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Author Topic: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]  (Read 2132 times)

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So I realized it's been a few years since my last idea thread and I thought it might be a good time to reboot it. So let's have a little fun with this.

Some General Points
  • Suggested plots don't have to be exactly as shown, some flexibility and creative input is not only acceptable but encouraged. If you like a basic plot idea but it's too dark, or too light, for your tastes adjustments can be made. I want to encourage creativity.
  • I almost always RP on the forums. Keep that in mind.
  • A bit of a warning, I try to include a picture with all of my ideas and some of them will be NSFW. Those I will try to mark or put in spoiler bubbles.

Ideas will be divided into 5 categories - Light, Bondage, Dub-Con, NC, and Extreme. They'll basically follow the site's definitions with possibly some extra notes. Enjoy the read!
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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2018, 12:00:56 pm »

This doesn't mean Light RPs won't have kink, just that such kink will probably not be along the Bondage or Questionable Consent directions of possibility. Impregnation or Public Places in themselves, for example.

A basic germ of an idea, I'd like to do something involving a married man impregnating his wife's best friend in a situation other than basic adultery. Some possible angles:
-A genuine mix-up at a costume party leads to a case of mistaken identity that will have long-lasting consequences for all involved.
-When she wants a child of her own, her married best friend has a suggestion for the sperm donor.
-It started as a birthday surprise, meant to be just a one time thing but when three people get surprisingly close; well, things happen.

The Inseminator
All guys believe deep down that their dicks are special, the only thing that makes Jay Greene any different is that he's actually been proven right. He's always been horny but a donation at a sperm bank has discovered that his sperm count, sperm motility, and seminal volume are all in the top 5% of the species making him particularly virile and fertile.

Not only his he particularly potent but there are women that if they want to have children as nature intended he's pretty much their only chance, something he can't help but relish. And he intends to enjoy.

Physical Therapy
When a Fire-Fighter is burned horribly in a rescue gone wrong, an uncle offers him a place to heal down in a popular vacation resort as a handyman. There he recuperates and with help of some physical therapy gets back on his feet properly.

With some help from the women in and of the resort, naturally.

They came from the stars one October day, a handful of ships dispersed around the globe and settling down barely better than a crash.

They call themselves the Wotan, claiming that once they were a proud people with an entire Armada of ships - but they were just at the losing side of a terrifying war and now this handful of ships might be all that's left of their species.

They claim they come in Peace. They claim all they want is some space to work and some raw resources to repair their ships, they even claim they can get most of those resources from other bodies in our Solar System. That they're just refugees and all they want is a chance to catch their breath as they try to find a new Home.

But we know nothing about the Wotan, not really. We know that they're roughly shaped like humans from the designs of their encounter suits, but no Human ever seen a Wotan outside of one. And we know that there's a political faction of the Wotan that think that they should just use their much more advanced technology to Conquer Earth and Take what they need by Force. Then again, we also know of Human Bigots and Religious Fanatics that think Earth should be for Humans only, that the very existence of Extraterrestrial Life is an affront to their Gods of Choice.

This could either by the defining moment of Human history - or an exploding powder keg of unprecedented proportions. And across Species lines, two souls make a connection from beyond the Stars.

Ten to One
Welcome to the early 21st century on this Earth. It's got basically the same level of technology, roughly the same borders, roughly the same path of history - but as of 2017 Women outnumber Men by almost Ten to One. The Women's Suffrage Movement still happened but a decade earlier and it was called the Women's Duty Movement instead. World War 1 and World War 2 both still happened, but most of the historical faces you'd expect to see were different and a lot of them were now women. There hasn't been a male President of the United States since the 90's, the environment is overall in better shape if only because the World's population is a lot lower, and the relative lack of males is collectively know as 'The Decline'. Nobody really knows what's causing it. There's a theory that it's environmental because the lack of balance between the sexes really gets noticeable around the Industrial Revolution but this could be just a coincidence.

Now in an attempt to stem the loss there's a whole bunch of rules in place, some codified law while others just societal expectations. Marriage is now only legal if both parties are at least 35 for example.

