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Author Topic: A「Robitz」Requests...F looking for M characters  (Read 720 times)

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A「Robitz」Requests...F looking for M characters
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:53:58 PM »

Table of Contents


★ Craving

About Me

Post Length3-4 paragraphs on average, otherwise I try to match my partner's post length. However, I am more of a quality over quantity sort of person and I will write less if it means progressing the story/roleplay.
Post FrequencyI try to post every other day, but if I can't, Wednesday and Thursday are guaranteed posts. Warning: I sometimes can't post on the weekends.
Roleplay LocationsForums, PM, Discord, and Skype
ExperienceI’ve been roleplaying and writing for more than a decade now and fancy myself an intermediate writer/roleplayer, but it has been a few years since I’ve last roleplayed so I might be a little out of practice. That said, I’m happy to provide sample posts for anyone who wants them!
CharactersIn terms of characterization, I strongly lean towards writing female protagonists, but as far as secondary characters or antagonists go, I’ll write for anything/anyone. When it comes to writing erotica, however, I will only write from a female perspective. The characters that I write/roleplay are (usually) varied in terms of appearances and personalities, so I try to provide adequate descriptions for them—please read over their profiles before asking about a request!
Writing PreferenceI prefer my roleplays to be story and/or character-driven but I do occasionally just want to roleplay/write something smutty, which I have reserved for my “One-Shots” section below.
Sexuality/OrientationI’m asexual, but I almost never write my characters as asexual and just know that I don’t have any issues writing sex/erotica. I have a strong leaning towards Female x Male, but Female x Non-binary, Female x Agender and Female x Other are also fine by me. And while I like to explore the perceptions (and/or the lack thereof) of sex, gender, and gender roles in writing and roleplaying, I don't really have any interest in Female x Female roleplays.
What I'm Looking for in a PartnerThe gender of my partner doesn't matter to me, all I ask is that someone is nice (not just to me, but other people) and who likes to make developed characters and stories. I'm not too picky in terms of writing skill, I'm more than happy to write with new roleplayers or writers, and I honestly appreciate creativity and consistency over anything else.

If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them via PM!

On's and Off's

Anything that I didn’t mention probably means that I’m okay with it or at least willing to give it a shot, but if you’re not sure, please ask me first—I’m seriously the farthest thing from a reservoir of sexual slang and terminology. For a fuller list of On's and Off's, see my O/O profile over HERE.

✔️Height Difference(s)Gender doesn't matter but I'm especially fond of small women with tall men and average height women with short men.
✔️Age Difference(s)Preferably a younger woman with an older man, but a younger man and older woman are okay to.
✔️Light Bondage
✔️Monsters/Non-humansRobotics, monsters, beasts, ghosts, and ghoulies, it doesn't matter to me, I like it all. That said, I also like to play non-humanoid characters as well.
✔️HorrorI love the horror genre and I'm almost always in the mood to do any kind of horror roleplay.
✔️Interesting and Unusual Character Dynamics
✔️Rough-Play and ViolenceBut nothing extreme like vore or dismemberment (in a sexual context anyways, otherwise it's fair game).
✔️Story-Driven Roleplays
✔️Character-Driven Roleplays
✔️Abandonment Play
PregnancyHowever impregnation is okay.
Bathroom Play
Images/PicturesI don't generally like to use images in roleplays unless it's for formatting purposes because I often feel like it breaks the immersion. One person's idea might differ from another and I prefer to rely on imagination and writing. I'm not totally opposed to the use of images but it's definitely not my preference and if I'm being entirely honest, I'm more okay with the use of anime images than real people.
Harem/Reverse Harem


Generally speaking, when it comes to fandoms, I only like to roleplay as original characters with original characters, but in some instances, I do make an exception. However, if I don't explicitly list a canon character, then I probably have no interest in roleplaying/writing as them. Anything in bold is what I'm interested in roleplaying/writing as.

