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Author Topic: Here Comes The Sun (Azuresun's Seeking Thread, F/M, F/F, Multi-Char)  (Read 2731 times)

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Currently Seeking:

One of the stories below, and a writing partner with a reasonably quick posting rate.


Post 1: Profile, O/O's

Post 2: Long-Term Ideas

Post 3: Short-Term Ideas

Post 4: Story Index

Post 5: Inspirational Images & GIFs

A Little Bit About Me:

Hi there, and thanks for checking out this thread. As for me, I'm from the UK, and a writing addict. I've been writing in some capacity since I figured out which way round to hold a pencil, and doing PBP's for about 19 years at this point. I love writing and storytelling in all its forms, but solo writing can get a bit lonely at times. Which is where sites like this come in!

Below is a rundown of my writing style and things I want from a story, split into spoiler blocks for ease of reading. Specific stories I'm looking to find a partner for will be listed in the post below this one. If you're interested in any of them, if you think we've got similar tastes and you'd like to make a more general enquiry or you think I might be interested in one of your story ideas based on my likes, get in touch. Drop me a PM if you're interested, and I'll get back to you soon!

My Posting Habits & Writing Preferences:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Format: I prefer threads, though I might consider PM's for a compelling idea. I prefer to write in third-person past tense.

Posting Rate & Length: I usually post once per 1-2 days on average, sometimes more. My posts average around 2-4 paragraphs or the equivalent, though it can vary a lot--more for describing a character or location, less for quick back-and-forth posting like sexual or action scenes. It'll be as much is as needed to describe what's happening, move the story forward and give my partner something to react to or build on, without racing too far ahead. I'm not one of those RP'ers that throws out huge posts where my character has their side of an entire conversation before the other poster has a chance to react to any of it.

Communication: If I need to pause or stop the story for any reason, I'll make sure to let my partners know. Likewise, if I have any issues with a post, or any questions, I'll let them know rather than going silent. I hope for the same courtesy from any writing partners. My rule of thumb is that if it goes dark for a week or more, I'll send one PM to bump. If I get a response, even a single line, I'll wait as long as needed but if I don't hear anything else, I'll consider the story abandoned.

Pairings & Writer / Character Genders: The pairings I'm the most familiar with are F/M and F/F. M/M (or an MMF scene) is largely unexplored territory for me, but I might give it a shot if the idea is compelling. Transgender characters are something I'm a little cautious about, because I want to avoid accidentally causing offence. But if someone is willing to put up with the odd possibly-dumb question and check that I'm doing it right, then I'd certainly give it a shot. Also, I'm not bothered about the RL gender of writing partners. I can share my own RL gender if it matters, I simply prefer to keep it non-public so that I can be judged solely on my writing. :-)

Canons: I prefer not to play canon characters or real celebrities--I'd worry too much about getting them exactly right. Existing settings are cool, so long as they're big enough that we can tell a separate story from the canon characters.

Smut & Plot: For me, it's less smut vs plot. It's more that no matter how smutty or fantastic the story is, I'm looking for believable and likeable characters, with emotional depth, and convincing build-up to the sexy stuff. After all, if I don't know anything about these people, I'm not particularly interested in how they hump each other. I like the erotica and story to compliment each other, since sex can be a great vector for character development, and good characterisation makes the erotic bits so much hotter. To put it another way, I like the focus to be on the characters having sex rather than the sex the characters are having.

Tone: Some ideas are inevitably a bit darker or heavier than others, of course, but where appropriate, I like to have a lighter touch--drama, high stakes and a bit of angst are fine, but I'm not really interested in unrelenting grim darkness, bad ends or asshole vs asshole character dynamics where I stop caring who wins.

My Ideal Writing Partner:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1: Posts regularly.  Doesn't have to be superfast, so long as it's consistent. I work best with partners who can manage a pace of 2/week or more (any less and the story loses momentum and it can be hard for me to regain the mood), so if you don't think you can consistently keep that rate up, we might not work well together. I would really like to have one of those RP's where multiple posts can fly back and forth in a day, but I understand that's often not practical for people.

