Formally F'd Up (MxM, NSFW Images Included)

Started by Twisted iN Tux, December 14, 2018, 07:29:22 PM

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Twisted iN Tux

GENRE: Original Characters in a Contemporary Setting
TYPE OF RP: Forum-Based, Extreme, One-on-One
# OF PLAYERS DESIRED: One, Open-Minded, Detail-Orientated Individual with a High Tolerance for Extreme Kink and, Perhaps, Raunch

THE WHO: Two men or, perhaps, a gang of men verses one. It would depend on how many characters we're both willing to take on. Regardless of what we run with, at the minimum, one is an upper-class snob (MC) who always gets his way and the other is a lower-class slob (YC) who likes to make rich men pay. Simply put, their worlds collide and we take it from there. That said, a second option is both men are affluent, but one is out to get the other, to essentially knock him down a peg or two in the most humiliating way possible, in public, with lots and lots of teasing and taunting, fucking around and, quite possibly, filth.
THE WHAT: As mentioned, the two men are at odds with one another, be it for superficial reasons or something a bit more deep. They can be absolute strangers or have known each other for years. This can go either way. If they do know each other, some options to consider would be disliked neighbors, rival coworkers, or, perhaps, even fractured family members.
THE WHERE: This can happen in a single location or in multiple venues, depending on how involved we want to get. Places to consider would be a highway restroom, an abandoned alley, the backroom of a bar, the courtyard of a seedy motel or rundown apartment complex, an adult bookstore, a mall bathroom, an airport security checkpoint, or wherever feels right to you. As far as I'm concerned, the more public the better.

STYLE OF PLAY: Freeform with an Open Dialogue Throughout the Game
PACING: Casual to Steady, Semi-Committed, Quality Preferred Over Quantity, Posting Every Few Days

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I had initially set this up as a request to explore watersports, but there doesn't appear to be many takers on the topic. So, instead, I've switched it up to be more of a formal meet and beat. This means that the focus will be on taunting and teasing my tuxed up character, humiliating him, degrading him, and reducing him to a sniveling pile of rags. Could it get messy? Sure. Dark? You bet. But only if that feels right for you. I won't press either point.

Please contact me via a private message if you are interested in exploring this scenario. Come prepared to draft up a semi-detailed PC, including what they look like, what they are wearing, their general disposition, etc. etc. etc. I do not mean for us to use a formal character sheet, per say, but I do like to banter a bit back and forth via PMs to nail down a few of the more important details before we kick things off.


Options for MC's attire and, perhaps, even YC's, depending on their social status!