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Petrus cravings

Started by Petrus02, November 17, 2018, 04:10:10 AM

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Hello and welcome to my little thread.

first things first: i'm quite busy, and not always in the mood for writing. this means i have a rather low posting rate, with one post every two weeks or so. if you are looking for a fast paced game i kindly ask you to leave, since i won't be able to deliver. If you are fine with a slow game, please proceed reading.

about my writings: I usually write around 5-10 sentences per post.i can go up a bit, but not too much. if you are expecting half a book for a single post: again: please look somewhere else, i won't be able to give that to you. If you are fine with the length(or even want shorter posts) read on.

I've added a "craving meter" showing how much interest i have in a story. 1 would be the equivalent to moderate interest, something nice to pass the time, while 10 is a longstanding craving, something I'd be willing to make some concessions to get laid played at all. A green 10 means the biggest craving

innocence corrupted/The misfortunes of Virtue
Craving meter: 3
System: Freeform or Pathfinder
Me playing: The girl
A Young, innocence, virtuos elven girl caught up in a bad situation. Her escape is easy, give up her virtue and do something she believes to be wrong. Her punishment for sticking to her virtue: something even worse happens to her. Frankly, this is inspired by "Justine, or The Misfortunes of Virtue" from Marquis de Sade, but i want to adapt it to a fantasy world. I've even devised a whole fantasy world for it. I don't want to needlessly inflate this thread though, so write me a pm if your interested in learning more.
Common Kinks: humiliation,exhibition,bondage,  non-con, tentacle sex, corruption(maybe)

System: Pathfinder or Freeform
I'm reincarnated into a Fantasy world! But why do i have breasts?(taken)
craving meter :8(updated for being taken(yes, this means i'm still looking))
me playing: the girl
A complete gamernerd is dying from some cause and reincarnated into a fantasy world with gamelike stats for everything. Maybe he gets to choose what class he belongs to, what abilities he gets, or maybe some other force decides for him, but in the end theres one big catch. He may get to live again, but how would he be able to enjoy it when he's in a girls body in a world that views girls as breeding material? I'd like some attention to the genderchange what changes, how he has to adapt to things, and of course, a lot of naughty time as "she" meets a lot of interesting encounters! For this one, i'd like to adopt the world an exceedingly gamelike envirnment: everyone has stats, skills and special abilities.

additional info: I'm now looking for a rather "standard" fantasy setting and storyline: come to the world, find out about the world, maybe form a group(preferably this in few posts) then go out(mis-)adventuring

special: i'm also interested in this as a group game.

System: Freeform
A Game of Dares
craving meter: 9
me playing: one of the two
Two daughters of nobility are suddenly freed from the shackles of their watchful parents for a while, and begin to play an increasingly naughty game of dares with failure resulting in increasingly harsh  and naughty punishments, even going as far as damaging their value as brides!.
common kinks: humiliation, exhibition, bondage, pregnancy risk, vanilla sex, dub con, mind- or bodyswap, transformation, body modification, tentacle sex, corruption

twins: sharing everything.
craving meter:7
System: Pathfinder prefered
me playing: One of the girls, or both of the girls, or GM and one of the girls
two elven twins gain a prophecy at their birth, that they are bound to share everything. happiness and sadness,clothing and Food. life and death. They are told pharasma herself has entwined their fates to be shared ones, being unable to be separated for Long, but sharing a single force of life in return. What they never were told, but quickly discovered upon reaching adolescence, that they are sharing pleasure and pain as well - but react to them completely different.
While Lydia is a real slut, loving to wear revealing clothing, and almost unable to get turned on without at least two men at her side, Sophia is not only shy, but utterly frigid when touched by men and women alike. She doesn't know it yet, but only the bizarre, the grotesque, the horribly hideous or disfigured can turn her on. Understandably, this has led to a lot of Frustration, and very Little orgasms so far in their life, and thus they are constantly searching for a way to achieve release. they took up their weapons, becoming adventureres in search of their own happiness. Another Thing they might or might not know, is that they both are turned on by utter humiliation, but being not only proud members of the elven race, but also incredibly proud and biased against other races, they avoided this fate so far...

