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Author Topic: Ideas by Savant (F looking for M)  (Read 827 times)

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Ideas by Savant (F looking for M)
« on: November 20, 2018, 05:37:33 am »
I go by Savant, and while I am new to Elliquiy, I am not new to forum writing/roleplay.

If any of the below intrigues you or catches your interest, please check my Ons/Offs first. If you believe we would write well, please PM me, rather than post here.

Thank you!!

Crime and Punishment

Your character, a tenacious crime boss, is frustrated by yet another news headline about a big crime bust in the city which has ties to their own illicit operations. It seems that the mayor’s been making good on his promise to eradicate crime as of late (probably because he’s looking to run for Senator in the upcoming elections) and that ultimately spells trouble for
Your character. It’s only a matter of time before someone from the Mayor’s camp comes sniffing around Your character’s nightclub, which operates as a front for their money laundering, but Your character wants the Mayor dealt with before that happens. As fate would have it, Your character isn’t the only one who wants the Mayor gone.

My character, the Mayor’s child, sees right through the tele-prompted speeches, contrived family photo ops, and the empty promises of a crime-free city. In fact, my character has seen and heard their father conducting his own illegal practices and knows firsthand that the Mayor is not a good man. My character has lost all respect for their corrupt father and only feels disdain and fear toward him. It’s by coincidence that my character enters your character’s nightclub after a volatile confrontation with their father, but it isn’t a coincidence when your character recognizes my character and invites them to the VIP area to talk. In this secluded area of the club, My character spills all of their concerns to your character who then offers protection in exchange for information. My character agrees to spy on her father for you, with the understanding that, at the opportune moment, your character will get rid of the Mayor.

Open for discussion. Please PM if interested.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Your character is sipping tea by the window, watching the rain come down from the comfort of his warm, dry home. He peers out toward the quiet street just as my character rides her bike by the house and runs into a huge pothole. It’s a funny sight to behold, the poor soul drenched in muddy water, the front wheel of her bike slightly mangled, but ultimately your character feels badly for the soaked stranger and decides to intervene, so he pulls on a jacket and hurries outside to offer help. It isn’t until your character looks toward my character’s direction that the two realize they’ve met before..
Where, when and how to be discussed as well as other details.

Open for discussion. Please PM if interested.

Tour Bus

After several months of waiting for tour dates to be announced, my character has scored tickets to see their favorite musician in concert. Despite the concert being two states away, she is determined not to miss it. She and a friend drive for 2 days to make it to the venue on time. During the opening act, she goes in search of Your character’s tour bus in the venue parking lot. Their friend keeps watch as my character sneaks onto the unattended bus. My character quickly looks around for a souvenir to take back home with them. A guitar pick, an article of clothing Your character always wears, anything. Security comes around and  my character’s friend runs off, leaving me stranded on the bus. The concert gets called off before the headliner can take the stage because the fans inside are getting too rowdy, so Your character heads for the tour bus through a private exit. You get onto the bus and in a panic I end up hiding in one of the bunks right as the bus begins to drive away and my character is on it   

What will happen when your discover me hiding out on their tour bus?

Open for discussion. Please PM if interested.

Pen Pals

An unlikely friendship forms between two people when my character sends a letter to your character’s house, not knowing that an old friend who used to live there has long since moved out. Your character receives the letter, in which my character talks of childhood memories and wanting to rekindle a relationship, whether it be friendship or something more. Instead of discarding the letter or simply returning it in the mail, your character sits down and crafts a thoughtful reply, explaining the mix-up and offering some information about themselves should my character want to continue writing. Our characters begin corresponding by letters that evolves into a relationship that lasts for weeks, months, or possibly years. And then it’s mentioned that perhaps its time the two characters meet. Maybe it’s best they do; or, maybe its best they don’t.

Open for discussion. Please PM if interested.

After Midnight

Our characters were once in a tumultuous relationship years ago. It was full of lust and desire, but the young lovers had a tendency for hot-tempered, vicious arguments. They broke up mutually and moved on, realizing that the situation was never going to give way to something healthy, but neither truly got over the other. Even though our characters are each in loving, stable relationships in the present time, but it lacks the fervor of the connection they had with each other, and thoughts constantly wander to their old flame, wishing their new relationship had that same passion. Late one night, Your character picks up the phone and dials my character’s home, simply wanting to hear their voice. My character is shocked and hesitant to speak with your character considering their significant other is sleeping in bed in the next room, but is unable to hang up, emotions running high. The calls continue nightly in secret. After several conversations, both agree they need closure to move on, and decide to meet in person.