Dark SoulsF!Way of White ClericxM!Dark Wraith, F!Way of White ClericxAny
Identity VEmmaxAny!Hunter (Except Hell Ember), F!SurvivorxM!Hunter, F!SurvivorxM!Survivor
Forgotten RealmsF!HalflingxM!Any, F!GoblinxM!Any
StarcraftF!Terran MedicxAny!Zerg, F!Terran MedicxM!Protoss
Dragon QuestF!HumanxM!Monster
Blood Blockade BattlefrontF!HumanxAny!Beyondian, F!HumanxM!Human(oid)
Wild Arms
Craft Sequence
FalloutF!HumanxM!Ghoul, F!HumanxAny!Robot, F!HumanxM!Robot
Armored Core
God Eater
One Piece
Black Clover
Mob Psycho 100
Made in AbyssF!DelverxM!Delver, F!DelverxAny!Narehate, F!Black WhistlexM!White Whistle
Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)MantisxRocket Raccoon


Below are all my requests. "General" requests are for things I might be interested in roleplaying but don't necessarily have any ideas for. Those will be updated regularly and things may be added or removed over time. Otherwise, all other requests are below that. My requests are more or less just ideas so nothing is set in stone and if someone is interested in a concept but dislikes an aspect of it, then feel free to hit me up with a PM and we can discuss it.

◆ General ◆

F!HumanxAny!Robot or F!HumanxAny!A.I.
F!RobotxAny!Robot or F!RobotxM!Human(oid)
F!HumanxAny!Monster or F!HumanxM!Monster
Genres: Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Supernatural

◆ Requests ◆

Open The Red Protocol

Tags: F!HumanxM!Robot or F!HumanxM!A.I., sci-fi, (potential) horror or psychological horror

What I’m looking for is someone to play the role of a robot or android and (potentially) other side characters as needed. Optionally, someone who might be okay with leading the roleplay every so often, but it's not absolutely necessary.

The setting takes place in the far future, where humans have already colonized space as a result of Earth (or an Earth equivalent since this could take place in an original setting) becoming almost uninhabitable due to centuries of heavy pollution and war.

The premise is that a group of scientists, researchers, and engineers are sent to the fringe of the known galaxy via stasis on a mobile space colony and are stationed on an exoplanet to research the viability of colonizing distant worlds. The protagonists are a robot and their human handler (whom I'd play the role of). The two of them manage/maintain a small satellite base off-planet, whose function is that of a relay station and planetary monitor. The story starts when they suddenly lose communication with the ground team and end up having to go planeside to investigate after they start to receive strange messages. Upon reaching the base, they soon discover that everyone seems to be missing, but the robots and AI’s are still functioning as normal. Upon further investigation, they soon discover that the robots/AI’s have gained some semblance of sentience and murdered most of the research team. From that point on, the robots/AI are out to kill them as they try to escape.
Character Sheet
Dr. Veronica "Ronnie" Eri – 33 years old

Head technician of the satellite base “Solarin”. A somewhat quiet but friendly woman, Dr. Eri is always polite and tries to be as helpful as possible to those around her. She is, however, much more comfortable around robots than she is people and tends to be much more talkative around them than other humans. She is a woman of simple pleasures and doesn’t much care for decadence. Empathetic and kind, she doesn’t care for violence and often acts as a peacekeeper amongst her peers.

Ronnie is a short woman. Her features are round, and her long light brown hair is always tied into a neat braid. She wears a large set of glasses, although she can see without them (albeit not as well). She is almost always wearing heavy lab coats and baggy clothes, which hides an otherwise curvaceous figure. While not particularly overweight, she isn’t a terribly athletic person and everything about her body is “soft” and “round”.
I have the basic plot progression in order but the details are still up for discussion. That said, this particular roleplay wasn't intended to focus on the erotic/sexual, but more story and characterization. However, I can talk about that more with anyone interested. What I was hoping to explore in this particular roleplay were themes of man v. machine and was hoping to look into the more psychological (and physical) aspects of that.

Also, I listed this as a "horror" but that's up for debate or in the least, to what extent, though I have a few ideas.

Open The Devil Lives in Us

Tags: F!HumanxM!Human(oid) or F!HumanxM!Monster, twisted romance, non-sexual torture, murder, gore, horror, defloration

I’m looking for someone to play the role of a slasher movie-type villain or monster.

The premise for this roleplay is that my character is a serial killer who poses as a hitchhiker before killing her victims. I had an idea for the intro, but the details are still up for debate—she’d have just survived a car crash after untimely trying to take her next victim and either gets kidnapped or stumbles upon the villains/monsters lair (ex: a cabin, cave, abandoned unground tunnelway--it doesn't particularly matter what this "lair" is). They discover that they're kindred spirits and the roleplay would focus around their twisted romance born from a mutual love/obsession of torture and killing. Obviously, this roleplay is intended to be on the darker side but the tone and nature of the horror and gore is up for debate.
Character Sheet
Alice Ericson – 27 y.o.

