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Started by ZoneyGirl, October 13, 2018, 10:10:29 AM

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Hello there good people of Elliquiy. The name is ZoneyGirl, or Zoney for short and I am an avid roleplayer who is looking to get back into the game after several years of not roleplaying. At least, not in a serious matter. I mostly just did short term roleplays to keep my cravings at bay, but it only worked so well. So here I am, lets cover the basics.

  • looking for a variety of roleplays. fandom, orginal, short term, long term, ect
  • I only do MxF or MxM. Sorry Futa and FxF don't float my boat
  • I play male and female characters.
  • I play dominant, submissive, and switch characters. Most of them regardless of status in the bedroom are strong willed
  • I prefer the story being the focus over smut, but I still enjoy writing the latter. Just need to brust up my skills
  • I prefer post lengths being 3+ paragraphs on average for replies.[/ii]
Current Cravings :: Punisher ( Netflix) || Castlevaina (netflix) || GANGSTA || Red Dead Redemption 2

I prefer to RP over forums or PMs.
I use discord for chat purposes for the most part.
Returning after time away from my accident. Reworking a lot of things, so my search, on's and off's will be revamped over time.

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For those not interested in my craving right now. That is fine, I shall make a list of other things I am looking for or want to do.
* indicts small plot bunnies I might for it

Note, while I generally lean towards darker themes for a roleplay. I still enjoy light hearted moments and humor inside of the them. Have your character being a sassy asshole, I love them. It doesn't have to be grim at all times, rather I like it changing up. Should we start to fizzle out, maybe do a one shot of them taking a beach episode. Something stupid where our characters can be slightly out of character and we can have some fun. Its hard to always have grim moments in stories.

Modern Era
Babysitter x Father
Kidnapped x Kidnapper
Best Friends*
Supernatural x Human
Supernatural x Supernatural
Post Apocalypse
Mafia based

Historical Eras
Arranged Marriage
Tyrant King x Servant*
Rebellion Leader x Bounty Hunter
Jack the Ripper x Victim/Investigator
Nobleman x Street Urchin
Twisted Fairytales
Old Mobs/Prohibition Era based

Rebellion Leader x Goverment Official
Space Pirate x Stowaway
Human Experiment
Post Apocalypse

Fantasty World
Sacrfice x Bound Creature
Mercenary x Priest(ess)
Hunted Creature x Peasant/Farmer
Pirates (maybe sky)
Returning after time away from my accident. Reworking a lot of things, so my search, on's and off's will be revamped over time.

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Note, I will do my best to play a canon character, might not be the best though. I shall try
Otherwise let's build OCs in the world that it's in
Red indicates a current craving

Video Games
Devil May Cry
Dragon Age
Red Dead Redemption

Criminal Minds
Altered Carbon

Netflix Castlevania
Dogs :: Bullets and Carnage
D. Grey Man
Returning after time away from my accident. Reworking a lot of things, so my search, on's and off's will be revamped over time.

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Plot Bunnies

Best Friends
MC and YC have been friends for a long time. They have been there for each other for the best and worst of times. Be it MC's mother passing away from cancer, or YC's father's abuse. Scattered relationships both good and bad. YC never had many, he dated a couple girls to see if there was any chance of sparks, but their eyes had always been struck by someone else, MC.

College comes around and they both attend colleges in the same city. MC eventually starts dating someone and they are growing very close to each other. Far enough as to get an apartment together when it goes on almost a year. YC has been fine with it, but it can only go for so long. They are growing more and more jealous, hard to keep their emotions at bay. They slowly try to sabotage the relationship. Trying to get the significant other to cheat or spread rumors of that happening. When MC doesn't believe it or get defensive over the fact they are happen. YC snaps. They have been there for MC since they were young, saw them through the worst of times and MC never once noticed.

They want them more than anything else. So, they start to get possessive and abusive. Eventually going as far as forcing themselves onto MC one night and slowly start to force them to love them. Making them a pet, only to be used by them in whatever way they please.

