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Author Topic: Seeking partner for 'Reclaimed' (A paranomral dark romance)  (Read 336 times)

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Seeking partner for 'Reclaimed' (A paranomral dark romance)
« on: August 27, 2018, 11:03:37 am »


Carpathians, an ancient, near-immortal race of powerful beings who mate for life and bear the distinctive traits of familiar folklore figures. Without their lifemates, and facing a scarcity of females, male Carpathians live a cold, colorless existence fighting encroaching madness. 

For without a lifemate,  the centuries of the darkness of being without emotion, the ability to feel, to see color in the world.   Have many of  these near immortal long lived beings seeking a end to the dreariness of their existence.    Only the bond of a life mate with their light will awaken the color in there life again, to make them feel and experience emotion to it's fullest.   By walking into the sun.   For as the legends of the sun being the bane of vampires are rooted in the race that is the Carpathians.   

That darkness that is a vampire is a Carpathian that has lost all hope of finding their life mate, have not the courage to face the rising of the sun.    That are seduced by the terrible power of the kill.   That truly turns a Carpathian dark as one of the undead of legends, a vampire.   

These evil creatures, are twisted demented shadows of themselves.    They are drawn to the women of their species.   Seeking in a twisted way the life mate bond.   They are also attracted to those human women that are psyche ability.   Turning them and twisting them into vampires.  Making them as corrupted as they are.   

It is a vicious tragic circle that exists in the world of Carpathians.  Strong in old world honor and sense of duty.  The males of the species hunt those that are turned in a bleak existence.   That perpetuates there decent into darkness and becoming a vampire.   

For a Carpathian woman or a mortal human women with psychic  power.   It is a daunting knowledge that they alone are the anchors that allow there mates to feel to experience life.   Some find such overbearing for the scarcity of females of those of the race.   Has led the race to near extinction.  Despite the long lived age of the race.  While only those human of females imbued with psyche gifts can truly be turned into a Carpathian.   For a normal woman would be destroyed with a insanity.  That would kill them.   

What if?

What if Carpathian male who for long centuries had turned and given into the intoxicating power of being evil incarnate and had become one of the undead a vampire.   What if after such he comes in contact with his life mate.   Yet it is written he is beyond salvation.   Beyond being saved,  his existence is a mockery of the nobility of the Carpathian race.   But this mortal woman stirs things in him long dead.   The cruelty of what he has become.   There is no hope yet her light beckons to him like a beacon , a heavenly angel calling for him to again walk in the light of goodness.   Such is not possible, yet she is in grave danger,  forces and other vampires have sensed her psychic ability.

Can his soul survive the guilt of the atrocities he has wrought on the world.   Would he dare to recite the ageless old ritual words of bonding drawing together for all eternity.  To what he knows would doom her to walking in the darkness and becoming as corrupt as he has.   The need to protect her is so overwhelming that he will truly not have a choice. 

Does she have the strength to lead him out of the darkness into the light.   For she can see the light of goodness buried within his darkness.   Yet she is terrified by him,  yet inexplicably drawn to such a creature.   Deep down she knows in a sub consciously that her very soul is in danger.   Yet she cannot get away she is drawn to this creature of darkness. 

Such is the premise of the story, setting in the backdrop of Chicago.   A city notorious for it's high murder content. 

Her name is, Phoibe,  sister Phoibe a nun of the Greek orthodox church.  Her name meaning one who is bright and pure.    A mortal human woman devoted to god,  with a rare light within and and the psychic gifts to heal body, mind and soul.

Phoibe is forty years old.   A nun since she was sixteen years of age.   Yet despite having been a nun for twenty four years and the age of forty she is a very beautiful woman.   Who has spent her life caring for others unselfishly with the ability to heal.   Heal both physically and emotionally.     

A modern woman who purity is a bright light in  world that holds darkness to it like a second skin.   Yet she is the purity and light that is a beacon in such a world.  Who can look upon evil incarnate and see the flicker of good within.  Who perhaps has the power to do the unthinkable pull one such from such depths that held no hope.   

Drawn into a world beyond comprehension, the light within remains strong, as a world of sexuality awakens in her and the need and desire to have it fulfilled.

A mortal human that is ever so fragile.  That it is demanded she be brought over, to become a Carpathian.    A normal human mortal woman has never survived the transition of three sharing of the blood.   Yet it is said that those with psychic gifts have indeed transitioned.   

There is dilemma for both.   The fragile life that is a mortal.  That could rip her from him.  Yet if he were to turn her,  would his darkness extinguish the light of her soul.   Would his tainted blood of darkness consume and twist her and make her a vampiress and not a true Carpathian maiden. 

How could she ever except such,  just the thought of having to feed by taking blood.   The flashes of his kills in her mind.   Heave a powerful revulsion upon her.   Yet if she did not then there would be no hope and the world would suffer for such. 

What I am looking for is a partner to take on the role of the vampire.  A Carpathian male who has fallen and succumb to the intoxicating power of the kill.   Who is darkness to the light of Phoibe.   Who will bring a cruel possessive darkness to the relationship.   While she will be the light as they forge forward to balance in the center and become one. 

How old he is likely will be at least more then a few hundred years of age.   As it is usually around two hundred years that a Carpathian male looses the ability to feel, see colors and experience emotions.    It is what she will give him when they first meet.   Heightening his evil nature at the same time beginning to feel again and see color and ultimately the emotion of remorse settling in.  With the powerful sensations of love, fear and protectiveness.   

Besides the dynamic of the two and what develops.   The story will include other ancient vampires drawn to Phoibe her psychic abilities like a beacon to these masters of incarnate evil.  An like any predator they do not work well with others and seek to claim the prize that is Phoibe.

While Carpathian hunters are closing in on the lead male character.  Seeking to end his existence.

This will be set in Extreme Solos for the intense graphic and sexual portrayal of the story.

Based on Christine Feehan's Dark Series   and the lifemates.

Not necessary but knowledge of the series would be great, as it would give a better understanding of the concept of this story.   

Face claim for Phoibe,  Megan Fox