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Author Topic: We are both just a fantasy, won't you please keep imagining me? (F4M)  (Read 3110 times)

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Offline deathspellTopic starter


An actual disaster of a human, 28, female, mountain standard time, student, beer drinker, hesher, hell raiser, self-professed edgelord, etc. Writing is my most prized hobby and creative output. It’s something I do 100% for my own personal indulgence, it’s my secret passion and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I live for the burn and the sting of pleasure. I live for the sword, the steel, and the gun. My writing style can be described as illustrative; I like to paint a mental picture with a vivid, living setting, give flesh to side characters, implement background information/character history and personality as I go. I strive to include elements of plot progression as much as humanly possible, though my ulterior motive is to convey emotion be it subtle and complex or extrapolated for the sake of intensity. I like to believe that natural, realistic character development and fine detail are my strong suits. I'm not interested in cut and dry story-telling, rather the poetic approach of crafting elegant prose rich with imagery and meaning is what excites me. I will always write in third person, mostly omniscient, sometimes limited. I've never enjoyed writing in first person and I don't care for reading it either.  My favorite genres include sci-fi, cyberpunk, neo-noir, post apocalypse, futurism, dystopian, time travel, from modern to medieval, both high and low fantasy, horror and even slice of life at times (like right now for example~).

I’m very easy going and I love to chat with my writing partners. I’m adorable and friendly in OOC, but make no mistake - I take writing very seriously, and I will not settle for less than I believe I deserve in terms of writing partners. Consider me cute but deadly. My biggest pet peeve in writing communities is when folks treat the act of actually writing like it's a chore. I.e., when they rush to respond for the sake of getting it done and out of the way without taking the time (and inputting the effort) to craft something they can be proud of. I can always tell when this happens because the heart isn't there guiding the words along - it results in empty posts, and in my opinion, it nullifies the whole point of this cursed hobby. I put a tremendous amount of time and soul into my writing, so things like laziness and apathy offend me deeply. I will not be pleased if I receive substance-less posts from my partner, and I’ll be very honest and upfront when I feel that way. I believe in quality and quantity, and my posts can easily exceed a thousand words on the regular. Many variables make up this staggering total - my mood, my inspiration, what is happening in the scene, if it calls for flashbacks or foreshadowing, if there’s dialogue or combat, how many characters are involved, if there has been a setting change/time skip, and so on...

Admittedly, my conscience can be stubborn from time to time, and in those cases, I'll usually sleep on writing - that way I can let my subconscious do the heavy lifting when the forefront of my mind is tired. Coming back to write with a fresh mind is a tried and true method of kicking mental blocks and I encourage you to do the same when you’re not quite in the mood for it. That said, I like to keep a post momentum of generally a reply or 2 per week - but this is negotiable and relies heavily on what you are available for.

My ideal writing partner would have an excellent sense of humor, keep great conversation and have a writing style that compliments mine. They would be just as concerned with character development & setting the scene as me and possess relatively similar interests/enjoyments. I like writing with people that I can impress, and can impress me on the flip side. The most satisfying writing partnerships are those where the give and take goes both ways. Please note that I'm seeking exceptional writers only. To me that means damn near perfect spelling & grammar with alluring syntax. The natural ability to seamlessly (and consistently) combine quality & quantity is a skill I actively look for in a partner. Those without these characteristics as writers need not apply. If you'd like, we can exchange writing samples in advance of initiating a roleplay in order to avoid possible discrepancies in this field.

NOTE: I highly recommend seeing my most recent post in the thread for current craves! I love myself an attentive man.


Creativity: The element of writing collaboratively closest & dearest to my heart is constructing a big round ultra-customized world between two/a few people. The capacity of imagination is amazing, but combining more than one? Damn. It's fascinating, exciting and satisfying. I love to see another person fill in the gaps in a story between the things I might not see on my own. It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

Plotting: I like taking creepy urban legends, twisting and convoluting them, and making a plot! I also like robbing plots from movies, books and comics! (I very rarely care for fandoms, though. Sorry!) I like crossing your idea over my idea! I’m an endless fountain of new concepts - if you can be forward with me about what you want to write, I can be your creative muse and throw ideas at you from sunrise to sunset. I drive endlessly to keep things interesting and engaging, so if there’s ever something I can do to amp up what we’ve got going on, feel free to say so. I personally enjoy when when (one or more) characters’ concept of reality is tested i.e. surrealism, virtual reality, cerebral/psychological/supernatural interference. Additionally, I love to write scenes from a character's dream - it involves taking elements of the plot, mixing that with the character's thoughts/feelings/emotions and tossing in other characters to make for some strange lucid madness that holds an inherent message (like a riddle). Dreams are also a good place for smut when the plot itself doesn't call for it! You know what else is rad? Partners that bring me plots!

