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May 19, 2019, 08:18:20 PM

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Author Topic: A Few Plots (M for F, Fantasy, Scifi, Anthro)  (Read 189 times)

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A Few Plots (M for F, Fantasy, Scifi, Anthro)
« on: September 21, 2018, 04:45:16 PM »
If anything interests you, send me a PM

A New Partner

Policing colonial worlds, on the frontier of human expansion has always been difficult. As settlers struggle to conquer their new world, they rarely have the spare population to form large, well trained and well equipped police forces. More civilized worlds, can rarely afford to send away their law officers. The best core worlds can do for fledgling colonies, is train limited number of marshals and send them along, to provide at least some sort of law enforcement, beyond the main city.

Vathiea Prime teems with life, from its warm tropical seas to the lush, primordial jungles, covering most of the dry land. Like the rainforests of South America, the plants and animals found there, are a pharmaceutical goldmine. The planet also has untold narcotics to be found or offers the perfect place to grow or improve those mankind has known since before the discovery of space flight. Their new world has proved to be boon and bane of the colonies there.

Several colonists have already struck it rich from the wealth of the jungles but the world has attracted the attention of several pirate groups, resulting in raids on outlying settlements and plantations, as well as interplanetary gangs, setting up their own illegal grow operations and paying often violent smugglers, to ship their product off world. As if the large (and small) predators found all across Vathiea weren't bad enough, human ones are now preying on the settlers.

Of the twenty marshals sent to help protect the colony, ten have been killed, either by native carnivores or criminals and other three have been injured bad enough, that they may never return to duty. The remaining seven have not escaped harm but have been able to return to duty. The colonial government has been screaming for more help, more marshals, police, a military base, anything but there has been no official response from the governments of the core worlds or even neighboring colonies. However, there has been one gift they have accepted and are considering an offer from a conglomerate of pharmaceutical companies.

Both to gain good publicity and to hopefully entice the government of Vathiea Prime into accepting a private security force on their world, the Conglomerate has placed an order for and shipped to the colony, a number of custom canine Anthromorphs, to be partner with the remaining marshals and what few police are found on the colony. On the worlds, where their creation is legal, such beings, the combination of animal and human DNA, are normally used as pets, companions or for labor. However, these models were created with law enforcement in mind and where programed with such skills in their creation.

However, it should be noted, that the skills and training, the labs used to make the Anthros, were taken from more civilized, core worlds, not the experiences found on wild frontier worlds.

One quirk of the Anthros, is that they imprint or bond with the first human they see. This is immensely useful for those made as pets or companions but has posed an interesting challenge, in getting them to Vathiea Prime, without them imprinting on the wrong human. To solve this, they have been kept in isolation since the moment they were grown, given only verbal commands, as their skills were tested, to ensure quality. In order to send them, the Anthros were seal into modified shipping crates, for the three week journey, which contained a bed, food, water and a waste receptacle.

So I am looking to play as a male human marshal, who’s a little out of the loop, when he is recalled to the capital of Vathiea Prime and informed he is being given a partner. He is then led to a shipping container and told to open it, in which he finds a female canine Anthro, who has the skills and training of a police officer but who might just have more than just little companion Anthro in her.

The Marshal

Possible Anthro
These inspired my idea but don't feel constrained by them


I Hate Loving You

Death was all around and the end was near. Her warriors were skilled in arms and well tested in battle, but even such factors, counted for nothing against the many enemies. They had come over the mountains, a terrible host of grim faced men, numbering at least twenty thousand, more then two men for one of hers. The fact they had not yet been swept away under a tide of warriors, was a testament to the abilities of her veteran housecarls and the fyrdmen, long used to throwing back invaders.

But the battle was lost.

The flanks of the shield wall had been turned, her army encircled and fighting back to back, as the host closed in around them. Her warriors were on the verge of breaking and when they did, they would all be slaughtered, leaving the villages undefended. Never in over three generations, had her county been laid bare to the foe. And yet, it would be under her rule, that her country would be led to doom and destruction. The last of her line, to see the last days of her kingdom.

But, from the east, come the sounds of warhorns. Warhorns which had always heralded the arrival of armies and raiding bands of their ancestral enemies. Had the thrice damned horse lords come to mock her, as their bitterest of foes died under the blades of new invaders? But the horns sounded a charge. Had the old enemy joined the new? Not if the sudden cries of alarm and the lessening of the pressure against her warriors, was any proof.

