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Author Topic: Hotwife/Girlfriend, Slutwife/Girlfriend, or Cuckold(Male for any)  (Read 1061 times)

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Please don't leave messages on this thread as I would like to keep it clean and instead send me a personal message in here, thank you!

First let me say that the husband/boyfriend in all of my roleplays doesn't play a sissy, wear panties, chastity belts, play with another guys cock or anything of the like!

Please be literate and use spell check, I make mistakes just like anyone, you can probably find some on this thread as English was my worst subject, but I have a great imagination. I don't expect an essay to each response and don't expect one from me. I usually do 2-4 paragraphs, occasionally more if something gives my imagination a run, just please give me enough to work with to keep a roleplay moving. I don't mind coming up with ideas but do like some input to make sure you are going to enjoy it also.

While I do love a good amount of smut in the roleplays, I do need a plot as well as liking to work out a predetermined theme or points that we both want to hit in the roleplay ahead of time. I don't have to do this all the time but I find its more beneficial to knowing both parties are going to find what they want to happen in the roleplay.

Now for most of my roleplays, I tend to like more the hotwife/girlfriend themes where it is open and agreed upon by both parties, neither one pushing the other too far, but both talking about their wants and needs to allow both to enjoy it. That doesn't mean things don't go overboard sometimes, as there is obviously a third person(or more involved) with their own agenda or a predetermined idea for the roleplay that might deviate from those ideas. For the technical definition of the husband/boyfriend whether he is agreeable to her deeds or not, would be a cuckold I do believe though.

I do play more than one character in most of my roleplays. With ladies, I normally play the husband/boyfriend as well as the studs/other guys she plays around with. With guys I normally play the couple, playing both the husband/boyfriend and the wife/girlfriend. I also play some of the other people in the roleplay and willing to let the other play others in the roleplay as well. I don't mind if a woman wants to play the stud/other guys or a guy wants to play the wife/girlfriend, as long as we are agreeable on the details.

When I play the husband/boyfriend character, they are usually average guys who are loving, romantic, gentle, slow and long lasting lovers. When I play the studs/other guys that play around with the wife/girlfriend, they are usually though not always good looking, well built, bigger not huge cocked, who fuck hard and fast, not that they are premature ejaculators. Now when agreed upon the other guys might change if there is a want/need /plot point that needs a virgin, fat guy or something else along those lines that are agreed upon first. I also like the stud/other guys to be someone that is known to the husband/boyfriend pretty well most times, such as his buddies, his boss, someone he works with, a guy on his recreational sports team or something of the like, again it is totally open for discussion depending on who I am playing with, there likes and the plot.

For the woman, I play or play with, I usually like them to be at least average looking but of course like to play with a very good looking woman as well. Usually, they have average to above average breasts, with small to average butts. I am really not into big asses or really huge tits sorry. While my preference is not to play or play with a small chested woman I am not against it as most of my girlfriends in my life were. I am drawn to playing or playing with Caucasian or Asian women the most, followed by Spanish or European looking women, but I am open to others if I feel that the plot and players ideas are appealing enough to me.

I have my F-list in my signature line for you to look over for my favorites, yes and no items, but here are the most used items I like to have in the smut aspect of the roleplays, but of course they have to agree with you and the plot:

Risk of Pregnancy- Probably my biggest want in any roleplay, as I usually play the husband/boyfriend having a low sperm count and the couple having either trying for a long time and being tested or just doing it without protection for long enough to realize that one of them has a problem. Now if it is a long-term roleplay we don't have to roleplay the pregnancy as I know a lot of people don't like to roleplay such things, we could gloss over those times, pushing the roleplay ahead or other ways of getting past it as well.

Interracial- Another one I love to play with, but it doesn't work with all people or all plots. So while it is mostly a black guy stud going after the white/Asian wife, it could be an Asian guy going after the white wife/girlfriend or an Indian/Spanish guy going after the white/Asian wife/girlfriend or whatever, again if open to the idea, it's open to discussion.

Photography/Videotaping- The husband/boyfriend being agreeable to her playing around would want to take pictures/video of the events openly or from a hiding place. But could also be taken by the stud/other guys with or without the wife/girlfriend knowing about it. Or even someone else watching the event known to the stud/other guys or just happen to catch them in the act and do it.