2: Is communicative and friendly. I really want to hear suggestions and ideas for the story, and to know when something did or didn't work. The more I know about what someone enjoys from my writing, the more of it I can give to them! And on a personal level, just getting a simple "I'm enjoying this." is incredibly rewarding and energising for me, instantly making all the effort feel worth it. :-) Equally, I want to know if something I posted didn't work for my writing partner, so I can fix or improve on it--I'm always open to helpful criticism and suggestions.

3: Is collaborative, and willing to work with me on developing the plot. If it's just me laying out the story and the only response to any suggestions is "yeah, sounds cool I guess", then I'm going to burn out fast. I have a lot of ideas, but I'm not going to do all the work myself.

4: Is someone who enjoys developing an interesting story and cast, and who aims for a good standard of writing. I don't have hard standards for "literacy" levels--I'll take technically imperfect but fun writing over a masterclass any day.
5: Won't vanish without saying anything. It's very frustrating and dispiriting to have a good discussion or in-progress RP where I'm really enthusiastic to get things underway and then suddenly--dead silence. Please, if you need to pause or stop the RP for any reason whatsoever, that's completely fine with me! There will be no drama, no confrontations, and no guilt-tripping. Just take two minutes from your day to drop me a message and let me know to wait.

6: Doesn't need to be experienced. Join date, post count, size of your seeking thread....none of that matters to me if the enthusiasm and fun is there.

My Ons & Offs:

I'm quite flexible, and the list below isn't set in stone apart from the Turn-Offs, so if I can understand the appeal of something, I'll consider giving it a shot. So just ask, the worst I can do is say "no thanks". Also, there's no one thing on the list that I MUST have in an RP--if something below is a turn-off for you, I'll be happy to leave it out.

Story & Character Likes
I'm open to any level of smut, but no matter how sexy things are getting, the important thing is characterisation. Even if the characters are hypersexual and the plot is basically an excuse to get them in bed, I still need to be interested in seeing how they're going to develop when they're not humping each other. They need to feel like believable people with consistent characters and even personal arcs.

Romance, or some kind of growing affection and respect in the relationship. That said, I like it when the romance evolves naturally over the course of the story, rather than being mandated from the start.
Sexual tension, teasing & frustration. Innuendo, dirty talk, getting someone worked up when they can't act on their desire. Winding up the tension to breaking point, then letting the characters at each other.
A dynamic balance of power in a relationship--even if the roles in bed are fixed, that won't be all there is to the characters and their relationship outside of sex.
Humour. Not usually outright comedy, but sex is quite a silly thing when you stop and think about it, and we do silly things because of it, so the odd nod to that is fun. And on an IC level, I like writing characters who are relaxed and secure enough in each other's company that they can make each other smile. I'm kind of overdosed on humourless, no-chill or too-cool-for-school characters, give me someone who can crack a smile!

Uncool Characters: I love writers who aren't afraid to have their characters be flustered, tongue-tied, a bit silly or otherwise uncool every now and then! Not total goofballs, but the odd moment makes the characters far more relatable and easy to write opposite. Characters who are in control of themselves 24/7 and who never lose any dignity just aren't as compelling for me.

Physical Variety: There's a lot of different variations on "beautiful", so let's push the boat out a little! For me, characters with different ethnicities, builds, body types, disabilities is a "why not?" kind of thing....but one thing to add is that I'm not after RP's that heavily fetishise a character's weight, ethnicity, etc, and especially not ones that play hard into demeaning stereotypes. The other thing is that a character should be attractive in some way--I'm not keen on the "beautiful girl / gross guy" dynamic you sometimes see.

Sexy Likes
Build-up and story to the sexy times. I want to have some development and characterisation--it's a feedback loop, where interesting and sympathetic characters make the sex much hotter, and erotic scenes are a great way to develop characters.

Emotional Sex: Beyond the physical actions, how is the sexual activity making the characters feel?

