Into the Dungeons (DM Seeking Partner for Erotic 5e D&D Adventures)

Started by MrThorne, December 12, 2018, 11:19:41 PM

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Hello there, my name is Mr. Thorne, and I will be brief with your time. I am a passionate fan of roleplaying, writing, and D&D. I'm here today for the latter, as I'm taking a break from DMing within my regular group, and would like to explore building and playing a text based D&D campaign with a willing partner. I am interested in DMing such a venture, and I'd like a partner who is open minded, and has ideas of where such a storyline could go, and what their character's role would be in it.

I am a bisexual man, but as the DM I am willing to take on any number of guises in service to the storyline. I'm very open minded, and willing to consider players and characters of any gender. My only request is that my partner be relatively well acquainted with D&D 5e, or failing that, willing to learn. My hope is to develop a partnership with this player, and that we can continue to share adventures on into the future, possibly building off of the world we craft together.

Here are a few general ideas I have in mind for a starting adventure. Please don't consider them as essential. They're just ideas I think would be fun to roleplay out. You are more than welcome to tweak or suggest entirely new ideas for the game.:

-Return to Ravenloft: This is a sequel to Curse of Strahd, set 20 years after the original 5e adventure. This is more of a full campaign.
-Instruments of Chaos: A bard has stolen a powerful magical artifact from the local thieve's guild. What does he mean to do with it?
-The Rising Darkness: Undead have begun to rise in unparalleled numbers. A cult is believed to be responsible, and must be stopped.
-Dark Patron: Your character has been captured a powerful warlock Patron, who seeks to make you their agent on Earth.
-Dragon's Goals: Your character is under the sway of a powerful dragon, whose motives are unclear. What are they planning?
-On Strange Tides: Rumors abound in a small fishing town of a legendary lost treasure, said to be guarded by a powerful sea monster.

If you're interested in joining my adventure, just shoot me a PM with your ideas for an adventure, and a character you'd like to play for said adventure. I accept all officially published Wizards of the Coast content, and will take Unearthed Arcana, third party, or home-brew conditionally.