Humiliation- This could be mild or subtle for either the wife/girlfriend or the husband/boyfriend or both. If it is someone that is known well to the husband/boyfriend he will have to deal with them after the event is over, whether they know he knows about the event or not. If they know he saw or know of their playing with his wife/girlfriend, then it might be more than mild depending on the guy. From kidding around or joking when they are alone, to telling or showing pictures to another common acquaintance of them both. For the wife/girlfriend it could be more or less, depending on what other things are thrown in the plot. She probably will run into the man after it is over even if they don't do it again and how will they treat each other. This is a wide variety of what could happen, but it more meant for the husband/boyfriend in most cases, other things have to be added in most cases to make it more humiliating for the wife/girlfriend.

Cum Facials/Bukkake- I know this one is not for everyone, but if open to doing it, I do like to include it in the roleplay if the plot allows for it to happen.

Virginity- I always like a good roleplay with someone losing their virginity, could be the guy or the girl or even both. I would assume that they are in the 18-21 or so age range for the most part, with the occasional variation on the age for the right plot.

Some Misogynistic Treatment- Especially in certain plots you may see this used in certain ways, ask me if you want to know how I use this particular one.

Now I don't need all these items in a roleplay, but if you like them all I won't say no of course.

A Need For More- Now if most of those themes above you like and want more, I continue, if not just look at my F-list for other things you may want to include...

Interracial Pregnancy Humiliation- If you like the risk of pregnancy and interracial, then the result could eventually be an interracial pregnancy. More embarrassing for the husband/boyfriend than the wife/girlfriend, though with her family it might be embarrassing for her, her friends might make a hero out of her for not being in trouble with her man over the event.

Public/Forced Nudity- This happening when the stud/other guys want to announce they scored with the husband/boyfriends woman to others:
  • leaving her on the bed naked leaking cum walking out the door dressed and leaving the door open for others to see
  • cumming on her face, pushing her out the door naked, locking her clothes in the room
  • doing it in a moving car, throwing her clothes out the window before arriving at their destination
  • letting his buddies go into a room and hide before he takes her in the room to have her
Those are just a few examples of things we could do if you're open to such things.

So if something grabs your interest, just send me a private message and we can discuss ideas, I have a lot of them hidden in the deep pockets of my brain.

Plots and more info to follow!

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Offline Sexual TyrannosaurusTopic starter

Re: Hotwife/Girlfriend, Slutwife/Girlfriend, or Cuckold(Male for any)
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2018, 12:48:37 AM »
I play more modern roleplays than anything else, but I also love fantasy, high or low. I also have some experience with psi-fy and post-apocalyptic settings.

Basic pairings:(all with wife/girlfriend unless otherwise noted)

All husband/boyfriend's
co-worker/work rival
recreational sports teammate/sports rival

More to be added above regularly!


Fucking Gang Leaders- She is fucking the rival gang leader(s) to keep them from fighting over borders.

Trapped by the Weather- Open for change, but the first way I thought this out goes like this... A just married couple get brought to their way out in the middle of nowhere cabin by one of his buddies who runs, drives or owns a limo. He brought them in spite of the weather going very bad with cold, wind and snow, a lot of it. He gets them there, they ask him if he will be okay but he says yes and gets going quickly. But he doesn't make it far before he has to turn back to them. I have a little more on this if you want to talk about it, I will tell you, but would like input from someone interested in the idea.

Star Turned Slut- She is a former Disney star, who becomes a popular actress and singer, though she can only get certain roles because of her goody-goody image. Her agent trying to get her to do Playboy and other offered shoots to let her get rid of that image, but she won't do it. The agent knows she could get a lot more money acting and it would propel her singing career too but to no avail. Her agent being a woman hears things from her that a male agent would not, such as the star seeing something in the agent's office, the star lets slip that she thinks the new black rapper the agent is promoting it really hot. So the agent after some planning happens to set up the stars vacation with her husband/boyfriend at a tropical resort that is rather secluded and semi-exclusive. She also sets up her rapper to have the very same vacation time in the bungalow right next to her star. The agent also tells the rapper that her star has the hots for him and that it would do a lot for his reputation if he could score with her. She also lets the rapper know that she has informed a friend of hers that works for TMZ what might happen so that it is all recorded if they do anything in the semi-public areas of the pretty private resort it will be recorded and known by all after the vacation is over. I have more thoughts on this roleplay to talk about if you're interested in it, both for the roleplay at the resort as well as after.

