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Author Topic: Here Comes The Sun (Azuresun's Seeking Thread, F/M, F/F, Multi-Char)  (Read 1739 times)

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Online AzuresunTopic starter

Current Status: Seeking

Right now, I'm up for any of the ideas in the post below this one. The archived ideas are a maybe, if someone can persuade me that I want to try one of them now.  :-)

A Little Bit About Me:

Hi there, and thanks for checking out this thread. As for me, I'm from the UK, and in my thirties. I've been writing in some capacity since I figured out which way round to hold a pencil, and doing PBP's for about 16 years at this point. I love writing and storytelling in all its forms, but solo writing can get a bit lonely at times. Which is where sites like this come in!

Below is a rundown of my writing style and things I want from a story, split into spoiler blocks for ease of reading. Specific stories I'm looking to find a partner for will be listed in the post below this one. If you're interested in any of them, if you think we've got similar tastes and you'd like to make a more general enquiry or you think I might be interested in one of your story ideas based on my likes, get in touch. Drop me a PM if you're interested, and I'll get back to you soon!

My Posting Habits & Writing Preferences:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Format: I prefer threads, though I might consider PM's for a compelling idea. I prefer to write in third-person past tense.

Posting Rate & Length: I usually post once per 1-2 days on average, sometimes more. My posts average around 2-4 paragraphs or the equivalent, though it can vary a lot--more for describing a character or location, less for quick back-and-forth posting like sexual or action scenes. It'll be as much is as needed to describe what's happening, move the story forward and give my partner something to react to or build on, without racing too far ahead. I'm not one of those RP'ers that throws out huge posts where my character has their side of an entire conversation before the other poster has a chance to react to any of it.

Communication: If I need to pause or stop the story for any reason, I'll make sure to let my partners know. Likewise, if I have any issues with a post, or any questions, I'll let them know rather than going silent. I hope for the same courtesy from any writing partners. My rule of thumb is that if it goes dark for a week or more, I'll send one PM to bump. If I get a response, even a single line, I'll wait as long as needed but if I don't hear anything else, I'll consider the story abandoned.

Pairings & Character Genders: The pairings I'm the most familiar with are F/M and F/F. M/M (or an MMF scene) is largely unexplored territory for me, but I might give it a shot if the idea is compelling. Transgender characters are something I'm a little cautious about, because I want to avoid accidentally causing offence. But if someone is willing to put up with the odd possibly-dumb question and check that I'm doing it right, then I'd certainly give it a shot. Also, I'm not bothered about the RL gender of writing partners. I can share my own RL gender if it matters, I simply prefer to keep it non-public so that I can be judged solely on my writing. :)

Canons: I prefer not to play canon characters or real celebrities--I'd worry too much about getting them exactly right. Existing settings are cool, so long as they're big enough that we can tell a separate story from the canon characters.

Smut & Plot: For me, it's less smut vs plot. It's more that no matter how smutty or fantastic the story is, I'm looking for believable and likeable characters, with emotional depth, and emotional build-up to the sexy stuff. After all, if I don't know anything about these people, I'm not particularly interested in how they hump each other. I like the erotica and story to compliment each other, since sex can be a great vector for character development, and good characterisation makes the erotic bits so much hotter. To put it another way, I like the focus to be on the characters having sex rather than the sex the characters are having.

Tone: I like to have a lighter touch--drama, high stakes and a bit of angst are fine, but I'm not really interested in unrelenting grim darkness, bad ends or asshole vs asshole character dynamics where I stop caring who wins. To put it another way--

Everyone Should Have Fun!: Characters and writers alike. Even if it's not the sort of fun they were expecting, the lead characters should be happy they became part of this story, and enjoy themselves for at least part of the story and certainly all of the sexy times.

My Ideal Writing Partner:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1: Posts regularly.  Doesn't have to be superfast, so long as it's consistent. I work best with partners who can manage a pace of 2/week or more (any less and the story loses momentum and it can be hard for me to regain the mood), so if you don't think you can consistently keep that rate up, we might not work well together. I would really like to have one of those RP's where multiple posts can fly back and forth in a day, but I understand that's often not practical for people.

2: Is communicative and friendly. I really want to hear suggestions and ideas for the story, and to know when something did or didn't work. The more I know about what someone enjoys from my writing, the more of it I can give to them! And on a personal level, just getting a simple "I'm enjoying this." is incredibly rewarding and energising for me, instantly making all the effort feel worth it. :-) Equally, I want to know if something I posted didn't work for my writing partner, so I can fix or improve on it--I'm always open to helpful criticism and suggestions.

3: Is collaborative, and willing to work with me on developing the plot. If it's just me laying out the story and the only response to any suggestions is "yeah, sounds cool I guess", then I'm going to burn out fast. I have a lot of ideas, but I'm not going to do all the work myself.

4: Is someone who enjoys developing an interesting story and cast, and who aims for a good standard of writing. I don't have hard standards for "literacy" levels--I'll take technically imperfect but fun writing over a masterclass any day.
5: Won't vanish without saying anything. It's very frustrating and dispiriting to have a good discussion or in-progress RP where I'm really enthusiastic to get things underway and then suddenly--dead silence. Please, if you need to pause or stop the RP for any reason whatsoever, that's completely fine with me! There will be no drama, no confrontations, and no guilt-tripping. Just take two minutes from your day to drop me a message and let me know to wait.

6: Doesn't need to be experienced. Join date, post count, size of your seeking thread....none of that matters to me if the enthusiasm and fun is there.

My Ons & Offs:

I'm quite flexible, and the list below isn't set in stone apart from the Turn-Offs, so if I can understand the appeal of something, I'll consider giving it a shot. So just ask, the worst I can do is say "no thanks". Also, there's no one thing on the list that I MUST have in an RP--if something below is a turn-off for you, I'll be happy to leave it out.

Story & Character Likes
I'm open to any level of smut, but no matter how sexy things are getting, the important thing is characterisation. Even if the characters are hypersexual and the plot is basically an excuse to get them in bed, I still need to be interested in seeing how they're going to develop when they're not humping each other. They need to feel like believable people with consistent characters and even personal arcs.

Romance, or some kind of growing affection and respect in the relationship. That said, I like it when the romance evolves naturally over the course of the story, rather than being mandated from the start.
Sexual tension, teasing & frustration. Innuendo, dirty talk, getting someone worked up when they can't act on their desire. Winding up the tension to breaking point, then let the characters at each other.
A dynamic balance of power in a relationship--even if the roles in bed are fixed, that won't be all there is to the characters and their relationship outside of sex.
Humour. Not usually outright comedy, but sex is quite a silly thing when you stop and think about it, and we do silly things because of it, so the odd nod to that is fun. And on an IC level, I like writing characters who are relaxed and secure enough in each other's company that they can make each other smile. I'm kind of overdosed on humourless, no-chill or too-cool-for-school characters, give me someone who can crack a smile!

Physical Variety: There's a lot of different variations on "beautiful", so let's push the boat out a little! Different ethnicities, builds, body types....but one thing to add is that I'm not after RP's that heavily fetishise a character's weight, ethnicity, etc. The other thing is that a character should be attractive in some way--I'm not keen on the "beautiful girl / gross guy" dynamic you sometimes see.

Sexy Likes
Build-up and story to the sexy times. I want to have some development and characterisation--it's a feedback loop, where interesting and sympathetic characters make the sex much hotter, and erotic scenes are a great way to develop characters.

Gentle / Affectionate Domination: I really like getting a chance to write this from either side, but it seems quite hard to find compared to harder stuff. I love the dynamic where one partner is unquestionably in control, but is exerting it in a loving way, gently but firmly asserting their authority. It's usually associated with women dominating men ("mom-dom" or "ara ara"), but it would be a nice break from the norm to see a man doing this as well.

Sexy clothing. Male or female! There are so many possibilities--teasing, flashing, stripteases, going commando, semi-clothed quickies, cosplay, titillating clothing damage in combat, ripping someone's clothes open--that why waste that potential to get naked inside one post?

Breast Play. Cliche as it may be, there's just something about a beautiful (not necessarily large) bosom on a women, and a woman getting turned on through her breasts being caressed, squezed, worshipped and sucked (maybe all the way up to an orgasm just from breast play) will never get old for me, whether my character is giving or recieving such treatment.

Sex or arousal in inappropriate places. Wandering hands under the table at a posh restaurant, a remote-controlled vibrator buzzing away below desk level at a high-powered business meeting, a hot and heavy "gotta have you now" quickie in a public space.

"Classy" settings & characters. There's just something about wealth and sophistication when it goes hand in hand with decadence.

Dirty Talk: There's an art to this--if your character can steer clear of insulting and degrading "porn star" talk (see below) and use suggestion and innuendo to get their partner achingly turned on before any physical contact is made, that would be awesome!