Something's got to change though, because 'The Decline' is getting worse. The Ten to One ratio is only getting higher and eventually there will be no Male babies being born at all...

Time Pervs
Additional Tags - Sci-Fi

[Basically I'm treating this thread as one giant plot bunny.]

You'd be amazed what a few breakthroughs and discoveries in the laws of physics can accomplish. A couple hundred years in the future humanity actually develops a method of time travel.

While officially this is strictly controlled and only allowed in cases of research and observation, there is a secret extra service for those willing to pay for it. Essentially, it's Sex Tourism but instead of visiting other countries you visit other times. Want to feel 60's Free Love for yourself? See if a rumor you heard about Classic Hollywood is true? Participate in a Roman Orgy? It's all a possibility.

A time traveler explores the sexual possibilities of the technology, and has some unintended consequences.

Additional Tags - Sci-Fi, Impreg

Welcome to the year 2287, A time when Womankind is making its first real steps into the galaxy. Sadly, the male half of the species didn't make it. A runaway biological weapon killed every human being with a Y gene about 150 years ago, even in the Womb. Thanks to cloning and genetic engineering the species survived anyway but Men have only existed in old stories and in historical textbooks for well over a century. Scattered among 7 star systems are about 80 billion living humans and not only are all of them Women but most of them don't even know what a Man is.

But the crew a salvage ship has just made a startling discovery. Among the remains of an old astronomical survey ship that was lost almost 200 years ago is a living human male in cryonic suspension. They just made the salvage of a lifetime with the discovery of someone who might just be the Last Man Alive.

What could be every guy's dream though quickly becomes a nightmare as many of the women of the future decide that they were doing just fine, and possibly were better off, without him...

[Actually going for a more solid, series sci-fi bend then the description may suggest.]
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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2018, 12:25:50 pm »

Sort of a catch-all for things that didn't qualify for anything else.

Confessions of a Horny Devil
Additional Tags - Modern Fantasy

It all started with the end of the world. Seriously, the Biblical Apocalypse actually happened much to everyone's surprise. The Rapture of the Faithful, the Spread of Darkness, the Four Horsemen, the Anti-Christ, the Rise of the Armies of Good and Evil - all of it. The only part they really got wrong was how long it would last and how it ended. It was supposed to be the War to end all Wars with Satan finally defeated and God ruling a perfect paradise forever.

Instead, we got a few war stories then life went on. The armies of Heaven and Hell expected us to chose sides and fight with them - but instead we chose our own path. Even the "Good" guys of Heaven decided that they wanted to kill everyone, just wanted to kill the demons first, so in the end we decided to give a big "screw you" to them both.

Funny thing though. Turns out, both the armies of Heaven and Hell apparently had made no big changes in their military hardware or strategy since the Roman Empire. So when Humans entered the final battle of Armageddon we brought modern technology and tactics - and as a result the war was so one-sided it made jokes on late night television. Oh sure, and individual demon soldier or heavenly angel can take a human - but since when do humans fight alone? It was nicknamed the Curb Stomp War, and instead of ending the world it became just another skirmish.

The surviving members of the forces of Heaven and Hell gave unconditional surrenders, and in return we proved to not be total bastards. The surviving supernatural creatures of the world were for the most part allowed to live among us, if now they had to register with local immigration authorities and were now subject to human laws. In America, this meant that NIS gained a new branch called the SINS, the Supernatural Immigration and Naturalization Service. Excuse the name, with the Rapture taking away all the Bible Thumpers we're a little more relaxed about a little blasphemy between friends.

It's not a bad gig if you can get it. It's a lot like a normal immigration agency, but since the clients this time are a bit stranger by law and pretty rare it's not unusual to only need a few social workers and even then they only have 2 or 3 clients each.

