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November 25, 2020, 02:30:03 AM

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Author Topic: TWISTED TWISTED STUFFS NSFW Perhaps a bit more extreme (MEN WANTED)  (Read 922 times)

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Offline TwistedwingzTopic starter

(this board is under construction with plots with thoughts)

First, off a few things about myself, things I enjoy, things I am willing which is nearly everything anyway. Just ask. And things that I am not into. Other words don't bother asking about these things. It won't roll with me.

Here's a small tidbit: I have Carpel tunnel in both wrists and with my work, there will be times I am into much pain to write. So Please bear with me.

Also, you see a picture that sparks your interest please link it to me. I do post links a lot, I may get mixed up.


-I WILL NOT play underage characters. Unless its a flashback of some memory of my character. Other than that absolutely not. All and I mean all the characters I play are eighteen or older.
-I like to think I am pretty easy to get along and work with. I do the whole, I give what I get. I always try to give my partner my best. I hope the same.
-I am not a grammar Nazi. But please make it make sense. And do your best. Considering I know I am not perfect.
-I prefer a minimum of 3 paragraphs... No not 2- or-3 sentences... I don't ask you to write 10 paragraphs or anything.

-Please limit playing my character. As to character play. I am best at playing one person. Especially if its the main character. I can do minors, however.

I struggle playing multiples.
Things that make me squirm, and bite my lip:
I wanna try Birthing and egg laying...
Fantasy- Anything fantasy related. Settings.
Dragons, Griffon, things that go bump, inhuman and human. you name it I love it. furry as well. Also common large animals...Feral, and other four-legged creatures.
Large, unique cocks.
Cervical penetration
cum inflation
the size difference in partners. with me playing a smaller female.
Detailed posts

No Goes
one liners-one paragraphs
extreme modifications
If I do not respond to a pm right away or have responded then go quiet, I may have miss looked over my pms. Just shoot me another one. And please.. be polite.

Offline TwistedwingzTopic starter

Re: TWISTED TWISTED STUFFS NSFW Perhaps a bit more extreme (MEN WANTED)
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2019, 03:46:09 PM »
Space is no place for a pretty girl NSFW

Evalynne knew from the start this could be trouble, but back at her home colony was just as bad. Least this...This opened to opportunity, and some money as well. The add stated that the Harborne, a well-known traveling station. It housed many incredible things, living sector, natural farming biome. Its own small sect of specially trained men to ensure peace as well as the trading sector. The section requesting a pretty little lady or two was that of science. Offering free living quarters, money, food, all a girl needs, the catch was she tested out a few products for them. The results were not what she expected, but everything they had.

One day however they were attacked, many that did not escape were killed... But when she was found, locked in her room by the aliens that took pleasure in raiding...(they look dumb but are quite intelligent))... Finding her, with their keen senses, not that she was different, the perfect breeding specimen.

Into the Dark Pits of Hell NSFW

For any Treasure hunter there are risks to be taken, and though rumors had whispered warnings to all, One girl doesn't heed them and finds herself drawn in about some amulet only to find it and more, once the amulet was removed from its dark obsidian stand, a portal to the darkest reaches of the underworld sucks her in. If that's not the worst thing about the place, the amulet itself fastens itself to the unfortunate woman and curses her to becoming a breeding bitch for the lucky creatures that call this realm home.

Fantasy Resort: Welcome to Sauvanna NSFW

Young and Ambitious, and quite eager, she takes on the task her aunt left behind after her passing. Though first thing was first. She had to spruce up the place to add her own little flare. But once all that was in order and the news that the resort was once more open. And when the first of the regulars come in, there were some surprises that came along with it, like what treatments many came here for. And being well used wasn't exactly what she had in mind, though timid at first, she found herself more than loving the new prospects of what kind of things she could do to aid many of the beings of the lands

One night during a quiet time she finds her aunts records and being much like her aunt in the knowledge of remedies, and medical ways, she learned how to create a potion that would further her twisted side of pleasure and those that come to her. And enhance her knowledge in many languages.

(both feral and none. She will specialize with both.)