Gentle / Affectionate Domination: I really like getting a chance to write this from either side, but it seems quite hard to find compared to harder stuff. I love the dynamic where one partner is unquestionably in control, but is exerting it in a loving way, gently but firmly asserting their authority. It's usually associated with women dominating men ("mom-dom" or "ara ara"), but it would be a nice break from the norm to see a man doing this as well.

Uncontrolled / Distracting Arousal: Not usually in the sense of non-con, but I find something fascinating about the idea of desire and arousal that's so strong that it just overrules everything else. Location, the fact that one character was meant to be angry at the other, etc, none of that matters.

Sexy clothing. Male or female! There are so many possibilities--teasing, flashing, stripteases, going commando, semi-clothed quickies, cosplay, titillating clothing damage in combat, ripping someone's clothes open--that why waste that potential to get naked inside one post?

Breast Play. Cliche as it may be, there's just something about a beautiful (not necessarily large) bosom on a women, and a woman getting turned on through her breasts being caressed, squezed, worshipped and sucked (maybe all the way up to an orgasm just from breast play) will never get old for me, whether my character is giving or recieving such treatment.

Sex or arousal in inappropriate places. Wandering hands under the table at a posh restaurant, a remote-controlled vibrator buzzing away below desk level at a high-powered business meeting, a hot and heavy "gotta have you now" quickie in a public space.

"Classy" settings & characters. There's just something about wealth and sophistication when it goes hand in hand with decadence.

Dirty Talk: There's an art to this--if your character can steer clear of insulting and degrading "porn star" talk (see below) and use suggestion and innuendo to get their partner achingly turned on before any physical contact is made, that would be awesome!

Voyeurism / Being Watched / Watching: Not so much as a way of creeping or exerting power over someone who isn't comfortable being exposed, but more as an enriching thing when one person savours the sight of something beautiful, and the other gets a thrill from feeling desired and irresistible.

The following are more niche likes (nothing too out-there)--I'd like to try them ONLY if they are appropriate to the story and cool with my writing partner, but they won't fit in every story, nor do they need to.

Lactation. Whether the cause is natural, supernaturally induced or just (through some biological artistic licence) as a side-effect of arousal or breast stimulation. There's something quintessentially feminine about the sight of a woman with milk dripping from her nipples.

Risk of Pregnancy / Impregnation. There's just something thrilling on a very primal level about being on either end of this, assuming it makes sense for the story. And where appropriate, I find it hot to think of the sex in terms such as mating, or for visualisations such as sperm shooting straight into a woman's womb, or an egg being fertilised. I'm less interested in playing all the way through a pregnancy, so actual impregnation would work better near the end of a story, or with an extended cast.

Cherry Boys. Male virgins are something we don't see enough of!

Sexfighting.  A step on from catfights, this is essentially, sex (usually same-sex) with a competitive element. There are several flavours (from "fistfights with some nudity" to "sex with some playfighting"), but the sort of thing I like is a contest to make the other person orgasm first / more, with physical struggling (grappling, pinning, choking, light pain such as spanking, slapping, nipple twisting, etc) being a means to that end.

Oviposition. You ever have something where you go from "that's icky!" to "....but also weirdly hot." without quite knowing why or how the transition happened? Yeah, this is like that for me.

Maybe / Conditional
These ones are a bit more nuanced--they're things I like, but only in a certain context:

I'm not that into anal, but if my partner likes it, I can add some in, focusing on the taboo and thrillingly dirty aspect. Just don't expect it in every scene.

Incest doesn't have the huge appeal for me it does for others, but I can work with it, focusing, like above, on the thrillingly taboo aspect. Though I'd want to steer well clear of any hints of emotional abuse.

Futanari characters are something I might be interested in trying, but I prefer them to be something unusual within the setting (or a temporary transformation). Not so much when they're presented as a superior alternative to men.

Embarrassment / humiliation up to a point--it's very cute when the recipient is being aroused by it or shamefully enjoying the feeling, but I don't like edging into degradation, where the victim is simply hating or miserable about what's happening to them.

