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Author Topic: Randombloke's fantasy collection set, buy one now, get a free spoon!  (Read 788 times)

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Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

I will make exceptions to my current ongoing thread limit if your plot contains, or if you're interested in a plot with:
Monstergiiiiiirls; any type!

[old introduction] Yarr, I finally managed to get myself to make a new and shiny thread! After a long absence I came back and decided it was time to give myself some roleplay lovin', aaaaaaight! Since I'm so silly and lazy, it took quite a while before I actually did anything (Aside from giving random comments here and there!)

Though, I am rusty! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Thus, an alliance was formed to un-rust my rusty bum. I'm a laid-back person to roleplay with, so I don't have many requirements. If you do find yourself wondering what I absolutely will NOT do, it's probably in my on/off thread. My plots are probably a tad cheap, plus I'm quite corny, feel free to suggest other plots you feel might interest me though. Also, I will only run a limited amount of games simultaneously. This is mainly because I don't feel like doing what I did last time, have so many games I can't leave! (I feel rather obliged to leave a response after I read my partner's, for some reason! Hurrdihurrhurr.)

"Silence Bloke, post those stupid ideas you have and leave us be!"

Oh fine, random voice in my head, I will get down to business! This probably won't be very organized, but y'know, I might actually change that in the future. Also, since I wasn't born with the superspecialawesome language called English. If you're very elitist about spelling and grammar, leave me be! ;_;

Me and titles do not go well together; so my plot names will be either silly or very simple. [Old Introduction]


A silent storm changes everything.

I'm rather in the mood for SM-ish relationships. Here's one in another setting. Rather than a place, you should ask yourself in what company? Who? The Japanese Mafia in America. They're in their glory days, having nearly every cop and politician in their pocket without them even knowing so. Where all other big Mafia families started dealing in drugs, the Japanese didn't, hence why the FBI didn't care about them. Out of sight, out of mind. Everything happened underground.

The Japanese Mafia consist out of people who were born in Japan, except for one man. A white man nicknamed Silent Storm, rarely seen, real name unknown.. almost a myth. Called Silent Storm due to his silent nature, never says a word until required of him. But when this man does a job, from robbing a bank to killing the president, it is said that this man could do it. So intimidating in sheer presence that even the leader of the Japanese Mafia couldn't resist having him as one of his personal bodyguards.

Now, I was thinking the daughter of the boss is the one who catches his eye. She's used to have people cower in her presence, afraid to even look at her because of what her father might do. Pushing people around, always getting what she wants and all that because of her powerful father. Of course she gains sick pleasure in this role, teasing men knowing they can't touch her. Until she teased the wrong man. It seemed like a good idea, tease the one man everyone is afraid of. The man who actually gives her a glance every now and then. Maybe he would actually give everything she desired..

Just a pity if someone was ever to find out, her master might end up without his head very soon.

The idea is he does, though not in the way she first expected. He controls her completely, demands obedience. Strange thing is.. she loves it. Contact me with a PM if interested, if you're not really fond of bondage, anal, exhibitionism or such things, you probably won't like this.

Why fight those who make excellent pets?

Ok, read this carefully -> THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT the role in which my character will take is not one I have done often, if at all. Do, however, not underestimate my perverted mind. Hurrdi~whatever.

Second of all, this will take place in the World of Warcraft universe. Why? Because I wanted it that way. You can try to persuade me otherwise, but I probably will not give in. Since this is my first time attempting this and I pretty much had this idea lingering in my mind for quite a while. Still, don't let that discourage you.

I'll keep the idea pretty short, if you're interested we can work out the details in PM's.

My character would be a troll, a quite powerful rogue with a very special hobby. You see, this troll just loves to break a woman's spirit. Also, keep in mind that in WoWarcraft women are equal to men, I can't stress this enough. Many people seem to forget about it when I try to roleplay in-game, well, anyway, this particular troll doesn't see it that way. Women to him, are tools to be used for pleasure, his pleasure.

This is where it gets fun! Depending on your race (Not a night elf though, preferably an orc. Well, as long as this character is vicious anyway.) we'll pick a zone where your character and mine 'meet'. Right, remember, I want a strong willed character, not a pushover. Anyway, once they bump in to eachother the woman is in for quite a surprise. I'm not going to give many details, none really, it just comes down she ends up in a situation where she's royally fucked. (Hurr, nice pun man! *High-fives himself*)

It's pretty obvious where this is going to, isn't it? The twist is, where my character normally dumps his victims somewhere after he's no longer interested in them or something better comes along. This one however, doesn't quite seem to bore him so easily. Even better, after a while, she seems to enjoy the situation. As his demands start getting more and more absurd, she starts getting more and more obedient.