Voyeurism / Being Watched / Watching: Not so much as a way of creeping or exerting power over someone who isn't comfortable being exposed, but more as an enriching thing when one person savours the sight of something beautiful, and the other gets a thrill from feeling desired and irresistible.

The following are more niche likes (nothing too out-there)--I'd like to try them ONLY if they are appropriate to the story and cool with my writing partner, but they won't fit in every story, nor do they need to.

Lactation. Whether the cause is natural, supernaturally induced or just (through some biological artistic licence) as a side-effect of arousal or breast stimulation. There's something quintessentially feminine about the sight of a woman with milk dripping from her nipples.

Risk of pregnancy / impregnation. There's just something thrilling on a very primal level about being on either end of this, assuming it makes sense for the story. And where appropriate, I find it hot to think of the sex in terms such as mating, or for visualisations such as sperm shooting straight into a woman's womb, or an egg being fertilised. I'm less interested in playing all the way through a pregnancy, so actual impregnation would work better near the end of a story, or with an extended cast.

Sexfighting.  A step on from catfights, this is essentially, sex (usually same-sex) with a competitive element. There are several flavours (from "fistfights with some nudity" to "sex with some playfighting"), but the sort of thing I like is a contest to make the other person orgasm first / more, with physical struggling (grappling, pinning, choking, light pain such as spanking, slapping, nipple twisting, etc) being a means to that end.

Oviposition. You ever have something where you go from "that's icky!" to "....but also weirdly hot." without quite knowing why or how the transition happened? Yeah, this is like that for me.

Maybe / Conditional
These ones are a bit more nuanced--they're things I like, but only in a certain context:

I'm not that into anal, but if my partner likes it, I can add some in, focusing on the taboo and thrillingly dirty aspect. Just don't expect it in every scene.

Incest doesn't have the huge appeal for me it does for others, but I can work with it, focusing, like above, on the thrillingly taboo aspect. Though I'd want to steer well clear of any hints of emotional abuse.

Futanari characters are something I might be interested in trying, but I prefer them to be something unusual within the setting (or a temporary transformation). Not so much when they're presented as a superior alternative to men.

Embarrassment / humiliation up to a point--it's very cute when the recipient is being aroused by it or shamefully enjoying the feeling, but I don't like edging into degradation, where the victim is simply hating or miserable about what's happening to them.

Dub-Con or Non-Con are very big maybes, and I'd want to be very careful about how I go into such a story. The key is that characters should still be enjoying what's happening to them, even if not in a way they were expecting. I'd need to be very sure a writing partner was on the same page as me before bringing this into an RP.

When it comes to furries or characters with animal-like traits, my rough guideline is that if the torso, genitals and face are largely humanlike, that's okay with me. I generally prefer limited and discrete nonhuman features (ears, tail, legs / feet, mermaid or snake tail, etc).

Specific Little Extras
Sometimes you just really like a certain very specific element, but can't quite say why, you know? Again, these aren't mandatory, but I'd love it if a chance arises to work these into a story.

Vintage dresses and gowns with low necklines. The Dangerous Liasons or Outlander kind of look, where most of a woman's body is covered under layers of skirts or lace--but in contrast, her breasts are provocatively lifted and thrust forwards, visibly rising and falling as she breathes. Something like this or like this. The sort of bodice people think of when they say "bodice-ripper". Speaking of which.....

Qipao-style dresses, especially with very high slits. There's a very sexy contrast to these, where the upper body is concealed up to the throat, while the legs can go from concealed to almost fully revealed with a simple movement of the legs.

Clothing damage. Combat or sparring where one or both character's modesty is under attack is my favourite take on this, but environmental damage that also exposes a titillating amount of skin is very hot as well. And passion that's so urgent that clothes literally get ripped off of someone....yes!

Stubble on a man. I find it a sexy look, and the feel of it on smooth skin is hot as well.

Glimpses of stocking tops. Sitting or bending over just right to give a hint of bare thigh is a wonderful tease, intentional or otherwise.

Being kissed or caressed from behind. I like the contrast of one person being explored, while the other stays largely out of reach.

Being held or pressed up against glass. It's just a very sexy visual, of curves flattening and offering a show to a hypothetical viewer from the other side, who can't touch.

Women going commando, with no underwear under their skirts. There's just something about the visual of a woman going about her day while very aware of her lewd secret and of anything--stairs, a gust of wind--that might expose her to the world. Even hotter if someone else intentionally removes the panties!

Excessively long posts, which push the story forward at breakneck pace, racing through plot points that I don't get a chance to properly react to. Likewise, posts filled with internal monologue that forget to include anything for my character to react to. :-)

Two-dimensional characters--if the characters ever stop feeling like believable people, then I can't find them sexy. In particular, I'm cool with playing with a "dominant" or "submissive" character, but please give them something more to their personalities than those two words!

Bimbofication or other forms of degradation.

Crude and demeaning "porn star" style talk, in or out of character.

"All men are bastards": Or casual misandry applied to all non-protagonist male characters as a way to make the male lead look better or to explain why two women are falling into each others' arms.

The common ones that you see in turn-offs--toilet stuff, severe pain in a sexual context, rape, bestiality. :-)
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Online AzuresunTopic starter

Ideas & Inspiration
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2018, 09:19:55 AM »
Rating System:

Low Smut: There might be some sex / romance if the plot or character arcs go that way, but it's not the focus of the story.
Moderate Smut: There's a fair bit of sex and sexual tension, but the story mostly doesn't depend on the erotica to drive the plot forward.
High Smut: Sex will be the focus of the story, along with setting up interesting and titillating situations for our characters, and winding up the tension. Note that this still requires interesting characters and a solid story to give context to the sexy stuff.

Currently Seeking:

Long / Mid-Term Stories:

A New Adventure Begins

Keywords: Fantasy, Harem, Humour, Episodic
Seeking: Multi-F seeking M
Smut Level: High
Length: Medium

He's an adventurer in a fantasy world--his class could be just about anything, rogue, warrior, spellcaster, etc. But he's outclassed somewhat by the powerful and somewhat intimidating band of all-female adventurers he's fallen in with, less experienced (both in the dungeon and in the bedroom) and certain than them. He might sometimes wonder if he can pull his weight, or if they actually need him there.

But then there's an eventful quest where he catches the attention of all his adventuring companions in different ways. Maybe one of them is impressed by an act of heroism that surprised even him, another has a quiet bonding moment that means a lot to get, he saves the third from a sticky end in a trap, etc. When they all spill back into the tavern with a pile of gold to spend, they're all eager to blow off some tension and are impressed by / grateful to him for various reasons, even if he hasn't quite realised it yet. And then--one by one, ignorant of what the others are doing--they're going to give him a string of "victory celebrations" he won't forget any time soon. Maybe culminating in all of them piling in for an encounter with a challenge rating well above his level, but one that will give him a lot of experience points!

The format of this one would be a series of flashbacks to what he did to catch each woman's attention, and then back to each of them collaring him for some private time.

The image above was created by the Italian artist Ganassa and gave me the spark for this idea, and I've also been looking for a way to write a harem game without the "mission creep" that often accompanies it, where the plot spirals wildly out of control mapping out a dozen characters and their relationships. I don't see this as a system-based game, though I wouldn't mind bearing a system in mind to provide the setting or as a general guideline for what the characters can do. And I'm very open to suggestions for anything you'd like to see in the heroines.

One last thing to note is that a well-written male lead for this is absolutely vital--yes, he's probably going to be a bit shy, virginal and inexperienced at the start of the night, but none of those words mean "doormat" or "bland audience insert", right? Nor do I want a conquering, macho he-man who just boringly takes every encounter in his stride. I want him to have a personality that makes it clear why these women would be sweet on him and why he gets along well with them, as well as a relationship with each of them that doesn't need to be super detailed, but does need some fleshing out.

Tribute to the Amazons

Keywords: Fantasy, Futa, Dubcon, Rough Sex, Impregnation
Seeking: Multi-F seeking Fu or Multi-Fu
Smut Level: High
Length: Short-Medium

Everyone in the land knows of the Amazons as a reclusive tribe of deadly warriors, though fewer people are aware of the unique blessings that these women use to sustain their numbers. But three women are about to find out. To stave off the aggression of these fierce warriors, the kingdom has offered up a princess as tribute, along with her bodyguard and handservant. All three of them will find themselves gifted to the strongest warriors of the tribe, to provide entertainment, pleasure and--once they've been fully "conquered"--three new offspring for the tribe.