Fantasy Royal Marriage- So I do love fantasy and whether it's arranged or actually love of two royals from different kingdoms or joining to high powered families etc. But the wife ends up using her charms to help her husband, king, and kingdom by doing things with diplomats, warlords, princes and/or kings of other kingdoms for fun and to advance her own kingdoms needs. Now it could be with all humans, but it could also be with elves, goblins, orcs, dwarves, dark elves, or whoever we discuss using in the roleplay.

The Perfect Mate- This is a psi-fy plot with a steal of the idea of an from '[/i]' episode. The reason for the soon to be husband getting the empathetic metamorph is open for discussion but I would want to play the empathetic metamorph soon to be wife most likely in this roleplay, as well as the husband. Otherwise, if you want to play her, you would have to be very willing to open to my wishes in this roleplay, but I would be glad to discuss them more in depth. I would expect that they would bond in a short courtship the few days before the wedding, that would soon to come. It would start off slowly, it would turn smut based roleplay, but still have plot to it as well.

Used FBI Agent- Right now I have this one only thought out as a one-shot roleplay. She is working undercover in more than one way with a South American drug lord. He through his informants knows she is an agent and uses her for sex knowing she has a husband/boyfriend who also works in the government, maybe the FBI or somewhere else we can discuss this. He plays that he doesn't know and that they have a relationship, but after being with her for a while starts to do her in front of his men more and more. The last time he has her is in his private plane before they are to go to another state to look in on one of his big warehouses full of his supplies which she has been waiting to find out where it was. He has a press conference set up by his plane to talk about his front company to the public. Instead right after he fucks her for the last time, letting all his guys on the plane cum all over her face giving her a good bukkake, he goes out to say a quick few words, telling the government to go to hell for putting his business through hell and that he is closing his business and retiring to his home country and leaving. Then he pulls the naked bukkake female FBI agent onto the ramp atop the steps down to the press, lets the press know who she is and that she is an FBI agent. Then he gets on the plane closing the door and the plane pulls away, leaving her on the top step with all the press taking pictures of her in her slutty state.

Biker Gang Babe- Her boyfriend likes to show her off and let his buddies get with her from fucking her on the pool table at their local bar, sucking them off in a back alley, fucking her while riding their bikes for examples. Obviously, this one will be more smut heavy than I usually play unless you have an idea to inject more plot into the idea which I would be open for.

Rape Fantasy- His girl has a rape fantasy, she can't get it out of her head, so he sets it up with her not knowing as he waits a long time, he is with her when he gets tied up watching the rapist having at her. She loves it so much, she wants it again and again. He has to keep setting up a different place, ways and guys to have her.

While Deployed- His wife plays with others while he is overseas on deployment, he knows while deployed and has proof when he comes back home with his wife already pregnant.

Roleplays for Settings or Times:

Time Period Roleplays- Pre or Post Prohibition, WW II, 1950s-1960s, these need to be talked about what we would both see happening.

American Slavery Days- During the dark times of slavery in America there were many in the south who owned slaves, a few fought or didn't have slaves and helped them escape to the north. This idea is for those who were different during the time. What about a story of a landowner who not only let those black workers be free to work their own land, but had problems conceiving children himself and allowed the single black men working to bed his wife hoping to change the world in a little way as he raised many mixed sons and daughters.

Wild West Days-

1) Bar Owner- A couple owns a bar in a western town, he tends bar, she entertains the men who come in, not just downstairs but in the rooms as well.

2) Farmers- A couple owning a farm need work hands to help them keep the farm going as it gets bigger since the couple is yet to have children, the farm hands help with that as well. Or they need gunfighters to help fend of rustlers of their cattle or rich trying to steal their land etc.


