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June 26, 2022, 11:29:02 am

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Author Topic: Isabelle's Rogue [VAN] (Male Character Wanted)  (Read 1010 times)

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Isabelle's Rogue [VAN] (Male Character Wanted)
« on: February 08, 2009, 08:42:02 pm »
Hi all! This little bunny just wouldn't leave me alone until I posted it. Details to be worked out by both of us via PM. Please send me a message with any ideas you have. Btw, PM is better than responding on this board, since we can actually have a conversation there.

Hope you enjoy this! :)

Overview: Isabelle of Larien is the scion of a noble family with more wealth and power than most people even dream of. But there are some things that money just can't buy. When her planet is besieged by the forces of her neighbor, nobody dares break the blockade to run much-needed supplies to the people. Nobody, that is, except our hero, a complete scoundrel, certainly, but one who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fear'. A criminal overlord who controls a vast intergalactic underworld, he has a hand in any deal that goes down in these parts. And Isabelle desperately needs his help. But is she willing to pay the price? ;)

The hero is a rogue with no scruples. He is a good man in his own way, but he didn't get to where he is now by being a paragon. He has been watching Isabelle with admiration for years now - perhaps they had an indirect tangle about his smuggling in her territory when she first took the throne or some such run-in that brought them to the other's attention. And now she's come to him, he has absolutely no qualms about taking advantage of her plight.

To clarify, I'm not imagining a whole lot of personal animosity between the players (though there is plenty of sexual friction). Both characters are powerful in their own spheres. They respect each other as someone who knows how to play the game and win, and even have a weird sort of admiration for each other. It's just that, if circumstances permitted, she would stay far, far away from someone like him.

Overall the feel I'm going for is a kind of light-hearted, teasing, and FUN tussle for control :) The two escape unruffled from their encounter, perhaps with the price of a slightly bruised ego and a heart slightly pierced by love. Isabelle may be surprised at first, since she isn't really aware of his interest in her, but there is no great emotional upheaval here. The scenario might include some LIGHT domination, but nothing serious and no heavy emotions. In other words, this is a romp first and foremost :)

Setting: Space Pirates-ish. It's a dog-eat-dog world out in the outer reaches of the Federation. Rife with petty rivalries, greedy bureaucrats, corruption and lawlessness, this no-man's land is a haven for scoundrels of every stripe. Smuggling, profiteering, bribery, and rackets of every kind are rampant. Crime is an immensely profitable fact of life, honor is a word that does not exist, and only the strong survive, let alone succeed. Note: This is a human setting. Rather than try and hammer out every detail of the world before we begin (a futile endeavor), we should both feel free to come up with details as demanded by the outline of the game. However, this is an enjoyable part of the game to me, so I wouldn't want to miss this out entirely.

I am flexible about the setting, but in my head it really plays out as a space western or fantasy. Think Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt, minus the questionable visuals :P The type of figure I'm looking for is the king of thieves, the mob boss, the dread pirate etc., and should have a parallel in most settings, but my first preference is to set it in space.

Background: Isabelle of Larien is nobody's fool. She is protective of her people and takes her duties as leader seriously. At the same time she is a shrewd negotiator and a practical thinker. All of which have earned her the undying enmity of her neighbors, a venal group of crooks and thieves in noblemen's clothing.

After her parents' death ten years ago at the hands of assassins, Isabelle swept the land clean, and booted out every criminal who operated within Larien's space. She then resurrected the abandoned Tritonium mines and negotiated an iron-clad deal with the Central Council for its supply on very favorable terms, thus securing the peace, happiness and prosperity of her people for generations to come.

Not surprisingly, now that Larien is back on its feet, greedy hands are not holding back from grabbing at it, particularly those of Lord Maximilien, who wants to force her into ceding control of the mines. With reinforcements, Isabelle can beat him back. But the outer reaches are perilous, and the last ship bearing reinforcements was just lost. Every day she delays now is another day her people face disaster.

Requirements: I'm imagining this as a one-shot, but that doesn't mean that the two characters won't meet up again (potentially a series of three). And if there is a next time, you can be sure the tables will be turned on the hero ;-) But that's a story for another day.

Btw, this is a posting for a male *character*. As long as the writing is good, the gender of the writer really doesn't matter to me.
Please look at my O/Os and PM me with ideas if you're interested! I'd ideally like to look over some of your writing to see if our writing and RP style fit. Please look over mine as well! :)
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