So this involves three kinks that are still fairly new to me, but which I'd like to dabble with--futa, impregnation, and dubcon. For the impregnation angle, I like the idea of the woman knowing that it's coming and maybe initially struggling to avoid being fertilised, but giving in to both the skills of her partner and her own growing urge to be bred. The dubcon is something I'm going to be a bit more careful on--something I'd want for sure is for all the characters to enjoy what's happening to them sexually, even if it's a reluctant or unexpected enjoyment at first--I don't want to write a story where the characters are just miserable or fearful about whats happening to them. Also, while they will give in in different ways I don't like to write characters who become so submissive that they lose all their personality and spirit.

Most of the details of the story are open for negotiation--I'm certainly up for changing details, answering questions and working with anyone who's interested to come up with the characters and scenarios for this!

Possibilities For The Captives

The princess, beautiful but haughty, bratty and demanding, needing to be taught a lesson about who's really in charge here and what her captor wants from her.

The warrior will resist fiercely at first, needing some roughhousing and wrestling to get her to surrender to the pleasure of the mating and yield her womb to her conqueror.

The servant girl, repelled at first, but as her turn approaches, becoming irresistably fascinated with the idea of serving and being made pregnant by such women.

He Loved All The Women Of The West

Keywords: Western, Action, Erotic, Pulp
Seeking: F seeking M/F
Smut Level: High
Length: Medium

So  there is a whole subgenre of Westerns that revolve around virile cowboys, drifters, vigilantes, etc, roving the Old West and dispensing justice to black-hatted bad guys....while also bedding multiple women per book before riding into the sunset. He may be quick on the draw in a shootout but definitely not in bed, as could be attested by many satisfied women who have  found themselves on the business end of his longarm, been left saddlesore after a night of....okay, I'll stop now. Indulgent, pulpy fun all the way, essentially.

I'd take on multiple characters for this, though it would be more in a "serial monogamy" format than a harem story, where the women are not competing with each other. The style would probably be episodic, with the hero coming into town and dealing with a discrete problem (and encountering 2-3 unforgettable women) before he wanders the earth once more. Though it would be a bit of a break from the source material, this could also work with a female protagonist. Or maybe mix things up a bit with duo protagonists opposite the revolving cast of women.

But who is our hero? Why does he wander the West? What is it that drives him to one town after another to tangle with villains, bandits and desperados, and "tangle" with many beautiful and willing women?

Women such as.....
1: The talkative saloon girl, who hears everything that goes on in this town.
2: The schoolmarm or missionary who teaches at the local school. Is she really as shy and virtuous as she seems, or is there a side of this pillar of the community that yearns to be just a little bit bad?
3: The cathouse kitten, who'll make a lonely cowboy forget all his woes...till she gets whisked up in one of them!
4: The cool-as-ice gambler whose beauty shines through her masculine attire--and she's quite happy to let men lose their edge because of it. She'll have the shirt off your back if you're unlucky.....or if you're very lucky!
5: The mystery vigilante who strikes from the shadows, gunning down evildoers and fading into the night again. Who is this masked man? What does he want? But the best-kept secret may be that he's not actually a he at all....
6: The demure nun who runs a hospital for the needy.....but she has experience with the darker side of people, both from the times when a kind hand does not turn away wrath and she needs saving from the grasp of evil, and from wrestling with her own sinful desires in this savage and lawless land.
7: The determined young widow who hangs doggedly on to her husband's farm or ranch, resisting the attempts of the villains to take what she's built. Though independent and easily tough enough to make it on her own in the frontier, she also burns to know the touch of a man again....
8: The beautiful and spoiled daughter of wealth and privilege, who's come out from Boston to see for herself where her daddy's money comes from, but finds herself kidnapped or threatened and in need of protection!
9: The intrepid, tomboyish journalist coming from the big city to expose corruption on the frontier, but finding herself in hot water with what she does discover.
10: The gunslinger simply known as "Lady", who has a growing bounty on her head after shooting dead several prominent men. But is she a simple murderer, or do her crimes point towards a trail of revenge?
11: The sultry Native maiden who acts as go-between between her tribe and the settlers, trying to keep the peace--a task that she may need help with in the face of outside provocation, before things break out into open war.
12: The preacher's daughter or wife, prim and proper--but the constant sermons on the evils of the flesh have had the opposite effect, nurturing a sneaky fascination with forbidden fruit....
13: The cute and geeky academic who accompanies a fossil hunting expedition. But what they inadvertently dig up will be something far more dangerous than a tyrannosaur skull, leaving her the lone escapee.....
14: The bandit queen, the renegade with the face of an angel and the heart of a devil, who lives perilously and loves passionately!
15: "Sweet Polly Oliver". She didn't see why being a woman should stop her fighting for her home, so she disguised herself as a man to go to war. After it ended, she found she quite liked living as a man and kept up the masquerade....but there's one way remaining in which she'd definitely prefer to be treated like a woman.
16: The voodoo queen, who can capture your shadow in a bottle, drive you to madness with passion, and who talks to ghosts. Is it all theatrics, leveraged to protect herself and her people, or is there something more? When a man is immersed in the most bizarre care of his career, it can be hard to tell the difference....
17: The hillbilly girl, living out in the wilderness with her extended family. She might be a bit rough-edged and cheerfully vulgar, but she knows the wilds like the back of her hand, and is very eager for adventure....
18: Simply known as "The Madam" to all but her friends, she's a hidden power in the town equal to the mayor or sherriff, quite content to let the moral crusaders fulminate in public, so long as nobody interferes with her girls or her profits.
19: The quietly alluring Chinese beauty. Few suspect the deadly unarmed fighter waiting to spring into action when her mission must be completed.
20: The mail-order bride who barely speaks English, called out to the West to meet a man she doesn't know....but when she arrives to find her husband mysteriously vanished, she finds herself plunged into a mystery that will need strength she never knew she had.

Other Inspirational Images:
I wasn't kidding when i said this was it's own subgenre!

And a very big gallery of awesome pulp Western art, too big to fit into this post!

Short / One-Shot Stories:


Keywords: Fantasy, Ecchi, Comedy, Tentacles
Seeking: F seeking M or M seeking F
Smut Level: High
Length: Short-Medium

Two fantasy adventurers make a great adventuring duo, and a very compatible pair of lovers. But then there's an accident while she's performing a magical experiment or making potions, and her companion finds himself (or herself) transformed into a slime monster or mass of tentacles. It doesn't make him any less hot for her, and they find the only way for him to turn back temporarily requires some serious tentacle loving. do what you have to, right?

The thrust of this is simple to describe--the thrilling image of a woman being grappled, caressed and filled by a lover who can be everywhere at once, but without the common rapey undertones (maybe a touch of thrilling dub-con at first). Could also include impregnation later on in the story, or maybe additional sexy female adventurers being required to help with...subduing this creature.

I'd be up for playing either role, or for considering other settings (ie, sci-fi, magical girls) for the same basic premise.

Female Sexfighting:
(really craving this one)

Keywords: Modern / Fantasy, Erotica, Wrestling, Combat, possibly Comedy
Seeking: F or Multi-F seeking F
Smut Level: High
Length: Short-Medium

This is a fairly flexible idea, with several possible premises (some of them listed below, and I'm open to other variations). The common link is the kink of F/F sexfighting, which can be summed up as sex with a competitive element. There are several variations ranging from "sex with some playfighting" to "fistfights with some nudity", but the type I'm interested in here is more in the middle--the characters are primarily trying to win via making their opponent orgasm first / more and the contest is mainly about "inflicting" pleasure, but there is some physical competition and perhaps some light pain (spanking, holds, wrestling, hairpulling, light bondage, etc). It might be an actual fight that became something more, or it might have been a sexual contest from the start.

Aiming for a fairly light and playful (and consensual) tone--there's going to be rivalry, competitiveness and ego clashes, some humiliation, etc, but I' like everyone to enjoy what's happening, even if reluctantly ("this is so humiliating, especially when SHE's doing it, but it feels so good I can't fight it!") and steer clear of degradation. The assumption is that both fighters do want to have sex and to enjoy themselves....but for each woman, it's intertwined with the desire to have sex on her terms, and prove her superiority to her rival.

Possible Scenarios:
Wife vs Mistress: It was just a fun fling with an older man, nothing too serious. But now his wife--his very much current, not-divorced wife--has turned up on the doorstep of the mistress, and she's not happy. She's going to take this little waif of a girl down with her voluptuous body and powerful sexuality, and record her triumph so that her husband will be in no doubt that he'd better not stray again. But maybe the mistress isn't quite going to be the pushover she was expecting.

Girlfriend vs Ex: As if unceremoniously dumping her wasn't bad enough, now he's sending his new girlfriend round to pick up his stuff from his ex's apartment? How low can you go? Her pride is wounded, and she wants to make sure this new girl knows that she's the better woman in every way! And in the end, once they've given everything they've got and they're lying there exhausted, the hostility cleared from the either of them really need a man like that?

