Szan's Fandom Craving/s

Started by Szandor, August 22, 2018, 05:31:30 AM

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Szan's Fandom Craving/s

My name is Szandor, and I've been absent for a little while.
I'm back though! Rejoice, my pretties! And with me being back
comes my cravings for role plays that I don't see on here a
whole lot. So keep watching this space if you like Fandom stuff,
because I will come back and update it whenever I get a gem of
an idea. Onto the pairings and plot ideas ~

PM me if any of these ideas appeals to you! I'm open to quite a lot,
and I don't have a whole lot of triggers or anything like that. I like
to think I'm friendly too ;D


Idea One: Sabriel (CW's Supernatural)

This has to be one of my favourite pairings, and not only
because Sam Winchester is the tallest drink of water
around, but because Gabriel is one of the only characters
in Supernatural that I can play well enough to
even suggest this in the first place!

I absolutely love Sabriel as a pairing as well.
The height difference, the conflicting personalities,
and not to mention the characters surrounding
them that may or may not have something to
say about a budding romance between the two.

What I'm looking for in a good Sabriel role play
is angst. These two characters have a lot against
them, and they know it. Sam, no matter what
season we decide to set it in, has problems. Gabriel
is no stranger to betrayal, being Lucifer's little brother
and all. He also masks his pain with tricks and humor
that have a high likelihood to go too far. They're both
pretty fucked up, is what I'm saying.

I'm completely open to NSFW in this one!

Kinks are welcomed!

Idea Two: Stranger Things

Stranger things is arguably one of the best
Netflix Originals. I think so anyway! It's got a
colorful cast of characters, and it also ties back
to DnD a lot... that's a guilty pleasure of mine. ;D

I'd love to have a role play that centers around the
characters trying to figure things out, maybe bonding
a little more with each other, and of course we need
to throw in a plot twist here and a conflict there.
Yknow. Just o spice things up. I ideally would love
to play Dustin, or Jonathan. I'd be willing to play
as others though, so don't hesitate to tell me your
preferences too! My only off is playing females. Just
not good enough at it!

This idea is in its infant stages, unlike others I might
add here in the future, so any ideas my future partner
has will be welcomed with open arms ~

I am not open to any NSFW in this roleplay, unless
it's with the older characters
who are over the age of 18, sorry!

Kinks with 18+ characters are welcome to be put forward.

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