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December 15, 2018, 11:24:48 AM

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Author Topic: THE BACKGROUND WORLD IS ALWAYS BLEEDING THROUGH >> Deathspell's RT (F for M)  (Read 304 times)

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An actual disaster of a human, 28, female, mountain standard time, student, beer drinker, hell raiser, etc. You might recognize me in this scene as the moron in the leather jacket. I'm an avid, all-seasons outdoors person – I especially enjoy hiking, mountain biking, cycling and kayaking. In general, I enjoy keeping active; I do recreational dance, practice yoga daily, go on walks and runs and the like. Otherwise, I am an combination of arts/sciences. I love to read, mostly current indie comics and sci-fi novels. I paint and draw and play music recreationally and I'm currently studying a mixture of organic chemistry, calculus and biochemistry. But you know something? Writing is my most prized hobby and creative output. It’s something I do 100% for my own personal indulgence, it’s my secret passion and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My writing style can be described as illustrative; I like to paint a mental picture with a vivid, living setting, give flesh to side characters, implement background information/character history and personality as I go. You might find that I’m very forward about pushing a story along – I strive to include elements of plot progression as much as humanly possible. My ulterior motive is to convey emotion, be it subtle and complex or extrapolated for the sake of intensity. I like to believe that natural, realistic character development and fine detail are my strong suits. My favorite genres include sci-fi, cyberpunk, neo-noir, post apocalypse, futurism, dystopian, time travel, from modern to medieval, both high and low fantasy, horror and even slice of life at times. I always write in third person, mostly omniscient, sometimes limited. I've never enjoyed writing in first person and I don't care for reading it either. You can find a more in-depth taste of my preferences in my O/O thread!

I’m very easy going and I love to chat with my writing partners. I’m adorable and friendly in OOC, but make no mistake - I take writing very seriously, and I will not settle for less than I deserve in terms of writing partners. Consider me cute but deadly. My biggest pet peeve in writing communities is when folks treat the act of actually writing like it's a chore. I.e., when they rush to respond for the sake of getting it done and out of the way without taking the time (and inputting the effort) to craft something they can be proud of. I can always tell when this happens because the heart isn't there guiding the words along - it results in empty posts, and in my opinion, it nullifies the whole point of this hobby.

I put a tremendous amount of time and soul into my writing, so things like laziness and apathy offend me deeply. I will not be pleased if I receive substance-less posts from my partner, and I’ll be very honest and upfront when I feel that way. On that note, I do like to pose as a challenge for writing partners - if you’re looking to improve/sharpen your skills, I will gladly be a guiding hand. I believe in quality and quantity, and my posts can easily exceed a thousand words on the regular. Many variables make up this staggering total - my mood, my inspiration, what is happening in the scene, if it calls for flashbacks or foreshadowing, if there’s dialogue or combat, how many characters are involved, if there has been a setting change/time skip, and so on...

I like to assure that every detail I write serves a purpose, so you won’t be reading a wall-full of useless fluff, nor will you ever be short on material to respond to. I am not the type to write without favorable conditions - when I feel low on inspiration, I look to music and images for stimulus! But, I'll also pick up books and comics or even throw on a movie if my memory bank needs a top up. My conscience can be stubborn from time to time (usually when I’ve been studying a lot), and in those cases, I'll usually sleep on writing - that way I can let my subconscious do the heavy lifting when the forefront of my mind is tired. Coming back to write with a fresh mind is a tried and true method of kicking mental blocks and I encourage you to do the same when you’re not quite in the mood for it. That said, I like to keep a post momentum of roughly 2 replies per week - but this is negotiable and relies heavily on what you are available for.

My ideal writing partner would have an excellent sense of humor, keep great conversation and have a writing style that compliments mine. They would be just as concerned about character development & setting the scene as me and possess relatively similar interests/enjoyments. I like writing with people that I can impress, and can impress me on the flip side. The most satisfying writing partnerships are those where the give and take goes both ways.

Please note that I'm seeking exceptional writers only. To me that means damn near perfect spelling & grammar with alluring syntax. The natural ability to seamlessly (and consistently) combine quality & quantity is a skill I actively look for in a partner. Those without these characteristics as writers need not apply. If you'd like, we can exchange writing samples in advance of initiating a roleplay in order to avoid possible discrepancies in this field.

If I haven’t yet succeeded in scaring you away, below you’ll find some plots and prompts. Please send a PM my way if anything catches your fancy! (Please note that I expect you to come to me with an idea. Introduce yourself, tell me what you like, what you think we have in common etc.)

Suitable for harvesting, just add water! (i.e. character and setting development)

The depths that extend
RE: Horror, science fiction, supernatural, mystery, occult

A detective with specialization in strange/supernatural cases is called to the scene of a very strange 'crime'. What was described as a heinous murder by his colleagues turns out to be something far more gruesome and otherworldly; the body of the victim appears to be unnaturally twisted up and rend in two, perhaps even partially eaten.

Strangest of all, there's a witness, a young woman who happened to see most of what transpired. She describes being attracted to the scene by the sight of a bizarre, swirling interdimensional-looking portal splitting opening up and allowing a creature into this world which devoured the victim before disappearing back into the void.

The detective becomes unhealthily attached to the case and to the witness, and what they find together is debatable. Being a fan of the Lovecraft universe, elder things come to mind, or entities like nyarlathotep, ghast, and/or kassogtha. In any case, I imagine that their investigation leads to a degradation of psyche, horrific encounters, barely escaping, suffering, behavioral mutations, perhaps some tampering with the occult, and some sort of strange and primal romance all mixed together.