Faceclaims/Visual Inspiration: Hey, I love this, but admittedly I can be picky. Mainstream celebrities like actors/actresses are a big “nah” for me. Lesser known/independent models preferred when it comes to faceclaims. I also really like picking my own faceclaim, so if you’re the type to suggest what I should use, we probably won’t get along. Any other kind of visual inspiration like for setting, side characters, outfits or mood? Gimme!

Episodic Style: Referring to a pace where we work on "chapters" of a story at a time. They might not take place in chronological order & we might not finish a chapter before starting another. This works handsomely for ideas that are large scale and require a lot of depth - it prevents big stories from feeling overwhelming or difficult to tackle.

Approaching Me: ...with your own plots will give you an instant rebate of brownie points! I love being pitched fun and fresh new ideas!

Rushing: My biggest pet peeve in writing communities is when folks treat the act of actually writing like it's a chore. I.e., when they rush to respond for the sake of getting it done and out of the way without taking the time (and inputting the effort) to craft something they can be proud of. I can always tell when this happens because the heart isn't there guiding the words along - it results in empty posts, and in my opinion, it nullifies the whole point of this hobby. If I’m being honest, replying to one of my posts within an hour is a very bad sign to me - I guarantee that I will dread reading it.

Long Waits: I understand that you have a life, and I have mine too! But if you can only muster a measily post once per month, then we are not likely to be compatible. I do make exceptions for the right person, however what I receive has to be worth the wait.

Low Quality: Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are an eyesore that are easily avoidable by way of spellchecks and proficiency in the english language. Maintaining my interest involves alluring syntax, descriptive language and engaging dialogue. I'll also point out that responses that outright ignore actions/dialogue from my posts are a major turn off. Attention to detail is imperative.

Straying Into Off-limit Territory: I've never had this happen before, but I would like to formally state that all themes listed in my Kink No's are strictly and indefinitely out of the question.

Creepy OOC Behavior: This is an E rule. Just reiterating a little louder for all the folks in the back row who manage to tip toe around such things!

Personal Problems: Touchy subject, but please don't bring your personal/emotional issues into my hands. I am not qualified to help *anyone* with *any* sort of mental illness or life crisis here.

Characters I prefer to main as: Females over the age of 21, generally attracted to males, whom might or WILL swing the other way on occasion.

Side characters: No limit here. That goes for what I’ll write as a side character, and what you can as well.

Characters I like to play against: Straight males over the age of 21. [size=18ptpt]Bonus points & favoritism awarded to silver foxes with arms full of nice tattoos![/size]


oh, YES!
Praise: “Wait, what? Is this a kink?” Yes, yes it is. There is no faster way to turn on my characters (ALL of them) than some simple praise. Not even the whole “good girl” trope, but “nice shot” or “you’re excellent at that” will suffice. It’s a very easy way to please me, too. I have a lot of difficulty getting the message across how important this is to me, so if you make the effort, you’re the real MVP.

Dirty, nasty sex: teasing, foreplay, dirty talk, masturbation, ass worship, cock/ball worship, pussy worship, handjobs, fingerblasting, oral/vaginal/anal, face fucking, titfucking, 69, spanking, slapping, choking, flogging/whipping, scratching, biting, licking, kissing, rimming, begging, branding, squirting, internal cumshots, facials, waxplay, restraints, butt plugs, strip tease, lingerie, orgasm control/denial, blindfolds, collars & leashes, leather & lace, shibari, sex toys, flexibility, femdom, double penetration & impregnation… oh my!

Affection & Aftercare: Because I’m a romantic sucker deep down.

Spoiling: Self-explanatory.

Genital &/or Nipple Piercings: I’d love to play a character with some/all of these things!

Sexually Experienced Partners: Characters that know what they want & how to get there.

Adultery: When he’s got a ring on his finger and someone else waiting at home, but he’s got to have her anyway.

Threesomes: MMF & FFM.