Sorority Girl vs Queen Bee: This is how the queen bee of a sorority, cheerleading squad, or boarding school asserts her authority and proves her worthiness to be leader. So far, anyone who has challenged her has been left a quivering, exhausted wreck. But now there's a brash new challenger who thinks she can work her way through her deputies and take on the queen!

Heiress vs Heiress: Two high-society frenemies have feuded about the time one of them stole the other's boyfriend, dissed her dress choices, made a scene at her birthday party, said something mean about her on Twitter, or some other grievous, unforgivable and very serious matter of honour. Finally, after an escalating series of tit-for-tat and wars of words, it's time to settle this and determine the superior woman in the most decisive way possible. Two girls, one locked bedroom, a bedside cabinet well-stocked with toys, oils and restraints, and a rule that neither can leave until one of them yields or passes out.

Escort vs Escort: Two high-class escorts (or sugar babies) are both vying to become the favourite of a very generous client who flits between them, and the rivalry (friendly or otherwise) is growing. And then one night, he books both of them, and informs them of they're going to decide who the new favourite is in woman-to-woman combat, while he judges (and enjoys the show).

Madam vs Madam: A variant on the above, where the mature (but still devastatingly sexy) women managing two rival escort agencies are going to settle once and for all who the top cat in Sin City is.

Noblewoman vs Noblewoman: Sword duels between aristocratic women are recorded as happening multiple times in the 19th century when there was a movement away from women relying on men to fight for them--and on at least one occasion (linked below), the battle was fought topless! Apply a bit of dramatic license and you have two emancipated 19th century women of status (or modern ones reviving the tradition), cutting up each others' dress and getting increasingly hot and bothered as the fight progresses from swordplay into grappling.

Fighter vs Trainer: Learning MMA or wrestling has done wonders for her confidence and fitness, and a lot of that can be credited to her personal trainer. There's a spark of attraction there, but she's not sure how to broach the subject, or if the other woman's even noticed. Turns out the instructor has, because then she gets an after-hours invitaton to the gym. The instructor's waiting for her, and once they're together in the ring or cage, this rookie is going to learn a whole new kind of grappling.

Warrior vs Warrior: In a fantasy or historical fantasy version, two famous swordswomen have been drawn to each other, both by a wish to prove themselves over a rival, and simple attraction. But killing, or even wounding the opponent to determine victory wouldn't prove anything. Instead, their mastery of their blades will be demonstrated by attacking the modesty of their opponent, slicing up their clothes without harming their flesh. As it becomes harder and harder to fight while holding clothes together, as soft flesh becomes visible through the rents in fabric, they become locked in a clinch, face to face with each other, and then....

Sorceress vs Sorceress: Another fantasy variant, where the heroine and villainess clash in an epic struggle of magical might. However, they're so evenly matched that the fight becomes deadlocked, as both of them exhaust their power to no effect. Neither of them will admit defeat, so the battle becomes a physical struggle--but they're both so bad at hand-to-hand fighting that it degenerates into a clothes-ripping catfight, and then.....

And just in case you're thinking those scenarios sound absurd....

Suffice to say, it's a hugely flexible idea and I'm open to suggestions other than the ones above.

Additional inspirational material:

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Archived Ideas

These are ideas that I'm probably not interested in pursuing right now, but I'm storing them here. Feel free to browse, and to contact me if one of them does catch your eye--if someone has a really cool idea for one of these, I could be persuaded.  :-) Or if you want to take one of them for your own use, go ahead and do so (and send me a link!).

Space Junkers
Space Junkers

Keywords: Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
Seeking: F/M seeking M/F
Smut Level: Low-Medium
Length: Medium-Long

Remember the universes of games such as Privateer or Elite, or series such as Firefly, Outlaw Star or Cowboy Bebop? Mismatched loners and misfits surviving on the lawless or unexplored frontiers of interstellar society. It's dangerous, it's grungy....but it's freedom and they wouldn't change it for the world.

Basically, I'm feeling really up for something in that style right now. Apart from that, it's a very flexible idea--maybe it's just a slice of life story with our heroes and their ship always both somehow one job away from being set for life, and one failure away from being grounded permanently. Or maybe there's an ongoing plot relating to a big opportunity that comes with a lot of danger. And who are the protagonists? What drove them to live this way, and what sorts of tensions develop when they're the only people for millions of miles around, or during those long trips through hyperspace?

Additional Inspiration

Rediscovering You
Rediscovering You

Keywords: Romantic, Episodic, Kinky, Variety
Seeking: M seeking F / F seeking M
Smut Level: Medium-High
Length: Medium

They're a couple who have been together for a while (married or not), and....the spark's gone from their relationship. They both know it, but neither of them quite want to be the one who admits it. Most of their time together is spent slouching in front of the TV, and sex feels more like a tedious chore than anything else. Though neither of them have actualy cheated yet, both of them find their eyes starting to wander. The words "I don't think this is working out." or "It's not you, it's me." haven't been spoken yet, but it's surely not much longer.

But of them discovers something about the other. Maybe it's a curious bit of browser history leading to an unusual porn site or erotic roleplay forum. Maybe it's a forgotten "adventures to have by the time I'm 40" list found at the bottom of a box of books. Maybe it's bumping into an old friend who they haven't seen for a decade, who surprises one partner by casually referring to how sexually adventurous the other used to be.

Whatever it is, it's a catalyst for both of them to realise the hidden depths of their partner's sexual desires. So to try and save their relationship, they agree to try out a series of fantasies that each of them holds, alternating between their lists. But though the results are very hot, are either of them ready for what they're about to find out about this person they thought they knew inside out?

In terms of sexy-times, this would be a chance to try out a bunch of different scenarios and in-character roleplaying ideas. This could cover a wide range of stuff--S&M, threesomes, voyeurism or exhibitionism scenarios, costumes and roleplay, sex in perilous places, and so on. The basic idea is to explore a wide range of sexy scenarios without the whole story being about any one of them.

Of course, it shouldn't all be plain sailing. Both of them aren't going to be into the same things, and some of the fantasies are going to be a bit unsettling when they come to light ("Wait, you dreamed about a threesome with me and my best friend?!"). Roleplays can go wrong in comedic / embarrassing ways. And it's quite possible that one or both of them might have their own hang-ups about the things they want ("Is there something wrong with me, if I fantasise about being kidnapped?") that need to be worked through. But hopefully, working through these sticking points together and opening up to each other will be what truly restores trust and intimacy in the relationship.

So Is Spaghetti Until It Gets Wet
So Is Spaghetti Until It Gets Wet

Keywords: Modern, Lesbian, Humour, Orientation Play
Seeking: F seeking F
Smut Level: High
Length: Short-Medium

There are two girls who are good friends (I envisioned this with college roommates, but it could also be co-workers or something else), but one of them would, quite openly, like it to be more. A lot more. The other one insists it won't happen, that she's confidently straight, but that doesn't stop the playful flirtation. And in truth, the first girl enjoys the attention and the sense of being admired. But it's not really fair to keep stringing along her lesbian friend, so she tries to nip it in the bud.

But impulsively, she agrees to a challenge instead. One week of "dating", one week to persuade her to get used to the idea of being with another woman, and one week to try and get her into bed. It'll be simple, right? Just go through with it, and then say okay, I've tried it, it didn't work so now we're just friends.

Simple, right?

Demon: The Fallen:
Demon: The Fallen:

Keywords: Horror, Mystery, Noir, Supernatural
Seeking: Any!
Smut Level: Low
Length: Medium / Long

At the dawn of time, angels rebelled out of love for humankind, braving the wrath of heaven to awaken them. But the long years of war caused bitterness and rage to corrupt their noble ideals, and betrayal from within caused the rebels to fail and be imprisoned in an abyssal prison for  countless years, becoming consumed with hate and bitterness. But something cracked the prison, enough for weaker demons to either escape or be forcibly expelled by their lords. Released back into an unfamiliar world, they were drawn to human hosts, displacing the souls of mortals who were either dying or spiritually hollowed out.
The body was a refuge from the tug of Hell, but it was not a simple matter of filling an empty vessel--they inherited the memories of their host, and for some of them, remembering love, happiness and humanity served to weaken the tormented rage within the demons, reminding them of their long-lost nobility and compassion. But now they must decide what to do with their new lease on life--heal this fallen world? Seek personal redemption for their ancient mistakes? Become infernal tyrants and overlords, venting their pain upon the world that rejected them? Whatever they choose, they will need to act fast--ancient threats are stirring, their former masters still seethe in Hell, and others of their kind wish to impose their will on the world.