"Nick Brooklyn" is a special case that gets special attention though. A registered Demon trying to make a living in NYC as a writer but he's famous for something else. Supernatural creatures usually reproduce via complex rituals and magical ceremonies. Most of them are even genderless. But "Nick" recently came out as an Incubus in his writing, a demon that specializes in sexual sins. So he not only actually is as male as he appears but he can father offspring the old-fashioned way - and in theory he can father children with any female sentient being.

Which needless to say makes things interesting in the office of SINS...

In the old stories, Santa Claus wasn't the only one who went out on his rounds in the Christmas Season. One of Santa's counterparts was "The Krampus", a sort of Anti-Santa. Where Kris Kringle gave toys and cheer to the Good and Virtuous over the Christmas Season the Krampus's job was to Punish the Wicked. In some stories he beat them with magic birch branches, in others he ate their flesh and dragged their souls to Hell.

You know, funny thing though - nobody ever asks what happens when someone whose been nice all year wants something naughty? And where do the Elves come from anyway?

Quote from: Info
Alright, quick notes -
This would be set in a modern setting where Santa Claus is not only real but also rewards grown-ups who've been good people if usually more subtly. Unfortunately, other spirits and figures are also actually real including the Krampus. Fortunately, the Krampus usually sticks to punishing the Naughty, or women whose deepest Christmas/Sexual Wish is to be punished as if they were Naughty. [Optional Additional Distinction: In this setting Santa's "Elves" are actually half-breed demon offspring of the Krampus and mortal women. Because the work-force has to come from somewhere.]

Professional Monster
They say that if it can be done, someone gets off on it. The trick is finding them.

Jim is actually a pretty easy going and friendly guy, with a sort of infectious confidence that people can't help but notice. "Big Dick Energy" as it's been dubbed by his friends. A dirty little secret is that it fits. Not to the point of being about to do porn maybe, but big enough to give that little extra boost of confidence to help in social situations.

But Jim has recently had an accident, one that among other things has given him a large and sinister looking scar on one side of his face. Which would knock the spring out of anyone's step, until a female friend of him noticed that the scar actually makes him perfect for a sort of niche crowd.

Now if a woman wants to scratch a certain taboo itch and has a rape themed sexual fantasy that they want to play out just to know what it would feel like, they can quietly ask around and someone may put her in contact with Jim - for a price...

Set in a Superhero Setting (can be OC or an established setting), an adult film actor discovers that he actually does have a superpower if it's rather unorthodox. Thomas Kruger AKA "Max Holmes" thought superheroics were something that happened to something else, but he has discovered much to his own shock and dismay that if he has intimate contact with people who have powers he gets temporary copies of their powers. A quick kiss with someone who can shoot lasers out of their eyes lets him fire a single weaker blast himself within the next few minutes. A full round of unprotected sex to completion gives him a full copy of all of their superhuman abilities for about 5 days.

Which means he's about to get involved with some particularly intense super-battles and the politics thereof, whether he wants to or not.

The Year Off
After a particularly nasty divorce, Mr. Carter has made a promise to himself. Almost a vow really.

He's always been a good man with a romantic soul his whole life but after signing the final paperwork to make his divorce official he's decided that for 1 Full Calender Year he is not allowed to have any sort of meaningful sexual encounter. For 1 full year all of his sexual encounters will be one-night-stands, meaningless-flings, and/or tinder dates - meaningless sex just for the fun of it.

But of course life has a way of throwing surprises at you.
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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2018, 12:35:41 pm »

Dubious Consent. Usually of the variety of your character thinks they did or technically did consent but something happened that suggests their ability to consent was actually comprimised at the time. The use of Aphrodesiacs or Blackmail for example. [Do keep in mind I'm basing this on definitions of the terms used by the Site, not the Law. :P]

Drilling the Marvel Universe
Quote from: Info
I don't normally do this but I have had an idea floating around in my head that I wanted to get down.

The basic idea is to create an "MCU" updated version of Silver Age Marvel villain "The Mandrill". The basic premise of the original character being that he looked like a monkey, had a pheromone-based mind-control ability that worked only on women, and he kept trying to take over the world with otherwise stupid plans. The updated version will be less stupid. Let me know what you think.