Dub-Con or Non-Con are very big maybes, and I'd want to be very careful about how I go into such a story. The key is that characters should still be enjoying what's happening to them, even if not in a way they were expecting. I'd need to be very sure a writing partner was on the same page as me before bringing this into an RP.

When it comes to furries or characters with animal-like traits, my rough guideline is that if the torso, genitals and face are largely humanlike, that's okay with me. I generally prefer limited and discrete nonhuman features (ears, tail, legs / feet, mermaid or snake tail, etc).

Specific Little Extras
Sometimes you just really like a certain very specific element, but can't quite say why, you know? Again, these aren't mandatory, but I'd love it if a chance arises to work these into a story.

Vintage dresses and gowns with low necklines. The Dangerous Liasons or Outlander kind of look, where most of a woman's body is covered under layers of skirts or lace--but in contrast, her breasts are provocatively lifted and thrust forwards, visibly rising and falling as she breathes. Something like this or like this. The sort of bodice people think of when they say "bodice-ripper". Speaking of which.....

Clothing damage. Combat or sparring where one or both character's modesty is under attack is my favourite take on this, but environmental damage that also exposes a titillating amount of skin is very hot as well. And passion that's so urgent that clothes literally get ripped off of someone....yes!

Qipao-style dresses, especially with very high slits. There's a very sexy contrast to these, where the upper body is concealed up to the throat, while the legs can go from concealed to almost fully revealed with a simple movement.

Stubble on a man. I find it a sexy look, and the feel of it on smooth skin is hot as well.

Glimpses of stocking tops. Sitting or bending over just right to give a hint of bare thigh is a wonderful tease, intentional or otherwise.

Being kissed or caressed from behind. I like the contrast of one person being explored, while the other stays largely out of reach.

Being held or pressed up against glass. It's just a very sexy visual, of curves flattening and offering a show to a hypothetical viewer from the other side, who can't touch.

Women going commando, with no underwear under their skirts. There's just something about the visual of a woman going about her day while very aware of her lewd secret and of anything--stairs, a gust of wind--that might expose her to the world. Even hotter if someone else intentionally removes the panties!

Excessively long posts, which push the story forward at breakneck pace, racing through plot points that I don't get a chance to properly react to. Likewise, posts filled with internal monologue that forget to include anything for my character to react to. :-)

Two-dimensional characters--if the characters ever stop feeling like believable people, then I can't find them sexy. In particular, I'm cool with playing with a "dominant" or "submissive" character, but please give them something more to their personalities than those two words!

Cuckolding. There might be some exceptions (the other partner is fine with watching their partner with someone else, the partner is so awful the cheating is justified), but in the most common uses of this trope, no.

Crude and demeaning "porn star" style talk, in or out of character.

"All men are bastards": Or casual misandry applied to all non-protagonist male characters as a way to make the male lead look better or to explain why two women are falling into each others' arms.

The following words, when used to describe genitals and / or an orgasm: spew, hole, meat, ropes, blasted.

The common ones that you see in turn-offs--toilet stuff, severe pain in a sexual context, rape, bestiality.
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Full-Length Story Ideas
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2018, 09:19:55 am »
Rating System:

Low Smut: There might be some sex / romance if the plot or character arcs go that way, but it's not the focus of the story.
Moderate Smut: There's a fair bit of sex and sexual tension, but non-sexual story makes up a major part of the tale.
High Smut: Sex will be the focus of the story, along with setting up interesting and titillating situations for our characters, and winding up the tension. Note that this still requires interesting characters and a solid story to give context to the sexy stuff.