At first glance, Alice appears to be an unassuming woman as there is nothing too distinct about her, she is always in modest dress and has a meek disposition; she does nothing to draw attention to herself. A soft-spoken woman, Alice has somewhat of a nervous habit and is startled easily—her cowardly nature largely masks her violent tendencies. Despite her more disturbing and inhumane interests, she has otherwise normal hobbies like cooking, cleaning, and gardening. She fancies herself a pious individual. She has poor impulse control.

Her black hair is almost always pulled into a messy ponytail, her facial features are round and ordinary, even the blues of her eyes are dull. While not necessarily homely, she wears very little makeup at any given time and her clothes are generally modest and unflattering—she often wears a gray dress that reaches just below her knees and covers her skin with a black pullover sweater and black tights. The flats she wears are ill-fitted to traveling but are well-worn nonetheless. She always carries an old floral-patterned suitcase, which holds her “tools” and “mementos”. Although not built by any means, she is surprisingly strong for her size.
Sample Post
Content Warning: Gore

Alice was slumped in the car seat, her vision swam, blood thrumming through her veins and a ringing loud in her ears. Her hands shook with each uneven breath—feeling sickness rise from the pit of her stomach and a migraine coming on. She blinked back the haze and placed a tender hand over her heart, breathing in deep before holding her breath. It was quiet, save the low hum of the car engine. She stared past the headlights into the darkness of the night, only able to make out simple shapes. There were no stars and the air shook with distant thunder, she thought it might rain soon.


She breathed out, slowly.

The feeling was starting to pass, adrenaline left her—exhaustion weighing her down instead. She smoothed down the front of her dress carefully and idly noted that the hem was starting to fray. Alice sat up and leaned down, picking up the floral suitcase she had accidentally dropped, letting out the quietest of sighs when she realized the contents had fallen out when she had dropped it from her lap just minutes ago. She gathered her things hastily and haphazardly placing them in the bag with a lose grip, before closing it shut. Unsteady fingers fumbled with the lock for a few moments.

That just left…

She turned her gaze to the side, the lifeless body beside her slouched halfway down the car seat, the seatbelt barely holding it in place. A knife was lodged through its abdomen, gore splattered across the dashboard and window. Several open wounds were scattered across their body, flesh and clothes were torn. Its neck was cut halfway through, bits of meat were hacked clean from bone and muscle.

Alice vividly recalled the feeling of knife in hand, hacking through flesh, though not much after that.

She reached towards the knife and almost fell over when she pulled it out, expecting much more resistance than it actually gave. She could now see that there was very little in the way for the knife to actually hold—a hole like mincemeat through the corpse’s stomach, the skin around peeled away with unexpected care and precision. There was something solid, a round and smallish black object, lodged deep in the gut but it was too covered in viscera to discern any details.

…She didn’t remember doing that.

With the suitcase held close to her body in one arm, she reached out with the other towards the car door, blood-covered knife still in hand, and opened the door. She carefully stepped out and her legs almost gave under her weight, her limbs heavy, and she could feel wetness seep through her clothes (she'd have to dispose of them soon). She shivered at the sudden cold, but it brought her some relief, calming the violent thrum in her head and veins. The coldness brought her clarity.

She stepped into the darkness and didn't take a single look back as she walked away.
Below are some details I've been trying to work out, but figured I wouldn't put too much stock into thinking about them until knowing what my partner might be interested in.

Story LengthThis could potentially be a one-shot and only play out a few scenes (or scene).
ToneIt could be more of a physiological horror but has the potential to be less serious and more over-the-top. Alternatively, a balance between the two.
Sexual v. EmotionalI haven't quite decided if I had wanted this to be more sexual and/or emotional, so I'm willing to discuss the details in that regard.

Open The Hellstar

Tags: F!MonsterxM!Monster or F!MonsterxM!Human(oid), F!Tentacled monster, F!Non-human(oid), interspecies relationship, sadism, masochism, power struggle, interdimensional conflicts, female-on-male tentacles, (potential) forced/arranged marriage, (potential) femdom or maledom, (potential) dub-con or non-con

This roleplay involves me writing the role of an inter-dimensional being who seeks a husband to conceive an heir for her (and her father's) kingdom. The role I'm looking to get filled is that of her potential spouse.