Little Blaze's Adventures NSFW
(still coming up with the idea though open to suggestions))

Let's not have you be Extinct NSFW

A young Archaeologist finds herself mesmerized by a completely intact Raptor fossil, the more she studied it the more she found it one of the most impressive specimens and could only imagine what he was like when he was alive, then again she thought that with most of the fossil she found. As she slowly frees piece by piece of the male, she finds a small what looks to be coin near his body. Which was highly unusual and the first she had ever seen such a coin let alone beneath a fossil. And as she touches it, a shock strong enough to knock her out rips through her.

As she comes to she finds herself in a whole new world. Massive trees loom overhead, the sounds of unique calls sounding around her.  But what she sees looming overhead was a raptor, an impressive male in that. Though looking confused, he watched her with curiosity, and intelligence beyond all she could imagine was there within his interesting purple eyes, his blue feathers perking. She finds herself completely drawn into him.

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Offline TwistedwingzTopic starter

Re: TWISTED TWISTED STUFFS NSFW Perhaps a bit more extreme (MEN WANTED)
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2019, 05:30:56 PM »
Fucking Colisium

There was nothing to top this humiliating chart the to be thrown into the ring, pit against beasts of plenty, for crimes. both small and massive. It all depended on what you did. But not for her. The Emporer thoroughly enjoyed watching her as she struggled below. Determined to break the foreign Princess, whose defiance proved stronger than most men.

((open to other ideas, but like something to do with many beasts and a coliseum))

In youth there is Curiosity and in Curiosity, there are endless Possibilities

In youth there is Curiosity and in Curiosity, there are endless Possibilities

A young mage finds herself alone after something goes wrong with one of her Master's spells. Sending her into an alternate realm of fantasy. Though while one should be scared she was more curious than anything. But she knew that she had to figure out where she was, how she got there, and how to get home, that is if she wanted to return.
(open to other ideas)


Tis the season for it all to be over, to the little Snowbunnys dismay. It had been her first year working at the north pole.  And the season was now over, as was her training so what was she to do? then she was told... Just cause the season was over, didn't mean there weren't other things she could do. Other work within the North Pole, like the Tavern, or there were other places beyond what she knew... But was it a place for someone like her?

thinking maybe anthros/shifters

Like the reindeer during the offseason have another form...You could play a large imposing male, who runs the tavern, and offers her work and gets more then she bargained for.
open to other ideas to

Princess to Peasent

Love, to her it meant the world, and in the fight to be with the one who owned her heart, she would do anything. And that meant betraying her family, giving up all rights and ties to the throne, to wealth. She was fine with that. As long as that meant they could be happy. But the life proved difficult, mostly for her. used to getting everything she wanted on a whim, while he was used to it, living to barely make it by. To struggle for the main needs. Was love really worth it?

Luring a demon
Temptation was his game, that was till he met her. A mere Hybrid, an abomination. But there was something about her that called to him, sung to his very depths luring him in, and claiming him, No..He would not give in so willingly...

She was part Succubus, Though clueless about what she is. Other than for whatever reason men and women were drawn to her. And now a Demon...

((open to ideas))

Hunting Demons

She had one task, that was to guard the portal guarding to realms, hers, and the darker side. But when he first came through, she thought like many before him she would be able to fight him off. But this one...He was different...Stronger, powerful... Freeing his people, simply, and now she has to risk everything to try bringing order to her world once more. But how, when he holds her leash so tightly.

Offline TwistedwingzTopic starter

Re: TWISTED TWISTED STUFFS NSFW Perhaps a bit more extreme (MEN WANTED)
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2019, 06:58:13 PM »
Just a little bit of Magic....Oooppss

A young summoner, who decides to test her skills on something beyond her capabilities, but that wouldn't stop her.

Eternity and Beyond

Two fox demons find themselves on the run from hunters, after being framed by a close friend.

The fall of purity or The cleansing of the tainted
(Depends on routes taken)

She was tasked with keeping a city quiet, a city pure of demonic influence, that's is until the prince arrived. Can't trust his men to properly rid of a single Angel. One with the body of sin its self. To him she was a challenge to see if he could break her, to corrupt her, to make her his queen. While she attempts to remain the pure woman she was always known for, and protect the city itself from him or will it be herself, as he leads her, and forces her into sinful acts

(open to ideas)

Offline TwistedwingzTopic starter

Re: TWISTED TWISTED STUFFS NSFW Perhaps a bit more extreme (MEN WANTED)
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2019, 06:03:31 AM »