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May 13, 2021, 11:38:42 pm

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Author Topic: Alfie Webcomic, canons & originals (FxGM)  (Read 1117 times)

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Alfie Webcomic, canons & originals (FxGM)
« on: November 16, 2018, 03:53:44 pm »
First up, the Travels of Gullivera!

Inspired by an erotic comic by Milo Manara, which itself is based off the classic Gulliver's Travels. I will play Gullivera.

Macro/Micro will obviously be a central kink of this story, as will some light bondage and BDSM. Also prominent will be public nudity, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

If you recall from the story, in one land Gullivera is a giantess. In another, she is tiny.

My partner will write from the perspective of the people Gullivera encounters, but we will share an equal load of the creative process, so the burden is equally shared.

If you want to spin an erotic tale with a gorgeous, colossal-sized woman, this is the story for you. If you want to spin an erotic tale with a gorgeous woman who will fit in the palm of your hand, this is also the story for you.

Don't feel like we need to be chained to the story. We can deviate from the original. Maybe Gullivera is on a rocket ship exploring the stars. Maybe she falls through a wormhole. Who knows?

The smut ration will be fairly high for this story.

For further exploration and inspiration, you can read the comic here. (NSFW link)

The second story idea is based off Incase's excellent porno comic Alfie.

I will be playing the titular havlin. My partner will take the role of the other characters in the story. As above, we will share the creative load equally, so don't feel like you will do all the work yourself.

The kinks for this comic are all over the place. But the basic premise is a young, somewhat naive (though hardly a virgin) havlin exploring the world around her as well as her own sexuality. Size difference will obviously play a role, as she is a halfing that has a thing for humans and larger (such as the Voch Ozge).

What I intend to do with this one is take canon characters and place them in a new setting, such as a major metropolis, and sort of recast them while retaining the same basic flavor of the comics. We could play off of the Little Woman in the Big City trope, and also include some street-level adventuring--not pitting her against necromancer demon lords but more mundane but no less heroic stuff.

Beyond that, I am open to suggestions, so hit me up if you have any ideas.

The smut-ratio will be lower for this story, but smexy times will happen and happen often. Alfie is a curious girl.

So, if you have a thing for fun-sized girls, if you are a fan of the comic or fantasy in general, this is the story for you.

  • Must be open to long term RP
  • Story will take place on Elliquiy forums
  • Must be willing to write from the male or female perspective and handle multiple characters
  • Some worldbuilding required, but we won't go overboard with it
  • Please use spellcheck and have a basic grasp of grammar
  • Please don't post here. PM me
  • Don't forget to check my Os
  • I'm sure I forgot something here
  • bullet points. Aren't they great?
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Re: Alfie Webcomic, canons & originals (FxGM)
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2018, 01:22:33 pm »
Updated available stories

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Re: Alfie Webcomic, canons & originals (FxGM)
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2018, 08:59:25 am »
Monthly bump

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Re: Alfie Webcomic, canons & originals (FxGM)
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2019, 05:38:28 pm »