead Prince stirred and woke, the lonely Griefbringer who had not felt a woman's kiss in a thousand years...

I got a bit carried away when inspired by a picture and wrote a plot bunny with it. I figured 'hey, why not put that in my request thread!'  ;D

What I'm Looking For: A writer of any gender to write a Bride. My character would be the above picture. I'd like the Bride character to be female, though I'm open to her being either cisgender or transgender. I don't have any more of the world created beyond what I've written here & would welcome someone who wants to build more of it with me!

~ * * * ~

Idea: Rainbows
Tags: MxM, Coming Out, Modern/Contemporary, Light-hearted Fluff, Romance, Shy Adorkableness

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."

- from 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green

Writing Sample: Pride Month
Aleksei--who went by 'Alek' for short in the States--had just finished moving his stuff into the dorms of prestigious university he'd transferred to. He'd finished some of his basics at a community college, inflated his GPA thanks to the pathetically easy classes, and soon enough he was on the fast track to start strong at this new place. He was uncomfortable, though, and he couldn't really figure out why.

The campus was advertising pride month. Students were moving in to start a summer semester early, and there were rainbow flags everywhere to celebrate pride month. Alek had never entirely been comfortable with the whole...idea. But two years of college had sort of mellowed him out. As he picked up a gray tote from the van he'd borrowed from his parents, Alek noticed one of the flags had fluttered to the ground and landed in a puddle.

His nebulous discomfort with the rainbows took a quick second place towards his discomfort about clutter or dirt. He set his tote back in the van and jogged out to pick up the flag. He lad it very carefully across the stone railing that led up to the guy's dorms on campus so that it could dry. If no one had claimed it by the night, Alek would wash it and hang it back up wherever it had fallen from.

The wind blew and ruffled his hair, and the gold-brown strands stung his eyes. He shoved his hair out of his way and got back to the arduous process of moving in. The steps to the dorms had a bit of water on them, too; it had stormed.

He looked up at the sky. No rainbow? There was always a rainbow after a storm, wasn't there?

He thought about the flag, which had fallen unceremoniously in a puddle and had had to be saved by Alek. It made him a little sad--it was almost like the rainbow had been knocked into the sky and into the dirty concrete and water. As if the rainbow didn't know where it was supposed to be, shining proudly in the clouds. Alek headed up to his dorm, which was on the third floor, and he could feel his legs straining with exertion as he carried his things up one by one, making multiple trips to carry it back. Supposedly he was to give his key to the son of a family friend of his parents, who would drive the van back tomorrow. Well, he could give them the key tomorrow when they needed it. He got his TV set up and spent an inordinate amount of time in room 2-D watching American cable. Nothing could beat HBO in Alek's opinion.

When evening came, he went back downstairs to check if the flag had been claimed. It hadn't. Alek wondered if flags could get lonely. Alek wouldn't know much about loneliness; he'd never really had a girlfriend, but somehow that felt right rather than wrong. Rainbows, on the other hand, had a myriad of colors and seemed made to belong with other elements.

He picked up the flag from the stone railing and went to the laundry room to toss it in with a load of his own laundry that evening, listening to the sounds of various guys in the dorms watching sports or hollering about what a pain it was to take summer classes and how awful it was to study early!

Alek liked starting early. He preferred it, in fact. He tossed the flag in with his shirts and socks, putting the washer on a gentle spin cycle.

Who was his roommate this year? He hadn't even checked...

What I'm Looking For: A writer of any gender to write the male love interest. Your character should be in their young 20s and a university student. Ideally, your character will be Alek's roommate! The kink content of this will be very vanilla and focus a lot on that 'first-time' gay experience, so this will go in Light Human Solos. Honestly, this idea is cliche, but it's that sort of cute romantic cliche I really love. I never really write light-hearted stuff like this, either, so this is a massive change in pace for me. The story could go a lot of ways. My character has never had a gay experience or fallen in love with another man, but he will in this story. Now, your character could be equally inexperienced...or maybe your character isn't and brings mine out of his shell. (For the record, while my character certainly looks pretty here, I write tops, so Alek will be a top).

