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Started by rick957, December 16, 2018, 02:34:28 PM

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Hi, I was wondering.  I know there is a section for site contests, and I looked at it briefly, but I don't know if this would be right for that section.  I wouldn't want to inhibit or compete with any other current or planned contests. 

But I was thinking, I've got the cash to fund a contest, for $100.  Like, sexiest RP post of the month wins $100.  Something like that.

Suggestions?  It's not anything important, but it would mean some real cash for the winner, so why not?  But only if it's okay to do, of course.  Thanks for any replies!


Will get back to you on this some time in the next couple of days-ish--just wanted you to know this had been seen. :)


cool thank you
BTW I'm happy to fund such a contest, but I would be even happier if anyone else would volunteer to judge the entries.  Not that I wouldn't be willing to try (obviously I would try to read it all), but I figure someone else at E would know better how to judge than I would.  Just something to think about.  (Oh!  Or, maybe a public vote to decide a winner?  up to you.)

Edit: would it make better sense to split the $100 up between 2-4 winners so that writers turn in sexy material for various genders/preferences/orientations?  just another thought/idea ... may turn out to be more inclusive and entertaining that way ....