Kinda? Maybe?
Submission: I might be a part of some kind of minority here, but I’ll be the first to admit that domination (especially humiliation) and submission aren’t really all that interesting to me. In most cases, I prefer control to go both ways in balance/per a “switch” dynamic instead. There are exceptions to this, however, and the variables in that equation contain you (your character in particular, and how nicely you ask for me to write a character that submits), the plot, and my mood.

Cuckolding & Voyeurism: I’m unsure but curious about this theme, but I’d love to play against a character with these inclinations.

Sexually inexperienced characters: I’m going to need a crash course on who/what/why/where/when & how, so please be prepared to answer all of these questions if this is something you’d like to include.

Hard NO.
(As in never.)
Non-con & dub-con, incest, futa, fandoms, bimbofication, verbal degrading/abuse, mind control, older woman/younger man, furry/anthro/bestiality, vore, toilet play, characters < 21 years old and MxM.

If I haven’t yet succeeded in scaring you away, below you’ll find some plots and prompts. Please send a PM my way if anything catches your fancy! (Please note that I expect you to come to me with an idea. Introduce yourself, tell me what you like, what you think we have in common etc.)


RE: Modern slice of life, romance, public sex, potential voyeurism/group sex/related debauchery
A blossoming rock/punk musician (YC) meets eyes with a pretty girl (MC) at a gig, they chat like friends outside and end up enjoying a night (and perhaps a morning) of great sex, all for it to end that following day as the tour is scheduled to move on.

RE: urban magic, supernatural, horror, occult. Heavily inspired by The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
V1>A seasoned Witch tragically loses her familiar in battle against a Witch Hunter, so the Dark Lord grants his loyal emissary a shape-shifting demon as a new companion.
V2>A new Warlock in town stirs up the ranks of the Coven in place.
V3>Relations between human and Witches are forbidden by the Dark Lord, good thing she's only a half-witch!

RE: Modern romance, wife-swap, vacation orgies, relationship improvement, etc
5 years into their marriage, a young couple begins to feel the flame in their romance start to fizzle. As a last ditch effort before it burns out, they arrange a honeymoon-like vacation to somewhere lovely and tropical. While making their attempts at re-lighting the fire between them, they meet another couple roughly their age and learn rather quickly of their "open relationship". It takes a few nights of discussion (and persuasion), plus a few stiffly mixed drinks, but our characters all eventually agree to wife swap and what they learn changes them forever!

RE: Modern slice of life, romance, voyeurism etc
YC is an artist struggling with their muse. One lucky day, he bumps into MC, a lovely (if a little spooky) young lady who takes a charming to his weird and sometimes off-putting personality. The story would follow a series of their dates and following interactions as he begins to paint her, and the painting eventually becomes part of a sexy game.

RE: Urban fantasy
YC is a monster from another dimension just trying to live a normal life on earth under the illusion/glamour of a human. MC, however, is the first and only human to be able to see him for what he is, which makes for a pretty awkward start to the day in a Starbucks lineup. After calming her horror, YC offers to explain himself in better detail in a private place. She seems a little off herself, perhaps dealing with addictions or other "problems" in her life that have made her awfully susceptible to trying new things, including lastching on to the mysterious & otherworldly being. (The extent of his 'monstrosity' is negotiable)

RE: supernatural/crime/noir
A maneating woman enlists the help of the men she seduces to compete in the ranks of crimelords.

RE: call me if you've watched the Netflix series! Jessica X Erik
This is the only fandom I've ever craved. Write me an Erik Gelden and I'll love you forever

RE: A disillusioned man is recruited into an elite academy of assassins
Welcome to the most brutal university on earth, where the world’s top crime families send the next generation of assassins to be trained. Murder is an art. Killing is a craft. At Kings Dominion School for the Deadly Arts, the dagger in your back isn’t always metaphorical.

RE: urban fantasy, action/adventure
A retired military officer is trying to start a new chapter when he reunites with an old lover in Japan, but ancient creatures lurking in the shadows of Tokyo sense something hidden deep within him, threatening everything he holds dear.

RE: modern or futuristic, spies & assassins, revenge
The Crimson Lotus was a young girl whose family was caught up in political nonsense. Thirty years later, the Lotus exacts her revenge with terrifying international effects, and the UN's best spy must try to track her down before he becomes a flies in her web.

