Content/Trigger Warnings, Respectful Language, and Understanding No

Started by Vekseid, August 01, 2018, 03:44:59 PM

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I am making this announcement now because this actual issue has only been properly reported to me a short while ago. It took a fair bit of drama and wrangling to piece together what happened.

I am sorry I did not act on this sooner.

A few members are receiving direct action over this, as needed.

There aren't any new rules being declared here. These are just conventions of common courtesy and respect, and we expect everyone to abide them. This announcement is as much about the need to report this sort of thing as it is ensuring that the few people with this issue take heed.

Namely, this covers the following:

We ask that people use content/trigger warnings regarding potentially disturbing material. Outside of boards where the given material is already explicitly tagged. This is common courtesy. Please feel free to report graphic imagery or discussion in the open forums so we can make sure it is tagged appropriately.

Pressuring people over their offs is something we will take action for. You can ask people to clarify their offs - opinions change - but if someone says no, we expect you not to press the issue. If someone continues pressuring you after you give them notice, please feel free to report them.

We expect respectful language to be used in general threads. Typically this involves a few people’s attitudes towards some images - avatars or otherwise. A given model is likely not a member here, but they should still be treated with respect. A particularly enticing avatar doesn't give license to harass the user. Discussions around non-consensual roleplays should remain respectful outside of those forums specifically tagged for it.

To be clear, none of these things are especially common. Whenever they are encountered, however, they are going to leave a disproportionate impression, especially on those sensitive to it.

A number of members were innocent of this but accused, merely because of the impression a very few members left, two of whom were already banned.

Thank you for reading,