Seeking females for some ideas (M seeking F)

Started by dwalls21, December 28, 2018, 04:01:28 PM

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Hello everyone who is bored enough to look at this nightmare of a request thread.  I'm new to this site but not to role-playing, I've been writing on and off since high school and just over a year ago I joined a site and jumped in whole hog.  Proper grammer is pretty important to me, because if it takes me 20 mintues to try to figure out what it is your saying I'll lose interest very quickly, although I do know and understand that grammer and spelling issues occur.  My post length varies, I'll generally match what I'm given but I don't set a hard limit, I believe that writing should feel natural and sometimes a few well typed out sentences can give better information than a book, if your writing is natural, informative, and I can form a response to it then I'll be happy.

I'm sure your wondering by now what my ideas and kinks are, patience young grasshopper even mountains bend overtime not on the demands of outside forces.  For kinks I'm pretty open but my hard limits are toliet stuff, meaning if it belongs in the toliet then keep it there please, sudden death, I understand some stories lead there but don't suddenly kill our characters off, warn me or I'll find you and make you wish for quick death, anything going inside my male characters, instant story death I will block anyone who does this there is no negotiation room for this, and sudden rape, I get that some people like this and thats fine, I cam be eased into it just don't suddenly spring rape on one of the characters, I will make you rewrite the whole post.

Finally, pairings, yes I know, FINALLY, I hear most of you shouting.  Rather than boring you with plots and things like that and making this stupid post longer I'll just list the ones I want and we can discuss in depth later on.
Best friends father/best friend
Twins(male/female or female/female)
Female nekos or Kitsun/human male or furry male
Romance of any kind
Girl on subway or bus/guy who she bumps into or sits on accidentally
Runaway or hitchhiker/trrucker

I also have a craving for something special if a female reading this is ok with either FxFuta, FxF or playing as a male.