The very nature of this is violence
RE: Sci fi/cyberpunk, space pirates, fast-paced, high-body count

Under Construction
Idea: a bounty hunter and an assassin buddy up for episodic style adventure. Involves espionage, subterfuge, working as hitmen, resource hunting, high-value theft, hacking, etc...

If I could be somebody else, I would for you
RE: Modern slice of life, drama, tragedy, hurt/comfort

A brilliant 17-year-old girl has spent her young life fascinated by astronomy and is delighted to learn that she has been accepted into MIT. She celebrates, drinking with friends, and recklessly drives home intoxicated. Listening to a story on the radio about a recently discovered Earth-like planet, she gazes out her car window at the stars and inadvertently hits a stopped car at an intersection, putting a professor in a coma and killing his pregnant wife.

After serving a six-year prison sentence, the girl chooses to work with her hands and to have minimal contact with other people. One day, however, she witnesses the professor laying flowers at the local cemetery. She visits his house intending to apologize, but she loses her nerve when he answers the door. Instead, she pretends to be a maid offering a free day of cleaning as a marketing tool for a cleaning service. The professor accepts the offer. He has no idea who she is, and when she finishes the task, he asks her to come back the following week.

Professional Companionship
RE: Modern slice of life, BDSM

A wealthy, divorced business mogul is too finicky and too busy with his profession to date. Some late night research leads him on to a trail of a service designed for men of his caliber, finding himself dazzled by an add for an elite luxury BDSM companion who boasts a complimentary & traditional "girlfriend experience" pre or post-session. Described in bold as a kinky english courtesan alongside various pictures of the mistress in latex, lace and bound in rope, she writes

“Born and educated in England, I have a British accent for all you Anglophiles out there who love a posh, classy voice. A client has said in a review, ‘She also has the loveliest voice in the world, which sounds even lovelier when she descends into depravity.’ Physically I am very slender and firm, with a curvy bottom and 34D breasts, with pale skin, long brown hair and bright blue eyes.  If you’re into the idea of an alternative, tattooed Mistress, I love tattoos, and have large artistic designs on both legs. I would say, overall, my aesthetic isn’t that of a heavily tattooed person – mostly they’re invisible until i’m undressed. I do dress smartly, in lingerie and form fitted pencil skirts or dresses, or I also dress casually in black jeans, boots and a crisp white shirt."

She's available as a sophisticated date to events, international travel as a vacation companion, and even offers FFM for couples. He's intrigued and smitten and decides to book dinner (and "desert").

(Dominatrix, submissive kitten, or both? Your call.)

His favorite student is a stripper
RE: Modern slice of life, age gap, romance, possible adultery

A highly credited professor at an ivy league university finds himself guiltily intrigued by a bright female student in one of his classes. She’s sharp and calculative and continuously impresses him with well-written and insightful papers. She frequently visits his office for academic advice and even invites him out for lunch one day. In order to maintain a professional distance, however, he politely declines, though she plagues his thoughts for the rest of the day.

The following semester, he’s disappointed to see her in none of his lectures. They spot each other once in the hallway in the span of the first month of classes, but she’s too rushed to say hi. One night several weeks later on a total offchance, the Professor attends a strip club gathering with some of his friends for a stag party.  A few drinks in, an elusive performance by a masked dancer has a cold sweat forming on the back of his neck as if that figure has danced in his dreams before. The Professor finishes his drink and slips away en route for the bathroom when he’s caught at the wrist by none other than his favorite student donning the costume from the last act without the mask.

Ideas that need some TLC.

Witches and Warlocks

RE: urban magic, supernatural, horror, occult
Under Construction
Idea: inspired by the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Demon Familiar
RE: high fantasy, adventure

A young mage becomes an heiress to the protection of an ancient archive. However, as turmoil in the kingdom sets the Crown against all magic practices, the archive is seized in an effort to prevent the unseen arts from falling into the wrong hands. One night, the heiress returns to the archive to salvage some of her family's history tomes. However, in the process, she stumbles upon the Book of the Dead, and from it a demon is summoned into her service.

I know this place like the back of my hand
RE: Surrealism, inception, futurism?

Two complete strangers continuously encounter each other in a shared dream world over the period of six months. These dreams range from epic adventures in glorious kingdoms to surviving frightening, hellish labyrinths to exploring distant planets to purely sexual encounters, and while they might assume a different form each night, their faces are unmistakable. What happens when these two spot each other out in the street in the waking world?

Pretty Deadly
RE: Fantasy, western, incarnation trope
Under Construction
Idea: incarnate of Death falls in love with a human during the onset of an apocalypse

Virtual Reality
RE: Science fiction, futurism
Under Construction
Idea: players lose themselves inside a virtual realm

Femme Fatale
RE: Supernatural/crime/noir
Under Construction
Idea: maneating woman enlists the help of the men she seduces to compete in the ranks of crimelords

I Just Made You Up To Hurt Myself
RE: Scifi/cyberpunk/dystopian/noir
Under Construction
Idea: super soldiers, zero suits, drone surveillance, artificial intelligence

Battle Royale
RE: ???
Under Construction
Idea: Fight to the death.

Deadly Class
RE: ???
Under Construction
Idea: A disillusioned man is recruited into an elite academy of assassins.

Came Back Haunted
RE: ???
Under Construction
Idea: a journey to and from the abyss leaves a mortal man forever changed.

*: denotes the key to my heart

NOTE: art by the amazing Tin Can Forest

If I’ve missed anything, feel free to ask!
Thanks for looking  >:)

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Re: THE BACKGROUND WORLD >> Deathspell's RT (F for M)
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Looking for some exciting new stories. Shoot me your fantasy plots! Give me some scifi! Horror! Supernatural!  >:)
I'll be putting some new plots up this coming week. Stay tuned.
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