Tyrant King x Servant
YC is someone to be feared. They rule with an iron fist and doesn't shy away from killing people to make them examples when they do something they do not enjoy. He  has a habit of taking young and beautiful youths as slaves to do as he pleases. Depending on how much he likes them changes where they are. Some just cook and clean. Others tend to the horses or his men. Only a select few get the honor of being his own personal servant. Care for him personally. It means first hand abuse. He will eagerly train them to enjoy the rough side of sex, abuse, and servitude. To be his and only his.

  -different path-
In this version the king is a demon who craves it. His power comes from the chaos and bloodshed he can make.

Years have passed since MC was taken. She has lasted a while as the kings personal servant. She even has a little bit of power to her now. She is in charge of the house, inspects the new stock as they were often called. Makes sure they are healthy and fit to be in their position. She has grown colder and accustomed to the anger that filled the castle.

It all changes when the rebellion happens. They get the upper hand on the king and he is taken prisoner. At this time MC figures she is with child and is not wanting to raise a half demon on her own so she goes to rescue the fallen king. The two have to escape and find a place that would be safe for them. The king wants to regain his power and find loyal men. He wants to reclaim his kingdom.

Necromancer's Toy
There is a serial killer sweeping through a small city. Bodies have been turning up in terrible condition. They have clearly been tortured for days or even weeks on end. Yet there are no leads, no one knows where these killings are taking place, or who the killer is. As messy as it is, the body’s have no left over DNA or signs of the killer.

My character, Ezekiel has been alive for a while. He gained immortality via a spell. He had to kill himself first and hope the spell worked. It worked and he has been alive for a while. Untouched by age, disease, and death. It’s hard to kill what is already dead. He has been stalking his new playground for a while. Yet find that toy worth the effort of bringing back to life after they die.

Your character can be a few choices. A private investigator looking into the deaths and maybe has been following Ezekiel's trail of bodies for a while. An unlucky victim, a magic user wishing for a tutor. Bring an idea to the table as well. Just listing a few.

I would prefer if Zeke played against another male, but can deal with female. Also would want a nice strong character for him to break down and play his variety of games with. Physical, emotional, mental and even sexual torture will be part of his agenda. After all he is a twisted SOB.

MC is in a happy relationship. They had been their significant other a few years ago. They live together in a pretty decent apartment, hold down decent jobs as MC finishes up college. They even helped their significant other get over gambling and drug problems. Helped them get clean and cut away from the bad and get their life on a better track. They were happy and feel like they are in a happy, loving relationship.

Little do they know that their beloved is back to their old game. They are in deep to a local mob, owe a lot of money to them for their gambling and drug addiction. The leader is getting tired of the missed payments so they decided to make it clear they wanted the money. YC is one of the rough members of the mob. They work a variety of jobs they are hitmen, bruisers, and bodyguards. They are the muscle and they are good at it. Cold, cruel, and heartless they are tasked with kidnapping MC and making it clear to their love that the money is due.

The significant other has a week to get the money. They can't get it and decided that a compromise can be made. They put MC up for the money, they could be used to make the money back and then some. Its agreed my MC's life is quickly turned upside down as they are made into a prostitute for them. They want out but they aren't sure how to do it.

Beauty and the Beast
A twist on the classic fairytale.

MC lives a cursed life. Once rich and beautiful they had everything they could ever want. Women, men, jewels and anything else. It went to their head, they got greedy and corrupt. They wanted more and hated anyone that told them no. It came back at them, the desire to have something they couldn't. A stolen necklace that came with one cruel repercussion. A new form. Changed into a hideous creature. Pale skin like a corpse, one beautiful hair now stringy and black. A sunken in face and cold black eyes. A body torn with scars from their own angry and attempt to end their new miserable life. Only to find out they gained immorality with the curse. The necklace now gathering dust in a drawer and they live locked away in their home. Never leaving its walls. The home falls into disrepair and only a few rooms are taken care of. Most of it lays caked in dust and mold now.

