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Author Topic: Raven's Nest - RP ideas and general "looking for..."  (Read 1061 times)

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Offline Raven RawneTopic starter

Raven's Nest - RP ideas and general "looking for..."
« on: November 18, 2018, 11:47:04 am »
Hello and welcome to my thread, where I shall place the results of my daydreaming story musings, RP cravings and shout out the general openness to do more roleplays.

For the breakdown of what one might expect of me, I encourage checking my roleplay preferenes here. Aside from clicking boxes, I managed to write about my style, and character preferences. Please consider it as a base for what I can do, but not a definite and complete picture. If the story seems worth trying something outside of my established likes, I just might consider trying! Also, when in doubt, ask. I would also wish to point out that writer gender and character gender of my co-writers doesn't have to match -  I see no reason to bar anyone from playing any kind of character they wish to if they say they can pull them off well enough.

Currently I am engaged in just a few roleplays, and I can accommodate several more - either by thread or PM, though thread is preferred. I solemnly swear that I will deliver at least one post per week, usually more but if I do think I will drop below that, I will notify my partners of that. Also, if an interested party prefers a slower rate, I'm quite okay with it.

My most successful roleplays tend to be a result of creative brainstorming rather than one party accepting a premade scenario. For some reason, namely my way of thinking, I find that just a little creative back and forth allows me to build coherent, complete and if I may say so, interesting plots and characters. All I need is the first spark to start going. Now onto the important things, aye? I play freeform, since, quite frankly, I haven't had the opportunity to try any systems yet. I'm open to broadening my horizons though. Thankfully I am much more open to settings and genres, as mentioned in my preferences, even if I lean towards fiction rather than present day real life setting. Also, I can do 1x1 or small group plays.

That being said, if you, dear reader, find that you might wish to whip up a roleplay with me, I implore you to use the arcane powers of the PM to contact me.

On a closing note, I would encourage any potential partners to just shoot with their own ideas, or a twist on mine. I may and probably will come up with clearly defined roleplay scenarios sooner or later, which will be added here, but I genuinely feel like brainstorming adds a new layer of enjoyment to the creative process.

Canons and fandoms I may write in:

- Warhammer 40k;
- Warhammer FB;
- Star Trek;
- NieR:Automata;
- Witcher;
- My Little Pony.

Current story ideas:

Detective Journalism and the pressure of the Press

Setting: Victorian-esque, or Steampunk, or Cyberpunk urban mystery with a side of Gothic Horror. Intended for human, or perhaps furry/other characters.

Premise: The city is teeming with life and hope is in the air. For better future, promised by the rapid progress of Science and technology. For making life easier, diseases less harmful and so on and so forth. She's a freelance journalist, specializing in cracking down on corruption, power abuse, and exposing various misdeeds that ran afoul just out of sight on every street corner. The interesting twist is that she's a whistleblower... for hire. Perhaps that's the main reason why she's still publishing, having caused so much grief to big fish in this pond. Some would point at what would seem like a pattern in her stories, how she seemingly doesn't see some things going on. There's a price for staying afloat, and she's not particularly bothered.
One day, a note comes in, like many times before. A cue, anonymous, pointing her attention to some particular project. That's the starting point of the roleplay. She will investigate, find new allies and enemies, and just might thwart a plot that aims to turn the city upside down...

Further details: I aim to write a single woman, with somewhat mysterious past. She's guarded and rather jaded, being exposed to negativity all the time because of her career choice. In order to limit her vulnerability, she works alone, and I envision that she would accept assistance, even though reluctantly, once she realize this is not the usual corporate scandal she's onto. Expect lots of breaking and entering, dinners with dangerous people and an occasional firefight.

Melody plays off key

Setting: contemporary, human or furry/other.

Premise: She lives in a large city, has a degree which landed her a good enough job that she actually likes for once, and allows her to pay for a cozy apartment and some creature comforts, with litte change to save each month. Melody, a gal in her late twenties, feel life is kind of good actually. Although the whole world tells her, that's not the case. Mainly because she spends her evenings at home playing games or listening to music while laying on the floor, or whatever she fancies in her small private space. But that's okay to Melody - she's a loner, and likes her alone time. Although, sometimes, she kind of wish she had someone within arm's length, not just online friends with whom she plays games, chats and has cybersex with. A bit of an ellitist, with that Brit accent, Melody thinks she tried every kink she could think of that didn't gross her out. Strangely enough, she's still a virgin. That was all online. But then, perhaps she is too hard a target offline? Maybe it's because she doesn't really feel secure to try it in real space. Maybe it's because she has a penis, and at times it's rather tricky to hide.