Open for discussion. If interested, please PM.

Off the Grid

Eager to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for the weekend, Your character retreats to the great outdoors for a little camping. Determined to spend the entire trip “off the grid”, Your character shuts off their cell phone before setting off to find the best spot to pitch their tent. As the sun starts to set and the temperature in the woods begins to drop, your character is struck with the realization that they’ve left something important in the trunk of their vehicle [blankets, matches, cooking supplies, etc.]. Your character tries to hurry back to the car while there’s still some daylight, but it’s not as close to the camp site as they thought and it isn’t long before they get lost. Breaking their own no-tech rule when they start to panic, your character is only able to get GPS signal on their cell phone for a few minutes before the battery dies. Luckily, my character is camping just a few yards away from where your character winds up. It’s my character’s first time camping and they can’t help but be startled by every snap of twig or rustle of leaves they hear around them. When they hear and then eventually see your character nearing their camp site, they’re relieved to have some company.

Options: Your character invites my character to stay at camp with them until morning; One of us is a criminal on the run, laying low from the authorities; or, My character and your character actually know one another and we aren’t friends

Open for discussion. Please PM if interested.


When my character (someone who’s led a comfortable life in a stable home) encounters your character (someone who’s struggled since birth and was raised by members of the neighborhood gang) on a hot summer night, an unlikely romance blossoms. As opposite as the pair of them are in circumstances and attitudes, they click somehow; initially, your character sees no reason to share that they’re affiliated with a notorious gang. As long as they’re careful it won’t ever be an issue, right? Our character’s begin a relationship which progresses in a positive direction until one night when your character’s car is tailed by someone from a rival gang while our characters are on a date. Without warning, the blissfully-ignorant couple are caught up in a drive by. No one is critically harmed, but my character is definitely shaken. Though grateful that they both survive with minimal injuries, my character’s entire world is turned upside down when your character admits that they were the intended target due to their gang ties. My character - who couldn’t be further removed from that type of lifestyle- is devastated. Despite your character’s attempts at reassurance, my character is fearful for your character’s life and also for the safety of their own loved ones now that they know the truth of  your character’s background. My character has to wonder if the feelings they have for your character are enough to justify putting themselves and their friends/family in danger. Will my character end up giving Muse B an ultimatum, knowing that she might lose everything, especially him?  Or will your character choose loyalty to the one they love or to the only family they’ve known?

Open for discussion. Please PM if interested.

Beauty and the Boss

My character is the daughter of a man with a serious gambling problem. He’s a sweet man, always doting on My character with her favorite books and rare flowers, but he’s up to his ears in debt after borrowing money from the wrong people. One afternoon, My character’s father is confronted by Your character, the ruthless crime boss of the city. Few people have ever seen Your character’s face, as his henchmen usually do his dirty work, but everyone knows his name and cowers in fear appropriately. My character’s father owes Your character a considerable debt, which he cannot pay. Rather than kill the man, Your character offers a trade – the man's beautiful daughter in exchange for the forgiveness of his financial debts. He has one night to make this deal happen or Your character will come for him. When My character’s father explains the predicament to her, she is willing to go, as long as it ensures the safety of her family and her father promises to put an end to his troublesome gambling habits. My character moves in to Your character’s mansion outside of town the following day. From the moment My character arrives, Your character is on his best behavior, lavishing her with gifts – a library wing for her, a pretty garden filled with the finest, imported roses – jewelry, and so on. Gradually, My character comes to see that Your character isn’t a horrible person, behind closed doors, but the circumstances of their arrangement (and the terrible crimes he commits as a crime boss) make it difficult for her to fall in love with him as he’s fallen in love with her. Each time Your character proposes marriage, My character refuses. My character becomes terribly homesick and begs to be allowed to visit her father. Your character allows her to leave him as long as she returns to him within a week’s time. While My character is away, Your character is attacked by a disloyal bunch of conspiring underlings.  When My character returns, she finds Your character wounded and left for dead in his home office. She realizes in this moment that she does love him and if he recovers she’ll marry him. Her quick actions save his life and once he is well enough, they marry.

Optional Twists: Dark Twist: Once Your character recovers, My character willingly becomes part of the crime business. Together they seek revenge against those who betrayed Your character.
Romantic/Angst Twist: Once Your character recovers, Your character gives up his life of crime, since he’s assumed to be dead and he and My character run away together, with the condition that My character can never return home to her family.

Open for discussion. Please PM if interested.
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