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May 24, 2022, 08:38:22 pm

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Author Topic: The Many Facets of Mariah (F for M)  (Read 678 times)

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The Many Facets of Mariah (F for M)
« on: January 11, 2019, 12:07:44 pm »
Hi everyone! Welcome to my little corner. Please see my O&O thread for more about me, how I roleplay and what I look for in a partner.

Below is a list of genres / settings / baby plot bunnies.  I will be adding and changing and mucking things around over time. 

This is not by any stretch of the imagination complete, and I am open to all suggestions but these are genres I  enjoy and have played or would like to try.

Fantasy (Medieval to dark and everything in between)
Post Apocalyptic
Noir / hardboiled mystery
Utopia / Dystopia
Circus / Carnival / Travelling theatre / Burlesque
Some Fandoms
Psychological thriller
Some fandom

Specific Settings
Again, this will be added to and updated.

Angels (specifically Morbacher's Angelarium)
Gods / Goddesses from most pantheons

King Arthur
Brothers Grimm

Ancient Japan
Celtic Britain
Dark Ages
Witch Trials
Rome / gladiators

Slasher / serial killer
Vengeful ghost(s)
Evil item
Evil building / area
Abduction / imprisonment

Alice in Wonderland
Dragon Age Origins
Forgotten Realms
Hunter x Hunter
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
One Piece
Black Butler
There are many others to add here, but with Fandom I play as an OC rather than a pre existing character.

These are just a few cravings that I have at the moment but no plot built around the pairing as of yet. I will edit this as list over time. 

Dragon Age Origins
I adore this world, I played through the game multiple times and I have missed it. There is so much scope for high fantasy plots, I would be happy to play pre blight, during blight, post blight, or just stay in the Fade! In all cases I would play a Grey Warden.  These pairings are my faves but plenty happy for any M to my F.
  • Grey Warden x Grey Warden
    Grey Warden x Alistair Theirin
    Grey Warden x Zevran Arainai

This is something I have never done before, but I am so into my anime at the moment.  Personally, I am happy to keep the characters in their anime, haul them out into a totally different world, or write a plot covering part of the character's history and back story not mentioned in the anime. Looking for partners interested in playing the named characters whilst I play OC.
  • Hisoka Morow x OC (Hunter x Hunter)
    Trafalgar Law x OC (One Piece)
    Dracule Mihawk x OC (One Piece)
    Kars x OC (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

These plots would be heavy in political intrigue with a forbidden romance focus. We can build a fantasy world or use a relevant historical era.
  • Witch hunter x Witch (Salem Witch Trials)
    Nun x Nobleman
    General x soldier
    Eunuch x concubine

Plot Bunnies
These will be added to / fleshed out over time.  I enjoy a bit of dark and disorderly, and these are the ideas I have been tinkering with at the moment but are by no means set in stone.

This revolves around the idea of a male abducting and imprisoning a female.  The twist is, that he doesn't take her for purely sexual reasons, or even for sexual reasons at all.  He is an individual that is either from another world seeking to learn about humans, has severe mental health issues which leave him delusional, or he is committing acts for which he needs a confessor.  There will be plenty of consensual smut, but the focus of play is the emotional relationship between the 2, how it develops, intensifies, and changes.  I originally set this idea in a vampiric world, where simple loneliness forced an ancient vampire lord to seek a replacement for his wife who passed centuries previously, but I would really like to try a serial killer confession type plot.  Looking for a partner to play captor to my captive :)

Psychological Torture Chamber
This idea is based on nightmares, and surviving nightmares.  Everything takes place modern day real life, within the traditional hotel with a horrific past setting, but the phenomena prey on the specific darkness within each guest so each guest has a totally different experience.  In a 1x1, after the first night, the hotel would be empty and locked down due to supernatural forces – no escape.  Our characters have to survive a period of time covering an anniversary of the horrific past, under constant psychic attack, suffering delusions, hallucinations, nightmares, all very specific to themselves and people that they care about and so bringing them ever closer to madness and death.  Less smut heavy but the intensity of the situation will call for some comfort and there will be smut based nightmares. Why they are there, even if they are there at all or if the entire hotel visit is also a delusion, is all up for discussion.

If anything you see in this thread that interests you, PM me and lets see what we can create! Looking forward to great writing and lots of fun.