Dr. Jerome Beechman never claimed he was a good person. A biochemist working for HYDRA, when Jessica Jones killed Kilgrave and HYDRA got their hands on the body it was going to be a huge leap forward for him and his team. Before too long they did develop a test-trail serum that on paper would give Purple Man style abilities to a monkey for use on other monkeys. The surprise is that the serum worked too well, the test subject monkey not only could control the other monkeys but could influence the minds of Dr. Beechman and his team. Lashing out, the test animal took out it's frustrations on the scientists, killing most and making Dr. Beechman inject himself with his own monkey-mind-control serum.

Completely not meant for humans, at first the serum's effects seemed to be surprisingly beneficial. He's built muscle tone and most surprisingly he's putting out much stronger sexual attraction pheromones than normal human men do. But then he started growing more body hair, his instincts are getting stronger, he might be starting to grow a tail - now Dr. Beechman seems to be de-evolving to more primative lifeform and might be losing his intelligence, and it's a race against the clock to stabilize his condition before it gets any worse.

The General Purpose Breeding License. Such an innocent sounding name for something seen as something so sinister.

The plague hit in 2017. A variation of the flu that achieved near-universal communicability, nearly everyone on the planet had it at some point - at the time we just thanks our respective gods and stars that the symptoms were only fatal to those whose immune systems were already compromised in some fashion so the actual fatality rate was very low.

Then the babies stopped coming.

Testing discovered that while the "Man Flu" killed very few it did greatly hinder male fertility. In 2018, most of the world's men didn't even have sex drives - let alone get erections. The worst news of all was that even the most optimistic of experts thought that no more in 1 in 100,000 men could still get a woman pregnant. The human race could very well be extinct by the end of the 21st century if something drastic isn't done.

So something drastic was done. GPBL's were formed and legally recognized in the vast majority of the world's countries. Licences given to the few men left that still test as fertile. Now these GPBLs give these men all sorts of extra-legal abilities, including the ability to "override some normal consent requirements". Critics are calling this just legalized rape, and they're not wrong...

Lara Croft in the Temple of Virility
The legendary and beautiful adventurer and archaeologist faces something unlike she's ever faced before when her latest find is the Temple of a long-forgotten Fertility God. A Temple that isn't as empty as it appears...

The Unwritten Rules
Additional Tages - Blackmail, Superhero Setting

In the world of superheroes and supervillains, there are Unwritten Rules of conduct. Obviously both sides aren't exactly bound by a little thing like 'laws' but there were still rules. Rules broken at your own peril on both sides.

Rule 1 - Killing. You try this and don't be surprised when the victim's side comes down on you like a pile of bricks. Angry, angry bricks. Assassin super-villains often refuse to take contracts on superheroes for this very reason, because they often have a man who can shoot death lasers from orbit on their speed dials.

Rule 2 - Families. For the love of all that's holy, leave Families out of it. Hell, people have jumped people on their own side for doing this sort of thing.

Rule 3 - Imagine you have someone on the other side at your mercy, tied up in your [prison cell/lair] as your prisoner. Stripped of any way to defend themselves and any sort of back-up, all alone. What do you do then?

If you answered THAT then don't be surprised if people on your own side END you.

That's how the delicate balance of powers is supposed to be, but sometimes rules are broken. A superheroine's secret identity is discovered by a male supervillain, who in turn decides to use that information to blackmail her for sex. The sickest part is, he's actually really good at it...

[A gender flipped version of this RP is also doable, with some modifications.]
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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2018, 12:45:56 pm »

My character will probably rape your character at some point and she will never doubt otherwise. I will add that I tend toward the lighter end of the NC scale, as one partner put it the "NO NO NO YES YES YES" school of NC RPs.

A Bad Thing
A woman whose been trying to have a baby for a while now finally gets her wish, if not the way she wanted, when she becomes pregnant from getting raped while jogging. Much to the surprise of everyone who knows the truth, herself included, she decides to keep the baby.

Then her rapist finds out himself...