Further details: I would like to write for Melody, a loner virgin intersex woman who has fully functional male genitalia, and rather well endowed at that (nothing extreme, just enough to make any guy feel proud of it if it were his). She's well adjusted to life, functions properly in every aspect aside from being social and having real sexual relationships instead of offline cyber and wanking. She's also lesbian. The writer whou would like to play against her has freedom of choice how to introduce a character into her life, though I would prefer for them to be female or feminine (futa, tg, and all sorts of queer and quirky as log as they are fem, even a little). This is a story of how Melody navigates the risky waters of real sexuality and relationships, not superficial onine banging that makes her think she knows all there is about sex. Open to comedy, some psychology, lots of character development and general slice of life/romance, with any twists we may agree on.

Bones of the Past

Setting: Fantasy, high, low, or something in the middle. Can also incorporate some more modern technology, or "techno barbarianism". Human or furry/other.

Premise: They can be found everywhere. On the bottom of the sea. Under a mountain range. In a forest or under our very cities. Bones. Gigantic, indestructible, shimmering with strange energies of days long past. They say these giants were demigods of some sort, wielding powers of creation as they shaped the lands to their liking. They still do, in fact. Dead for who knows how long, their final resting grounds are home to lush forests, noxious swamps, they give birth to great rivers and barren deserts. This, we knew. Some of us made our homes between their ribs, made castles in their skulls. We were familiar with them, saw no harm in them. Until recently. No one knows what's going on, but it's the Bones. Their energy, it's beginning to become volatile, dangerous as the area around the awaken skeleton starts to reshape, change with the cracks and howls of wild magic. There's no telling which, and when, will awaken again. Whole settlements have been wiped out, or worse - survivors rarely count themselves lucky. So what caused these events? What does it mean for us? How can we stand against something we don't understand?

Further details: I had this idea out of the blue and like it from the start. The story will progress according to the kind of characters we create, but  I have some basic ideas on how the events can progress.

Characters, tested in writing and retained for further use:


Species: A monster girl, of the Arachne variety. See "Rachnera Arachnera from Monster Musune" for reference, though she has some alterations - for once her human upper body is nested into the spider lower half like a centaur, at the hips. She sports a black carapace with a blueish tint, and a purple hourglass mark instead of a skull. Pale skinned with jet black hair, her six crimson eyes have that predatory gleam to them.

Personality: Highly intelligent, viciously individualistic, and rather cold. She is, however, loyal with equal viciousness, to those who she considers worth it. Much of her character depends on the setting, however she will usually act a bit domineering, using her prodigious size and predatory look for emphasis. However, she is not a brute, but a refined ambush predator, enjoying wordplay and humor, even if mostly the gallows variety.

Special kinks?: Breastplay of all kinds, them being her most sensitive part and readily accessible too. Lactation is also on the table.


Species: AI, housed in a robotic body.

Personality: She is a curious AI, civil and cooperative. Acts feminine as well, according to her programming she mimics common female body language. Her face is a blank mask, but she has a distinct, female voice with a hint of a British accent. A prototype, gifted with programming that allows her to learn, her sole purpose is becoming humanlike in every capacity. Naturally, the setting will dictate how she fares in the world.

Special kinks?: Not really, she's a robot, and asexual as well. She may know what is sex, depending on the setting, but she probably wouldn't be interested in partaking.

Crystal Clear

Species: Crystal Pony (MLP character)

Further details
Age: 29

Gender: Female

Appearance: Crystal Clear is a crystal pony mare of average height and lean statue, slightly wider at the hips. She sports a cherry coat and azure mane, styled in a long, pointy frindge reaching past her snout, swept to the side so it won't block her vision, and a ponytail cut just above her shoulderblades, tied with some gold ribbon. Her long, straight tail reaches to her ankles, again tied with the same decorative ribon at it's base. Her eyes, again blue, are akin to sapphire - deep and alive, yet somewhat cold at the same time.

Cutie Mark: A golden chisel, albeit resembling a rose. It has a narrow point at one end, a few thorns and leaves in the middle of the slightly curved "branch" and a blue crystal rose on the other end. Crystal got her mark on one of the Crystal Fairs, when she got persuaded by her parents to try her hoof in a laid back competition for best crystal craft for young schoolponies. It doesn't represent her awesome skills at working crystal, but rather her attitude towards the job - she's precise like a chisel and striving to make her products visually appealing, while at the same time she's her harshest critic.

