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June 26, 2022, 11:51:05 pm

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Author Topic: Revenge in the Old West  (Read 527 times)

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Revenge in the Old West
« on: December 26, 2018, 01:34:36 pm »
Thanks for stopping by and checking out this thread. I have not yet written a Western themed story and I am really excited about getting into this genre. If you are interested in writing a Western and have any tips or changes you would like to add to this plot, please let me know and I would love to come up with a variation of the story with you.

Writing Style
As a general rule I tend to write most of my stories in threads, however, that is not a requirement. If you would like to write the story through private messages or on Discord just let me know. As for my writing style, please feel free to look over my other stories to see if you are interested to see if our styles would match.

I cannot guarantee a post length for every post, but I tend to write anywhere between 3 to 10 paragraphs per post. This obviously depends on how much my writing partner will be adding to the story, but I have always tended to include as much detail as possible in my posts.

As for my characters, I tend to only play male characters who are attracted to female characters. Obviously the writers gender actual does not matter to me, but I do prefer to play as straight white male characters. I am more than open to playing multiple characters as well as female side characters, so if you would like to expand our story beyond the original cast please let me know.

Jason Thorn knew that the only way to survive out in the West was to take what you needed, when you needed it. It didn't matter who he had to kill or steal from, he took care of himself and let the weak die off. That mentality allowed this hardened man to rise up from the son of a failed cattle rancher on the brink of starvation, to one of the most feared bandits west of the Mississippi.

Yet as his infamy and wealth grew, so did his greed. He went from stealing to survive to resenting anyone who had a life he deemed better than his. His crimes became more violent, he built a gang and killed and pillaged his way through towns and settlements as he made his way to California. Along the way his gang made sure to stop in every town, taking all of the men who were willing to join his gang, and killing those that resisted. If any family had a beautiful woman in it he was sure to kill her family and take her along with his gang.

Jason Thorn knew the only way to become wealthy and stay wealthy was to have your own establishment, one that sold something that every man wanted: sex. He was heading to California not to pan for gold, but to establish his own brothel and become the mayor of his own town. If he set the laws, there would be no one to punish him for the crimes he had committed over the years.

All of this lead up to the establishment of Bear Creek Valley, a now prosperous town that drew in men from all over the country. Jason had made it, he owned the Golden Saloon, the largest brothel in all of California, was the mayor of a growing town, and had an entire police force that did whatever he desired and kept vengeful families from claiming back anything that Jason had stolen.

This is the point of the story I want to pick up at, one where the villain has seemingly won and has become near untouchable. I would love for the story to involve our characters slowly taking down his organization piece by piece. Instead of taking him down by gathering a group of vengeful characters for a drawn out gun battle, I would like the fall of his empire to be more subtle. Using characters to slowly seduce, bribe, extort, or even kill off his commanders and lieutenants one by one until Jason has no one left to protect him.

For this I was thinking of using some of the female characters he has captured. Particularly, I think this story could be great if we had some of the main characters be women of minorities, women that have been abandoned by the racist laws and systems of the past. It could feature characters like Salma Hayek from Banditas, women who have a plan of escape and revenge, but don't have the means to pull it off. Naturally, we do not need to have any one type of female character, and I would love to hear your thoughts on who would be ideal for this story.

My character could be a patron of the brothel, a young man who came to this town hearing of the brothel but not of the means it took to get established. When our characters meet your character could see that she could use this man to take down Jason and free not only herself, but all of the women trapped in the establishment.

Of course we could expand the roster of characters as the story goes, adding more men and women for both of us to play.

If you are interested in this feel free to send me a message.