Demon was the last of the big lines for the original Worlds of Darkness, and one that I'd love to tell a story about. So what appealed to me about this game was the relative optimism of the premise (humans are inherently good and destined for greatness, and were unfairly cheated of that destiny, the fallen have the capacity to save the world and humanity if they avoid being consumed by despair and bitterness), the inversion of the usual WoD arc of a human becoming a monster (the characters are monsters who find themselves becoming  human), the noir-ish themes of redemption and mystery, and the ease of doing a "day one"story where there are no organisations, no "everything you can do, I can do better" Elders, and a whole new world to be discovered.
For this one, I'd aim for a modern-day game, set in a big city (I was thinking London, but it doesn't need to be there) just after the breaking of Hell, with the characters as two fallen who chance across each other and band together for mutual protection (or are forced together by a mutual enemy) as they try and figure out what's happening, and deal with the schemes of other fallen, and an ancient and monstrous Earthbound.
For a twist (and a perfect set-up for someone who isn't familiar with the RPG), it could be that one of the characters has become completely subsumed by their human memories, as a result of their traumatic union, and now believes themselves to be that person--but strange events and people haunt If you don't know the setting, you can pick up the original RPG for less than a tenner at DriveThruRPG, but I suggest at least reading this:

Lastly, despite what I've said above, this need not be all serious all the time (everyone should get a chance to grab their katana, don their trenchcoat, and stand on a rooftop brooding as they look over the city, right?), and will have the potential for some spectacular action scenes.  Note that despite this being based on the system RPG drawing on the rules as a rough guideline for what characters can do, this will be a freeform story.

(Fate / UBW spoilers)

Cheesecake Spy Girls
Cheesecake Spy Girls:

Keywords: Modern / 20th Century, Spies, Action, Cheesecake, Pulp
Seeking: Multi-Character seeking F or Multi-F or vice-versa
Smut Level: Medium
Length: Medium

We need a plucky and foxy secret agent to save the world. Must be able to kick several kinds of ass, look great in a tight catsuit, and not hesitate to use her feminine wiles to to get the missions done. Skill at escaping bonds and fiendish deathtraps is highly desirable.

As you may have guessed from the image, the core idea is a sexier version of Danger Girl-esque female spies getting into peril, but it could work as a period piece as well, set between the 60's and 80's and drawing on things like No-One Lives Forever, Charlie's Angels (the original and the first remakes, definitely not the 2019 one), Modesty Blaize, and any number of cheesy James Bond knock-offs from the period. Whatever the setting, I'd be aiming for a quite cheesy and light feel--maybe a bit of light dubcon at the start of an encounter, but nothing darker.

This would see one writer (probably me) in a GM role, where they're writing the situations and people our plucky heroines encounter, without having a "main character" as such. This could work with one spy, but another possibility could be a small group of female spies getting into trouble independently as they work on different aspects of a mission.

Inspirational Images

A Dance Just For You
A Dance Just For You:

Keywords: Modern / Recent Historical, Erotic Dance, Humour
Seeking: F seeking M or M seeking F
Smut Level: Medium-High
Length: Short / Medium

Nobody at work really knows what she does in her spare time. Nobody's ever spotted her with a partner or at a work engagement, and her phone always seems to be turned off on an evening. She's a geek through and through, cute and wholesome. It's a curious mystery....though those who visit a certain upmarket strip / burlesque / poledancing club or lounge bar on certain days would recognise the scantily clad tease-artist who can work the crowd into a frenzy with a raised eyebrow. But that doesn't include anybody from work....right?

Yes, she has a double life as an exotic dancer or stripper, where she can shed her quiet and unassuming exterior and let her wilder side out. It started when she needed the money for college several years back, but the rush of adulation and the feeling of having a sexy secret is its own reward now. And then....well, she'd be ever so grateful to someone who could keep her secret and not be sleazy about it. Maybe grateful enough for a....private performance. Of course, it's never that simple.

This could also work as a period piece, with our heroine leading a double life as a showgirl, a flapper or can-can dancer (maybe "Montmartre Style" for the latter--that is, with no underwear underneath those flaring skirts).

Aiming for a quite light and playful tone, with a sexy, steamy and light-hearted tone.

Additional inspirational images:

The Captain & The Courtesan
The Captain & The Courtesan

Keywords: Erotica, Steampunk / Dieselpunk, Intrigue
Seeking: F seeking M
Smut Level: Moderate / High
Length: Short / Medium

It is the city at the centre of the world, through which trade flows--and also the flashpoint where two great empires stare each other down. As the airship captains ply their trade through the skies, spies and intrigue are part of the daily life here, as the city seeks to maintain their independence and the empires seek a pivotal advantage. And then there is her. A courtesan and entertainer of near-legendary reputation, she is choosy in her clients, having been seen on the arms of generals, princes and ambassadors. She never lacks for new offers due to her grace, style....and the fevered rumours of the bliss she can bring a man or woman behind closed doors. However, she too is a spy, extracting information from the unwitting for her masters.

And then she agrees to meet with an airship captain--perhaps a dashing smuggler, a spy under the guise of a trader, or a military officer. The night is everything he or she could have dreamed of, but then when the courtesan's world begins to collapse and she is fleeing for her life with priceless information, the captain is drawn into her desperate flight. Why take such a risk for this woman beyond infatuation? What secrets does she carry, and how will they change the world? Did he know that dame was trouble as soon as she walked into his cabin? Can she be trusted?


Rogue Trader
Rogue Trader:

Keywords: Sci-Fi, Horror, Exploration, Warhammer 40K, Politics
Seeking: Any!
Smut Level: Low
Length: Medium / Long
In the Warhammer 40,000 setting, this game follows the merchant princes known as Rogue Traders and their elite crew. Aboard their massive spacecraft, they plunge into the poorly-mapped fringes of the Imperium, seeking to expand the frontiers, spread the reach of the Emperor to new worlds--and, of course, make tremendous profit for themselves in the process. And so, Rogue Traders walk a fine line between seeking adventure and the wealth hidden in the abyssal depths of space, and meeting a grim end at the hands of hostile xenos, aggressive rivals or the unknown, nameless evils that stir in the forgotten stars.
I lovelovelove this game! I've been in (or tried to run) several campaigns in the past, but the weight and clunkiness of the system keeps defeating me. I'm looking to tell a story of romantic adventure about the awe and vastness of space, balanced out with horrific elements, and the perils and brutalities of the relentless quest for power and wealth.
The obvious premise would be a Rogue Trader, plus another Rogue Trader with whom they have semi-allied, an elite member of their crew, or another individual with a plot-driving agenda (such as an Inquisitor). Note that though I'll be taking a lot of setting inspiration from the RPG and using it as a rough guide to what characters can do, this will be a freeform story.

Noise in the Library
Noise In The Library

Keywords: Romantic, Naughty, Risk of Discovery, Smexy
Seeking: F seeking M/F or M/F seeking F
Smut Level: High
Length: Short

She's got a mind like an encyclopedia, a glare like a headmistress, and a body like a pin-up girl. Her attitude is cool and no-nonsense, but there's something suggestive in her gaze that hints at another side to her. Her attire is sensible and prim, but then she bends over or climbs a ladder, and a glimpse of her stocking tops and suspenders makes you wonder if you really saw that....and if she wanted you to see it. And when she sees you peeking, looks at you over the top of her glasses, and demands to know what you're doing, you know you're either in trouble....or very fortunate.

Simply enough, this is a tribute to the "naughty librarian" fantasy. There's a lot of room for variation, but the essence of it is a beautiful woman, outwardly prim but with a naughtier side hidden below. And in an isolated corner of a grand old library, she's getting naughty with a customer or student. Elements could include:

--A patron has come in just before closing time, and chivalrously offers to help her put away the books he's been reading. With just the two of them secluded in the stacks, with the lights down, things start to get...tense.
--She raises an eyebrow when she sees him checking out books on nude art, erotic poetry or human sexuality and suggests that sometimes, hands-on research is just better.
--She gives a glimpse of her stocking tops and her thighs as she climbs a ladder, knowing that he's sneaking a glance and coyly leaving herself open for an exploring hand.
--He helps to steady her on the ladder by taking a (very) secure hold of her waist.
--When he gets shhhh'd, he jokingly suggests that her lips on his would make him quieten down, not expecting her to do just that.
--Smart and sexy talk--what better time for a digression on phallic symbolism or the stages of human arousal and mating?

Based on previous discussion of this idea (which unfortunately never made it to the page), one other idea I'd like could be that of a "flirting war", where they're both fairly shy--they want to entice the other, but they also want them to make the first move. So when they're alone together, there's an escalating series of "innocent" flirtations and "accidental" contact as each of them tries to get the other to lose control.

Light, cheesy and indulgent fun, essentially. I'd be up for either role. The original inspiration for this idea (and the source for the image above) was an episode of the 90's softcore series "Erotic Confessions" called "Coming Clean", which can be found here (the segment from 08.55 onwards)--I'm not after an exact recreation, but that's the sort of mood I'd like, cute and naughty as well as sexy.