Harry Potter- So of fandoms this is one of my most wanted ones to do with many variations of the same theme. Older Harry, Jenny, Hermione and Ron stories revolving around Jenny and/or Hermione getting it on with other men. Could be magically induced to do it with a scheming Malfoy, could be pressed revenge from Bellatrix who becomes the new dark lord from her own use of Horcrux of her own, could be a new dark lord entirely with a new agenda which I have thoughts on as well. It could be in the future with a daughter/son of Hermione and Ron's going out with a daughter/son of Harry and Jenny's. I am open to your ideas as well within the framework of what is mentioned above.

Fantastic Four- Revolving around Susan Storm getting excited being naked and invisible around guys after being forced into it a couple times. So she plays around with doing it around guys, leading to sex. I need help coming up with the how? But if you know the fantastic four and especially the 2005+ movies(not sure how they line up with the original comics, apologies) you will know what gives her the ideas. Reed Richards as her boyfriend/fiancee/husband changes shapes to watch and/or film her escapades.

Movies- Remakes, The Followup or Based on a True Story:

Splash- 1) I always loved Darrel Hanna in the movie wishing I could see more of her, some movies have a true story they are based on. Of course, this one does not, but what if it did. What if after she saves Tom Hanks as an adult, comes up to him and after kissing him, he points out she got him hard, does she go down on him there and suck him off before jumping away in the water. Just one idea, there are more but I would like input from whoever would like to do the roleplay with me. Of course, I would be wanting to push Tom Hanks character to share his mermaid with other men in the story, but that can be discussed who, how and where.
2) What if it happened today in today's world, people with phones seeing her walking up naked to the Statue of Liberty would all be taking phones and many men would be feeling her up before she would be able to be taken away to safety. Just one example of something I would like to see happen in the story but again, lots to discuss if you like the idea.

El Dorado- You need to have seen this 1967 western movie starring John Wayne, though I would like to focus the story around Josephine McDonald, starting when Missippi catches her in the barn with a gun pointed at the Sherriff's office. I would like to play with the notion that instead of saying to Joey(Josephine) that she would lose her clothes if she kept struggling while he tried to find out who she was and why she was pointing the gun at the Sherriff's office, that she kept struggling and he stripped her of her clothes. The other possible thought would be if including Maudy and starting earlier when Missippi and Cole came back into town and she answered the door in a very hot nighty for the time. I would say instead of Cole telling Missippi to wait outside till he came out, he told him to join him with Maudy.

Braveheart- For this, I would like to change the prince from being gay to being hot to share his wife. So his best friend would get with her a lot, so would the other men of his inner circle and later Willaim Wallace. With the king on his death bed, Wallace would get captured but not face death. The king would die and Scottland would be free if Wallace would fuck the queen regularly. I would also be willing to talk about other added on small plots revolving around the 'prima nocta' law if so wished.

Twins- This one I would like to have more and earlier sex between Julius and Marnie. I would also include some post-movie time between Marnie and Julius's work out buddies from the gym.

Mummy(1999 version)- Starting with Evelyn getting tossed into river naked coming out on the wrong side of the river and gang fucked.

There are more to come, some more in-depth and others not, just wanted to get a few up to get things started. If you want to discuss any of them please private message me.

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Re: Hotwife/Girlfriend, Slutwife/Girlfriend, or Cuckold(Male for any)
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2018, 12:56:47 AM »
Saved for later use...

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Re: Hotwife/Girlfriend, Slutwife/Girlfriend, or Cuckold(Male for any)
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2018, 11:09:06 PM »
Updated adding Splash and showing one in discussion

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Re: Hotwife/Girlfriend, Slutwife/Girlfriend, or Cuckold(Male for any)
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2018, 09:37:33 PM »
Updated with adding 'Roleplays for Settings or Times' plots, 3 of them for starters, hopefully, more to follow.

Also, added plots 'Fucking Gang Leaders' and 'Biker Gang babe' also.
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Re: Hotwife/Girlfriend, Slutwife/Girlfriend, or Cuckold(Male for any)
« Reply #5 on: December 12, 2018, 12:05:08 AM »
Added Rape Fantasy and Time Period Roleplays.

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Re: Hotwife/Girlfriend, Slutwife/Girlfriend, or Cuckold(Male for any)
« Reply #6 on: December 19, 2018, 12:06:50 AM »
Added Fandom category and moved Harry Potter into the new category.

Added Fantastic Four plot.

Small wording changes elsewhere.