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Author Topic: Merah's Musings (M/F or F/F)  (Read 3110 times)

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Merah's Musings (M/F or F/F)
« on: March 09, 2012, 12:05:58 AM »

Welcome!! I'm looking for literate partners to play male or female in Forum RP! Take a glance at the details of my preferences, and the story proposals that I have down below, and let me know (PM please) if you're interested. I'm always raring to write an awesome story with someone!

My RP Preferences
-I play female or male characters in either F/F or M/F scenarios.
-Story-driven sex!  Or sex-driven story! Key word 'STORY'.
-Deep, compelling, and intelligent characters. I'm not here to write about boring, cardboard people... a tale worth spinning has to have characters worth exploring! ;)
-Fantasy, science fiction, or loose historical fiction. While not a must, fictional settings lack the restrictions/limitations that (strict) history or present reality entails.
-I usually spend at least a few lengthy PMs with my partner planning the details of our roleplay's premise/characters/setting/story... please don't be scared off if I start rambling about all we could do with our game... it just means I'm very interested!
-No dialogue in color, please. Because my eyes bleed easily. We can always discuss our dialogue conventions in advance if you'd like.
-Open communication... sometimes my partner and I may be cherishing slightly different visions for where we want a roleplay to go. So if I am taking a story in a way that is turning off your interest, just let me know what's off about it, and we can adjust!
-Agreeing upon a realistic goal(s) for where we're taking at least the first chapter of the roleplay, so that the story doesn't peter out from lack of direction.
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Re: Merah's Musings
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2013, 09:44:37 AM »

FxF - Star Wars: The Old Republic setting - extreme, NC, or bondage
MC - the Sith Lord Arehle

Your Character - a young female Jedi
Various possibilities/inspirations

Premise: A female Sith trains a young female Jedi or Sith as her apprentice. See proposed variations below or adapt this premise to your tastes and PM me about what particular kind of story you'd like to play! :)

Scenario: Sometime during the Great Galactic War, a ruthless Sith lady captures a beautiful Jedi padawan/ knight. The Sith desires to turn this young Jedi to the dark side to serve her as an apprentice.  I'm imagining deeply manipulative mind games here. Emotional pain and guilt, doubt of everything YC has been taught, impossible moral choices, and achingly-pleasurable sexual corruption!

Variation 1: YC is fed up with the limitations, repression, and oft-times hypocrisy of the Jedi. She is recruited by MC willingly to learn a more... gray path. And MC has so very much to teach YC.

Variation 2: YC is a Sith acolyte/apprentice. The story will be less about the corruption of YC and more just about her training (beyond the narrow bounds of Sith philosophy) and the building of absolute loyalty to her mistress.

Further Details:
MC will take an interest in YC not just because of her beauty but also because of her intelligence and her potential as a Jedi/Sith.  Lord Arehle is the character I think would work best for this. She's a developed character that I've played in a lot of in-game RP on SWTOR - a former Jedi knight who now follows a darker path under the aegis of the Sith (in her mid-30s).

Lord Arehle is fiercely devoted to any young woman that she takes as an apprentice, seeking to mentor them thoroughly and make up for the shortfalls of Jedi or Sith upbringing. But she is ruthless about forging her pupils into weapons, and she has no qualms about demanding their submission in ways beyond just their training. Arehle can also be a bit of a sadist at times - her master, Darth Rikha (an elder female Sith) is a big proponent of the benefits of abuse and torture in training young Sith, and Arehle has picked up a few tricks from her.

Previous Similar Games:
Her Dark Mistress (Merah & IvoryTigress)
Sith Padawan (Merah & Zhamira)
Jedi Adrift (Merah & Arkaniel)
Jedi Trial (Merah & Arkaniel)

MxF - Historical Fantasy setting, loosely based on the Silk Road - NC

Your Character:
An exotic, intelligent young woman, captured and trafficked to a trading hub in central Asia, far from her home. She could be a daughter of gypsies, an Eastern princess... or whomever you like.

My Character:
A dashing, ambitious trader from the West (think Marco Polo, if he were an independent adventurer-trader instead of a Chinese pawn). He has built an ever-expanding trade network at the heart of the Silk Road.

MC buys YC, his first slave. He is not a cruel man, but he demands her submission - the story revolves around the contest of their wills and the powerplay that he comes to enjoy.

Bondage, submission, compassionate noncon, contest of wills.

Previous Similar Games:
Bonds of Silk (Merah & Becca)
Trade and Acquisition (Merah & Nowherewoman)

MxF or FxF - Medieval Fantasy setting, with vampires - NC or bondage

Your character, a young and inexperienced queen, struggles to maintain control of her realm, powerful rivals to the throne giving her no end of grief. Hence, the deal she makes with my character, an experienced, powerful, and cunning vampire. She will allow the vampire to make his/her lair in a suite of secret chambers and passages within her palatial castle and to indulge their needs and desires without fear of reprisal. In return, this vampire will be her personal enforcer and her closest counselor... a strength behind the throne that is desperately needed. The Queen feels guilty for having to make this 'deal with the devil', having to allow the vampire's perversions to take place under her roof and employing their ruthless methods against her rivals... but there is something intoxicating about this charming monster, upon whom she comes to rely more and more.

The vampire would be unknown to any but the queen, remaining nocturnal and staying concealed in their lair (where they'd build a small harem and blood stable), connected to the queen's private quarters by secret passages. The story could be focused on their discussions and encounters in private, as the vampire seeks to corrupt the queen and bring her more and more under their influence, alternated with scenes of each character's solo exploits (her in court and the vampire out in the world as her enforcer). But I'm completely open to suggestions for other ways to take it - tailor it to your liking!

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Re: F/F Star Wars Scenario - Sith lord and captive Jedi
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2018, 11:01:12 PM »
Updated story proposals. :D Come write with me!