Inspirational Images


Keywords: Sci-Fi, Military, War, Intrigue
Seeking: Any!
Smut Level: Low
Length: Any

The Cestus is a tough old bird--most other things with this many holes in their armour would be a burning wreck by now. Assuming the heat I've built up doesn't melt it anyway. I fire off a shot at the enemy tanks as I lurch round the corner, and just barely get out the way as a Gauss slug takes a lump out of the building. Of course the Snake scout follows, just in time for me to clothesline him in a way that I really don't recommend you normally do with the housing for sensitive laser weaponry--but when your Mech's other arm is somewhere in the waters of that river back there, you gotta improvise. He goes down, but I'm not fishing for a kill, because I need to get out before the artillery or reinforcements come in. And of course, that's when I turn the corner and find myself having a staring contest with a Salamander assault Mech. Not sure who's more surprised.

Act as a diversion, the mission brief had said. Yeah, I suppose getting every Snake on this continent mad at me counts as that. But if I somehow survive the next minute or so, the reinforcements should come in, and then we've got them. Not that the payment is even gonna cover the repair bills.

Then again, it was either this or get a proper job.

Playing the recent turn-based strategy game really re-awakened my love for the setting, and it'd be fun to do a story about a group of a rough-and-ready mercenaries defending a planet against pirates, or getting caught up in the games between two Great Houses. I'd probably want this to be either the early 3025-ish days, or 3050-3060 era, after the Clan invasion, but before the metaplot started to get...weird.

Stealing the Thief's Heart
Stealing the Thief's Heart

Keywords: Crime, Intrigue, Heist, Mind Games
Seeking: M/F seeking F or F seeking M
Smut Level: Medium
Length: Medium

The characters are both notorious cat-burglars, pulling off audacious and stylish heists from the most secure locations, doing it as much for the thrill as for the loot. Though they know each other by reputation, they first meet by coincidence when they both break into the same place. There's an instant attraction and (after they barely escape the police) a high-stakes game unfolds between them of dangerous passion, mistrust, some light backstabbing, and the need to team up and accomplish a theft that neither of them could manage alone.
Inspirations include the Lupin / Fujiko dynamic in 'Lupin III', movies like 'To Catch A Thief' or 'The Thomas Crown Affair' (either), "Persona 5" or characters like Selina Kyle / Catwoman or Felicia Hardy / Black Cat. The intended tone would be fairly light and playful with a touch of humour as the two master thieves try to seduce, manipulate and betray each other, sometimes all three in the same night. I did envision a highly stylised modern setting and me playing a male character opposite a female one, but it could also work with minimal adjustment with me playing a female character, as an F/F story, or in a different setting.

Possible Kinks: Risk of discovery, sexy clothing, sexual tension / frustration, quickies, voyeurism, mind games.

Some additional inspirational images (the characters don't have to look like this, it' just a possibility):

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Horror vs Hotness

Horror vs Hotness

Keywords: Ecchi, Horror, Action
Seeking: F seeking M/F or M seeking F
Smut Level: Medium / High
Length: Medium

To get it out the way early--I don't want this to get super dark with bad endings and protagonists getting killed messily for shock value, or to be about "gross monster-man on hot girl" pairings or non-con.

Still with me? Great.

For the mood I'm after here, take a large amount of 90's horror and urban fantasy comics (Witchblade, Darkness, etc) at their most lurid and exploitative, where you have gorgeous, scantily clad supernatural avengers stalking the nights of the mean city, fighting the darkness in their souls just as much as they're fighting the monsters in the shadows where normal people never dare look. Then think 'High School of the Dead' where you have badass-normal survivors using stylish ultraviolence to fight for survival in a world gone mad, with the constant peril creating a mood of "we might die tomorrow, so why not live for the moment?" Then, sprinkle a bit of "Clive Barker's Jericho", "Fate/Zero", "Kingdom Death" and "Gantz" in there.

And you have competent / powerful protagonists who can push back against the horror rather than be victims, large amounts of sexy fanservice and sexual tension that's only heightened by the peril, and stylish, over-the-top grindhouse action. There's a lot left to work out when it comes to the protagonists and setting, but if you're on board with that basic premise, I'd love to discuss this one!

Inspirational Material (NSFW)

And Some Music!

Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit

Keywords: Modern, Romance, Forbidden Love, Story
Seeking: F seeking M or M seeking F
Smut Level: Low-Medium
Length: Medium

The female lead is a nun working with the male lead. He's a former convict, criminal or addict who has turned his life around, due in no small part to her support and friendship. They have become good friends, staying in contact through their voluntary work at a community centre, but though casual conversation, she finds out that he's struggling with something else--getting back into dating. Though her own romantic experience is obviously limited, she knows what women find attractive, and can spot when a man needs a simple confidence boost, so she gives him advice and lets him "practice" flirting with her and chatting her up, building up his self-confidence and setting him on a date with a friend. But that's when she starts to realise she's started to fall for him as well....and the feeling might be mutual.

Now what?

I don't mean for this to be (just) a naughty nun fantasy, but also a genuinely romantic story about two people trying to reconcile a growing attraction that shouldn't be happening, but is.

Now We Must Kung Fu Fight!
Now We Must Kung Fu Fight!

Keywords: Modern, Action, Martial Arts
Seeking: F/M seeking multiple characters, or multiple characters seeking F/M
Smut Level: Moderate / High
Length: Any

Based primarily around guilty-pleasure, cheesecake-heavy fighting manga & anime such as Tenjou Tenge, Ikki Tousen, Senran Kagua, and fighting game series such as Tekken, Killer Instinct or Street Fighter. the premise is simple--a gathering of supernatural or semi-supernatural martial artists. Oh, and they're all buff supermodels as well, with passionate desires and equally passionate rivalries that easily spill over, even before you take into account sex-based chi arts or energy recharging. Beyond that basic parameter, there's a lot of ways to take this one.

--A college or high school where the student council's will and high school drama is enforced with martial arts duels, where classroom-wrecking brawls are just a daily fact of life, and where the central event of the school year is the Grand Tournament. This could be the first boy enrolling at an all-girls school (or vice versa), immediately becoming an object of fascination and desire.

--Sprinkling in some urban fantasy elements, they're a group of hunters, going after vampires, hungry ghosts, wicked servants of the Yama Kings, and corrupt martial artists.

--Full on fighting game story mode. The greatest warriors from around the world are assembling to deal with a barely comprehensible plot involving evil megacorps, demon lords, family rivalries that would make the Lannisters wince, crime syndicates, legendary cursed weapons, and larger than life characters clashing for the fate of the world!

Magical Girl Grown Up
Magical Girl Grown Up:

Keywords: Modern, Anime, Action, Romance, possibly Comedy, Bondage & Tentacles
Seeking: F/M seeking F/M
Smut Level: Moderate
Length: Any

In her early teens, she was chosen by the Heart of the Cosmos, and acted alongside her team to bring peace and justice to the world, fighting off dark forces with the power of love and friendship.

But then she grew up, to the point where she's almost out of her teens and either finishing school or starting college. She hasn't found a successor to pass her powers on to yet, and as she has matured, 'the power of love' has come to mean something more adult to her, being grappled by a tentacle monster or the Dark Queen's Bonds of Submission has started to feel illicitly exciting, and the summoned outfit that once looked super-cute looks a lot more revealing and form-fitting on a young woman.

So this one's fairly flexible--it could be any (or more than one) of the possibilities below:

--Magical Girl / Villain: That charismatic, handsome minion of the Dark Queen, the one who always seemed to have his own agenda, and worked with her more than once against greater threats. What is his deal, and why can't she stop thinking about the times they've clashed? It would be wonderful if she could redeem him, but what if it's a trap to drag her down as well? Or maybe it's the dark magical girl who envies everything the heroine is and has, and who is somewhat obsessed with her. W-with DEFEATING her, nothing else!!

--Magical Girl / Boyfriend: She can hold down a normal life, and she'll prove it! She's found herself a lovely, normal guy who she' dating--maybe a bit more chastely than he'd like. Of course, it's completely inevitable that he'll get dragged into her secret life somehow, when the Dark Queen is seeking a hostage or the Lust Spirit needs a human host. How will he deal with his girlfriend being a magical girl? Will he be shocked that she's been keeping secrets, eager to help, or will his attention be more on how hot she looks in that tiny skirt? Or maybe to combine it with the idea above, he' actually the same villain she fights against in his secret identity, both of them ignorant that they're dating the enemy.

--Magical Girl / Teammate: They would always proudly proclaim how the bonds of love held them together and made them strong. But 'love' can mean several different things and as they've grown up together closer than sisters, sharing intimate secrets and saving each others' lives, one of her fellow magical girls finds herself wanting more.

