Fate Stay Night Solo Game/Small Group?

Started by Tokyorose627, October 09, 2018, 07:39:58 PM

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Heya everyone! I’m Tokyorose627, nice to meet you!

I’ve been getting back into the Fate Stay Night series, the overall concept and characters certainly something that have piqued my interest over the past few years. I’ve wanted to find some game or do a solo game of it for sometime now, but it never seems to pan out or work out with a large group of people.

So! I’m puttin this up to see if anyone in particular are interested in doing this idea with me, wether it be a solo game, or a tiny group of people!

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Here’s my Master for anyone who wants an example of what it should look like. Feel free to ask any questions if anyone gets stumped with making their characters. :)

Name(s): Hana Saijyou

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 163cm

Weight: 53kg

Nationality: Japanese

Personality: Hana is a girl that may look frail and soft, but is a force to be reconvened with within the Mage community. Having been shunned by her father from participating in the Holy Grail War, she has learned that in order to get what you want in life, you had to show your worth, and earn it outright. She’s determined, a woman without conviction that her skills are subpar. She knows who she is, and anyone that tells her others wise is someone she would easily argue with. Despite her strong willed personality, she can be soft towards others, more noticeably towards people that are close to her. Friendliness is something that she’s known by behind closed doors, and has been known by others to be a tough individual on the outside, but secretly a kind and gentle person when not under scrutinizing eyes.

Appearance: With short cherry blossom colored hair, and emerald colored eyes, Hana Saijyou has been known to be called the “mysterious beauty” by some of her classmates at University. With porcelain white skin, and no blemishes across her skin or face, she stands at around 5’4, with a mature aura that surrounds her. One thing that distinguishes her appearance to others would be the small diamond shaped jewel that she wears along her forehead; studying chakras and the connection they could have to magic circuits, it symbolizes the point of wisdom.

Casual clothes: Hana usually wears simple clothes like shirts and jeans, but can be seen sporting a red coat in especially cold nights.

Red Coat

Objective for the War: Wants to win the Holy Grail for her Family Name

Knowledge of the War: Knowledge of the War has been ingrained in her since she was a child.

Biography: The Saijyou Mage Family have been around for countless generations, becoming a staple name in the workings of Magecraft, and in the dedication to winning and achieving the Holy Grail. All in the name of honor and glory, the family had tried for countless generations to participate, however with not enough Masters, the Grail Wars had been rejected, and none could come to fruition as a whole. Growing up, Hana knew this mindset from birth, however she wondered why the Grail had always been such an important object to her family. Being known as something that could grant wishes, she wasn’t one to ever wish for anything. Learning Magecraft as a young girl, she could have nothing more then the skills she had and was learning, she was content with what her family taught, despite their beliefs in the Grail War returning, year after year.

It wasn’t until she was much older, around the age of 12, that she spoke to her father about participating, honing her skills to be their participant for the next war. Despite her eagerness and skills that she had possessed at an early age, her father rejected her placement, and instead gave it to her older brother Sakuya; being a tradition since their family roots, the eldest male Mage had always been the one to learn the more advanced Magecraft, and be the participant in the Holy Grail War. Hana didn’t lose hope however, despite this setback by her father, she continued to learn Magecraft in her own time, honing her mana control and skills to create jewel craft to be used as one time use mystic codes. She was determined to show her father the worth she held as a Mage, and no matter the cost, she would show her entire family that she was capable enough to win the war.

It was three years later, however, that tragedy struck.

Her brother and father had left for a trip to meet with other Mage’s regarding the next Grail War, leaving Hana to look after the Family Shrine and home while they were away. News spread however of a disaster at the meet up, with fights breaking out over who would have which Servant, a truce having been made long ago now broken by greed. Her father and brother had fought valiantly, but to no avail despite their efforts, and they succumbed to their wounds.

Left with the devastation of her father and brothers demise, Hana knew that the Grail War was something much more serious then could ever be imagined. Taking shelter within the family shrine and home, Hana practiced Mage craft on her own, now with no teacher left, and no family to look after her. Years passed and she became more independent over her life, getting an education while attending University, all while she listens for news from the Mage’s Association regarding the next War.

Quality of Magic Circuits: B

Prana Tank: B

Command Seals: Located along the front of her right hand.

Magecraft: Jewel Magecraft, the use of filling smaller jewels with mana in order to use them for attacking, or defensive spells. Offensive magic can also be stored within them.

Mystic Codes: Jewels kept over the generation of the Saijyou Family.

Magic Crest: Along her back.

Non-Magecraft Related Skills: Agility from track and field has kept her in peak condition in regards to amounts of stamina used.

Fluff: Cooking and Gardening have become a task that she’s all too familiar with due to keeping the grounds of her homes Temple clean.

Utility: N/A

Combat: Hand to hand combat is something that Hana knows, but more in line towards self defense. Her stamina helps keep her agile when it comes to being attacked or chased, but she can only run as fast and as fast as any normal human can, at least without the help of her Magic Crest.

Extra: Hana loves the smell of fresh flowers, usually picking a small group to hold in a vase inside her home each day.

What are you looking for in a Servant?: I’m hoping someone could play either Cu Lancer, or for the fun of it, Male Arthur Pendragon, cause he doesn’t get enough love. lol

In the hidden section is my sheet for a Master I’ve had for some time, so feel free to look her over! I’d love to possibly have her paired off with Cu Lancer or Male Arthur Pendragon, but we can always talk and come to a general consensus of what we would like! Please PM me or reply on here if interested! :D