The news article catches your eye immediately with a perverse fascination. The names are being withheld to protect the victims as expected, and it's not like you don't feel any sympathy for them, but something about the story seems to be utterly enthralling. Somewhere in your home city there's a serial rapist on the prowl.

The police call him the Wedding Bells Rapist but the media took to calling him 'The Incubus' a long time ago because he hides his face from his victims using a full devil mask. Described as tall and powerfully built, he tends to simply overpower his victims from sheer strength. The news article mentions that he's been active for over a year now with the police seemingly no closer to catching him but insisting that they're doing their best, though that must be a shallow comfort to the housewives he's raped.

That's what the newspapers are saying though, the tabloids claim he's actually had over a hundred victims, it's just that for some reason his victims refuse to come forward. The darker corners of the internet tell an even more twisted story if you're willing to listen.

Mr. Perfect
Fully admitting that it's a sick joke, he calls himself Mr. Perfect. Some supervillains try to destroy the world, others try to take it over, some are in it just to steal the next big score and retire to an island somewhere, others mean no harm and just have the wrong king of powers.

Mr. Perfect is none of those villains. Whoever Mr. Perfect is, he's just been using his powers to commit a string of rapes across the city. And he'll do so until someone stops him.

The tired little town of Putnam, Kentucky was past it's glory days and everyone knew it. Everyone knew it, and honestly most were just fine with it. It might of been a big deal back with the coal mines were roaring with life but now? Now, people saw what it was like when a town itself just wanted to retire.

There were perks actually. Most of the really bad and violent forms of crime were practically non-existant. Last time there was a juicy sex crime anywhere near Putnam was several years ago when a couple teachers at the Community College up the road got a little frisky in the local state park and Putnam just happened to be the closest township.

That is - until about a month and a half ago. Natalie Youngblood, the local 5th grade teacher, was found unconscious in the brush near the entrance of Kingdom Come State Park. From the status of her clothing, her bruising, and the amount of semen recovered from her and at the scene it was very obvious that she had been gang-raped by several men. The investigation was hard and intense and when she woke up they asked her who had done that horrible thing to her, surely she'd know in this small town?

She did, calmly, confirm that she had been ambushed and sexually used while jogging - but insisted that there was only one rapist. A large, hairy man with olive-skin, green eyes, ram's horns growing out of his head, and the biggest penis she'd ever seen on something that walked on two legs. She even offered to do a police sketch, but ultimately that's just sitting a file somewhere. What she described was medically impossible, had to be a drug-induced hallucination, right?

But then it happened again, and again, and again - and now this small town is the epicenter of a mysterious string of rapes and the victims all describe an attacker that's medically impossible. Or just simply not human...
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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2018, 12:48:19 pm »

Something about this goes above and beyond the normal NC RP. For me this usually means there's a good chance your character will die as a direct result of something my character did, my character being a serial killer might be a possible example.

Master of the Night
Something weird is going on in Opal City. Something horrifying and nightmarish that strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens everywhere.

There was a murder, utterly bizarre too the point that it's hard to believe. A woman was found in her apartment, no signs of forced entry but she was found on her bed nude with a gaping wound in her neck. Forensic analysis discovered clear signs that she had been sexually assaulted just before she died but with no signs of struggle, and the vast majority of her blood was just missing. A little spotting on the sheets of the bed but in the body was clearly low a couple liters of blood instead of the about 5 liters she should of had.

The weirdest part of all though was that three days after the murder, her body disappeared from the morgue. Someone broke into her house and killed her without leaving any real evidence, then managed break into a city morgue to steal her corpse the same way. There was a witness, but he was useless - he claims to have seen her walk out the door which was clearly impossible.

Then a couple weeks later there was another identical murder, a woman found in her own home nude on her bed with signs of sexual assault but no signs of struggle, break-in, with most of her blood missing, and a gaping post-mortum wound on her neck. And again, it looks like whoever killed her stole her corpse three days later in an another impossible crime.

