Love at First Type (F for M)

Started by AnnieSatin, November 23, 2018, 04:38:42 PM

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So I've been wanting to explore the idea of a sort of mail order bride scenario. So what I was thinking is this..

She met him online, maybe on a site he went to to learn another langue or she went to to learn english? He is very wealthy, from a well off family and not someone that a person would think would look online for love. She is gorgeous, but very poor and from a very poor country, but not a gold digger. They've never meet in person but they are about to. She is coming to America on a visa and now they have 90 days to figure out if they are really in love. I see a lot of personal drama with his family, culture shock for her, sex, romance, ect.

If this sounds interesting PM me. :)