What was greater proof and a sign of hope, was the sudden flight of two thousands arrows, which landed among the invaders, slaying those still trying to hack at her warriors or forcing them to turn about. The horns sounded again, mingling with the thunder of three thousand charging horses and the shouts of five thousand levies. First came the knights, clad in mail, baring lance and kite shield, smashing into the invaders, just after a second rain of arrows. The levies charging just behind, ready with spear, axe and sword, their shields round, like those of her warriors.

Attacked in the rear by an unexpected foe, the invaders broke and fled from the field of battle. No chase was given, her own warriors exhausted by battle and the old enemy from a grueling march. Instead, both armies looked at one another. For as long as they all had lived, they had tried to kill one another but here, on a field of blood and bodies, they had fought the same foe. From within their ranks, nearly thirty horsemen came forwards. Like the other riders, they all wore mail, carried the kit shields and were armed with lance and sword. Like the other knights, they all wore nasal helmets but unlike the rest, their helmets had a bronze sheet covering the face, with holes cut, revealing only their eyes. One sheathed his blade and reached up, unstrapping his helmet, before pulling it off.

It was him, the war leader of the horse lords, the Scarred Prince.

The man who had killed her father and made her the Orphan Queen.

The man she had met in battle and given the signature scar, running from above his right eye, down through the bridge of his nose and across his left cheek.

The man who had ravaged her country in uncounted raids.

The man who had just saved her life and her kingdom.

What demands would he make now or was this some plot of his cunning father, the Crippled King?
Not inspired by these pictures but once I came across them, they solidified this idea in my mind. So I was thinking two smallish kingdoms, one based loosely on the Anglo-Saxons and the other the Normans, have been at war for generations, a conflicted started by their grandfathers or great grandfathers. They have fought all their lives, until a new enemy marched in. Where other rulers would watch with glee as such a fate befell their enemies, the Crippled King was wise or cunning enough to know, that any foe able to crush his rival, could crush him as well and thus send his army out, to give aid to the old enemy.

I don't have anything set in stone for the invaders, they could be based on another Dark Ages civilization or this could be a high fantasy story, with orcs and goblins or the like. But the main plot would be the Scarred Prince and the Orphan Queen being forced to work very closely together, to drive them out and make sure their lands aren’t threatened again.

There is the possibility of a forced marriage between the two or it could be more of a growing love/hate relation, as they fight side by side.

Teacher’s Pet

It had always been her greatest fantasy., getting failing grades and going to the teacher to get makeup work, only find that she had to sexually pleasure them, in order to get her marks up. But the trouble was, she didn’t get bad grades, in fact she rarely even got Bs on her school work. This year she even had a teacher she liked, it would have been perfect, if she hadn’t been able to understand the class or she just wasn’t good at the tests, but neither was the case. As summer break approaches, the opportunity for that fantasy is slipping away. Unless she manufactures some failing grades. Putting her GPA at risk, she bombs fours tests in a row.

Monday morning, after failing the fourth test, it seems like her gamble might just work, when her teacher hands back her test, with a note to see him after school.

But things don’t go according to plan. When she shows up that afternoon, after the final bell rings but before she can ask if there’s anything she can do to get her grades up, he starts asking her if everything is alright at home. Her teacher is not following the script. Instead of taking advantage of her, he’s concerned that she’s being abused. After several leading questions, she breaks down and confesses that she deliberately failed the tests and why.

For several minutes, while she feels like dying of shame, he just quietly considers her before telling her, that she can earn those grades back and that she’ll need to bend over his desk. Its almost a dream come true, when he flips her skirt up and pulls down her panties. That is, until he starts spanking her, until her entire rear is red and sitting down is going to be painful. When he’s finished, he tells her that he’ll change one test grade to an A and that she’ll need to to see him after school, to get each one of the others changed.

Is it wrong, when she realizes the next morning, she’s looking forward to being spanked again?

Eyes Like Mine

So I’ve been reading some Humanity Fuck Yeah, stories on Reddit and listening to the audio books for the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell, which is pretty HFY itself but they both got me thinking.

So, the dominate sapient life forms in the universe, are herbivores. The beings that have reached space, believe that sapience comes from the need to use tools and intelligence to overcome predators. Now and then, they do come across intelligent predatory races but those are always destroyed before they can leave their birthworlds. Humanity has been lucky, they discovered alien life before they found us. Human probes caught the destruction of another race by an alliance of herbivores, allowing us to hide, keeping below the radar, while our technology and military grew.

