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March 24, 2019, 06:00:25 AM

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Author Topic: Raven's Nest - RP ideas and general "looking for..."  (Read 313 times)

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Offline Raven RawneTopic starter

Raven's Nest - RP ideas and general "looking for..."
« on: November 18, 2018, 11:47:04 AM »
Hello and welcome to my thread, where I shall place the results of my daydreaming story musings, RP cravings and shout out the general openness to do more roleplays.

For the breakdown of what one might expect of me, I encourage checking my roleplay preferences to the left. Aside from clicking boxes, I managed to write about my style, and character preferences. Please consider it as a base for what I can do, but not a definite and complete picture. If the story seems worth trying something outside of my established likes, I just might consider trying! Also, when in doubt, ask. I would also wish to point out that writer gender and character gender of my co-writers doesn't have to match -  I see no reason to bar anyone from playing any kind of character they wish to if they say they can pull them off well enough.

Currently I am engaged in just a few roleplays, and I can accommodate several more - either by thread or PM. I solemny swear that I will deliver at least one post per week, usually more but if I do think I will drop below that, I will notify my partners of that. Also, if an interested party prefers a slower rate, I'm quite okay with it.

My most successful roleplays tend to be a result of creative brainstorming rather than one party accepting a premade scenario. For some reason, namely my way of thinking, I find that just a little creative back and forth allows me to build coherent, complete and if I may say so, interesting plots and characters. All I need is the first spark to start going. Now onto the important things, aye? I play freeform, since, quite frankly, I haven't had the opportunity to try any systems yet. I'm open to broadening my horizons though. Thankfully I am much more open to settings and genres, as mentioned in my preferences to the left, even if I lean towards fiction rather than present day real life setting. Also, I can do 1x1 or small group plays.

That being said, if you, dear reader, find that you might wish to whip up a roleplay with me, I implore you to use the arcane powers of the PM to contact me.

On a closing note, I would encourage any potential partners to just shoot with their own ideas, or a twist on my vague prompts. I may and probably will come up with clearly defined roleplay scenarios sooner or later, which will be added here, but I genuinely feel like brainstorming adds a new layer of enjoyment to the creative process.

Current cravings and ideas:

- Can you feel without a heart? -

A futuristic or Postapocalyptic story about a person, and an AI. The basic concept revolves around "machine rights" and if, and when, does a machine become a person. My character is an AI, who posses a body that resembles a female (the setting will dictate how life like she will look like) and accompanies the other player character. Maybe the AI was salvaged, or bought, and serves as a guard, or it's a sexbot, there is room for creativity here. What I would like to see is character development and a story arc as these two interact with the world around them, and this in turn shapes the way the AI is treated by it's living companion.  Bonus points if the AI relies on the other character for maintenance and such.

- If you like it, put a collar on it -

This is a story of a succubus (MC) who gets summonned, and soon after, captured by YC, or otherwise aquired by YC through a third party. Bound by powerful magic and positively helpless, the succubus is presented with an offer she can't refuse, Godfather style - she will work for YC or else (the else is up for negotiation, ofc). Now, the style of work is also under negotiation, from a personal sex slave that can take literally everything, to a demonic personal guard with benefits, the possibilities are there. All she has to do is be good and not displease YC, otherwise a collar she is forced to wear will make her regret it. A basic plot, I know, but with the right person, I believe it can be expanded into something worth typing for a while.

- Double milk for your coffee? -

Another basic idea, more about a craving than anything. I would really like to try and write some more about a lactating character, either hucow style or just having breast milk that;s being harnessed off of her.

Aside from the aforementioned basic ideas - I usually have a few floatinf aroud my mindscape around any given time but these are examples of reccuring themes - I am very open to writing a monster girl (ideally an arachne, but I can do a lamia or a centaur) for some action/adventure story. Sadly, I haven't found any where a character like this would fit, and I am very much intereted in writing them more.
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Offline Raven RawneTopic starter

Re: Raven's Nest - RP ideas and general "looking for..."
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2018, 06:17:51 AM »
Update - added new story ideas, and generally revamped the whole thing.