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February 20, 2019, 07:35:28 PM

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Author Topic: rose's garden [ updated; f looking for mmf, mf pairings ]  (Read 268 times)

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Offline roseliaaureateTopic starter

rose's garden [ updated; f looking for mmf, mf pairings ]
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:39:20 PM »

hello everyone, and welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved rose garden! i'm your, ah, host? sure, let's go with that - roselie aureate! it's great to be here, and i hope you find something that interests you.

(yes, i went and spelled my user name wrong. i'm hoping to get that fixed, but i don't like to bother people for something so small. hngh.)

first things first, have a look through my o/os, make sure we'll jive. otherwise, feel free to browse. if anything catches your interest, or if you have any questions at all, feel free to pm me.

let's go on to concepts and ideas i've had.
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Offline roseliaaureateTopic starter

Re: rose's garden [ f looking for myriad; mostly m ]
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 04:19:15 AM »
i generally focus on nebulous concepts rather than straight up plots, or character types, i want to play, or i want to have played for me. i think not knowing about your character before hand is more interesting, as character development is really what drives a story and roleplay for me. if i know everything beforehand, where else is there left to go?

let it be known that i generally play very normal women however. not models, not goddesses. normal people in extraordinary circumstances is way more interesting to me. i describe - i don't use pictures.

also, i like to play women with cake. otherwise known as women who are thicc. just as an fyi.

all plots, unless stated otherwise, are made with polyandrous relationships in mind, though of course that's not absolutely required. in that case, i am more than happy to play (at least) one of the men (if the relationship becomes more than two men) as well as the woman. standard mf relationship is next of interest to me. i will rarely if ever do mm or ff.

i do not do super serious or dark rps, either. i like things to be fun and comedic sometimes.
i don't really bother with whether i play 'submissive' or 'dominant'. my characters may be shy or outgoing, but in the moment they will act how they will act, and i find putting labels like submissive or dominant on anyone really constrains things.
plot over smut. i understand and am absolutely fine - even looking forward to - writing the sexual relationship, but for me, smut is not the end-all, be-all point of finding a writing partner.

search status: currently looking for partners

sorry there's not a lot here right now, but i'm more of a nebulous concept person.

Cleaning House
modern fantasy; think something like 'what we do in the shadows'; could be done medieval fantasy -
my role: the hired human maid.
your role: the werewolf(ves). the vampire(s). the ghost(s), or frankenstein(s) - whatever type of monster you think would be most interesting. could even be something more medieval fantasy monster; or non-'american mythology'.

bolded = my role
if neither is bolded, i will play either role.

i love anything with thieves involved, at the moment.

thief x victim (medieval fantasy)
thief x guard (medieval fantasy)
servant x royalty (medieval fantasy)
selkie x sailor (modern or medieval fantasy)
heroine x villain (medieval fantasy; would prefer a reverse corruption scenario, ie, the heroine saves the villain from the dark path he is on)
gunslinger x ... (too many options to list; western fantasy)

all pairings could be made into an mmf pairing with the addition of a secondary character - say a second thief, sailor, or a minion for the villain.

star wars, prequels only - jedi x clone(s)
watchmen - rorshach x oc (yes, i know, any relationship with him would never work, but this is a site for indulging fantasy, right?)
trollhunters - blinkous and/or dictatious x oc

Character Info
generally, since i don't like to be told specifically who and what to play (you know, name, hair and eye color, personality details, all that), i don't like to do the same to other people. that said, i do have certain tropes that interest me about 99% of the time.
the biggest is someone who is DOWN and OUT - someone who doesn't think much of themselves, someone who has the short end of the stick. someone who needs to be taken care of, in other words. not someone broken, who needs fixing, per say - but i'm a sucker for loving the underdog, that sort of thing. someone who is a knife's edge away from losing all hope, and needs a spark.
call me a gushy, eternal optimist, but i love to play the guiding light for that type of character - the person who engenders hope in them.
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