Personality: Upon first impression, Crystal Clear appears as a well-organized, fairly intelligent mare with sharp wit, who likes to trot on her own. She’s helpful, usually acts very nice towards friend and stranger alike, but she doesn’t really get this whole “community” thing, meaning she’s not a type of pony who invites you for dinner or goes on the openings of new venues around town. Introverted and task oriented, she’d much rather spend a day in her workshop chipping away at some new project than go out and meet new ponies. Which is kind of good, since she runs a crystal mending workshop on her own and has to pay the bills from her work, but at the same time, she has few friends. This is fine by her, because of her introverted and private nature. On the upside, her social skills are adequate and well polished, so she doesn't have any problems with dealing with ponies. Interestingly, she has a "just business" attitude towards others, meaning that she's unlikely to start a conversation about family and such with ponies she doesn't already consider friends, or tries to befriend on her own accord. Unsurprisingly, she has no idea whether her neighbour has siblings or not and so on.
So, she’s nearly thirty, lives alone and runs a crystal mending workshop, alone… Is she secretly misanthropic and likes to sit in her apartment, pet a black cat and plot everypony’s painful demise? Not really – she doesn’t have a cat, for starters, although the plotting part is open for debate. Back in school few ponies were safe from her snarky wit. Nowadays she’s more restrained, although a careful observer may spot a death stare or two, and she can be brutally honest and abrasive at times, even if she doesn't like this side of her personality.
 Likes: her work, quite obviously; tinkering and problem solving; clean and orderly spaces; reading adventure novels while seated in her armchair and sipping her favourite brandy; daydreaming; wandering through the wild regions around the Crystal Kingdom. She call them "adventures"; polished pyrite cubes (don't ask); Dark humor, sarcasm (a guilty pleasure since she thinks acting like that is wrong); clasical music. She even bought a gramophone and some vinyls, and they're the only Equestrian goods in her home.
Dislikes: mess; pushy Equestrian salesponies selling "wonders of modern technology"; answering the question "are you a crystal pony?"; when ponies ask her about King Sombra and his rule; hot weather; her brother Snowflake; cooking.

Backstory: Born and raised in Crystal Empire before it's disappearance, thousand years ago. She eagerly recalls her childhood, seeing it as a simpler and happy time in a bygone age (quite literally). Or at least the time when she hadn’t had to pay the bills herself. She reached adulthood right before King Sombra came to power, and she absolutely hates it when anypony brings up the topic of those dark times. Unsurprisingly, she’s quite content under the rule of Crystal Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor, even if the world around her moved a thousand years forward...
Crystal Clear has a brother, Snowflake, although she rarely talks about him. He’s two years younger than her. If she does tell something more about him, it becomes quite apparent that she doesn’t think very highly of him, but, as already mentioned, her sibling is not a topic to discuss all evening. Even though she’s not very intimate with ponies, she keeps in touch with her parents (Mom, Lurel Wreath and dad, Fire Ruby) and frequently visits them. She often helps around the general goods store they run or brings something special she made for sale or decoration. And of course she buys things from them (everything aside from booze). They’re pretty close, as far as her standards go at least.
After the re-emergence of the Crystal Empire and restoration of its power, she took residence in a small house on the city outskirts, where she set her Crystal Mending workshop. It’s a two story building made entirely of blue crystal, with white decorative motifs. The ground floor contains the workshop and tiny office, while the upper floor serves as her apartment. There’s a basement too, but it's used as storage space - mostly for raw crystals she bought cheap, some preserved food and the like. Somewhere in the house there's also a secret stash of her favourite crystal berry brandy, "Sweet Dreams", but so far, despite quite a few attemts by her family, it's location remains unknown.
Since the huge success of Equestrian Games hosted in the Empire, crystal became very fashionable, and so she frequently receives queries for her services from outside the Empire (as all mending shops do now). If the offer is interesting, well paid, or both, she will eagerly take it, since it gives her shop extra renown, bits, and in case of big orders, like the recently finished collumnade in one of Manehattan Banks, an opportunity to see modern Equestria.

Natural Order

Species: Earth Pony (MLP character)

Further details
Age: 27

Gender: Female

Appearance: An earth pony mare in her late twenties, Natural Order is a bit of an oxymoron as far as her looks are concerned. For once, she has petite frame, and may seem frail at first glance, but both her earth pony heritage, and the lifestyle she has, grant her sufficient stregth and stamina. Upon closer look a careful observer may notice that she's, basically, all muscle. Her mint coat and chocolate mane blend reasonalby well in the Equestrian wilderness, but her golden eyes are the easiest to spot. They have a keen, often slightly narrowed, look to them as she pans her surroundings in a casual, but alert, manner. Because she spends whole months on her own, Natural Order tends to her mane and tail herself, hance they are both very simple in upkeep - the tail is straight and reaches down to half of her calves, while the mane is pulled back in a ponytail that reaches to her shoulderblades. Sometimes she lets a small lock of her straight hair out on the front, allowing it to form a tiny hair curtain in front of her nose.