The premise is that she is the daughter of a great and powerful entity and a world eater. Despite being a powerful being and nearing 1000 years in age (though that means nothing to her kind and she's still a fledgling by their standards), she's actually somewhat immature and has a violent disposition. She's had several (late) fiancés's and has killed every single one them before they could sire a child (whether on accident or on purpose) or even solidfy their union. Because of this, dowries have stopped coming in and she's started to fear retaliation from her father who wants her to make an heir. Assuming they were able to survive her, as her king/husband, they'd have a massive inter-dimensional army at their beck and call and her own father has the ability to alter reality (i.e. grant wishes), so they could theoretically have whatever they want.

The setting is closer to sci-fi than anything, but there is a touch of fantasy and what I really wanted was to create a setting where anything is possible. The roleplay wouldn't be so much about the domestic (although it could) and more about our characters getting to know each other (even if they end up never getting along) and their odd adventures in the limitless galaxies and dimensions that they live in.
Character Sheet
Kthall'dhri Sahaoth-igo (“Kthall”)

Titles: Our Master, Queen of the Abyss, Lady of the Abyss, Hellstar Kthall'dhri, Daughter of the World Eaters, Yogndhothote's Offspring, Husband Killer

A relatively small (when standing upright on her tentacles at 5’/152 cm), spherical, twelve-tentacled, mono-eyed beast who hails from the swamp-like world called the “Hellstar”, which aptly gets its namesake because of its inhospitable denizens and climate. Kthall is the offspring of the multi-dimensional entity Yogndhothote, who exists in several dimensions at once and who has the unique ability to see fates across said dimensions and her "mother", Rakshu the World Eater—an ancient entity with an insatiable hunger who devours entire galaxies planet-by-planet. That said, Kthall is extremely proud of her heritage but simultaneously fears her parents (especially her father) given their enormous power.

Sadistic, arrogant, and vain, Kthall may be a thousand-year-old entity but she’s still a fledgling when compared to those of her kind and it shows in her violent tendencies (ex. torturing, killing, and maiming her grooms) and sheltered lifestyle. She’s rarely left the safety and comfort of her fortress on the Hellstar, but has still managed to make a reputation for herself because of the vast army under her control. Unfortunately, her most recent moniker is the “Husband Killer”, much to her chagrin. Despite her obvious failings, she is an extremely curious individual who will forsake her pride to satiate her curiosity if she deems it important enough. She can be logical when the mood so strikes her and is quick to embrace new ideas/concepts. More than anything, she resents weakness and seeks a strong husband to mate with so she can breed a powerful offspring to one day inherit her kingdom. That said, she likes to be in control at all times and becomes easily agitated if that feeling of control lessens. Between her own realm and the kingdom she’s inherited from her father, her rule spans over several dimensions and worlds and assuming her spouse could survive, he would have joint power of this massive dynasty.

Like her father, she can see through other dimensions and existences but has far less insight and influence than he has (unlike her father, she is unable to alter reality). Regardless of her immense strength and control, Kthall hates the heat and becomes physically weak in hot and dry environments (Summer is an unfortunate time for her since the Hellstar has extreme seasonal shifts).
Sample Post
The swampy land expelled a poisonous miasma—the air was heavy and cold. The earth pulsed and moved, as if alive, but was hard to the touch. The foliage was twisted and gnarled, a reddish fungus grew on the surface of trees and plants, leaving behind an orangeish residue. Through the frigid space, steam rose in plumes from deep maw-like craters in the ground that reached into the pitch blackness of the earth. Through the thick haze stood an imposing structure, massive in size, it was reminiscent of a castle but black spikes and tangled rock jutted from its form and seemed to imply the fortress was penetrated by the formation from below or perhaps the castle was built through the unusual structures, as if woven into place.

Deep inside the grand liar, in a grandiose throne room, sat the Tentacled Beast. Her tendrils draped over the side of the throne, a single eye staring down at a black smear on the otherwise pristine dark stoned floors with disinterest.

“Pitiful,” her voice was surprisingly light and feminine given her form. Kthall'dhri Sahaoth-igo was unamused, her latest groom had thought he could conspire against her without her knowing. It was a naive notion at best but she had allowed it for a time, amused by his endeavors and she had found it endearing in the way that only lesser creatures could elicit. However, her patience waned immediately when he tried to employ the use of one of her loyal servants. He was entirely too foolish to assume that her servants were nothing but Agape with love for their Master.

The black stain was an eyesore.

“O-our Master...Would you like usssssss to c-clean th-this mess…?” Came a pitiful voice. The creature whom it belonged to was a fleshy humanoid. Hunched over itself, it’s body was deformed and it moved off-kilter thus. Despite the almost-whine in its voice, it spoke politely. It was a docile creature who avoided conflict and served its beloved Master with no other purpose than servitude. Kthall, in turn, treated her servant(s) with the utmost care because there was no greater purpose than to attend her royal self, she believed.