Many years later, as humanity readies itself, their scouts find another predatory race, about to be destroyed. These aliens, barely about to launch their first satellites, suddenly suffer bombardment from space, aimed to level their key cities. The herbivores not only want them dead but they want their world, so they can’t launched nukes or virus bomb the planet. Just a few rocks dropped from orbit, to crater cities, before the ground troops land to mop up. Everything seems to be going to plan, when a human fleet appears from the black of space. As ships duel above the planet, transports begin to rain shuttles down, packed with troops, ready to aid their fellow predators.

I was thinking the aliens would look like this

But if you have something else you would want play as, I’m all for it. For main characters, I was thinking human ground forces or marine officer and female alien resistance leader

Forging an Alliance

The long winter of the North is coming to an end. Soon, the snow will melt, the passes will open, merchants from the southlands will arrive and the short farming season will begin. The white and grey of snow and bare stone will be replaced with dark green of the thick forests, the flower speckled bright green of the prairie beyond and the dark blue of the scattered deep lakes. The mines will reopen, hunters, trappers and woodsmen will return to the forests, adventurers will arrive to find glory in the mountains.

It will also bring the season of war.

War was the natural state of the North. Barbarian tribes had clashed for as long as anyone could remember, although ruins in the mountains seemed to indicate that had once been a civilization here. When they weren’t fighting one another, the tribes had fought the monsters and the beasts. When Southlanders had come, they built forts and cities, fought the barbarians and began fighting for control of the trade routes. Each city wants to be the primary destination for the merchants, come north looking to buy timber, furs, metal and the strange but devilishly spicy ice peppers.

Over the last winter, spies have braved the ice and snow, bringing word back to the city of Chillhaven, of impending doom. The masters of Ironfalls, Westvein and Tradetown, along with a dozen lesser villages and steadings, have been courting one another, looking to form a grand alliance, to bring about the destruction of their greatest rival in the region. Cities which normally would have been too caught up in their own squabbles, to threaten the chief city.

Like all other cities in North, Chillhaven keeps men under arms, foot soldiers serving as the city watch or serving in small guard posts along the trade roads or protecting the larger client villages. But they can’t afford to maintain enough to be an army. The city fathers can call up the free folk to serve as a temporary militia and these hearty settlers will fight bravely but it is not their profession. Mercenaries are an option but strangely this year, there are few for hire. Most likely most have already been hired for the season.

Also, like the other cities, Chillhaven keeps a small force of elite riders, used to harass the villages and trade routes of the other cities or to either discourage or punish barbarian raiders. Unlike the knights of the southlands, these riders are lightly armored, most preferring quilted jackets, with a little chainmail in strategic places, to keep them light and fast. Short bows, easy to use from the saddle are popular among the riders, as are axes, both hand axes and throwing axes. Swords and light lances are not uncommon though. Another difference, they accept women into their ranks, as the cities are always in need of more riders.

But even with such warriors, it will be a simple numbers game, unless Chillhaven can find more troops.

And there is one source, which has gone untapped, the barbarians. Although they will be hard to recruit. Many of the tribes around Chillhaven are already being bribed with steel weapons, to leave the city alone and that’s not enough to keep some of the warbands from turning raider, if the opportunity presents itself. Not to mention, the barbarians are not overly fond of the Southlanders. Promises of more weapons, food and luxuries, might being some of the tribes to the city’s banner

But one of the city fathers has a plan. If they can bring the largest of the tribes in the area, The Red Fangs, over to their side, it’s Chieftain can used blood oaths to bring most of the others to the Chillhaven banner. The problem is the Chieftain himself, Tyern son of Threidr. If most barbarians are not fond of the Southlanders, he loathes them, considering them weak and unworthy, at least for the most part. He does respect the city riders. Which just might offer the opportunity to being him to their side, for the coming war.

One of the female riders of Chillhaven, notable and who perhaps even crossed weapons with Tyern, is called to a private meeting with the city fathers. She is to ride to the winter camp of the Red Fangs, to treat with the Chieftain and is specially instructed to offer the Barbarian more then the weapons, food and liquor. She already has his respect as a warrior but she is to get his interest as a male.

The Rider

The Barbarian

while I was inspired the pictures to write this idea, the characters doen't have to be anthros. They could be High Fantasy races or low fantasy humans