Time went on. The world grew with technology and the town grew. The house loomed on the hill and it gained a reputation for being haunted. Mothers told children tales of the man who lived their, the one died their and the one who haunts the very walls. Anyone who enters is never seen from again.

YC never believed the tale when they moved to the town. It was a bunch of nonsense so they wanted to prove everyone wrong. They entered not knowing what awaited them on the other side. No talking candlesticks in this home. Entering the home it looked old, falling apart and like it hadn't been touched for decades. But there was something in here, a light from a fair room the distant sound of soft music. Curiosity leads them to the house's study, a room in remarkable condition. Sitting in an arm chair as music plays was the cursed creature. Unhappy to have an unwelcome visitor. Plans going through their head. Cruelty a choice, but they have been so lonely. A choice is given. Death or YC sticks around and sees just what this corpse like figure wishes to do with them.
Returning after time away from my accident. Reworking a lot of things, so my search, on's and off's will be revamped over time.

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My Characters - Males
or ones I like to play a lot and can be changed to fit roleplays

Ezekiel Lee Hembrook
Necromancer || 600-800 || Pansexual || Serial Killer
enjoys torture in various degrees, dark magics, killing, and making things his toys

6'1" || 198 lbs || Reddish Brown Hair || Grey Eyes
Ezekiel has naturally bronzed skin from his father who he never knew as he was a product of a one night stand. He has a variety of scars some self inflicted and some not. His most prominent is the dark one across the length of his neck. It was from the spell that gave him his immortality. He has a large number of tattoos, most of them on his back and shoulders. Some runic symbols in various languages and some simple tribal like patterns that wrap around his shoulders in dark red ink. His left thigh boasts an upside down cross with a hook at the top, wrapped in an upside down pentagram. He also has numerous piercings. His face holds most of them, his left ear fully piercing. Right eyebrow has two piercings, his nose has a bar through the bridge of his nose and a ring on the right side. Tongue is pierced. Both nipples are pierced and he has several studs in the genital region.

Ezekiel's main ability lies in his mastery of necromancy. To the point he has given himself immortality. This gives him power of death, a snap of his fingers he can easily kill weaker creatures like some plant life and small animals. He is skilled in bringing the dead, specifically the ones he kills back to life and they are under his control. He has other magic abilities in demonic, , and voodoo magics. Most of them looked upon as dark magics. He is a skilled fighter in both hand to hand combat and with knives. Adapt with poison makings he has an immunity to most disease and a resistance to most poisons.

His weaknesses lie in light magics. Such as holy or some fae based magicks. He cannot step on hallowed ground without his magic being sapped from him.

Malaphas Oriax Blackstone
Archdemon (Arachnid) || Over 1000 || Demisexual || Historian
enjoys watching humans and creatures of the light suffer. works best for supernatural based roleplays
6'5" || 213 lbs || Black Hair || Green Eyes
Human Form
In his human form, Malaphas is very pale, seems almost deathly pale. He has a sharply featured face with high cheek bones, a small thin nose, and pale colored lips. Bright green eyes stand out from the pale features. He is attractive in his own way, but commonly attractive is now what most people would put him as. Long raven black hair reaches past his shoulders and is often tied back and out of the way. He is free of scars and tattoos. He often dresses in expensive tailored suits, most are darker colored. Wine, plum, navy, and black, often paired with a charcoal colored buttom up and matching vest and tie.

In his demon form, most of his features carry over, if only growing sharper. Cheekbones are more visible and his face generally looks more gaunt. His skin becomes grey in color and he looks more corpse like than anything. His lips change to a darker grey or almost black in coloring and his eyes are fully black with green iris. In this form he can have multiple limbs that all work on their own. His teeth in general become longer and sharper, his canines growing the most of them.

He also has the ability of a full demonic form

Base Demonic Abilities
Like most demons Malaphas is graced with immortality, natural resistance to moral aliments of diseases, higher pain tolerance, increased healing factors. His strength, agility, endurance, speed are all naturally increased. His speed and agility more so compared to strength. His arachnid based demonic ancestry gives him the ability to climb nearly any surface and he can have multiple limbs when it so pleases him.