Cutie Mark: A tree. It has a thick trunk and the roots that would normally stick above ground are also pictured. The straight trunk ends with half of a heart shaped, deep green canopy on one side, and a bearded axe on the other. It represents her innate understanding of Nature. Not the "talking to plants and animals" sort, but rather a gut feeling how much one can take off Nature without causing harm. Her passings leave little to one hoof print on the ecosystem, and yet she had enough of everything she needs.

Personality: A "free spirit" if there ever was one... Years of spending her time mostly on her own, in the Equestrian wilderness, made the mare somewhat excentric. For one, she does talk to herself sometimes. When she does have contacts with other ponies, and she visits towns regularily, Natural Order feels a bit lost in the clean cut streets of the urban jungle. So she prefers smaller settlements and towns. Naturally honest and open hearted, she alternates between complete trust and nearly paranoid suspicion, struggling to find middle ground. She talks in a open, straightforward fashion, often using colloquial terms. Her dealings with other ponies usually revolve around business matters, and while she has her favourite business partners, they probably wouldn't consider her a friend. She just has a habit of disappearing when she's tired of town life, despite all the comforts it brings and which she greatly appreciates. Timekeeping is also a problem for her, despite owning a tiny sundial she just doesn't operate on the clock like city ponies do. Sometimes, after a few shots of something strong, one might catch her wondering whether she shouldn't settle down, "like a normal pony"... Interestingly enough, she utterly hates wasting anything. To that end, she learned to use what other ponies would throw out. Charcoal from last night's fire? Take some as firestarter, for tomorrow, and the rest can be powdered into ink to pen a letter to her parents. Shot a hare? Gotta find use for every last bit, or it was simple murder. General rule is that, if she took something, it cannot go to waste. Ponies who throw away a lot rub her the wrong way.
Likes: being outdoors; being self sufficient; her independence; meeting ponies on the road (when she's not having a paranoid day); long baths in hot water; just sitting by the campfire and listening to the Wild while puffing her pipe; practicing with her crossbow (she doesn't enjoy shooting living things though); mint. She loved the stuff so much her wagon is full of it.
Dislikes: greed; ponies who won't share if they have more than enough; wasting anything; large cities; being looked down upon because of her lifestyle; ponies who wantomly destroy Nature, or take too much for it to recover; rain.

Backstory: Born and raised in Tall Tale, a middle sized industrial town supplying timber, coal, and ores to the nearby Vanhoover, Natural Order lived in the world of heavy industry from day one. Her parents work in a sawmill as white collar workers, and have a strong work ethic which they tried to instill in their daughter. Natual Order - named so after her great, great grandmother, shyed away from loud machines and work shifts, the bread and butter of the town, and seeked respite in the surrounding forests or her aunt's Apothecary shop. That's how she earned her Cutie Mark, along with first bits - Aunt Gren Tea asked her to pick flowers she showed the young filly in an atlas, since she was running low on them in the shop. Young Natural Order wandered into the forest, and collected only half of her basket, even though she found a whole clearing of them. When asked why she brought so little, the filly answerd that the clearing was full of bees and she couldn't take too much, or there wouldn't be enough for them too. That's how she realised her talent and earhed her Cutie Mark.

Her younger years were good ones, all things considered. Natural Order bonded deeply with aunt Tea, and learned a lot from her about medicinal herbs and other natural remedies,and earned her bits by gathering said plants and ingredients in the lush forests all around town. Frequent camping trips taught her survival skills, sometimes the hard way. That's why she asked for a cart on her eighteen birthday, and even saved up to pay half of it's worth. This two axle wagon (Think Trixie's S6 wagon) is, effectively, her home to this day, stuffed with various tools, Flora and Fauna atlases, and whatever supplies and goods she has at the moment. When the young mare decided to leave home and start on her own, her mother gave her a peculiar gift - a crossbow. Natural Order learned to use it with great proficiency over te years, as self defense weapon, sometimes to earn quick bits showing of, and, yes, sometimes hunting if there's money in it. Since she lives in a wagon, the wilderness is her restaurant, apothecary and general goods shop, she only needs bits to pay for things she can't aquire herself: crossbow bolt tips, pipe tobacco, sometimes alcohol (although usually as an ingredient, not for consumption), clothes and some more high tech things. Natural Order spends the Winter at her parents home, and sets out to travel all over Equestria, wherever the wind blows, living off the land and catching odd jobs that cater to her skills - guide, gatherer, hunter, once or twice tried bounty hunting, and once got a nice reward for finding some old ruin and reporting it to the authorities.
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Re: Raven's Nest - RP ideas and general "looking for..."
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2019, 10:14:52 am »
Overall remake of the request thread. Added two concrete plots, as well as characters who I would enjoy wtiring some more.