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April 14, 2021, 03:33:17 am

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Author Topic: Playing With Bowsette Peach (One-Shot/Short Term Ideas M LF F/M Characters)  (Read 536 times)

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Offline ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Hello there, ABagOVicodin here. This is a quick post for a trend that has been going through the Rule 34 fandom that I'd love to try: Bowser put through the Rule 63 engine! I'll explain. Toadette was shown in a recent video game teaser to turn into Peach after absorbing a certain mushroom. Since this is the Nintendo fandom we are talking about, artists quickly started applying that mushroom to Bowser, pumping out hot pictures of Bowser as a Peach Princess. This idea is what I want to play with.

Here's some information about me:

Prescription Information:
  • I am a writer in his 20s who is in his final year of college. My hobbies are mostly gaming, writing, and reading. I always try to do something different in life, although Elliquiy has been one of the main constants in my life since 2012. Sometimes it's a different book, different writing style, or maybe a different restaurant. Either way, I try to spice up my life to avoid the monotony of work + school.
  • I also work far away from home, so most of my time is spent between the two locations. Because of this, my posts are often written on my phone, although I do attempt to write on my computer for the first few posts/introductions. Sometimes I'll write one post a day, sometimes 3 or 4. If I don't get back to you in two weeks, please PM me and I'll try to bring us back to reality.
  • I'm a straight male that has dabbled in all manner of characters. From female to male, to hermaphrodite or alien, I have tried them all. Depending on the idea, I will want to play the male or female (or other), and I'll specify within my ideas. However, don't let that discourage you from not trying out an idea! Sometimes a good twist or simply an impressive writer will open me back up to the idea, and it doesn't hurt to ask my feelings about it. But, if an idea is completely closed, I will not budge on reopening it.
  • I write 3+ paragraphs in every one of my posts, with few exceptions. I expect the same amount of words in return, 300+. Thanks to Aya and Snow Nymph, I've gotten used to linking pictures of my characters in the post. If you don't know how to do it, I can help you. Openers I'd like to be a bit bigger, with 500+ words. Now, obviously I won't drop you if one post is below 300 words, but if this becomes a habit without a reasonable explanation, I will become frustrated and discontinue our story.
  • I prefer to be contacted by PM for any questions about my ideas or roleplays. Do not post in this thread. I cannot stress that enough.
  • I can also be contacted by Discord/Skype for friendly banter, brainstorming, or chatting. Mention either in your PM and I will gladly add you.

I already have a lot of stories, so I will only take 2 writers for these ideas. One will play Bowsette, while the other will play male characters and I will play Bowsette. I have a few small ideas below, but I'd also appreciate any feedback or your own ideas brought to me. Mainly these ideas will be smutty, but they can be taken short/long term with enough convincing.

Here are some pictures for inspiration before you look at the ideas. Assume all pictures are NSFW.

NSFW Bowsette pictures

Basic Ideas:

- Bowser has found the mushroom and intends to use it to defeat Mario within the Smash Brothers Universe. Unfortunately, there are other powerful heroes on the battlefield. Now stuck in a female body, will she become the spoils of a more powerful male character? Or will she manage to crush Mario underneath her new heels? Possible male characters: Ganondorf, Link, Captain Falcon, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Villager, Charizard, Lucario, Mewtwo, Fire Emblem Characters, Donkey Kong, Cloud, Inkling.

- It was the final battle. Bowser had saved the Peach Mushroom for Mario when he finally reached the top of his castle. Now as his trump card, Bowser absorbs the mushroom and turns into Bowsette... only for his hatred of Mario to instantly disappear. Replaced with lust, Bowsette melts before Mario's scent, turning their final battle into a stamina match over who can last the longest on their back.

- Bowsette sneaks in Peach's place back at the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, not the smartest tool in the shed, goes on about life without a hitch, enjoying his newly married wife. Bowsette doesn't realize that she is slowly enjoying her new role as a housewife, baking cakes, tending to the Kingdom, and getting fucked by Mario's massive cock. If she doesn't transform back into Bowser soon, her mind will rewire to be the new Peach.

- Bowsette has been defeated, fucked to exhaustion and left dripping with cum at the top of her castle. Unable to transform back into her original form, Bowser enlists an unexpected ally to go with her on a journey to find the cure for her body: Luigi/Toad. This is the only long-term plot I have, but it has potential.

Here are my ons and offs, copy-pasted from my request thread. I've added a few based on the themes of this idea:
Vicodin's Ons
Ageplay (As per site rules, no characters in sexual scenes can be below 16.)
Manipulation (Mental, preferably)
Femdomming (Not necessary in this idea)
Mind Control
Identity Death
Abuse (Verbal, mental, physical)
Misogyny (More of the subtle themes of it than outright sexism)
Traditional Gender Roles (Similar to the previous one)
Outfits/High heels (The more detailed an outfit, the more fun it is to take it off)
Clothed sex
Public scenes/Risk of getting caught
Multiple penetrations
Kidnapping/Free Use
Risk of Pregnancy/Breeding/Creampies
Blowjobs/Throatfucking/Everything that comes with it. (Lipstick smearing, the sounds coming from a fucked throat, mascara and makeup running. The detail in these actions will make me wish for the next post)
Harems (Love having them, or playing them with a specific writer.)
Footplay (Very niche amounts. Nix this if it doesn't interest you)
Sexual Exhaustion (The woman collapsing after being used, but someone simply continues. Sloppy seconds are another one I love based on this)
and More!

And that's all I have for now! After getting two satisfactory partners, I will lock this thread. Happy hunting and thank you for reading!
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