“Yes, please do,” she flicked a tentacle into the air, mildly annoyed, “This is the seventh one…” she announced aloud.

“N-ninth, Our Master,” it corrected. Several similar creatures had entered the throne room and begun to clean the stain with surprising dexterity and efficiency.

She responded with a grunt, moving into a more upright position as she watched her servants clean her (late) groom off the flooring, “While Father has been proud of my abilities, his amusement can only last so long. He wishes for me to produce offspring,” her body sagged and her voice fell an octave with worry, “I have a feeling his patience will run out soon,” she feared exile and imprisonment enough, but her greatest fear would be settling down with vermin like her most recent (late) fiance. By force. She couldn’t fight against her father’s will if it came down to it. He claimed the grooms he picked were adequate but they were so, so weak. Her complaints fell on deaf ears and here she was with another defective spouse.

...But the dowries had seemed to become less frequent as of late.

“I wish I could ask Mother for advice…” she sighed solemnly, “She could not resist trying to devour Father’s kingdom. Because of this they both decided it was best for her to be sealed away for all eternity,” she spoke more to herself than anything, reminiscent, because her servants were all very much aware of this story, “But you see, I to hope to find someone with whom I could share such a deep bond,” she became more eager, her voice rang with admiration and she was now standing on the throne, “There are many lessons we could learn from Mother and Father,” she spoke without a hint of irony, because 'compromise’ was evidently not one of them.

“Y-yes Our Massster...Truly admirable...”


She went quiet and gave off the distinct impression that she was pouting over something.

“O-our Massster...Perhaps y-you should disscusssss this w-with your father...”

The others had finished cleaning and another one of her servants spoke up, its voice much raspier. It spoke much faster than the other one, “A higher dowry perhapsss,”

They all moved to Kthall in a semi-circle, trying to create some semblance of comfort for their distressed Master. She appreciated the sentiment but it did little to quell her worries, “I fear that if my dowry is raised again, then I will become unobtainable,” her dowry was already inconceivably high. It was supposed to entice those with massive power given her habit of murdering, torturing, and exiling any potential mates, but now many feared her (as they should, she reasoned). She preferred it this way personally, she only wanted a powerful husband but her father would not always be so appreciative of her violent tendencies.

“Our Massster, this one thinks you should consider eradicating any dowry,” the other creatures looked at the one who spoke with surprise. They had all been thinking the same thing, of course, they were as close to being one person while still maintaining individuality as they could be but their beloved Master was volatile. She had never raised a tentacle to them nor did they ever expect her to, but her foul moods affected them all, usually with tedious and unpleasant tasks. It was oftentimes hard to gauge what would upset her and what would elate her and they had unanimously decided that the matter of her dowry best be left unspoken unless she was in a particularly good mood. Well, evidently, almost unanimously.

Kthall didn’t respond and stared at the creature, the look in her eye somewhere between confused and annoyed (surely not a good sign for her loyal servants).

“I mean, Our Master, many powerful entities don’t have a kingdom to give, they have no need for such things,”

“And what makes you think they’ll want my kingdom if they have no need for such things?” The creatures shifted with discomfort, her voice was leveled and gave away nothing, which meant she was either considering their words carefully or one step away from having a tantrum. They all desperately wished that the one speaking would drop the subject but it continued on, unperturbed by its brethren’s unspoken pleas and threats.

“Our Master, you can entice those entities with things other than power. Knowledge, insight, wishes...With your immense power, you can promise them things they couldn’t hope to obtain with their own abilities,”

“It almost sounds like you’re talking about mortals,” she mused.

“It doesn’t have to be, Our Master, but I think your present selection of mates has proven to be...insufficient,”

She was silent for a long while, a tentacle flicking from one side to the other and her eye gazing at the crooked and decorated ceiling, “I’ll talk to Father about it. It may not be such a terrible idea,” in the least it would be more exciting she thought. The other creatures relaxed, pleased with their Masters' reaction and the one who spoke allowed itself a little smugness.

Just then, the air shook with vibrations, a loud boom tore through the quiet of the land. A crackling noise was heard overhead and the sky ripped open, an abyss appearing in its place. A monstrous creature loomed through the ominous portal above and the earth seemed to shudder at its presence. Kthall groaned, “Father’s here and I suppose I’ll have to explain,” she eyed where the stain of her husband once was, “this to him,” she pulled herself off the throne with little effort and her servants moved out of her way in perfect synchronization. She wasn’t looking forward to seeing her father, but in the least, she had something interesting to discuss with him.
Since the plot revolves around Kthall trying to find a husband, these are just some premises that I was playing around with in my head. Nothing is concrete and I’m open to discussion.

