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April 14, 2021, 03:37:58 am

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Author Topic: A New Master of Fear (DC Extended Universe) (EX)  (Read 581 times)

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A New Master of Fear (DC Extended Universe) (EX)
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:57:56 pm »
Please leave your hate for Batfleck and DCEU at the door. I'm not interested in it. Yes, I am aware the DCEU films have their issues, but I don't really care right now. This is pre-Man of Steel anyway.

Characters: Bruce Wayne x Abigail O'Shay (Batman x Madame Crow)
Time: Pre-Man of Steel (Wayne Financial building has not been destroyed in the fight between Superman and General Zod)
Location: Moving between Gotham and Metropolis
Plot Summary:

Several years ago, the Gotham Bat took care of a nasty criminal who called himself "Scarecrow". The deranged man is currently locked up in Arkham Asylum. Many were thankful that the situation was handled quickly, as the mad former professor was apparently in possession of a large number of highly dangerous chemicals. The use of which only managed to affect a small portion of people. It seemed the man was still perfecting it and was still int he testing phase. Though given the former professor's travel schedule, the spread of how many he tested it on across the country is still unknown.

Given the size of the Wayne Enterprise business, it is impossible for Bruce Wayne to have a hand in the hiring of every employee. Despite that, he does make time to be involved in the hiring of heads of departments. So when a new Head of Wayne Chemicals is needed, he makes time for each interview and to voice his opinions.

One resume stands out to him. It's a fairly average resume for someone with no experience in running a lab, but there is little bad on it. Wayne Chemicals would be her first large position. He knows that it's wrong to turn someone down due to inexperience. Sometimes those people worked out for the best and brought in new revenue that an experienced person might have over looked. What really stands out to Bruce is the name of the person she studied under during her university time.

Jonathan Crane.

While the name was not released to the public, he knows who that man is and was.

Even more concerning was her interview. In order not to put people on edge, he kept to the background in the first round of interviews. Watching video recordings of them to then discuss his opinions with the rest of the hiring committee. Her interview was one of the best. She was extremely professional and confident. Others didn't pick up on the oddity of it though. If he hadn't seen that name on her resume, he likely would not have thought anything of it either. Her unwavering eye contact, how straight she sat, how posed she was. It was obvious to him that she was interviewing them as much as they were interviewing her. There was also the fact that her timeline was missing something very important. She was asked about her work after graduation and she gave a date that was almost exactly a year after her graduation. She never went back to explain what she had done for that year.

Bruce conducted her second interview himself and in the end, he offers her the position.


  • Absolutely no Non-Con.
  • I'm willing to play as Batman or Madame Crow.
  • Even though Madame Crow is a canon character, we will be playing her as a new character personality with only hints at her canon history.
  • Game will take place in Extreme for possible violence.
  • Game will involve intimacy between Bruce and Abigail. Bondage aspects can be discussed.
  • Abigail is aware of Bruce's Batman identity. She has a hatred of Batman because she blames him for what happened to her.
  • Basic history for Abigail will be that she was one of Scarecrow's victims. He held her captive for nearly a year and tested every form of his fear gas on her.
  • Abigail has an immunity to fear gas as a result of her exposure, but she has also developed her own anti-fear toxin that removes the feeling of 'fear' rather than enhancing it. Her end goal is to make Bruce Wayne/Batman indulge in self destructive behaviors and ruin his own life.
  • I expect lots of communication on pushing the storyline forward to an eventual confrontation between Batman and Madame Crow.
  • We will not be following DCEU storyline hard. It would be nice to push some of it into the game if/when we get that far though. Make her kind of his 'Catwoman' of this storyline.
  • Model in top image for Madame Crow is model Mahafsoun. This is not who we have to go with. Just wanted a nice picture.

I am slowly stepping back into roleplaying. I am only taking on one game right now and this is going to be it. I am involved in one group game and this will fill up my game quota for the time being. A lot of time I will play the same game with several partners, because they all turn out a little different, but not this time. So please don't be upset if I turn you down, because I am going to be rather selective, more than I usually am.

PM with interest or questions.

Thank you,