RE: Modern, crime, romance, tragedy, suspense
Beginning in 2015, Houston has been plagued by a series of brutal armored car robberies that bewilder FBI agents. To finally bring down the unassuming mastermind behind it all, the agents had to stage an elaborate trap—and catch him in the act.In September 2017, when FBI agents first started tailing the perp, he seemed to be an ordinary young man leading an ordinary life. He was 36 years old, tall and slim, with bright eyes and an easy smile. He lived with his two bulldogs in a two bedroom, 956-square-foot townhouse in Acres Homes, a modest neighborhood twelve miles north of the skyscrapers of downtown Houston. By most indications, he was exceedingly straitlaced. He dressed well, usually wearing crisp white shirts and tightly belted black pants. Once a month, he went to a barbershop to get a haircut. Perhaps his best assest was his darling girlfriend, a recent graduate from the local lawschool. They could be seen in public often, brunching on weekends and dating on weeknights.So, what happens to his lucrative 'profession' when she confidentially accepts a contract with the FBI for the Armored Vehicle Robber case?

RE: Modern slice of life, age gap, romance, possible adultery
A highly accredited professor at an ivy league university finds himself guiltily intrigued by a bright female student in one of his classes. She’s sharp and calculative and continuously impresses him with well-written and insightful papers. She frequently visits his office for academic advice and even invites him out for lunch one day. In order to maintain a professional distance, however, he politely declines, though she plagues his thoughts for the rest of the day. The following semester, he’s disappointed to see her in none of his lectures. They spot each other once in the hallway in the span of the first month of classes, but she’s too rushed to say hi. One night several weeks later on a total offchance, the Professor attends a stripclub for a stag or stumbles upon a sexy online profile. How dare he proceed?

RE: urban fantasy, crime, etc
A duo of personalities are charged with researching occult, paranormal and supernatural crimes & defending against their dangers.

RE: Fantasy, western, incarnation trope
Incarnate of Death falls in love with a human during the onset of an apocalypse

RE: supernatural, western
"The whole history of witchcraft is interwoven with the fear of female sexuality. They burned us at the stake because they feared the erotic feelings we elicited in them."

RE: Neo-noir, futuristic fantasy
An unlucky journalist is positive that a secret magic world ruled by ruthless cabals is hiding just beneath the veneer of Los Angeles. She's not wrong. Following an arcane trail, she ends up face to face with the ruler of it all.

RE: Science fiction, futurism
Players lose themselves inside a virtual realm.

RE: action, grit, dystopia, violence, etc
Need I say more...?

RE: Modern slice of life, BDSM
A wealthy, divorced business mogul is too finicky and too busy with his profession to date. Some late night research leads him on to a trail of a service designed for men of his caliber, finding himself dazzled by an add for an elite luxury slut who boasts a complimentary & traditional "girlfriend experience" pre or post-session. Described in bold as a kinky english courtesan alongside various pictures of the mistress in latex, lace and bound in rope, she marks availablility as a sophisticated date to events, international travel as a vacation companion, and even offers FFM for couples. He's intrigued and smitten and decides to book dinner (and "desert").
(Dominatrix, submissive kitten, or both? Your call.)

RE: Modern/urban science fiction, horror, occult, lovecraftian
Plagued by ghastly waking nightmares, a middle aged man reluctantly agrees to past-life regression hypnotherapy. As his consciousness is cast back through time, he witnesses a scene of horrific debauchery and diabolism. Waking, he is more unsettled than before, and with good reason—something has followed him back. Our protagonist descends into a world of occult conspiracy, mystery, reincarnation, and insanity from which there is no escape

RE: Horror, science fiction, supernatural, mystery, occult
A detective with specialization in strange/supernatural cases is called to the scene of a very strange 'crime'. What was described as a heinous murder by his colleagues turns out to be something far more gruesome and otherworldly; the body of the victim appears to be unnaturally twisted up and rend in two, perhaps even partially eaten. Strangest of all, there's a witness, a young woman who happened to see most of what transpired. She describes being attracted to the scene by the sight of a bizarre, swirling interdimensional-looking portal splitting opening up and allowing a creature into this world which devoured the victim before disappearing back into the void. The detective becomes unhealthily attached to the case and to the witness, and what they find together is debatable. Being a fan of the Lovecraft universe, elder things come to mind, or entities like nyarlathotep, ghast, and/or kassogtha. In any case, I imagine that their investigation leads to a degradation of psyche, horrific encounters, barely escaping, suffering, behavioral mutations, perhaps some tampering with the occult, and some sort of strange and primal romance all mixed together.

