The Taming of the Wolverine (f seeks fandom depravity .. again)

Started by Nerdess, November 26, 2018, 12:45:03 PM

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I mean, my name's Nerdess.  You can probably expect a lot of my prompts to revolve around fandoms and geeky things, right?

She's the best at what she does, and what she does isn't very nice.  Not that that has ever been Laura's fault.  The Facility wanted the perfect weapon, an assassin completely under their control.  One encrypted transaction was all they required to stop the heart of anyone on the planet, and all they needed to do was get their number one asset to the rendezvous point to make it happen.  For X-23, the final success after twenty two failures in an attempt to clone the savage mutant codenamed The Wolverine, there was no more thought to her actions than a bullet gave thought to the gun that fired it or the flesh it tore through.  She went on missions.  She trained.  She succeeded.

And then one day, their bloody Pinocchio became a real girl.

She escaped.  She lived.  She discovered the good and the bad of a world outside of gunmetal gray walls.  She learned when it was and wasn't appropriate to use lethal force, and learned what it meant to live a life for more than the next mission.  She studied alongside others like herself at the Xavier School for Gifted Children, rubbed elbows with Avengers-in-training at their Academy, and took on the missions of others for her own reasons when she decided that their interests aligned with her own.  That she even could have her own interests was a novelty that it took Laura many years to fully internalize.   But despite all that, there was one fear that clung to the back of her mind through her every waking moment.

She hadn't been trained to be a killer, she'd been designed to be one.  The Facility had synthesized a specific chemical smell, a Trigger Scent that sent Laura into a frenzied rage.  Anything that the smell clung to was dead by the time her breathing returned to normal.  So long as that scent existed, synthesized in the same secretive facility that had bred her, she could never truly be in control of her own destiny.  And over the years, more than one person had discovered the truth about the string of assassinations that had occurred during her time at the Facility.  Others had run afoul of the mutants' peacekeeping forces and found themselves disarmed (occasionally literally) by a dervish of claw and fury that seemed more at home in a high school ballet class than an elite mutant task force.  There was already the chance that someone had discovered the command to make the wild bitch bite whoever they decided, but setting her against her allies or their enemies might not have been quite enough.  A feral dog could be unleashed, but that had limited uses to most.

Domestication, though .. that was forever.

So, yeah!  Wolverine née X-23 née Laura Kinney is, no joke, one of my favorite comic characters.  I don't even read that many comics, but I've read most of her stuff (though I'm admittedly a little bit behind now because, well, I don't even read that many comics!).  And I'm kind of on this whole feral, wild beast kind of kick thing apparently, so who am I to deny it?  So you see where I'm going with this, right? 

If you said "you want to take a character you really love and admire and break her down and fuck her up until she's a broken mess who's little more than an animal by the time your virile bastard is done with her" then you get a cookie!  Yes, yes, slave training stories are overdone.  I get it, violence against women is kinda super bad.  Nice, romantic scenes can be good too!  You're right, you're absolutely right.

On the other hand, getting violently fucked on the end of a choke chain.  I rest my case.

The thing about Laura is that she can take it.  She doesn't get emotionally attached.  She's got a healing factor nearly as good as her genetic source material.  She's patient and clever and resourceful and will find her way out of a bad situation nine times out of ten.  I just want to play the tenth time.  I want to play the one where someone painstakingly tests and perfects a Trigger Scent that turns her from assassin to ahegao (note: painstakingly tests and perfects, because it's more fun to have some build up along the way!).  I want to play the one where she's beaten and burned and cut even if we fade to black for the really violent bits because of squeamishness (I mean, I'm fine with them, but at the end of the day I'm way more about the *jams her index finger into her other looped index finger and thumb* than I am the *karate cops the air*).  I want to play the one where she's spanked with a rolled up newspaper and called a bad puppy.  .. I'm only half kidding.

Okay, I'm not kidding at all.

"But Nerdess, who would *I* play in this scenario?"  You've definitely got options, fella!  I'm cool with someone completely non-canon, someone brushing up against canon, and certain canon options.  I'd like it if they had a personal grudge against her for some reason: she ruined a fun night of Doing Crimes, she killed someone who worked for them or they were close to, they just have it out for mutants, etc etc etc.  Or barring that?  They just really want a little sex pet who's going to heal back to perfect tightness every single time, no other grand scheme needed.

"*Certain* canon options?"  Yuh.  I don't really want to have it be like, SURPRISINGLY TWISTED CYCLOPS or CLONE-DADDY GONE OFF THE DEEP-END or DEADPOOL or anything like that.  I'm goofy and flighty, but I keep it pretty real in play.  Mostly.  But you wanna break out Sabertooth liking the way her blood tastes when he bites her just right, or Sebastian Shaw wanting the perfect pet for his penthouse, or a version of The Collector wanting an obedient addition to his hoard, I'm listening.  Most likely someone more obscure, or an OC working within the world somewhere (Facility, Purifiers, etc etc) will work best for these purposes though.

But hey; just in case: tl;dr master/slave, pet play, mind breaking, physical roughness, and absurdly hot villainy are pretty much requirements for this particular kinkstorm, and if you wanna bring that to me, then I'll give back as good as I get.

After all, I'm the best at what I do, and what I do is turn proud and plucky characters into unrepentant cocksuckers.

hm might need some work on that one
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bringing back one of my favorite girls, because I've had her on the brain for a bit!

So why not have her on her knees for a bit?
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