The quirky girl next door & the newly divorced neighbour [F for M]

Started by lore, July 30, 2018, 08:09:29 PM

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tentatively taken

High school was a bitch for Nat. She was too smart, too short, too strange.

Summer was supposed to be a celebration of the finals days to before college liberation, but sweltering heatwave has left her languishing in what shade can be found in her dusty backyard.

Marriage was a bitch for Jake. He hadn't made it a year before his wife left him in the thier new country home. They were supposed to raise a family here. Now he just pounds back cheap whiskey on his porch while the yard goes to the weeds.

Their paths crossed one sweaty summer afternoon, and wildfire ignites. She's fumbled around with boys before, but never had a man. He wakes desire in her a desire so profound and primeval. Will he use it to control, manipulate, and claim her or will he be as tender as he is ravenous?

I'm picturing an Ellen Page type for Nat. She'll have a personality, desires, dreams, and I hope the same for Jake. I'm a quality over quantity writer.