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August 18, 2022, 09:48:15 pm

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Author Topic: Marooned on a Hostile World (M for F)  (Read 557 times)

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Marooned on a Hostile World (M for F)
« on: December 26, 2018, 02:36:58 am »
A story of mine unfortunately fizzled, and I'd love to start it over with a new partner.  The concept for this story is pretty basic, but it leaves lots of room for the plot to grow in unexpected ways.  I write a few paragraphs per post, and would like my partner to match me.  It doesn't have to be every single post, quality wins over quantity every time, but please give me something to work with.  I generally write in third person, and am happy to do so on the forum, PM, discord, e-mail, smoke signal, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Plot Summary: Your character and mine are the only survivors of a colony ship crash on an uncharted, unexplored world.  They need to work together to survive, while at the same time learning that many of the unspoken contracts that govern human interaction are meaningless when there is no society to turn to.

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Mike Nelson really, really, really hated his alarm.  It was an ingrained thing within him, like a fear of spiders, or the way he'd been compelled to sneak a glance at his more attractive crew members whenever their jumpsuit gaped in the front.  It was hardwired into his brain.  That went double for as cold as it was.  He shifted in his bed, trying to find the blanket he'd kicked off in the night, to get some warmth in his frigid limbs.  The analytic specialist's fumbling grasp came up empty, not finding it, as he swore at the progressively louder, more annoying whooping of the alarm.

Suddenly everything shook, and Mike was thrown forward, smacking his head into the hard plastic of the pod.  Pain flared in his skull, and with it came clarity.  He opened his eyes to bright red warning letters, the huge font seeming to scream "WARNING, WARNING, EMERGENCY CRYO SHUTDOWN.  IMPACT IMMINENT."  His breath fogged the screen, everything still coated with a rime of frost, and he remembered.

Humanity was going to die out.   Everyone knew it, the preeminent minds of the 21st century had all warned of it.  If humanity didn't kill themselves in nuclear fire or some creepy bioweapon cooked up in corporate labs and stolen by whatever nutjob ideologue was in fashion that year, a natural disaster would end it.  The creation of life was so unlikely, so rare a circumstance, a million things needing to go right for a sperm to fuse with an egg and form a functioning person, let alone take that person all the way to being a real adult.  The ending of life, in contrast, was easy.  One of a billion things could end anyone, and as a near miss with an asteroid taught humanity, one thing could end billions.  With every living human on one galactic dust speck, it was terrifyingly easy to think that every living human could be wiped out.

The Humanity Seed Project was founded for that very purpose.  Corporate donors, government entities, NGOs, all had pooled their resources for the sole purpose of spreading humanity to the stars to make sure that it could never, ever be wiped off the map like that.  Mike had signed up almost immediately, on the very first ship.  He loved adventure, travel, and being the first person to set foot on a new planet, to see a new was like a drug to the young man.

The entire ship started shaking, a high pitched screeching noise echoing through the corridors, and something told him that he'd be setting foot on it in a much more dramatic fashion than previously anticipated.