This will start with a lot of NC and end up with a lot of 'fun' in public, bondage, you name it.. well, no snuff, scat or whatnot. The public events being the most important part of the story, in a world where man and woman are equal, how will others respond? Especially if the victim doesn't seem as reluctant to obey his wishes as he makes it seem.

Keep in mind my character will be quite a tad stronger than yours, so do expect to get knocked down easily. Also, since realistically speaking a strong willed character would only give in after a long amount of time, expect us to jump in a time machine every now and then, as actually playing out the entire ordeal might get me bored.

I'd love to stress the fact that as a 'pet', you're not entirely powerless to the events that occur, I'm not very fond of the idea of having to take control of the whole game. And of course, I'll respect the things you really do not want to see happen. Anything that affects my intentions too much, well, why would you respond then anyway?

I'm quite demanding, true. But I'm not planning for my character to get all soft and mushy. Don't worry though, all men are very protective when it comes to something they own.


My dad is a better thief than yours!

No, nothing to do with a gigantic battle between fathers. More of a competition between two thieves, only, one of them is way out of her league. While I say her league, mind that I wouldn't mind playing the less skilled male thief trying to outdo a female mastermind, in fact, I'd preffer it. While both of them are after the same object, that's where they meet. Of course, then comes the obvious, the mastermind simply kicks the lesser being"s(how rude does that sound?) ass.

Though, after this lowly competitor gets in to trouble with security, a new talent reveals itself. It seems while this thief has nearly no skill at all, and is very arrogant to go after such very valuable and highly guarded objects, he/she manages to talk his/her way out of trouble very easily. Which of course, colours the mastermind interested. What if this person can be manipulated to work as a puppet, with such a charisma, a lot of jobs would be extremely easy.

But there was one thing the mastermind did not think of, what if he/she herself, would become victim to his charms? The puppet becomes the master, and visa-versa(?).

We don't like your kind around here!

This one is very basic, but I always wanted to do a plot like this.

A young male human, ended up in a gigantic fantasy world after some bizarre and vague accident he can barely remember. Living in this world is all he ever knew. This world is filled with elves, trolls, angels, vampires and such. Everything mythic creature you can think of, it most likely lives on this world. While the boy turned 18 and became a 'man', his age means very little in this world. Better yet, nearly everyone ignores him. As a human, he doesn't have any real special qualities, aside from his remarkable determination to push forward, despite being so 'inferior' to all the other creatures surrounding him.

Which creature you feel like playing out is entirely up to you, could also play with two people instead. I realise some creatures are probably too kindhearted to actually shun and insult the young boy whenever they meet him, but all creatures think this boy brings only bad luck, and even the most evil creatures that call this world their home rather avoid him.

But what if the reason he was there, was actually because one of the creature in this world decided to take a little 'vacation' to earth, bringing this boy back by accident? With no way of returning, and having little social contact, I'd like to point out I'd probably play this boy as very withdrawn and paranoid.

But yes, depending on the creature you preffer to play, this could go many ways. Does your character see something in this boy? Perhaps the general fear of him attracted you to use him for your evil plans! Or maybe you're just a lost elf that feels sorry bringing this child into your world and after so many years you decide to finally try and talk to this creature.

Right, I have many more ideas, but I can't be bothered typing them all out in one go! This I will do later!

EDIT: Right, italic plots are ones where interest has been shown, and the crossed ones are taken and not open. (Note; the italic ones ain't really open either, first come first serve, I suppose.)
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Offline Penelope

Re: Randombloke's fantasy collection set, buy one now, get a free spoon!
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2009, 05:49:47 PM »
Hello there Random!

My name is Jennifer and I've been looking for a roleplay for quite awhile now.
I find your plots and your personality very...attractive in a way and I was wondering if maybe you and I could roleplay together.

There are two plots of your that interest me more than the others. 
#1 - All chasing and no brains makes zombie a very dull monster.
#2 - A guardian angel's plea.

If you'd like to roleplay with me you can PM me or just write back here.

PM sent.

Offline Strangelildedgrl

Re: Randombloke's fantasy collection set, buy one now, get a free spoon!
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2009, 11:31:08 PM »
Mmmmm.. I am fond of the pet one...would you crossfaction?

Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

Re: Randombloke's fantasy collection set, buy one now, get a free spoon!
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2009, 04:05:56 AM »
Certainly, makes it more interesting in many ways. Especially as far as the public 'fun' is concerned.


Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

Re: Randombloke's fantasy collection set, buy one now, get a free spoon!
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2009, 01:59:04 PM »
Hmm added the same idea in a very different context, if it appeals to anyone.

Offline Nerayda

Re: Randombloke's fantasy collection set, buy one now, get a free spoon!
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2009, 03:55:34 PM »

I'm interested in trying something new as well.  Why not right?!.

I'm looking at the World of Warcraft universe RP, I like the powerstruggle.

PM me if you are interested as well.