A Forced UnionShe finds someone she believes to be worthy of being her husband—someone powerful, maybe they fight or she witnesses them perform a great feat—and forces them to marry to her (or at least tries).
Wishful ThinkingShe is sought after by someone who wants something from her, her father, or her kingdom (revenge, power, knowledge, a wish granted, etc.) and they strike a deal and/or she grants them the opportunity to try and survive as her fiancé.
Arranged MarriageYet another arranged marriage by her father but this time her husband can survive her violent tendencies, whether they are powerful or not (ex: maybe an immortal that she can’t technically kill or banish).
The Husband KillerHer potential spouse is adequately powerful (perhaps someone chosen by her father) but something about him really pisses her off (maybe he's just as arrogant and narcissistic as her or even the total opposite, maybe he's too much of a humanitarian for her liking) and she makes an effort to kill him but is unable to, possibly because he's stronger than her. The roleplay, or at least the beginning, would be her trying to kill her spouse but failing every time.


These are all my one-shot requests, which are quick roleplays that are more focused on erotica and smut than in-depth storytelling. Although I'm not against these being worked into actual roleplays/stories if someone has any ideas.

Open The Witch's Pet

Tags: F!HumanxM!Monster or F!HumanxM!Demon, interspecies relationship, height differences

This might be an odd request, but what I’m looking for is someone to play the role of a small, cute, mascot-y like monster/demon/creature. ◆ Examples ◆ Something like the Puklipo from Dragon Quest X, Jack Frost from Shin Megami Tensei, the demons from Yondemasuyo Azazel-san, or Morgan/Teddy from the Persona series. Because this is a one-shot request, I was planning for it be more focused on the sexual aspect but if someone has any ideas, then I’d be willing to turn it into a more developed story/roleplay.

I had a vague premise in mind; a young witch attempts to summon a demon/monster to become her familiar to do her bidding. What she thinks she’s summoning is an all-powerful entity but ends summoning a (as described above) small, cute, mascot-y like creature. I had three very basic ideas, but they aren't very fleshed out or in detail, so I’m totally open for suggestions.

The familiar is, in fact, an all-powerful demon despite appearances and she doesn't believe him so he shows her otherwise (possible non-con or dub-con).
Alternatively, he actually is as weak as he looks, and she pretty much treats him like a pet.
Perhaps the familiar is an all-powerful demon/monster but has a weak disposition so she ends up treating him like a pet. She treats him well enough but demeaning for his status/power. Maybe he eventually snaps after being treated like a pet too much or maybe wants impress her and to show her that he's not just a pet.

The setting can be anything, whether more modern or fantasy.

Open The Haunted

Tags: F!HumanxM!Ghost or F!HumanxM!Demon, F!Maid, interspecies relationship, supernatural, (potential) horror, (potential) dub-con or non-con

For this idea, I'm looking for someone to play the role of a demon or ghost who dwells in a haunted mansion.

I had a very loose premise in mind—there's a rather decrepit mansion just outside of a small town, of which the nearby townspeople fear, because of the rumors surrounding it. However, a young woman works there as a maid and makes the travel to the mansion every day to perform her duties. The owner is rather reclusive and she almost never sees them, only really communicating with them through the notes and letters they leave around the mansion telling her what to do and how to do it. One night, she ends up getting stuck at the mansion (from bad weather or some such) and ends up staying the night. During the night strange happenings start to occur. Now, from here the roleplay is open-ended but I did have some ideas:

The owner/her boss is a cultist and uses her as a sacrifice to summon a ghost or demon into the material world.
The owner (or rather their physical body) is merely a vessel for a demon or ghost.
Alternatively, the owner has almost nothing to do with the story and instead there's a supernatural entity who haunts/dwells inside the mansion.

In terms of tone and setting, I haven't put a whole lot of thought into it yet. It could take place in the past, present, or future. It could be more horror-oriented or not, instead focusing on the supernatural rather than "horror".

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Re: A Robitz Request(s) (Multi-paragraph, FxM)
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Added One-Shot "Haunted"
Added Request "Abstract"
Sample Post added to "The Devil Lives in All of Us"
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Made some changes to the One-Shots Haunted and The Witch's Pet
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