If you believed in Vampires you'd almost think there was one that was wounding his victims further to cover up the puncture marks - but that's impossible. Right?

Momento Mori
It started just about this time last year when they found Annette George, a local actress and model, dead in her apartment. No signs of forced entry, no stuggle, not even a clear sign of death - she was just in her bed nude and she had simply stopped living. They still aren't really sure what killed Annette. They can tell that she was having sex with a man either during or just before her death, but very little beyond that. It just looks like that at the peak of an orgasm she just died.

Then, six weeks later, it happened again. Stella Weber, wife of popular televangelist Ronald Weber. No signs of a break-in, no apparent struggle, no clear sign of what exactly killed her. She too just appeared to have died right at the peak of an orgasm while having sex with an unknown man. Then it happened again, 5 weeks later with an athlete named Tonya Perry - another woman that just appears to die at the peak of the throes of passion while having sex with an unknown man.

It's been a year like that. It started at every 4 to 6 weeks but whoever's doing it has picked up the pace, now they're at most 2 weeks apart. Every two weeks at most someone will find a woman who just appears to have died at the peak of an orgasm during sex for no reason. The police have no idea how he does it, but they are now certain that this is somehow the work of a serial killer.

Which, frankly, it's a Serial Killer if they're lucky...

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #6 on: December 22, 2018, 11:02:00 am »

Added -
"Catching Up" in Light
"Krampusnacht" in Dub-Con
"Shadows of the Night" in NC
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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #7 on: December 31, 2018, 02:42:02 pm »

Added -
"Wrecked" in Light
"The Strange Case of Anders Klimaxxx" in Dub-Con
"The Touch" in Dub-Con

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2019, 09:27:54 am »

Added -
"Cuckquean" in Bondage
"Life After the Burst" in Bondage

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #9 on: January 31, 2019, 08:48:53 pm »

Added - "Sons of Pan" in Extreme
Edited - "Catching Up" in Light

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2019, 02:28:11 pm »

In Light -
Added - "The Inseminator", "Physical Therapy"
Edited - "Catching Up", "Time Pervs"
Removed - "Wrecked"

In Bondage -
Added - "The Year Off"
Removed - "Ashes and Dust"

In Dub-Con
Added - "Turned On"
Edited - "GPBL"
Removed - "Krampusnaucht"

In NC -
Added - "The Way She Moves"
Removed - "Shadows of the Night"

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #11 on: April 22, 2019, 09:50:21 pm »

Edited - "The Touch"

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #12 on: August 09, 2019, 08:30:48 am »

In Light -
Removed - "The Clock", "Not-So-Anonymous"

In Bondage -
Added - "The Private Dick", "X"
Edited - "Cuckquean"
Removed - "Light After The Burst"

In Dub-Con -
Removed - "The Strange Case of Anders Klimaxxx", "Turned On"

In NC -
Added - "A Bad Thing"

In Extreme -
Removed - "Bloody Trinity"

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #13 on: October 26, 2019, 10:39:02 pm »

In Light -
Edited - "Catching Up"

In Bondage -
Removed - "Cuckquean"

In NC -
Removed - "Orang Minyak", "The Way She Moves"

In Extreme -
Added -  "Master of the Night"
Removed - "Sons of Pan"

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #14 on: December 01, 2019, 08:14:47 pm »

In Bondage -
Added "Krampusnacht"

In Dub-Con -
Added "Lara Croft in the Temple of Virility"

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #15 on: January 12, 2020, 12:33:11 am »

In Light -
Added "Starcrossed"

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #16 on: March 19, 2020, 11:20:54 am »

In Light -
Removed - "Catching Up"

In Bondage -
Removed - "The Private Dick"

In Dub-Con -
Added - "Drilling the Marvel Universe"
Edited - "Lara Croft in the Temple of Virility"
Removed - "The Touch"

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Re: Whispers of a Naughty Devil - TheVillain's Plot Ideas [M lf F, Varies]
« Reply #17 on: April 21, 2020, 09:40:04 am »

In Light-
Added "The BFF"