RE: mad max style post-apocalypse
In a post-apocalyptic landscape controlled by roving marauders and suspicious death cults, an ax-swinging hero risks all in a search for his wife. He joins a rebellious group of wastelanders in a quest to take down the mad scientist Father, who seems set on bringing complete destruction to the world.

RE: Post apocalyptic, survival, revenge, language barrier?
A global war wages on through the 2050's - a kill or be killed mantra is humanity's last hope for survival. After trekking through a foreign desert, a small brigade of corps became engaged with a band of vagrants in a frenzy of blood that would leave no man standing on either side, save for the marksman and his enemy, a markswoman. For 4 days and 4 nights, the snipers remained in their opposing roosts, hoping to catch their last remaining enemy off guard. In truth, the corp was slowly bleeding out from where she'd clipped him on that fateful first encounter. It was the closest he'd ever danced with death in his career with the corps. A fuckin' bodyshot of all things. Yet, her sharp beauty and bewildering eyes he'd glimpsed through the scope remained in his focus throughout those long, cold nights. He wondered about her wilidest dreams, her childhood, what brought her to be his enemy in the first place. The lines began to blur. On the fourth and last night of the standoff, the corp wakes from a fever dream to those amber eyes hovering above him. In the time he'd been sleeping, which could've been hours, she'd evaded the traps all around the area to get to him. The corp breathed what he thought would be his last when it came to light the pain in his side had vanished...

RE: high fantasy, adventure
A young mage becomes an heiress to the protection of an ancient archive. However, as turmoil in the kingdom sets the Crown against all magic practices, the archive is seized in an effort to prevent the unseen arts from falling into the wrong hands. One night, the heiress returns to the archive to salvage some of her family's history tomes. However, in the process, she stumbles upon the Book of the Dead, and from it a demon is summoned into her service.

RE: high fantasy, adventure
A young mage becomes an heiress to the protection of an ancient archive. However, as turmoil in the kingdom sets the Crown against all magic practices, the archive is seized in an effort to prevent the unseen arts from falling into the wrong hands. One night, the heiress returns to the archive to salvage some of her family's history tomes. However, in the process, she stumbles upon the Book of the Dead, and from it a demon is summoned into her service.

<3 = craving!

If I’ve missed anything, feel free to ask!
Thanks for looking  >:)

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Re: THE BACKGROUND WORLD >> Deathspell's RT (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2018, 11:06:22 AM »

Looking for some exciting new stories. Shoot me your fantasy plots! Give me some scifi! Horror! Supernatural!  >:)
I'll be putting some new plots up this coming week. Stay tuned.
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Cooking up some new ideas for you  >:) >:) >:)

Most wanted: smutcentric cyberpunk (cybercentric smutpunk?)
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barging into 2019 like

 >:) >:)

Changed around the look & feel of my RT, O/O's and my radio thread and added a few new plots. Let's chat, E!

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Re: THE LURE >> Deathspell's RT (F for M)
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Am I going to regret consolidating my O/Os with my RT? Maybe  >:)

Looking for spice! Send a PM filled with anthrax my way.

EDIT: Oh Hell Yeah for 666 views >:) >:) >:) I know my muse is out there somewhere, he must be shy.
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Re: THE LURE >> Deathspell's RT (F for M)
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Just putting this here in case Mr.Right is still looking for me~  >:)

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Re: THE LURE >> Deathspell's RT (F for M)
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Sparkling extra nice for Mr.Right  >:)

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Back on my bullshit  >:) >:) >:)

Let's talk wild west, let's talk wolverine, let's talk monster boyfriends, witch hunts and mayhem.

Check my post history for aesthetic inspiration.

Better yet -- ask me what I'm craving!
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Currently feeling some tragic stories of romance and slice-of-life peril. Bring me all your hot firefighters carrying girls out of floods and fires, bring me your detectives falling for the victim, lonely guys with dead wives, musicians with broken hearts, bring me the man the saves a woman from a crazed killer in public, or the guy that takes a shot for the bank teller. I promise to deliver my best damsel in distress! Let's chitty chat.
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Re: They're delusions, don't deny it! (F4M for spooky&sexy storytelling)
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Love me