I'd be up for playing either role. As well as the obvious potential for naughty fun, there's also the potential for some genuine romance, and a story about striking the balance between embracing the joys of adulthood without sacrificing the loving idealism of childhood.

Additional Inspiration:

The Racer's Prize
The Racer's Prize:

Keywords: Modern, Erotica, Competition, Adultery, possible Threesome
Seeking: F or FF seeking F or M, or vice versa
Smut Level: High
Length: Short

The basic concept here is that the female lead is the boyfriend of a street racer. Lately, there's been a trend where racers bet a night with their girlfriends on a race. Unfortunately, her boyfriend lost. Luckily, his rival is a man she'd wanted to ride anyway.  Nice and simple (based on an idea from another forum that the creator had discarded). The bet could be extended to the victor's current girlfriend, who doesn't mind sharing, and / or the woman could be a female driver who bet her own body on the race.

Pretty simply, a tale of fast cars, beautiful people and a night of scorching-hot sex. Again, I'm up for either role(s), though I'd prefer the female. This could also be an F/F story.

Additional inspirational images:

The Harem
The Harem:

Keywords: Erotica, Romance, Intrigue, Friendship
Seeking: Multi-F seeking M or F
Smut Level: High
Length: Any

There's just something compelling for a man about the idea of having beautiful women vying for his attention and willing to share. But as well as being a simple fantasy of 'more!', I think there's an interesting story to be told about the women as well, bonding with each other even as they find themselves in competition.

I'd take on the roles of the women. But one thing that's vital is that the prince be someone that all these women would plausibly be interested in, and a compelling character in his own right--I wouldn't be interested in writing this opposite a generic and personality-less "Harem Anime Main Character"! As such, I'm going to very picky about any applications for this one.


1: Fantasy
The heir to the Great Empire at the centre of the world has no shortage of those who would like his or her hand in marriage. The way that their family decides these things, however, is unusual. Women from all over the Empire have been summoned to form the harem of the ruler-to-be. Most of them are the daughters of high-ranked noble families and the royalty of vassal states seeking more influence, but there may be some of lower birth who have found their way here as the spearhead of some political intrigue. After they have been assessed and narrowed down to just a few, they are placed into the care of the prince, and must vie to impress him as the best possible candidate to be his wife.

After a certain period of time, the ruler will make their choice and take the throne alongside his new queen, with the other contestants obliged to stay in the harem as consorts, having missed their chance at gaining personal power and greater influence for their home nation. It sounds simple, but each candidate has her own story and pressures upon her to succeed. As relationships evolve between the prince and women, and between the candidates themselves, things get more tangled.

The dynamic I had in mind would be essentially a sexier version of The Bachelor or the YA Selection novels. This can also be translated to different settings quite well--a setting themed on Byzantium, Middle Eastern or ancient China, high fantasy, steampunk, even a kind-of-modern setting, etc.

2: Modern
You were just a regular guy, with some success with women but nothing outrageous. But then, through an improbable set of circumstances, things changed. Maybe you are now the manager of a girl group, modelling agency or female wrestling team, or as the lone male in a formerly all-female society of some sort. Whatever the case, the girls find you an object of fascination, desire or competition. Aside from the obvious opportunities, how will you deal with their advances, avoid disappointing them, and prevent the jealousies from spilling over and disrupting their friendships?

There's no shortage of manga references for this one, but two I'd recommend are both by the author Manabe Jouji: Ring X Mama and Kanojo di Ippai. Yes, there's lots of sex in both, but there's also good characterisations and developments of the women as characters beyond being obsessed with the male lead, and of the male leads as an individual who plausibly appeals so much to these women.

Harem Protagonist Survival Guide

Additional Inspiration:

The Man Maker Project
The Man Maker Project:

Keywords: Contemporary, Experience Gap, Smut, Romance, Possible Harem
Seeking: F seeking M
Smut Level: High
Length: Medium-Long (could be episodic in nature)

This is more like a cluster of ideas with a single theme. The essence of all of them is a sexually experienced and confident woman who sympathises with a (probably younger) frustrated virgin, and takes it on herself to not only initiate him sexually, but also act as his coach as she turns him into a smooth, confident (but still nice) lover who is then encouraged to go for all the women he was attracted to but didn't dare approach, and generally become God's gift to womankind. So long as she doesn't do anything silly like fall in love with him even as she's nudging him towards other women, this should go without a hitch--but really, what are the odds of that?


--He's a college student, and she's a psychology professor, a post-grad student or one of the university's counsellors. Though outwardly cool and professional, she's getting a bit frustrated with men and she has rather %u201Cunorthodox%u201D views on how to encourage the healthy development of male sexuality, just needing a test subject. . When a young man suffering from a lack of self-confidence that clearly stems from sexual frustration catches her attention, she senses an opportunity. She decides to personally improve his sexual confidence by initiating him, and then sets about transforming him into an ideal man. Purely for research purposes, you understand!
Possible Looks



--She's a porn actress, who noticed our hero from some fanmail he sent talking about his loneliness and sexual frustration, without seriously expecting any sort of reply. She looked him up and on finding they lived quite near to each other, suggested him to her producer for her upcoming entry in the "My Luckiest Fan" series. After he agrees, gets vetted and they do the scene. She grows quite fond of him, since he seems interested in who she really is under the glitz, and gives him an offer to help his love life.
Possible Looks



--She%u2019s a succubus, genie, ghost or similar supernatural being who has been trapped on the site of his campus / house. When he accidentally frees her, she manifests and takes out several decades of pent-up frustration on him. By way of apology, she offers him her services for a fixed period.
Possible Looks



The Quest of Rebirth
The Quest of Rebirth:

Keywords: Fantasy, Monster Girls, Humorous, Harem, Adventure
Seeking: M for multi-F
Smut Level: High
Length: Any

There was an ancient pact where, chosen by the races of the world, a human hero would seek out the fertility goddess and offer himself to her, so that their union would give rise to a new generation of wonderful beings. But something changed, and the pact has not been maintained. The numbers of non-humans are dwindling (especially the males), and they have become reclusive and distrusting, often preying on human men.

A hero finds out about this by some means, and engages on a quest to find the goddess and repopulate the world. But first, he will need a female companion from every monster realm to support his claim, a woman who can testify to both his good intentions and his virility. So it's both a classic fantasy quest storyline, and also gathering a harem / adventuring party of monster girls as he goes.

This would be a semi-episodic story, with each part following the hero and his companions as they venture into a new realm, narrowly escape peril, and enlist a new companion--increasing the amount of inter-party drama as they go. The intended tone is light and funny, but there's room for real drama as conflict threatens to boil over between the human and monster realms, and as unseen forces try to make sure the quest is never completed. The hero shouldn't be a total stick-in-the-mud, and he shouldn't be a bland cipher of a character, but apart from that, there's a lot of room to come up with him. The monster girls themselves are open to discussion, based on what you'd like to see. My own limits are that I prefer non-human characters to have humanlike bodies from the hips up (including genitals), and humanlike faces. "Anthro" characters with full animal heads aren't my thing, but "animal-people" features like a tail, furred ears, horns, etc are cool. Some more unusual features (slime bodies, tentacles, etc) are also possibilities--I'm open to discussing it.

Additional Inspiration:


Keywords: Fantasy, Epic, Action, Intrigue, Politics
Seeking: F seeking M, or M seeking F or M
Smut Level: Any
Length: Any

The third edition rules (and trying to run them in PBP!) were one of the biggest RPG-related disappointments I%u2019ve had, but the setting remains one of my favourites.

I find myself wanting to do a Solar / Lunar story, some kind of twist on the familiar %u201Cdestined mate%u201D thing. What if they were never bonded at all, or one / both of them is fighting against having their fate determined by memories of a different and long-gone life, even as they fall in love with who this person has become? Other combinations are possible, of course--Dragon-Blooded, Sidereal or Abyssal characters could work as one or both sides of the pairing (or heck, something more off the wall like an Exigent, Getimian, Liminal or something else such as a mortal sorcerer, Fair Folk or spirit). The only one I wouldn%u2019t want to touch is Infernals--2e%u2019s presentation of them still left a bad taste in the mouth, even if 3e is meant to eventually be fixing them.

For setting, I'd like it to be in the South or Dreaming Sea regions (but that's not ironclad, I'm open to suggestions). The video below is an excellent source for the kind of feel & imagery I'd be looking for.

Alternatively, I'd be up for crossing this with one of the suggestions above, and using the Burn Legend or Heaven's Reach alternate settings.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Partial Ideas / WIP's:

These ideas aren't yet fully developed and would need some more work, but if you're still interested in any of them, give me a call.

Pulp Crimefighting:

Based primarily on "man of mystery" pulp novels and comics set in the 20's and 30's.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Pulp Crimefighting

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men....or the breasts of women?