~ * * * ~

Idea: "Alex" in Wonderland
Tags: Extreme, MxM, MxF, MxT, Non-Consensual, Dark Fantasy, Wonderland,
Psychological or Physical Torture, Threesomes/Orgies, Mental Illness, Smut-Driven, Character-Driven

Wanna know what's makin' you numb.
Beautiful when the damage is done...
You know me, I won't budge!
I'm about to start taking what's mine….
Then I'll think about losing my mind!

- from “Sick Thoughts” by Lewis Blissett

Writing Sample
The Mad Hatter sat at the grim table, stirring a porcelain glass that was cracked but full to the brim of extremely sugary tea. He held a silver spoon in his left hand; the ruffles of his coat fell into the tea, staining the white lace a peculiar sepia tone.

It was his birthday. Not an unbirthday. This left him somewhat out of sorts; he much preferred thinking of every other day as special rather than this day. And since unbirthdays were the only things celebrated in Wonderland, it meant this was the one day of the year he was sad...


Somewhere out there it was someone else's unbirthday. The Hatter's pale features, twisted and wreathed in chaos, broke into a wicked smile. Why, he could still celebrate today, provided it wasn't about him! But he was bored of the typical Wonderland citizentry. The Tweedle Twins were very attractive but dumb as rocks, the Red Queen of Hearts was attractive and interesting but very prone to leave the Hatter sans a head for his namesake Hat, and as everyone knew, the White Rabbit never came on time, making all liaisons with him a trial.

He stirred the tea a little more and looked through the liquid. From the teapot on the table, the Dormouse--a wretched looking rodent--poked his head out and said sleepily, "Why not bring someone here? To Wonderland?" And then promptly fell back to sleep inside the empty teapot.

Of course! He got up from the table--a long black table with many colorful foods--rainbow meringues, soft many-tiered chocolate cakes, a score of scones and muffins that varied between blood-red cranberry and cold-hearted blueberry. The chairs were all wrought black iron and had a spidery look to them--aesthetic but uncomfortable.

The Hatter looked further into the tea and said softly, "I know just what to do."

~ * * * ~

It always started with a cat or a kitten--the Hatter's idea, and he'd called in a certain favor to alleviate the grim mood of Wonderland. Cats were sensitive to madness and whimsy and in particular, were often agitated by the White Rabbit, a handsome humanoid being with the softest albino fur and a trim red waistcoat with onyx pants, dressed to kill for a party. He had a monocle rimmed with gold and a pocketwatch made of such beautiful opal that people often tried to steal it. Unlike most denizens of Wonderland, the Rabbit could tantalize the mortal world and lure people in.

Today, the Rabbit attracted the notice of a tiny kitten belonging to a young man, waving a coy finger to lure it down a rabbit hole just outside a prominent university.

Alex didn't see the Rabbit...but he did see his kitten wandering off.

The poor young man had no idea what he was in for trying to crawl down the rabbit hole to retrieve the poor creature.

What I'm Looking For: A writer of any gender who would play "Alex." "Alex" must be 18 or older...preferably he'll be a senior in high school or in his first four years of college. All of my characters who are intimate with Alex will also be 18 or older. The name "Alex" is a placeholder and not a requirement, though I'll adore you forever if you at least name your character something starting with 'A'.

I will be playing the various denizens of Wonderland (of disparate genders--male, female, or trans) who will be doing extremely depraved sexual things to "Alex." Note: "Alex" should be male-identified, but I am perfectly okay with him being cis or trans, provided that he has at least some masculine gender expression. He should also struggle wondering if any of this is real and if he's just had a psychotic break. The story will be mostly smut as "Alex" searches Wonderland to find his kitten, only to be ravaged by just about any terrifying gothic Wonderland denizen who takes a fancy to him. The tale ends whenever we decide Alex finds his kitten, which will trigger the dissolution of Wonderland and send "Alex" home. (Important: THE ACTUAL KITTEN WILL NOT BE HARMED IN THE STORY. Alex might get rekt, but smol kitten he wants to rescue is going to be just fine)

Edit: Regarding kink content for this game: see my O/O thread linked in my signature to get an idea of what I like (or if you can't find it, click here). This game is going to involve me RPing several sadistic Dom characters or violent aggressor characters, just to be clear. I'm open to your suggestions as well for kink content if you have a kink you really like that for whatever reason you haven't spotted in my O/Os, provided my Offs are respected.

~ * * * ~
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