Let's Write a Story! (Female seeking Male or female that writes male)

Started by CandyCane, January 16, 2019, 06:16:06 PM

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Welcome everyone! 

Welcome to my request thread. This is a new year and I wanted to start off the new year with some good role plays. I hope that we can come up with amazing stories together and enjoy ourselves.That is after all what role play is all about, to have fun and enjoy.

I would like to start off and tell you a little bit about myself. I've been role playing since I was 18, and writing since I was 10. I love to write and come up with amazing stories with people. That is what gives me joy. There are many parts of role play that I enjoy, from fantasy all the way to slice of life. I'm open minded person, but just like everyone I have my limits. But I'm willing to try new things out. You never know what you like if you don't try it out. Now, enough about me. If you would like to know more. Please just pm me and ask. On with the show as they say! 

Some quick rules before we get into everything.

1. Respect.
2. Be as active as you can be. I'm not asking you to be active everyday. I'm not active everyday, I have a job and family to take care of. Real life always comes first.
3. Talk to me. I love to talk to others and get to my partners. It makes for a better rp in the end. You don't have to go into your personal life, just some nice chatter and talk about what we like and don't like in our story. If you don't really like to talk, that's fine. But I like to have a connection with my partner. If I don't feel that I can't write at all.
4. Bring your ideas to the table. It kills my muse if I have to carry the whole story by myself.
5. Please don't leave me hanging. Just tell me if you can't post. I'll do the same for you.
6. Have fun!

In the posts below. I'll list my likes, dislikes, pairings and plots. I hope you all enjoy!



Age gaps: This is something I love! What can I say. I love older men with younger women. I won't go underage, that is to much of a age gap. But an adult woman and adult male. Now that is something that I can get behind. I love how mature the man is, and the woman can match him, even at her age, be it 10 years or 15 years apart. I love to write age gaps.

Control: I love when a man takes control in a sexual way or even if its not sexual. There is something sexy about a man that does that. That being said, I do love to play women that take control from time to time. Its a nice break up to the man always taking it.

Being tied up and blindfolded: Its something to be said when being tied up and not knowing what is coming. It hightens the senses.

Semi Public: It the act of almost getting caught that gets who I play going.

Ripping off clothes: Having the need so bad to have that person, they just rip off their clothes and take each other.

Tall men: Are a soft spot for me.

Muscles: Be they trim muscles or big muscles I love them all.

All Race and colors: I'm not picky when it comes to this. I love races and colors to play with.


Futa: That is something I can't wrap my head around.

Vore: Sorry not into eating people that way.

Rape: Nope won't even touch it.

Water sports: Sorry just can't.

Vomit: That's just nasty to me.

Scat: I will be running.

Pee: Nope, nope.



Vampire X Vampire
Vampire X Human
Vampire Lord X Vampire/Human

Werewolf X Human
Werewolf X Werewolf

Wizard X Human

Brothers Best Friend X Best Friends Sister
Dad's best friend X Best Friends Daughter

Uncle X Niece
Step Brother X Step Sister
Step Dad X Step Daughter

More to come!!



1.Summer is in her last year of high school, finally an adult and ready to go out into the world and make her mark. He works in town, he is close to his friends, but none more so then his his best friend Mark. He has a little sister that had always wanted to come along with them growing up. They humored her most of the time. However when they both discovered girls, that all changed. Less and less she came along with them. As she got older she started to do her own thing. They didn't see much of her. So Mark's best friend was shocked when he actually saw her again. He didn't know how much she changed, hell her didn't even know how old she was now. One call from Mark, asking to pick up his sister because her car broke down, changes everything. With the age gap or even the little sister of his best friend. Makes it hard. They can't even be out in the open with each other. No they have to sneak around and hide. But there is thrill of sneaky around and being with each other. They show each other what they both need and gladly give it. However are they are able to stand up to her family or will they let what they have fall to waste side?

2. They grew up side by side, when you saw one you saw the other. They were sisters that the other didn't have. Their parents were best of friends. Until one day, her best friend, her sister, had to move away because of her dad's job. That was the saddest day for them both. Years passed, things changed. Letters and emails became few and far between. She was lost without her best friend in the whole world. Her first year of college was the best thing for her. She made friends, went out to parties and even dated when she wanted to. Finding her happiness. Finals are done its about time to go back home and spend time with families. But she wasn't going to back home, her mom and dad no longer together, she would just call, there was no reason to go back home. Stay in the place that she rents off campus with her friends. It was one last night together before they would all leave and she would be home alone. Dragged out for a night on the town for a night of fun. But when someone for her past moves into town. His friend is show him the town. It all changes for her and him. The one person that she never thought that she would see again. Him. Her use to be best friends dad. That night, everything changes, either for the bad or good is to be seen.

3. He is one of the most sexiest men that her and her best friend have ever seen. The moment that they both see him, they both want him. And as best friends, they are happy to share. Hell they have shared most everything in their lives. What would sharing a man together be any different. Its her idea, and her best friend goes along. Even though she is a little shy about it. She pulls all out the stops. They know where he goes most. And they just happen to be there. Let the fun begin! ( I would be playing both girls)

4. She is new at work, having just got out of college, it was time to start her career. She was excited and aimed to make a good first impression at work on her first day. What she didn't know, is that she caught the eye of two best friends. And they planned on having her, together. One way another they would have her.

5. Her life has been a up hill battle, 2 years ago she had cancer. Her whole world stopped, she fought for her life. Her life put on hold, while she battled for her life. Now 2 years later, she is cancer free. Going to an all girl school, she is almost 20 years old. Next week in fact. Everyday she goes to the next town over and has coffee and a honey bun. It is one of her pleasures. One day sitting in the coffee shop, he walks through the door. He sees her, he is a biker and the one your mom told you to run from. He's the leader of a local biker club. What he doesn't know, she is the sister of a rival biker club. He sits down, and thus begins their whirlwind life. And all that stand in the way might get hurt even them.

(more to come! Keep a look out!!)