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April 16, 2021, 07:06:34 pm

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Author Topic: Looking For More Roleplays [post-apocalyptic and Modern Fantasy Plots within]  (Read 855 times)

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Just a few things before we get to the plots....

1) I prefer posts of 3+ paragraphs, if you consistently post one liners I will quickly grow bored with the RP.
2) Due to RL issues I tend to post every 3-5 days, please don't expect me to post every day, though it can happen if I'm thoroughly enjoying the game and my Muse is cooperative.
3) This is not first come first serve, I may be picky about my partners.
4) Story/Plot > sexual content
5) Male or Female writers welcome.

Pure Strain [UN - negotiable] Post-apocalyptic setting

Ceryn is a young woman, exact age unknown, who lives in the remains of one of the safe cities.  When the plague made it's presence known to the world it spread quickly.  The last places touched were the most easily isolated, Australia, New Zealand and many of the islands scattered around the world, but even they eventually succumbed to the airborne virus.  In a vain attempt to save the few survivors safe cities were created.  Isolated skyscrapers in the middle of nowhere, self contained cities that could house 10,000+ people.  Even that failed.  Forty-five years after the virus was discovered 98% of the worlds population was gone, and even the safe cities had fallen.  This story will take place approximately 200 years after the fall of the last safe city.  The Plague has mutated a number of times over the last century, further decimating the remaining population.  The world has fallen back into the dark ages, what little technology still works is almost useless to the day to day lives of the survivors.  Some of them go their entire lives without meeting more than a handful of people, and some of them are like Ceryn, mutated, showing strange abilities, and therefore shunned and left alone to die.  She has been alone for over a decade, since she first showed signs of a mutation.

I'm looking for a male character, personality, desires, etc left completely up to my potential partner.  He will stumble across her while traveling from one population center to the next, he could be a wanderer or a trader, a thief or a murderer, good or evil.  He could make an emotional connection to her, or just want a play toy, or he could be trying to win her over to use her abilities for his own gain.  All of this is open for negotiation.  The overall plot and direction of the game is also open, I would love to hear some ideas!  I do have more ideas for this plot, please PM with interest/ideas.  I have tried to start this game a couple of times without luck, please only PM if you are serious about this plot.

Change of Luck [UN - negotiable] Modern Fantasy

Allegra Alberoni is a witch, she just doesn't know it yet.  She's had a string of bad luck.  She got kicked out of school, lost her apartment, and broke up with her boyfriend... all on the same day.  The only thing she has going for her is her job.  She's a waitress at a popular club in Manhattan, Final Beat.  It's owned and operated by a Vampire, which doesn't bother her at all.  He pays well, and has never really noticed her, but that's about to change. 

This is a very loose idea.  Basically the more supernatural beings (witches, werewolves, vampires, fae, etc.) all exist in this world, and they aren't in hiding.  They live day to day with the rest of human society.  Humans with powers (witches) are very rare however, and the majority of humanity frowns upon them.  I am looking for someone to play a Master Vampire who notices her and sees her for what she is.  He could try to help her learn to control her powers, or he could keep her as a useful tool.  This could be a love story or something more towards NC, I'm open to suggestions on this one. I would like to explore the emotional and mental impact as she discovers her powers, and realizes exactly how powerful she really is. PM me with ideas or interest.