Arachnid Abilities
As a spider demon, Malaphas poses unique gifts that go well with spiders. This included the ability to make webs. He has two types a defensive and an offensive as Malaphas likes to put them. The defensive is a strong material that does as its stated protects him. It cannot be cut by regular metals, even chainsaws. It can hold a lot of weight and while he can't use it to leap between buildings like spiderman. It is useful for him. His offensive webbing is razor sharp and can cut through many things like butter. Its weakness like the other webbing is fire. Magic weapons can also do damage to them as well.

He also possess a very unique poison that only he knows the cure for. In small doses it is a paralytic and causes severe pain throughout the body as it attacks the nervous system. In larger doses it is deadly.

Given his age, Malaphas has spent a long time studying a variety of magic to help give him an upper hand when he gets into fights. He most specializes in using more dark magicks such as eldtrich that involves more curses and shadow like magick. He can summon and bind lesser demons than himself as well.

Malaphas is gifted in language and speaks a variety of them. Demonic being his native tongue, he is gifted in Latin, Gaelic, German, Spanish, french, and Japanese. It is easy for him to pick up any language he wishes to learn.

Half Demon || Looks in early 20's || Bisexual || Merchant
happy go lucky merchant, best suited for light hearted roleplays, or to be a toy
Returning after time away from my accident. Reworking a lot of things, so my search, on's and off's will be revamped over time.

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My Characters - Females
the ones i like to play and can be fitted to a variety of roleplays

Maya Lin Taylors
Human || Mid Thirties || Just Sexual || Information Broker
known as a bitch, she uses people to forward her own life
5'6" || 122 lbs || Dark Brown Hair || Light Brown Eyes

A beauty of a woman. Maya has tanned skin from her birthplace in Brazil. She has large eyes and full lips. Her cheekbones are high and she has a dimple on the left side of her face when she smirks or smiles. She has now piercings, but does have a vast amount of tattoos. A rose on the right side of her neck. There is a small break before her right arm comes in with a full sleeve tattoo of a mix of flowers and vines. These works are all simple black ink and shading, now color. She has a ornate cross that sits above her left hip on her ribcage. A color phoenix takes over much of her back. She has a simple date on the inside of her left wrist, she doesn't share why that date is important to most people.

She has a full body, large perky breasts and takes pride in how good of shape she is in. She has a nice ass and isn't afraid to show off what she is gifted with. She often wears tight fitting pants and blouses that show off plenty of cleavage. Her hair is long and naturally curled, she often pulled it back into pony tails to go about her life. While she wears make up she keeps it simple. Smoky eyes and dark red lipstick seems to be her favorite.

While might not be gifted with abilities from the supernatural. She is a highly intelligent and charismatic woman. While book smarts were never up her alley she isn't an idiot when it comes to them. Her skills are more in street smarts. How to snag a wallet off of someone without them noticing, or better yet how to manipulate someone into giving them the contents of the wallet. She isn't afraid to use her body or sex to get her way. To get the information she uses to make her living. She is good at her job, she has plenty of sources that feed her information when she asks for it. Either she holds blackmail over them or cuts them a piece of her payment. It is generally the former over the latter.

The woman works a dangerous job, but she is not helpless. She can fight when it comes down it. She is in hand to hand combat, mostly via street fighting rules. She has a quick hand with a blade and will pick that over a gun any day. If she can get in close she can have the upper hand and she isn't too bad when it comes to tossing the blade either.
Returning after time away from my accident. Reworking a lot of things, so my search, on's and off's will be revamped over time.

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Picture Inspirations

picture one
picture two
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picture six
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picture nine
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Returning after time away from my accident. Reworking a lot of things, so my search, on's and off's will be revamped over time.

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Updates :: updated fandom and orignals, added a few new ones
added plot - Beauty and the Beast

Working on more edits, slowly but surely

fully revamped fandom section

Looking to open up two or three one x ones
Returning after time away from my accident. Reworking a lot of things, so my search, on's and off's will be revamped over time.

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