System: The Game in game
Craving : 2
Pathfinder and Freeform
me playing: Either the girl, or the guys, but not the game master
A Young Girl, a teen, barely 16 is joining a pen and paper Group composed completely of geeky guys in the real world. in the game, its the other way round, all guys Play scantly clad Girls, while the Girl herself intends to Play a "manly" guy. Maybe she's doing a joke, or maybe it was meant as a teasingly flirt, but she somehow Ends up with all the guys characters as a willing or unwilling Lovers. in the flow of the game, she slowly develops Feelings for one or more of the real guys...

Reborn as a tentaclemonster!
craving: 9
System: Pathfinder
me playing: the guy
My Character is reborn in the form of an tentacle monster like Tentacled Horror, Froghemoth, Flying Polyp, Moonbeast or Roper, but keeps a human mind inside. From where exactly he came, or in what kind of world he is reincarnated is up to you.

craving:0 (closed for now)
system: freeform.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
me playing: the one in control
A young girl, somewhere between 16 and 18 years old wakes up one night and finds her body to be remotely controlled. That night she shaves herself and dumps all her underwear into one big cardbox writing "forbidden" on it. Subsequent she wrote a note to herself saying:"
Continuos quest No. 1: Do not wear Panties. Punishment: additional, especially harsh quest. Reward: easier quests.
Continuos quest No.2: Do not wear Bras. Punishment: additional quest per day. Reward: 1 Quest-free day per week.
Day 1, Quest 1:Kiss one of the most unpopular guys in the School on his mouth with at least 2 Witnesses seeing you. Punishment: Harsher quest tomorrow Reward: 50 Dollar+bonus quest to earn some advantages."   but what will happen thereafter? Will she be able to find out what has happened to her and a way to escape? Or does she have to submit to the cruel game her captor envisioned?

story outline and some explanations and clarifications:
time and setting: the default would be modern age europe with only slightly advanced technology, but i'd be open to other settings such as high fantasy middle ages,  low fantasy mystical renaissance, bronze age rome/greek/egypt but NOT victorian age. i'm just not fond of these.
-the control is over the body only. no alterations of the mind at all. But the control streches over things such as speach, expression, even the look in her eyes.
- already hinted in the story, the girl won't be controlled all the time, and especially not during sex. The captor seems to try and make her do things by bringing her into situations, and give her quests with rewards and punishments rather than just make her do things.
-There will be some things to find out (like limitations about when the control kicks in to prevent her from doing something) and some things to define together (like what kind of quests are acceptable at all, or how much she will be able to find about about her captor on her own
-already hinted in the story, but negotiable: The original story is intended to play around a school or university, but could go into another direction if you want.)
-quests will start tame and become increasingly naughty, non-negotiable kinks: exhibitionism, humiliation,(later) gangbang
short preview: (just dont click the spoiler if you do not wish what i've got in my mind for the future. but tell me about your decision when you write me a pm)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
the quests will make the girl found her own harem, disguised as an afterschool activities/research club/etc, OR will force her to become the school slut if she resists too much against the quests.

Shattered Star - Shattered personality
Craving :10
System: Pathfinder advenure Path
me playing: the guy

So, i had this wierd idea after game mastering the adventure path myself for a couple of friends in reallife: I'd love to play an male arcane trickster starting at the 2nd part of the adventure path. He'd be exceedingly misogynistic, treating women only as playthings and inferiors. Then somewhere along the adventure he'd stumble across a certain trap in the dungeon, and fall prey to it. only to awake in the body of an georgious woman.
Things to be defined would be if he is solo, or part of a party, or meets someone while adventuring etc... if we strictly want to followthe path, or get sidetrecked now and then... and much more. its just a general idea for now.  I really hope to find someone for this.

kinks: transformation, humiliation, exhibitionism, mind altering/bending/maybe breaking, dub con, noncon, tentaclesex, bad ends(maybe)


updated the thread with a new story and which stories are already taken, but still open for another round.


Added another Story, Twins: sharing everything.

and cleaned up and clearified the introduction a bit.


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