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Started by Sharkfish1e, January 29, 2009, 06:30:53 PM

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Hello there its Sharkfish1e here. Glad you could hang on for a while or not... Right, okay for those of you who are still reading congrats. I have a few plots and pairings that i have in mind and want to play out asap. Okay onto plots without wasting your too much of your time. The pairings with asterisks means i will be playing that part. Also please check out my O/O's via the link called The OO's. PM me for more details or anything really.

Plot 1 - To die as a human.. (*Half-vampire x Human) Fantasy/Modern type.

Ages ago there had been family of vampires, known as the Asura family well known for its tradition for sucking blood and taking lives of the puny humans. But on one unfortunate day, the whole group of vampires from Asura family died in bloody aftermath, except of one child vampire covered in their blood. It has been said that half-vampire, half-human child went berserk after drinking some sort blood. 19 years have past, the child grew up trying ignore most of fragile past. He wonders will there be a day where he won't have suck blood again, but doing so will be close to destroying himself. He walks a path where many vampires fear, the road to cure himself. He wonders into a pub by accident thus starts his journey.

Plot 2 - Ninjas, and Samurai's (*Ninja x Assassin/Insert warrior type) Fantasy/Medieval type.

As a child Shinji always had been childhood friend with [insert name]. They both attend the kendo dojo, but she always had the upper hand no matter how fights and battles they had duelled in. A week later Shinji tells her that his moving with his dad to the mountains. So they part their ways of the samurai. But Shinji tells her "Don't worry i'll be back."  Years had passed now he had finally finished training in the mountains in the ways of his father.. the way of the ninja. It was about time to go see her in town. 4 years had passed so quickly, like a shuriken being thrown at a tree. He had wondered if she was still there in her dad's dojo... Time for surprise :p

Plot 3 - The worst neighbours (*Assassin x Assassin) Medieval/Modern type.

Two vampires assassins both have been taking assignments and missions to kill certain targets as required for their job, but one day they both have been assigned to kill each other. But the problem is that in real life they pretend to do other jobs, and live in a same house. Just how are they going kill each other, not to mention that they both might have feelings for each other.

Many more coming to forum near you plus some more pairings.


*Vampire x Human
*Vampire x Werewolf
*Werewolf x Human
*Half-Vampire x Human
*Half-Vampire x Vampire

*Ninja x Ninja
*Ninja x Samurai
*Ninja x Ronin
*Ninja x Kunoichi
*Ronin x Kunoichi 
*Samurai x Kunoichi
Assassin x Assassin

More Pairings soon.
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-Some more pairings.
-Plot 3 The worst neighbours.
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