Currently Seeking:

Long / Mid-Term Stories:

The Spirit and the Flesh:

Keywords: Light Horror, Episodic, Mystery, Period (1920's-1930's), Humour
Seeking: Multi-Character seeking Multi-Character of M/F
Smut Level: High
Length: Medium


An eclectic group of spiritualists, mediums and psychics (real or fraudulent) have been invited to a luxurious manor house by the current owner, who is convinced the building is haunted! A previous owner was known for being a wild and devilish hedonist, and from the shocking nature of the hauntings, it seems they don't want to let the party end just because they died. The mediums settle in for a night of ouija boards, seances, and old-fashioned investigation of the history of the house. But they might not be ready for what they're going to encounter. Perhaps they will experience waking dreams that sweep them into the decadent heyday of the past. Perhaps the ghosts will manifest or possess them, with lewd intent. Perhaps the situation will play with the minds of our Lost Generation investigators, inflaming lurking passions, and luring them into frantic liasons with each other in forbidden corners of the mansion. Perhaps they will even have to worry about ectoplasmic tentacles....

This is a quite flexible idea. I imagined it featuring two or more mediums or other guests (male or female) who may be genuine or fake, getting into sexy hijinks with one or more horny ghosts. The format I was thinking of would be a series of encounters with different characters with each other, eventually building up into a wider plot. And the story would have a fairly light tone--some scares and thrills, but nothing too dark, and some amusing or farcical moments.

All of those are negotiable, though! One medium and one ghost? A darker and more horrific tone? A different time period? If you've got an alternate take on it that you'd like to see, go ahead and suggest it.

Inspirational Images

Watching You Watching Me:

Keywords: Modern, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Excessive Sexual Tension
Seeking: M seeking F or F seeking M/F
Smut Level: Medium / High
Length: Medium

In a modern city in mid to late 2020, two people have found themselves stuck at home due to being quarantined, shielding or locked down as a result of the coronavirus. They have one other thing in common--their apartments look onto each other from different buildings.

One of them is going crazy with boredom and finds him- or herself desperate for diversions, and ends up....watching the man or woman across the street, someone who seems to be stuck in their apartment as well. Unintentionally at first, with them being caught aback when they spy the neighbour working out with their body glistening, or coming out of the shower wearing just a towel. But then....looking over to that far window becomes a habit, a taboo and slightly shameful glimpse of the forbidden. But then something happens that makes them's not one-sided, the watching is mutual across the hundred-odd feet that separates them. Where does it go from there?

So it's a voyeurism-themed story, though I'd like to be largely free of any notions of creeping or perving on someone who's not comfortable being watched--rather for it to be a mutually enriching thing where two people cut off from most other forms of human contact develop an intense bond despite being unable to meet or touch. Watching and being watched gives them an excuse to show off and feel attractive & desired, with a frisson of risk or naughtiness. As it progresses, they might send messages, dare or requests for what they want to see to each other via written notes pushed to the windows, or maybe even exchange phone numbers and escalate the teasing with phone sex, enjoying the game too much to end it too soon.

It's a very open idea, with room for a lot of variation on the basic idea, which I'd be open to doing as an M/F story with me in either role, or an F/F story. One last thing is that this song was also an inspiration for this story idea (albeit a bit less dark).
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One-Shot Ideas
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2019, 08:27:04 am »
Short / One-Shot Stories:

Demanding Satisfaction

Keywords: Historical / Fantasy, Flirtation, Combat, Clothing Damage
Seeking: F seeking M or M/F seeking F
Smut Level: High
Length: Short

They've come here for a duel to settle their passionate rivalry, with swords drawn and ready to clash....but that's not all they want. Rather than trying to kill or wound the other, each strike that gets through has only one purpose--to slash and slice the clothing of their enemy, revealing more and more glimpses of flesh. The intense focus upon each other takes on a lewder turn as each of them slowly destroys the other's modesty, and the participants grow more flustered and aroused as the duel progresses. There are moments when one duelist is pinned or held at swordpoint and the other can claim a "forfeit" before it resumes and in end the victor claims their prize--only there aren't really any losers. The video and images in the spoiler block below might give a better idea of the kind of vibe I'm aiming for.

This is very much an "indulge a specific kink" short story, but if the ideas are there and the characters are fun, there's no reason it couldn't be extended! It could be an M/F or F/F story. My O/O's can be found in the signature, and I'd be happy to chat about the idea and answer any questions you might have.