Keywords: Pulp, Adventure, Crime, Noir
Seeking: F/M seeking F/M
Smut Level: Low / Moderate
Length: Any

The time is the 1920's or 30's. In the Big City, the underworld is dominated by a cabal of maniacal villains. Their ranks include mad scientists seeking to bring the world under their power, fascist politicians seeking to save America from itself, sinister occultists wielding mesmeric powers, all with a sinister puppet-master lurking behind them. The police are stretched to their limits trying to contain this reign of evil, and only one person can tip the balance. From the shadows, a masked vigilante stalks the night, striking terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere. A shadow war is being fought in the core of the City and the deepest pits of the human soul.....and heart.

There's a lot of influences here. The Shadow, The Spirit or The Spider or other pulp-era masked crimefighters are the biggest one, but Frank Miller-era Daredevil, Dick Tracy and early Batman are also sources. This could be an F/M or F/F story, with a male or female vigilante, and the tone could be a straight crime story, or have elements of the supernatural or super-science, with our vigilante having a low-key super-power. Some possible premises and pairings could include:

--Vigilante & Assistant: Women can go where men can't, and she's the velvet glove to his knuckleduster-equipped fist. Though in public, she's a harmless reporter, secretary, driver or assistant, she's a seasoned investigator and infiltrator in private. It's a successful partnership, but....maybe, one of them wishes for more.

--Two Vigilantes: Either a single tragedy spurred them both to take on the mantle, or one of them is taken as an apprentice by the other. Do they compete or cooperate? What happens when they find the issues that cause friction between them....or other things that can make sparks fly?

--Vigilante & Henchman: It's an uneasy alliance between the henchman / woman of a villain and the crimefighter. Can they be trusted when they offer help foiling a scheme that will threaten the entire City? Does she care for anything but her own freedom from all men? Are both of them being manipulated, their growing closeness just one more chess piece being moved on a board?

--Vigilante & Villain: Little does anyone know that the ultimate mastermind, the "Emperor of Evil" is actually an Empress! Fascinated by this opponent who thwarts her at every turn, she poses as a helpless damsel to get close to her nemesis, that she may seduce him and crush his heart before she kills him. But will it be that simple?

Additional inspirational images:

Raygun-Punk / Planetary Romance:

Two related ideas set in exotic and vivid retro-futures.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Raygun-Punk / Planetary Romance

Keywords: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Retro, Adventure
Seeking: F/M seeking F/M
Smut Level: Any
Length: Any

The future ain't what it's used to be, so let's go back. Let's go way back, to a golden age of sci-fi and two genres that have somewhat fallen by the wayside, and deserve more attention.

Raygun-Punk: The future of Lensman, Flash Gordon, Barbarella, Blake's Seven, Thunderbirds, even early Star Trek. Broadly (very broadly!) speaking, the sci-fi of the 20's up to the 70's, when space was just starting to reveal its secrets and the World of Tomorrow was right around the corner. Everything atomic, skintight spacesuits with fishbowl helmets, sophisticated Future Clothes, rocketships, jetpacks, flying cars, clunky robots and Super Computers that are prone to trying to take over the world.

Planetary Romance:: John Carter of Mars, Gor, Marvel's Planet Hulk series, some of the later Necroscope series, and the like. Fantasy adventure with a veneer of science, typically with an Earthman / Earthwoman arriving on an alien world with many fantasy trappings (though they usually originate in super-science or exotic technology, as distinct from pure fantasy)  through a dimensional portal, spaceship crash, etc, and having adventures, fighting monsters, battling and wooing exotic aliens, etc.

Both of these are more "I'd like to do something in this genre" than concrete ideas. But for a couple of starting points:

--When fleeing alien space in possession of information that could stop (or start!) a war, an officer of the Celestial Peace Corps (male or female) is captured by space pirates. It will take all of their wits and wiles to bring their captor onto their side and gain their aid in averting a disaster! And to make it even harder, they have to try (and inevitably fail) to resist the growing sexual tension between them.

--An alternate history where the first probes to Venus revealed a mysterious and savage new world--and one habitable for humans. The moon missions were abandoned, and the Cold War took on a new dimension as the superpowers struggled to plant their flags first. But it seems Venus does not want to be explored, as the first spacecraft are shot down by an automatic defence system. One astronaut survives the crash, and must find a way to survive and thrive in this savage new world, with the help of an Amazonian warrior woman curious about this "hu-man".

Additional Inspiration:


The Girl From Another World

A comedic and cheesy sci-fi romance set in the 50's or 60's, concerning an alien princess lured to Earth to experience the strange phenomenon of "Rock and Roll". Still working on this one.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The star-nation of the Red Sun Domination is in uproar, with the mysterious disappearance of the much-loved Princess Maime-Raatha. Has she been kidnapped? Assassinated? But the truth is that she ran away of her own accord. Bored with her ordered, dull life, she has taken herself to a distant world, in response to a recent discovery.

Observers of this planet recently picked up a strange new type of radio-sonic transmission, seemingly designed to cause unseemly displays of exuberance. Most of them dismiss this so-called "Rock & Roll" as evidence of the uncivilized nature of Earth, but it has inspired the Princess to seek out the source of such wonderful music.

She has come to Earth in the guise of a human girl, to learn about this world and the humans first-hand. One human in particular inadvertently uncovers her secret, and finds himself co-opted as her guide to all things human. Possibly including this strange and elusive concept called %u201CLove%u201D.

Now May Merriweather (her adopted human name), is undercover as a pretty all-American teenager. An inquisitive and well-meaning soul, she just wants to have a good time, but her knowledge of Earth culture and manners is still rough around the edges, and she tends not to think things through as well as she ought.

Surely this is the best place in the galaxy to be young?

The genres are Sci-Fi / Romance / Comedy. The story is set in the suburban town of Wardwood, California, in the early 1960%u2019s. Influences include any number of cheesy B-movies from the period, such as %u201CI Was A Teenage Werewolf%u201D or %u201CThe Horror Of Party Beach%u201D, as well as %u201CGrease%u201D.

The Five Maidens: Wuxia Fantasy:

This is a semi-developed idea, where I have the character ideas, but not really a story to put them in yet.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Crimson Maiden:

The most fearsome warrior in the Imperial army, she is said to bear a powerful destiny that makes her invincible in battle, with one exception--and few wish to stake their lives on guessing what that exception may be. Arrogant but honourable and merciful to those who yield to her, she is said to despise the Emperor, but is still bound to his service through an unknown bond. It takes a lot for a warrior to be considered her worthy enemy, but those who manage it--and can make her feel, if only for a moment, the distantly-remembered thrill of danger--may find themselves the closest thing she has to a true friend.

The Golden Maiden:

"Never teach your daughters kung fu. It only makes trouble.", a sage once said. And many would say (though none to her face) that the princess of the Zan Clan proves him right. When her mother died in childbirth and her father refused to remarry or take a concubine, she became the inheritor of his secret kung fu style, in the absence of a male heir. Now her father is dead in battle, and her war-torn kingdom needs a leader, yet many are unwilling to accept a woman in this role. Now, she must deal with a plague of suitors attracted by both her great beauty and in seizing the assets of her family through marriage. Disdainful of them all and stubbornly refusing to compromise, she has declared a grand tournament with her hand in marriage as the prize--yet, she plans to contrive things so that there will be no winner.

The Jade Maiden:

No omens or great destinies heralded her appearance, and she never sought to become a great kung fu warrior, or the lader of a rag-tag alliance of bandits and rebels who have become the greatest thorn in the Emperor's side. Yet, she has, and nothing has carried her this far except her own determination to learn the warrior's arts, and her wish to avenge the cruelties that she, her family and her land have suffered. She leads by example with her audacious deeds and fearless attitude, showing only contempt in the face of danger to inspire others and make the authorities look foolish.

The Silver Maiden:

She wanders the land, following the guidance she sees in the rain and rivers. Where she came from is unknown, some say she is an immortal or goddess in human form, or a great sage reincarnated into the body of a beautiful young woman. A tender and compassionate woman, she uses strange magic to quell evil spirits and lift curses, but she must always stay on the move, as a powerful lord seeks to capture her and make her magic his own. Though she is a pacifist, those who would harm her will find the elements themselves turn against them.

The White Maiden:

Legends say that the Yellow Emperor trained his concubines in secret arts, that they could both increases his power and serve as his spies and assassins. They vanished from the world after his dynasty fell, but it seems at least one has emerged from hiding. A courtesan-assassin of breathtaking beauty and terrible danger, she is found on the arm of kings or warlords, feeding their ambition and power, and then abandoning them when the time is right. Even knowing this, many willingly fall into her poisoned embrace. She uses no weapon, but to hear her music is to be enchanted and enslaved to her will, and to anger her is to hear a song that will rupture the ears and burst the heart.
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