Inspirational Material

Female Sexfighting:

Keywords: Modern / Fantasy, Erotica, Wrestling, Combat, possibly Comedy
Seeking: F or Multi-F seeking F
Smut Level: High
Length: Short-Medium

This is a fairly flexible idea, with several possible premises (some of them listed below, and I'm open to other variations). The common link is the kink of F/F sexfighting, which can be summed up as sex with a competitive element. There are several variations ranging from "sex with some playfighting" to "fistfights with some nudity", but the type I'm interested in here is more in the middle--the characters are primarily trying to win via making their opponent orgasm first / more and the contest is mainly about "inflicting" pleasure, but there is some physical competition and perhaps some light pain (spanking, holds, wrestling, hairpulling, light bondage, etc). It might be an actual fight that became something more, or it might have been a sexual contest from the start.

Aiming for a fairly light and playful (and consensual) tone--there's going to be rivalry, competitiveness and ego clashes, some humiliation, etc, but I' like everyone to enjoy what's happening, even if reluctantly ("this is so humiliating, especially when SHE's doing it, but it feels so good I can't fight it!") and steer clear of degradation. The assumption is that both fighters do want to have sex and to enjoy themselves....but for each woman, it's intertwined with the desire to have sex on her terms, and prove her superiority to her rival.

Possible Scenarios:
Wife vs Mistress: It was just a fun fling with an older man, nothing too serious. But now his wife--his very much current, not-divorced wife--has turned up on the doorstep of the mistress, and she's not happy. She's going to take this little waif of a girl down with her voluptuous body and powerful sexuality, and record her triumph so that her husband will be in no doubt that he'd better not stray again. But maybe the mistress isn't quite going to be the pushover she was expecting.

Girlfriend vs Ex: As if unceremoniously dumping her wasn't bad enough, now he's sending his new girlfriend round to pick up his stuff from his ex's apartment? How low can you go? Her pride is wounded, and she wants to make sure this new girl knows that she's the better woman in every way! And in the end, once they've given everything they've got and they're lying there exhausted, the hostility cleared from the either of them really need a man like that?

Sorority Girl vs Queen Bee: This is how the queen bee of a sorority, cheerleading squad, or boarding school asserts her authority and proves her worthiness to be leader. So far, anyone who has challenged her has been left a quivering, exhausted wreck. But now there's a brash new challenger who thinks she can work her way through her deputies and take on the queen!

Teacher vs Schoolgirl: At a top-flight academy for the daughters of the rich and privileged, the teacher is used to students who think the rules don't apply to them, but the defiance of this girl, and her contempt for the rules and staff is on another level! It's high time that this spoiled brat was put in her place....but neither woman is wiling to back down and things get unexpectedly physical.

Office Lady vs Office Lady: Are things getting heated between two office rivals, or are two bright young things facing a very unconventional interview to test their skills at self-expression, pleasing the boss and their willpower and self-control? Either way, those smart suits are getting torn up and the sparks are going to fly!

Heiress vs Heiress: Two high-society frenemies have feuded about the time one of them stole the other's boyfriend, dissed her dress choices, made a scene at her birthday party, said something mean about her on Twitter, or some other grievous, unforgivable and very serious matter of honour. Finally, after an escalating series of tit-for-tat and wars of words, it's time to settle this and determine the superior woman in the most decisive way possible. Two girls, one locked bedroom, a bedside cabinet well-stocked with toys, oils and restraints, and a rule that neither can leave until one of them yields or passes out.

Escort vs Escort: Two high-class escorts (or sugar babies) are both vying to become the favourite of a very generous client who flits between them, and the rivalry (friendly or otherwise) is growing. And then one night, he books both of them, and informs them of they're going to decide who the new favourite is in woman-to-woman combat, while he judges (and enjoys the show).

Madam vs Madam: A variant on the above, where the mature (but still devastatingly sexy) women managing two rival escort agencies are going to settle once and for all who the top cat in Sin City is.

Noblewoman vs Noblewoman: Sword duels between aristocratic women are recorded as happening multiple times in the 19th century when there was a movement away from women relying on men to fight for them--and on at least one occasion (linked below), the battle was fought topless! Apply a bit of dramatic license and you have two emancipated 19th century women of status (or modern ones reviving the tradition), cutting up each others' dress and getting increasingly hot and bothered as the fight progresses from swordplay into grappling.

Fighter vs Trainer: Learning MMA or wrestling has done wonders for her confidence and fitness, and a lot of that can be credited to her personal trainer. There's a spark of attraction there, but she's not sure how to broach the subject, or if the other woman's even noticed. Turns out the instructor has, because then she gets an after-hours invitaton to the gym. The instructor's waiting for her, and once they're together in the ring or cage, this rookie is going to learn a whole new kind of grappling.

Warrior vs Warrior: In a fantasy or historical fantasy version, two famous swordswomen have been drawn to each other, both by a wish to prove themselves over a rival, and simple attraction. But killing, or even wounding the opponent to determine victory wouldn't prove anything. Instead, their mastery of their blades will be demonstrated by attacking the modesty of their opponent, slicing up their clothes without harming their flesh. As it becomes harder and harder to fight while holding clothes together, as soft flesh becomes visible through the rents in fabric, they become locked in a clinch, face to face with each other, and then....

Sorceress vs Sorceress: Another fantasy variant, where the heroine and villainess clash in an epic struggle of magical might. However, they're so evenly matched that the fight becomes deadlocked, as both of them exhaust their power to no effect. Neither of them will admit defeat, so the battle becomes a physical struggle--but they're both so bad at hand-to-hand fighting that it degenerates into a clothes-ripping catfight, and then.....

Goddess vs Goddess (vs Goddess): Smarting from Aphrodite being chosen by Paris as the most beautiful of goddesses in the beauty contest that kicked off the Trojan War, Hera and / or Athena gets into a quarrel with her about how that doesn't mean a thing if she's not also the best lover! And, well, there's only one way to prove this.... Superhuman egoes combined with divine beauty and jealous's a receipe for disaster! This could also work with other historical goddesses (maybe cross-pantheon) getting into a spat, or with fantasy deities instead.

And just in case you're thinking those scenarios sound absurd....

Suffice to say, it's a hugely flexible idea and I'm open to suggestions other than the ones above.

Additional inspirational material:


The Thief Snared

Keywords: Modern / Fantasy, Mind Games, Sexy Peril, Bondage
Seeking: F seeking M/F or F/M seeking F
Smut Level: High
Length: Short-Medium

A thief infiltrate the home of a powerful wizard or eccentric playboy. She has to face devious traps and security systems as she penetrates deeper, ones that threaten to capture or restrain her. But the traps seem almost designed to cost her her clothes and / or her dignity, to the point that she's down to her underwear (or nude) by the time she reaches her objective. All the while, the master is monitoring her progress and maybe taunting her remotely, and she's both seething and kind of turned on.

And then....the stakes get raised, when she finally gets entrapped and bound, and confronted by the master of the house. Then....maybe she then tries to get seductive, or he offers her a chance--she can leave empty-handed or if she can get back out without her tools (or clothes), he'll surrender what she came to steal--and if not, she will be his sexy captive for the night. Does she have a plan to one-up him? Or, after hearing those odds, does she actually want to escape?

So quite a flexible idea--the essentials are a battle of wits, a sexy thief losing her modesty and a voyeuristic element. It could be a fantasy or modern setting? Maybe the genders could be reversed? I'm up for either role.
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Inspirational Images / GIFs / Videos
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Random Inspirational Images / GIFs / Videos: (NSFW)

These should illustrate the kind of style I like--sensual and suggestive, and engaging the imagination. NSFW where noted.

GIF's -- Romantic

Images -- One Night In Chinatown

Images -- In It's Grasp

In Conclusion:

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